North Carolina’s Finest : Doctor Imran Haque of Asheboro and Ramseur

Dr. Imran Haque works out of his offices in Ramseur, Asheboro and the surrounding areas to provide top medical care for his patients. He is highly respected as an internist and his experience covers a span of fifteen years. Dr. Imran Haque offers numerous services including weight management, 360 resurfacing, laser hair removal, Venus body contouring and physical exams.


Dr. Imran Haque attended the medical program offered by the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem where he earned his medical license. He is licensed in North Carolina and is enrolled in the Certification Program for Internal Medicine. The maintenance programs keeps him aware and proficient in the latest medical developments.


Dr. Imran Haque is highly rained, experienced and in possession of the specific knowledge required in the performance of routine physical examinations. He additionally performs a wide array of services. Dr. Imran Haque offers treatments for diabetes including services for weight management. He takes care of patients interested in Venus body contouring, laser hair removal and 360 resurfacing.


Dr. Imran Haque has patients coming to his offices for specific treatments as well as his services as a primary care physician. He has the experience and training to be able to diagnose numerous common illnesses and ailments and provide a referral to a specialist when required. Dr. Imran Haque has the ability to provide many of his patients with the treatment they require right in his office and has in office ultrasound and laboratory services available.


Dr. Imran Haque is specifically sought out for his experience in treating diabetes. Diabetes causes an individuals blood sugar levels to spike because their body is no longer properly producing glucose. The bodies insulin is what processes sugar but some people stop producing insulin in the correct amounts or are not utilizing it correctly. Diabetes is a lifetime condition whether it is type one or type two. If the condition is not diagnosed and treated correctly, serious medical problems can result. Dr. Imran Haque helps a lot of people suffering from diabetes. He is licensed, board certified and able to treat the condition with compassion and skill.


Dr. Imran Haque also offers weight management treatments to his patients. This helps them lose weight without gaining it back. He educates his patients regarding proper nutrition and diet medications to help them succeed. Any individual who either needs to lose weight, consistently loses then gains weight or has concerns about their weight should consult with a doctor. Dr. Imran Haque understands the concept of weight management and the difference eating nutritionally and exercising makes in the lives of his patients. He takes the time to consider the lifestyle choices his patients have made and the impact they have on weight. Dr. Imran Haque even takes it a step farther by offering cosmetic procedures to help people enhance their bodies.


Dr. Imran Haque offers procedures to give his patients confidence, peace of mind and improved health and appearance. His office are conveniently located for anyone who needs a qualified physician.

Houston Among Cities Raising Funds to Feed the Needy

As most Americans prepare to sit down for a big Thanksgiving meal, there are thousands of Americans that are wondering where their next meal will be coming from and when, says spokespeople with Feeding America, the nation’s largest food bank program which operates over 200 food banks across the United States.
These food banks hope that donors will remember them throughout the year. Most food banks can provide between two and eight meals on a single dollar. Since the donations are often matched by corporations, an article in The Eater points out that the best way to help feed the hungry is to give cash.
One of the largest of the food banks is located in Houston, Texas. This food bank operates over 200 feeding centers throughout Southwest Texas. This food bank feeds over 800,000 people each year with plans to grow to feeding over 1 million in the next two years as the problem continues to expand.
The Salvation Army recently kicked off their Red Kettle Campaign in most American cities. For over 125 years, this organization has been feeding America’s homeless.
The idea for the Salvation Army’s red kettles began in 1891 when a Salvation Army Captain wanted to feed 1,000 of San Francisco’s poorest residents but lacked the funds to do it. He hit on the idea of putting a kettle near the city’s port. He began to gather contributions and was soon able to feed the residents a festive Christmas dinner.
From that humble beginning, the idea spread to the Boston area before eventually spreading throughout the United States. Each year, Americans contribute about $136 million annually. The annual campaign runs from early November to Christmas Eve.

Brad Reifler: The Man behind Forefront Capital’s Success

Brad Reifler is a well-known American financial expert. He’s the CEO of ForeFront Advisory, which he founded in 2009. Forefront Advisory offers capital markets management services. Reifler is also the founder of Pali Capital -established in 1995. He served at the company as the chairman and chief executive officer. In addition, he’s a member of CIFCO International Group.

Reifler has founder more successful companies including Reifler Trading Corporation and Reifler Capital Management. He worked at Refco, Inc. about 6 years.

This was between 1995 and 2000. At Refco, Reifler was the head of the institutional sales department. His work was to come up with investment programs for companies and individual clients. He was also responsible for global derivatives and sales of foreign exchange in the company.

Brad Reifler has a lot of experience as he’s worked in the financial industry for several years. This has earned him respect in the financial sector as a knowledgeable and skilled financial advisor. He’s a director at the ROOT exchange, ITG Market, Inc., as well as ITG Investment, Inc. Reifler is also a director at Symmetry Property Development. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Brad Reifler has been a member of multiple advisory boards and general boards. These include Genesis Securities, European American Bank, and Foresight Research Solutions. He’s a great asset to all the companies he’s part of because he shares his financial advisory skills. He’s earned recognition all over the world for his impressive skills in finance. Reifler is a mentor to young and upcoming professionals in the financial industry.

Since 2014, Brad Reifler has worked as an advisor at Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation.

He also part of the board of trustees of the Millbrook School where he serves as the chairperson of the finance committee. Mr. Reifler is the director of Roots Markets, Inc. Additionally, he worked as a director at Wins Finance.

Brad Reifler is a certified professional with various regulatory licenses. These licenses include series 3, 24, 7 and 63. Mr. Reifler earned his first degree at Bowdoin College. In 2000, he decided to sell Reifler trading company to build more successful businesses. His grandfather, Ray Friedman, is Refco’s founder.

Greg Stecker Expert Financial Trader

Greg Stecker is an English businessman who is known for his knowledge and expertise in the foreign exchange markets. Greg Stecker’s career in financial trading started when he worked for Thomas Cook financial services. Stecker quickly turned this experience into an innovative product. He developed The Virtual Trading Desk, which was a product that the world had never seen before.

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, and as he works in the financial trading industry, he has an eye out for gaps in the system and ways that it can be improved. The Virtual Trading Desk offered traders a system that worked with foreign exchange data and was updated in real time. His success with The Virtual Trading Desk moved Stecker into a larger arena and he was begining to be recognized as a leader in the industry.

Stecker values innovation, and has never felt that once a system is in place it must stay that way. He is quick to act and change with the flow of the market. In a recent interview, he described a deck of cards that he had recently purchased. He learned how to perform a magic trick with the cards, and says that this taught him that “magic does exist, so the possibilities of what people can do are limitless”. It is clear that through out his career he has used this mindset to break through barriers and be a systems-changer, rather than simply sticking with the way things have always been done.

Greg Stecker became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation after he launched The Virtual Trading Desk. More and more, he was being recognized for his achievements. The Mellon Financial Corporation is a Fortune 500 investment bank with a very good reputation. As the Vice President of this corporation, Stecker traveled more than he had previously, and found that he was learning more each day about international trading centers. He was passionate about foreign exchange system and learned a great deal about it. Stecker now shares this knowledge through his many companies, as well as several well received books on the subject, including “Financial Trading Through Forex”.

The Impact Greg Secker Has Made On Individuals Lives All Over The World

Greg Secker is a master trader, philanthropist, entrepreneur and international speaker. In 2003 he founded the Knowledge to Action Group consisting of Capital Index, SmartCharts Software, FX Capital, The Greg Seeker Foundation and Learn to Trade. These groups have a positive impact on people’s lives all over the world and are a representation of his commitment to use support, strategy, coaching and education to make a difference in people’s lives.

Mr. Secker’s career started at Thomas Cook Financial Services then shifted to the business of foreign exchange. He began running a new business called the Virtual Trading Desk which was the first platform for online Forex trading. He next accepted the position at Mellon Financial of Vice President. As his personal trading account continued to grow he left Mellon used his home to set up a trading floor. Three months later he started Learn to Trade and the company has since educated 200,000 people.

Knowledge to Action was a finalist in the London Excellence Awards in 2009 and took 49th place in the Fast Track 100 Awards. The company has received numerous awards from prestigious sources. All of this occurred due to Mr. Seckers passion for philanthropy. He has received nominations and awards honoring his contributions regarding the importance of social awareness in critical issues.

The most recent achievements of Greg Secker are FX Capital, Capital Index and SmartCharts. SmartCharts is a showcase in technology trading and adds functionality, performance, interactivity and ease of use. The software offers everyone the ability to gain financial freedom. Capital Index is a regulated award winning broker and offers fast trade on Indices, Futures, CFD and Forex. It provides clients with access to sophisticated tools for order management and helps control positions efficiently and quickly. FX Capital is a client service that provides an account service to cover the Forex markets. It uses an algorithmic approach to ensure safeguarded investments and consistent growth. Credibility is demonstrated with the use of independent auditors and trading results for the Prosper 20 and Prosper 30 strategies are provided.

