As Valentine’s Day approaches, one group in Portland shows what real love means. Emmanuel Mercy Mission recently collected donations for medical supplies to help relieve the mass shortage in Ukraine. This Portland area mission gathered $900,000 of basic medical necessities from local individuals, manufacturers, and hospitals. The shipment full of diapers, crutches, wheelchairs, and other medical supplies is set to arrive in early April. There it will be divided and distributed to Ukrainian hospitals.

Since gaining its independence in 1991, the Ukraine has seen its share of fighting and war. The Eastern European country’s limited budget has left a gap in basic resources. The last four years have produced massive shortages, including water, power, and food. With the UN’s World Food Program set to withdraw aid due to lack of funds, humanitarian efforts like Emmanuel Mercy Mission’s are vital to keeping the country alive.

For Emmanuel Mercy Mission, this is more than just a love project. Many things has been brewing in their mind and heart and he recalled that it was like learning things to talk about with a girl that you are meeting for the first time and it seems to pulsating to him knowing that the Mercy mission would do a lot of good for the Ukrainians . This Portland non-profit was started in 1992 by refugees. They knew from personal experience what blessings and hardships were. Seeing the need in the communities they left behind, the mission came together to provide humanitarian aid at home and abroad to people in need.
Collaborating the last four years with Medical Teams International, the mission has put together three shipments of medical supplies to help Ukraine’s hospitals. Efforts like these from Portland bolster more than just the physical health of Ukrainians, it reminds these forgotten people that they are loved.

If you own a business, it is likely that by now you understand that profit is not the only thing that a business should be interested in. It is now important for businesses to focus on corporate social responsibilities. Corporate social responsibility is meant to health businesses to engage in ethical and sustainable operations. Through CSR, a company should be able to engage in activities that bring positive social and environmental impact. Factors such as the community environment and human rights should be given the necessary weight. Although it is not a legal requirement, it is a standard practice that allows companies to build their reputation. One of the businesses that seem to understand the importance of CSR is is the biggest e-commerce business in China. The company as listed among Fortune Global 500 and NASDAQ- 100. It was started in 2004 by Richard Liu. This company has embraced cutting edge technology that is used to bridge the gap between the organization and the consumers. In a recently released CSR report, has shown some of the accomplishments that it has made since 2013. This is a report that is full of great achievements that the company has made in enhancing sustainability, innovation, and empowerment. The company indicates how it has designed all its operations to meet the goals of sustainability as well as creating far-reaching impacts on the environment. has a program known as Green Stream Initiative and Recycling Program that aims at reducing waste and emissions. This program is not only meant for but also the people who consume their products. Through this program, has established a link between consumers and the organization, which can be used to make donations. Any consumer willing like to donate products can decide to donate them through a reliable and transparent process created by JD. The CSR report also indicated that is committed to the accomplishment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It is taking steps that will lead to poverty alleviation, responsible consumption, and the provision and utilization of clean energy. The organization has also set up infrastructure that supports the activities of different charity programs that promote poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and environmental protection among others.

Equity First Holdings is a company doing lending as an investment and based all over the world. This is done by offering individuals financial solutions depending on their needs and loans for those interested in stock loans. Stock-based loans differ from traditional loaning system in that the stock-based provide each customer with options that help solve problems associated with regular loans. The company`s greatest market in the globe is Europe though time has seen the organization grow to parts of Asia and a small percentage of North America. Equity First Holdings brings financial solutions to business people. This is one of the reasons stock loans is a common phrase. The loan has great publicity because of the many advantages compared to the traditional way of doing it. A great example is a duration after processing the loan to the duration of completing the process and being assigned cash.

Ashley Lightspeed is an excellent business professional with vast experience in consultancy and customer service. Ashley started her career at Bain firm after completing her studies where she carried out consultation duties. During this period, Ashley spent several years guiding clients on various innovative ways and ideas to improve and grow their business. Ashley later moved to Thumbtack in a capacity of being the manager .At this company, she was responsible for overseeing the customers experience in the wedding and event department. Ashley gained a lot of experience in customer relation during her time at the two companies before she moved to Lightspeed Venture Partners. To know more about Ashley Lightspeed follow her at

Ashley Lightspeed Role at Lightspeed Venture Partners

A Lightspeed venture partner was established in the year 1999 with the aim of helping startup business to thrive and grow economically. It was easy for Ashley Lightspeed to join the company since she had a dream of helping people with the interest of starting their own business during her work at Thumbtack and Bain. At Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley holds the responsibility of looking out for potential startups that the company can successfully engage into doing business.

Ashley relationship has attributed to great success to the Lightspeed Venture Partners due to her talent and passion about business. The company has managed to help over 300 startups to begin their business and thrive during hard economic times. Ashley approaches various clients on behalf of the company and describes the services they offer to clients before signing of agreement deals. Contracts and arrangements with Lightspeed Ventures are done at an agreed fee. Companies and individuals who have engaged in business with the Lightspeed partners have archived a lot of success with the help of Ashley due to her experience. It is important to seek for consultancy service of Lightspeed Venture before starting your business to avoid simple challenges.

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The company is registered and operates under the guidelines of FCA. It has helped many firms in different parts of the world to streamline payment methods. Over the years, PSI has focused on developing several products for their clients which include debit and pre-paid cards. The firm has made it possible for its customers to make their financial transactions in 173 nations where 44 currencies are used. Some people are still confused about how digital wallets operate. Digital wallets have several similar features as the traditional accounts.


However, they are more convenient as they allow you to have your cash and other financial instruments in one place. The digital wallets ensure more security for your funds as you do not need to carry all your cards to perform a transaction.


The digital wallets are designed differently in different parts of the world depending on the varying customer needs. In Europe, the technology has gained prominence and most of the users use the digital wallets that have cash balances. The clients find them more convenient as they can hold several currencies that the users prefer. Once the customers have linked debit cards to their digital wallets, they can easily make withdrawals from ATMs.


In cases of disputes during payments, the wallet providers are involved in settling them. One of the main methods that most European users use to deposit funds into their digital wallets is the use of the traditional accounts. After the introduction of cryptocurrency in Europe, the traders embraced the digital wallets to enable them to use the funds in various shops and retail stores.


Some people have considered abandoning the traditional bank accounts, but it’s worth noting that they do not provide all the features of the conventional platform. After the introduction of the digital wallets, some companies closed some of their accounts and conduct their financial transactions through the technology. Over the years, different retailers and service providers have embraced mobile payment technology to facilitate the use of digital wallets. Some of the experts have urged different users to be cautious when transacting when they have large amounts of balances.


In European countries, there have been some legislative changes that are aimed at streamlining the use of digital wallets. For example, mobile wallets are now included in deposit insurance programs. The service providers are also required by the law to keep funds in secure bank accounts. Unlike in the traditional financial institutions, one cannot earn interest by saving their money in an online wallet.