As Valentine’s Day approaches, one group in Portland shows what real love means. Emmanuel Mercy Mission recently collected donations for medical supplies to help relieve the mass shortage in Ukraine. This Portland area mission gathered $900,000 of basic medical necessities from local individuals, manufacturers, and hospitals. The shipment full of diapers, crutches, wheelchairs, and other medical supplies is set to arrive in early April. There it will be divided and distributed to Ukrainian hospitals.

Since gaining its independence in 1991, the Ukraine has seen its share of fighting and war. The Eastern European country’s limited budget has left a gap in basic resources. The last four years have produced massive shortages, including water, power, and food. With the UN’s World Food Program set to withdraw aid due to lack of funds, humanitarian efforts like Emmanuel Mercy Mission’s are vital to keeping the country alive.

For Emmanuel Mercy Mission, this is more than just a love project. Many things has been brewing in their mind and heart and he recalled that it was like learning things to talk about with a girl that you are meeting for the first time and it seems to pulsating to him knowing that the Mercy mission would do a lot of good for the Ukrainians . This Portland non-profit was started in 1992 by refugees. They knew from personal experience what blessings and hardships were. Seeing the need in the communities they left behind, the mission came together to provide humanitarian aid at home and abroad to people in need.
Collaborating the last four years with Medical Teams International, the mission has put together three shipments of medical supplies to help Ukraine’s hospitals. Efforts like these from Portland bolster more than just the physical health of Ukrainians, it reminds these forgotten people that they are loved.

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Erick Lesfkofsky is an American billionaire who co-founded Tempus. He is also the current CEO of Tempus. He was raised in a Jewish family and attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors. To further the studies he went to University of Michigan Law School where he graduated in 1993.

Erick Lesfkofsky also participates in philanthropic activities. Together with his wife, Liz they established Lesfkofsky family foundation in 2006. It is a private charity organization that strives to improve the lives of children through high impact initiatives. Since its formation, it has funded more than fifty organizations.

Erick is also concerned about the interests of the community, and this had made him serve on different boards that are community oriented. He serves in many boards of directors including the children memorial hospital and the world business Chicago.

Erick Lesfkofsky is also a professor at the University of Chicago. He is also the author of Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation. In his book, he talks about how great business ideas are born in people’s minds, but people end up not working on their plans.

According to Erick Lesfkofsky, this is because they fail to realize how they can use technology to bring their ideas to life. His book describes how business can use technology advancements to survive and thrive in a competitive business environment. The book also explains the trends that make many companies decline.

Tempus is a technology company that enables doctors to give cancer patients personalized care by using interactive analytical and machine learning platform. According to Erick, he got the idea to start the company when he witnessed the treatment process of a family member.

The process made him search for a way to use technology to help in the fight against cancer. Tempus strives at fighting cancer by equipping doctors all the knowledge they need using molecular and clinical data. According to Erick Lesfkofsky, the future of less cancer diagnosis lies in data-driven health care. He also stated that Tempus was concentrating its time and resources in data collection.

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Music soothes the soul, and this is an outstanding fact that Cassio Audi believed in. Before pursuing his university studies that would later see him climb the corporate ladder as an executive of financial management, Audi spent his childhood telling stories through his famous songs which were composed using superb lyrics. Archives have it that this Brazilian artist started off as a music instrumentalist. Together with his colleagues Andre Machado, Felipe Machado, Yves Passarell, and Pit Passarell, they founded Viper, a Brazilian all-boys rock band in 1985. This group went down the history of Brazil and the entire Latin America as Cassio Audi the first Heavy Metal band.

Cassio Audi

Under the influence of Iron Maiden and the heavy metal from England, Viper band discerned to settle for music genres such as power metal, alternative rock, thrash metal and heavy metal. Later in 1985, the band recorded their first demo known as The Killera Sword. While his colleagues took center stage to perform, Audi took up his role as the drum player and entertained the crowd through varied tones and bits.

Viper band strongly believed in quality. They took a considerable amount of time combing through their album to ensure quality production. This was justifiable when the band finally recorded Soldiers of Sunrise, their first album in the year 1987. This album, which included tracks like Soldiers of Sunrise, Knits of Destruction, Nightmares, and Signs of the Night, became so popular that the team sold over 10,000 copies within a short stint of time.

Cassio Audi Group

Audi continued to write the band’s powerful songs, and in 1989, they released another album referred to as Theatre of Fate. This album, the last in which Audi participated, topped the charts, showcasing Van Halen and Nirvana, the well-known groups.


New residential investment Corp is a well-known investment trust which mainly deals with real estate investments. The company was incorporated on 26th of September 2011. The firm is focused on managing and investing in any ventures related to real estate. Some of the services and segments found at New Residential Investment Corp include MSRs (investments in mortgage servicing rights, investments in mortgage servicing rights, investments in servicer advances and investments in residential mortgage loans

In addition, the company also offers investments in consumer loans and corporate loans as well as investments in real estate securities. The firm’s portfolio includes residential mortgage-backed securities, mortgage servicing related assets and other investments. The company also ventures in non-agency RMBS and agency RMBS.

New Residential Investment Corp runs under the management Mr. Michael Nierenberg, who is the current Chief Executive Officer. He doubles as the chairman of the Board of directors and the President of the company. Michael Nierenberg is a highly professional person who runs the firm smoothly and responsible for all aspects of its growth and development. Nierenberg was the managing director of Fortress Company, an investment firm in the United States whose affiliates manages and finances New Residential Investment Corp externally.

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Ashley Lightspeed has a proven record of accomplishment in prototyping. She uses these skills to contribute to the development of prominent companies.

Ashley Lightspeed began this skill from her childhood; she used to see her father draft thing in their garage. She then impressed the capability of developing new ideas, products, business models and services. However, she now works to oversee the development and future of business in modern times. See articles at

Her role at lightspeed

She is an integral member of lightspeed; she utilizes her skills in everyday practices. She has brought a different perspective when it comes to creating trends and spotting. She has also helped lightspeed to diversify in its operations through insights in the female-driven consumer markets. This insight has proved to drive the market in the United States of America and the world at large.

Career development

After graduating from Duke University in Copenhagen, Ashley Lightspeed went to work as a consultant at Giant Brain and company. She worked there for some time and learned not to rely on skills but also use sophisticated tools to shape actionable business intelligence.

She was later recruited in Thumbtack. This startup tech company connected local clients with a professional. Ashley helped this company to develop events and wedding platform. She saw the company to become a significant online market for hiring event-related services. As she worked here, she was inspired by her clients and hence went in to study sociology.

She learned to use the customer’s feedback to improve the quality of services she offered. She learned that customer is ever right and she tallied all the commendations from clients, the one with many clients won and was to be rectified. That is how she has shaped the companies she ever worked with. Find out more: