Anthony Petrello, Chaperoning the Elevation of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello has shown a unique American dream throughout his career working in a variety of specializations which include law, business, and mathematics besides his works of charity. It is, therefore, an understatement to say that his career path has been a success. He has a record of being among the country’s highest-compensated CEOs. Petrello is vastly known for his distinguished title as CEO and President of Nabors Industries. Through his service at Nabors, the company has been steered towards greatness. It is therefore in order to say that Anthony Petrello is the wave responsible for the growth and expansion of Nabors Industries over the years.

Nabors Industries is not only known for offering cutting-edge offshore drilling services globally but also the safest and largest drilling rigs in most market platforms. As much as his success has earned him reputable recognition, he is mostly acknowledged for his dedication to giving back to the society. Anthony and his wife gave away a $5 million initial donation to Texas Children’s Hospital directed to a Neurological Research Institute. The funding is meant to cater for children with advanced life-threatening neurological disorders. In place are the world’s qualified doctors and surgeons who are entitled to giving top-notch treatment and solutions.

Prior to his service at Nabors Industries, Petrello started off his career as a lawyer at Baker & McKenzie law firm. It was at this law firm that Anthony had Nabors Industries as a client. Anthony’s efforts were immediately recognized by Nabors’ managers who offered him a position at their company. He has served Nabors since then, climbing up the ranks to be the overall head controlling most of the company’s operations.

About Tony Petrello

Rather referred to as Tony, Petrello was brought up in Newark, N.J., having a better part of his early education in public schools. His math abilities were manifested while he was still in high school, attracting the attention of Yale University which offered him not only a scholarship but also an opportunity to receive mentorship from Serge Lang, a prominent author, professor and brilliant mathematician. While at Yale, Tony was known for his outgoing personality and socialization skills. It was here that Petrello met Cynthia, who would later become his spouse. After his time in Yale elapsed, Anthony sought to divert his career and major in Law, receiving his skills from Harvard Law School.

Tony Petrello went ahead to build his career, starting from a law firm then later settling for Nabors Industries where he is to date. He has not only shown success professionally but also in his extreme works of charity. Anthony Petrello has left a legacy not to be forgotten.

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Dallas Man Sets Out to Help Airbnb Hosts From Too Much Noise Problems

A man in Dallas is starting a new company that will help out Airbnb hosts in Dallas and all over the country. David Krauss is an Airbnb host himself. He used to rent out his apartment for extra money. The problems started arising when some of his guests started throwing lavish parties. They made lots of noise, and they invited a lot of people. Neighbors got annoyed, and he received a cease and desist letter from police, as well as a complaint from the building manager.

David decided to set out on a mission to prevent it from happening again, and to help Airbnb users prevent such abuses by guests. He decided to produce something akin to a smoke detector, except that it detects noise instead of smoke, according to Forbes. Of course, it does not actually record what people are saying, so it retains the full privacy of the guests.

The Noise Alarm, as David calls it, has settings that allow you to set what constitutes too much noise, and how long it must go on before you get an alert. Once it goes over that limit, you will get an alert. You can then fix the situation before it deteriorates. This can actually help save you around two hundred and fifty dollars a month, as you will be able to avoid citations for extreme noise levels by stopping it before it is too late.

Dealing with guests who throw parties and make a lot of noise is an issue that Airbnb owners face all over the world. Jubayli, an Airbnb owner in Dubai, who also rents out properties in several countries, says that it has happened to her as well. Krauss himself believes that Noise Alarm will soon become a staple for Airbnb hosts in Dallas and elsewhere.

Millennials Settling in Salt Lake City

Millennials are waiting longer to buy their first home with many skipping starter homes to move straight to million dollar properties. Experts believe that there are many different reasons that people are waiting longer to purchase their first home including the fact that they are waiting longer in life to get married.

The hottest city in the United States for millennials to buy property in is Salt Lake City. Homes located within zip code 84104 are especially attractive to millennials who are spending an average of 30 percent of their income on their home purchase. The average home in this zip code sells for $149,000. Many people are drawn to the area because of nearby recreation opportunities, a thriving economy and an attractive downtown area. In fact, the entire Salt Lake City community has experienced over a 49 percent real estate growth rate for 2017 when compared to 2016.

Millennials are also considering nearby Sandy, Utah. While the average home there sells for $302,000, many millennials are holding out waiting for the most expensive homes to come on the market while paying down their student loans. This community located 17.5 miles south of Salt Lake City is developing a master biking and walking plan to attract millennials who do not want to own a car.

Other areas popular with millennials include Palm Beach and Orlando, Florida, along with Seattle and Houston. California, however, still holds the most cities in the top 10 where millennials are choosing to settle including the San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Jose areas.

The charismatic Investor Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is an alumnus of the Yale University who has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Mr. Adrangi is an avid investor and the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Mr. Adrangi has held the helm of development in strategizing and organizing all the functions of Kerrisdale Capital Management from 2009 to date. He is a big asset to the facility as he has stood the test of time through all the financial constraints until he has seen it thrive. Adrangi began the firm with a bare minimum of one million dollars but he has seen the assets’ value rise to a tune of one hundred and fifty million as of July 2017. Adrangi undertakes research on publishing and short selling. Kerrisdale Capital Management shares viewpoints that the market understand so that the whole fraternity can be kept abreast of the current market conditions. The Kerrisdale Capital Management’s main objective was doing a thorough research that clears the air on the misconceptions that exist in the Capital and stock markets such as overhyped shorts and underfollowed longs.

Adrangi came to the limelight when he short and revealed the fraudulent companies from China such as China-Biotics, Lihua International, and China Marine Food Group. The Securities and Exchange Commission was deeply relieved to get the discovery of its longtime targets who had avoided their dragnets such as the China Cast Education Corp and China Education Alliance. This enabled this enforcement agency to react to the matter in the nick of time. Kerrisdale has narrowed expertise to areas of Biotechnology where it has published research on stages of development of various companies that have a proximate concentration in that line of action. Kerrisdale has highlighted the mining area with reference to the prospects of mining and the fluctuation that exist in the market valuations. The Northern Dynasty Minerals and First Majestic Silver were underpinned in the report. Kerrisdale has touched on the issues that relate to the telecommunications industry where it has presented the weaknesses that exist in various companies like the Globalstar. For more info about us: click here.

Sahm Adrangi has assumed many activist roles in ensuring that various investments remain viable. Lindsay Corporation Management was one of the companies that he chipped in order to ensure that there were effective capital deployment and the establishment of efficient capital allocation Policies. Sahm Adrangi has been a key figure in various keynote speeches in different media outlets since his vital role that is exacerbated by his research has had a great impact on the various systems of the world.

Music Marks The Early Success Of Cassio Audi

The 1980s are a period of time with its own sense of style and history based largely around the popular culture of the decade which began with the people of Brazil adapting their musical tastes to the heavy metal genre. By 1985, drummer Cassio Audi was playing with a number of bands around his home city of Sao Paulo when he joined a band established by brothers Yves and Pit Passarell which would become known as Viper; Cassio Audi bonded with the Passarell brothers and fellow Viper founding members, Andre Matos and Felipe Machado over a shared love of British heavy metal bands. Visit SoundHound to watch music videos of Cassio Audi.

The band quickly became a success with their early sound driven by the beats of Cassio Audi who was influenced by the drummers for the British band, Iron Maiden of the 1970s and 80s. Audi and the band replicated many of the traditional sounds and trademarks of British heavy metal of the period and built their success on the back of adapting the sounds of British heavy metal for the citizens of Brazil.


In terms of the recorded music of Viper, Cassio Audi is always assured of his place in the heavy metal hall of fame for the drumming he completed on Viper’s debut album, “Soldiers of Sunrise“. The band would be given a large amount of critical acclaim for the musicality and craftsmanship of the performances on an album created in a little over a week.

It was during the preparation period prior to the 1989 recording of the album, “Theatre of Fate” that Cassio Audi made the decision to depart the band and return to his studies in the hope of forging a successful financial career. Audi would later go on to become one of the best-respected investment and financial specialists in Brazil for his role in bringing regional Brazilian markets into the focus of international investors. Read more at about Cassio Audi.

Huffington Posts Names New York City Most Walkable City in US

Huffington Post has named New York City the best city in the United States to live without a car, although they say that the city is still behind many European cities. Across the nation, young people are driving 25 percent fewer miles while riding 40 percent more miles on public transportation.

Fordham Heights

New York City gets top scores for walkability. Topping the list of most walkable neighborhoods in New York City was Fordham Heights in the Bronx. This neighborhood of 50,000 residents especially receives high scores as most residents can walk to a restaurant or bar within five minutes since the neighborhood has 21 of them.


If residents prefer to use public transportation, then they may want to consider living in the Bowery neighborhood of Manhattan. Residents have access to numerous bus routes along with access to Grand Street and Second Avenue subway lines along with nearby access to many other lines.

Lenox Hill

Residents who would rather bike to work may want to consider living in the Lenox Hill neighborhood of Manhattan. This neighborhood has many businesses dedicated to bike storage along with tenants being able to rent bikes from the city’s Citibike program at more than 15 locations.

There are numerous reasons that young people are choosing to live without automobiles. Many are finding that they just do not want the large payments while others are foregoing their automobile as a way to take better care of the earth. The city plans on encouraging residents to continue living without cars by increasing the number of bike lanes along with the number of public transportation options.

Chick-fil A Testing New Menu Item in Philadelphia

According to 6abc, the fast food chain Chick-fil-A will be testing a brand new menu item in Philadelphia for a limited time.

Chick-fil-A’s new Spicy Chick-n-Strips will be available within participating restaurants in Philadelphia, as well as central and south Texas. According to statements made by the company, the new chicken strips will most likely be available throughout the early months of 2018 before being pulled for evaluation. The company will be looking at how both customers and the restaurants felt about the strips to decide whether or not to put them into full rotation on the menu.

Chick-fil-A described the Spicy Chick-n-Strips as such on their website: “The new Spicy Chick-n-Strips combine two customer favorites – the Spicy Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich and the original Chick-n-Strips – with a bold new entrée that’s packed with flavor. The strips are seasoned with a spicy blend of peppers, hand-breaded and cooked in 100 percent refined peanut oil.”

There is not yet an exact date as to when the strips will be put on the menu or when they will be removed for evaluation, though the company hopes they will be a success with their customers. Preliminary information has revealed that the strips can be purchased in both three count and four count sizes, as well as special catering trays. The three count will cost $3.85 before tax and has an estimated calorie count of 340 calories with 26 grams of protein.

Additionally, a similar promotion is happening right now in Orlando, Knoxville, and St. Louis, where participating locations are offering a new Grilled Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich to customers. These new menu items the company is experimenting with come as a result of several studies it has performed, indicating that nearly half of their customers would like to try new chicken entrees, especially spicy ones.

Dr. Imran Haque, A Great Doctor in North Carolina, Said These Things in a Brand New Interview

North Carolina is home to many things, including Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, two of the best college basketball programs in the entirety of the United States. As a matter of fact, it’s likely most of their teams could beat some professional teams overseas, if not a surprising majority of them. The Tar Heel State is also home to tons of tradition, beautiful mountain ranges, and hometown, Southern cooking.

The state is also home to Imran Haque, one of the top practitioners of internal medicine in the entire Appalachian region. Dr. Imran Haque has practiced in the area his entire career, starting all the way back in 2001, after completing a residency program at the University of Virginia.

Dr. Imran Haque, although his tons and tons of patients know many things about him that he’s shared with them and their families in recent years, isn’t known well by everybody in North Carolina. After all, he’s not a celebrity, although he might as well be in the eyes of his plethora of patients.

Dr. Haque recently allowed a journalist from Idea Mensch to interview him and ask some questions about what he thinks about medicine and recent advancements, how he got to where he is today through being an entrepreneur, things his current self – boasting more than fifteen years of experience in the field of internal medicine – would have told himself when he first started to practice in the beautiful, rural towns in central North Carolina.

The leading internist stated that his favorite football, basketball – actually, every single sport played in Division-I college sports – was North Carolina State University. While the majority of his ideas are respectable and come from a well-rounded, experienced mind of medicine, this sentiment can’t prove true, especially in the Tar Heel state, home to tons of great college teams.

Dr. Imran Haque said that he became great a multitasking over the years as a doctor and entrepreneur, something that has contributed significantly to his success as an internist since he started back in 2001.


Whitney Wolfe: Success, Love, and a Whimsical Wedding

Whitney Wolfe is quickly becoming a female role model for her success in business and her empowerment of women. The success of her app “Bumble” has largely come about due to the criteria that the woman has to take the lead for an online match to move any further. In real life, Wolfe unapologetically took the lead in the winter of 2013 when meeting restaurateur Michael Herd for the first time in Aspen, introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Wolfe dared him to spend some of his Aspen trip actually skiing, after he admitted he was inexperienced.

After their first run down the hill together, they didn’t see each other until January of the following year; however, they spent much of the time in between chatting with each other on the phone. Highlights of their relationship include the next Valentine’s Day, where they officially started dating, and a proposal the following June.

Fast forward to the most hectic time in most women’s lives: the planning of the wedding. Wolfe was inspired by the work of Cynthia Cook Smith and brought her on as wedding stylist, along with wedding planner Diana Sorenson. Always bold, Wolfe and Herd, with their team, planned the entire event at Villa Tre Ville in Italy – which neither of them had ever seen in person. The element of surprise, they hoped, would be just as beautiful for them as for their attendees.

After enjoying a few days of splendor and perfect weather leading up to the ceremony, the couple planned an extensive itinerary where each day was unique, starting with a vintage evening of dinner and dancing in Capri. This was followed by a relaxing Thursday afternoon and an Italian traditional festival lighting by the water that evening. Keeping with the truly Italian feel they desired for their big weekend, the evening included Italian musicians playing classics to the couple and their attendees as they sailed along peacefully on Italian boats from the port to the beach club.

The wedding itself was even more surprising than Wolfe and Herd had bargained for, with the land having not only its first rain shower in five months, but a flash flood. Bold as always, the couple danced in the rain with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, postponing the ceremony until the rain cleared up that evening – taking it all as a traditional Italian sign of cleansing rain and new beginnings. The ceremony itself took place that evening after the dedicated crew of bridesmaids and groomsmen, with of course, the soon-to-be married couple themselves, taking towels to all of the seats. The sun shone through with just enough daylight left for a whimsical ceremony, and even allowed time for photos.

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Tampa Residents Debate Child-Free Restaurant Policies

In Tampa, Florida, some residents this week have gone to local websites to debate whether or not the city should permit business owners to prohibit children from entering their premises. The issue stemmed from a policy change at a popular craft beer brewery and pizza parlor forbidding parents from bringing their youngsters to the outdoor restaurant. The issue has generated strong opinions on both sides.

Irresponsible Adults

Troy Taylor established a popular dining venue and craft beer brewery called “Hampton Station” in 2015 in the Seminole Heights area. His business includes an outdoor dining area adjoining a congested highway. He reluctantly decided to ban children from his business completely after witnessing an incident which he concluded might have resulted in a terrible accident. The prospect of facing business liability because of the possibility of parents failing to watch their offspring during visits to the outdoor dining area finally caused him to reach his decision.

On October 24th, he notified customers they could no longer bring their children to his restaurant. The decision resulted in an angry responses from some irate parents. Some social media sites serving Tampa residents reported visitors posting conflicting opinions about the decision.

An Issue of Safety

The decision to restrict the restaurant only to adults please some customers and dismayed others. Troy Taylor noted many of the patrons who visit his establishment order alcoholic beverages at the bar; he believes his decision ultimately will promote child safety. Quite a number of his customers with children have expressed agreement with the new policy, in fact.

The business owner hopes upset patrons will stop complaining online. He appealed to Tampa residents who disagreed with him to respect his opinion, even if they disliked the new policy. He urged everyone to “respect each other.”

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