Greg Secker is a renowned speaker with international recognition. He has spoken alongside numerous well know personalities and his speeches are powerful, passionate and intelligent.

Chicago Sees Population Decline

Chicago, IL is the third most populated city in the country and can be a great place to work and live. The city is full of great neighborhoods, a major downtown area, great shopping and dining, professional sports teams, and a variety of other activities. While Chicago is considered a great place to work and live, it appears to be slowly losing parts of its population (


According to a census report completed by the city, the population in Chicago dropped by about 9 thousand residents. This also marked the third straight year that the city has seen a drop in population. The decline in population appears to be a very similar story for the rest of the state as the population in Illinois has declined as well.


Overall, the shifts in population appear to be different in different areas of the city. Population in The Loop, The West Loop, and a few north side areas have increase over the past few years. At the same time, the population in the south side and areas on the west side of the city have declined more significantly.


Overall, there are a lot of factors that have contributed to the decline in population. Some people have attributed the population decline to economic factors including an increase in personal taxes and an increase in business taxes, which has forced some businesses to leave the state. Others have considered the recent increase in the amount of violence in the city to the population decline. Overall, the population decline in Chicago is attributed by a recent trend of people moving to cities in the south. Overall, 10 of the 15 largest population increases in the country have taken place in the south, in cities such as Austin and Nashville.


Denver Urban Planning Officials Caught Unaware

The rapid growth of population in Denver is having far reaching consequences on the shared resources within the city. For instance, the most notable feature is that there is a decrease of open space per resident that used to be there before. Homeowners within the city say that it is increasingly becoming difficult to find a free area where one can walk between buildings. Homeowners nowadays do not even take time to plant grass in front of their houses as it’s a waste of time and resources due to limited space. Compared to other regions in the area such as Aurora and Colorado Springs, the open space has reduced by a third and double respectively. This is according to a report that was released by Trust for Public Land in Denver. This is a body in Denver that promotes natural land preservation within the area.


A report by the same body has revealed that greenway spaces and parks in Denver have reduced by a ratio of 9.3 acres to 1000 residents. Compared to the national median, this is far below the recommended value as the national media recommends 13.1 acres for a 1000 people. Remember that this is for the most populated cities in the United States. This is also shocking and disturbing for Denver residents as other cities in the country have recorded a significant growth in open space per resident. The growth in other cities is estimated at a 1.5 percent growth. As for Denver, the same has shrunk by 5 percent.


This unprecedented growth comes as a challenge for many urban planners. It has shown that these officials are sleeping at their most important job of keeping up with the growing population. However, some people see this an opportunity to increase tax revenues and important for economic vitality.

Global-Tel-Link Invades Cyber Space

While family members, friends and loved ones of incarcerated individuals are familiar with Global-Tel-Link which allows them to receive telephone calls from an inmate, a recent news article indicates that Global-Tel-Link is about to enter the world of cyberspace. Headquartered in suburban Washington, D.C. With corporate offices in Reston, Virginia, associate Brian Peters feels that usage of these mini-electronic tablets will provide a positive incentive for inmates.


Slated to be manufactured by the Inmate Applications & Hardware division of Global-Tel-Link, these devices will provide inmates with a more effective and efficient way to file grievances and to keep abreast of correctional facility news relative to educational and employment programs available to them.


While the aforementioned services will be provided free-of-charge, these tablets will also allow inmates to occupy their time with streaming music, e-reader books and games at a cost of $1.99 for a seven-day subscription and the capability to sign up for a maximum of 30 days of usage at a time. The only sector of cyberspace that inmates will not be able to access is Internet search engines.


To be launched at Middle River Regional Jail in Verona, Virginia, on Monday, May 29, 2017 the tablets will be powered by a portable charging station where individual units will be inserted into a dock-style charger as opposed to a traditional USB charger.



Head MMRJ Corrections Officer Eric Young is eager for the tablet usage to begin for minimum-security inmates and those enrolled in the jail’s work release and workforce programs. Tablet usage hours are 9:30 A.M. To 9 P.M. According to Officer Young, inmates will not be made aware of the capacity of the system to allow corrections personnel to filter and control any material accessible via a tablet.


According to Brian Peters, Global-Tel-Link anticipates a rapid growth in the production and distribution of these tablets to correctional facilities before the end of 2017.

Villains Beware: Six Flags Over Georgia Gets a New Justice League-Inspired Ride

Six Flags Over Georgia is one of metro Atlanta’s most iconic attractions. Now joining it, is one of pop culture’s most iconic attractions: a ride entirely inspired by DC Comic’s Justice League.


The Six Flags chain is one which has been long entwined with the majesty of DC Comic superheros, with the Georgia park specifically already paying homage to the likes of Superman, Batman, the Joker, and more. Now enter: the Justice League, the unstoppable team made up of Batman, Superman, Diana Prince, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. Together, they form not only a super squadron of impressive avengers, but the inspiration comprising the theme park’s latest thrill, “Justice League: Battle for Metropolis”.


The ride, which is situated in an enormous building almost spanning the length of a football field, begins dark and slow: but don’t relax just yet. Immersed in an interactive storyline complete with animatronics, 3D video, pyro, and other effects, riders plummet into the world of heroes and villains as they are tasked with the job of freeing the Justice League from the evil hands of your favorite bad guys, maneuvering around tricks from The Joker and invading Lex Luthor’s top secret lair.


Guests don’t merely watch the storyline however; they’re a part of it! Each seat equips the guest with a virtual laser gun, which they’ll need to familiarize themselves with quickly in order to survive the many thrills each pesky evildoer has planned. (Hint: there’s a lot.) Riders can see their personal scores tallied in front of them as they play.


Outfitted with thrills and special effects usually only reserved for a more high-profile Florida theme park, the Georgia attraction boasts smooth riding quality and excitement that’s thrilling, but still family-friendly. From a virtual loop to blasting Lex-Bots, it’s a ride that’s quite literally super, giving every attendee the chance themselves to be the superhero themselves.


The ride officially opens May 26.


E-Governe’s Digital Platforms Are Improving Governance and Service Delivery in Brazil

E-governe is a technology company that is a partnership of three leading information technology solutions providers. These are Minauro, Consult, and SisterPlan. It provides cutting edge technologies, data protection and flexible modular systems for public agencies. The company partners with local solutions providers and state agencies to upgrade government systems into the digital era. The enterprise platform the group implements is aimed at helping agencies achieve better efficiency and service delivery.


The government can cut costs and collect more revenue. Citizens can enjoy efficient services that have a positive impact on their lives. The system has various modules. Some of the ones in use cover human resources, education, public health and the state administration departments among others. The digital platform presents a new media for a government to interact with its citizens.


The E-governe group has created smart cities in Curitiba. Municipal and city state agencies are proudly using the group’s system in Parana, Teresina, Osasco and Vitoria among others. City agencies are optimistic that reduced wastage and improved collections will enable better service delivery and an extended reach.


The group is changing the way the government provides essential services such as education. For example, Osasco municipality recently adopted the e-government system to cover its education department headquarters, 138 city schools and the Continuing Education Center. The system allows data security, real-time reports and seamless access to education services through the internet. This has enabled better service delivery and collaboration with the various stakeholders in the education sector.


Health departments using the system are enjoying orderly queues and reduced wait times for service. They are serving higher numbers of people. On-site managers can make quick decisions on the ground to avoid bottlenecks in service delivery. They can also monitor their funding allocations, supplies and authorizations more transparently. Partner organizations can follow the flow of traffic between them and share important details that are vital to improving service.


The human resources module aims to enhance the quality of life of civil servants. It enables professional growth opportunities and performance-based reward systems. The system helps state agencies reduce their payroll budgets and improve employee welfare. Data analysis and feedback systems are enabling state agencies to obtain valuable feedback essential in shaping local policy. More Brazilians can enjoy quality healthcare as a result.


E-governe’s services are available on digital platforms. You can access state services through your mobile device or a regular browser eliminating any extra investment on the side of the user. More devices are being connected daily. This opens up countless other opportunities for the discerning investor. The group has positioned itself right in the middle of this expected boom with smart cities, a connected administration, and other public institutions. The group is enabling value and accountability in government.


Besides obtaining essential government services such as licensing and document renewals, citizens have a platform to provide feedback to the government without waiting for elections. E-governe is providing the government platform of the future. The group is expected to get more public organizations on board and extend the numerous benefits to the citizens for a better quality of life.


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