From Fragile To Agile: Spokane Vet Walking Again After Dog Enters His Life

He was a U.S. veteran once classified as “100 percent permanently and totally disabled” by the Navy. Not anymore, because this 70-year-old former submarine man is on the go, thanks to Tucker.


Jack Cotter of Spokane, Washington, had suffered numerous injuries during and after his time in the Navy. Some of these included spine fractures, hip replacements, neck fractures, heart attack and more. Life was so challenging for Cotter, that he had to be pushed in a wheelchair to attend his son’s basketball tournament. reports that Jack Cotter’s life turned completely around after being gifted with an adorable rescue puppy named Tucker. The cute pooch is a wire fox terrier and one that got to walk Cotter, instead of the other way around.


At first, Cotter could only walk Tucker a few feet, but the pup would egg him on further, and eventually, the two were taking long walks and attending dog obedience classes. It was there, that a lot of people noticed Tucker’s agility. Soon, the two bonded even further by entering local contests for championship American Kennel Club agility.


Little Tucker is now nine-years-old and the No. 1 AKC dog for 2016 in agility for his breed. Cotter is in the best shape of his life and enjoying life once again. The duo perform three practice runs twice a week, racing 150 yards around a course in under 40 seconds.


It’s a beautiful story and just goes to show, that dog really is man’s best friend.



March Madness Success

March Madness is one of the most exciting sporting events every year. There are a lot of people who are excited about watching and betting on games in the tournament this year. In addition, there are a lot of new teams who are ready to take things to the next level within the tournament. If you are someone who is interested in betting on these games, you need to make sure that you are doing your research. A lot of people just want to jump in and start betting. However, this is never a good idea. You need to make sure you know the teams and the games where you think you can make the most money. This is the key to success over the long term.

March Madness

Over the years, March Madness has become one of the most exciting sporting events in the country. There are millions of people who tune in to see whether the underdog will come out ahead. There is something special about watching an underdog go against one of the best teams in the country and win. It seems like every year the games get better and better. If you are going to bet with success on March Madness odds, you need to make sure you understand your strategy going in. Not only will this help you lay out a plan for success, but it will also help you understand where to bet your money.


When it comes to gambling, the more you spread your money out, the longer your money will last. Over the long term, this is something that a lot of people have to learn the hard way. If you are thinking about investing your own money to gamble, you want it to last a long time and you also want to make some money in the process. Never bet all of your money on a single game. Doing so will cause a lot of financial issues for you. There are many people who have lost all of their gambling money because they have tried to win everything at once. When it comes to betting online, a long term approach is always best.

Overall, gambling can be a fun and viable way to take things to the next level when watching a sport game. However, many people today do not understand betting strategy or how to best smart on the games they are watching.

John Goullet Shares Tips On Overcoming Business Challenges

Business challenges are quite common among entrepreneurs, and John Goullet of Diversant offers quite a lot of information to business managers. He believes that every manager may raise their game when the opportunity is presented, and this article explains two pointers John gave to readers in a recent interview. His approach to business is helpful for those who are new, and he wishes to help his disciples avoid early mistakes.

#1: Hiring Early And Often

Hiring is one of the hardest things for a young business owner to do as they do not wish to spend all their money on people. The staff within a business helps everything push forward, and the business makes more money as more people complete fine work. John wants all his readers to understand that hiring is an essential part of business management. His business functions around good people, and he empowers them to do the best work possible.

#2: Bringing The Right Culture To The Office

John has watched culture changes in multiple businesses over his career, and he recognized a change in culture at Diversant that he did not believe was appropriate. He wants all his readers to understand that a culture change within a business is not automatically healthy. Every business owner must ensure they are consistent with their culture, and employees will buy in over time.

#3: Offering Proper Work Incentives

John believes in trusting several different people with responsibilities in the office that keep them busy. Training new employees is quite important as each must be trained by someone just above them. Young employees who are given incentives to perform will ensure proper training for each new recruit, and the business will function with the culture created by the owner.

The career of Diversant principal John Goullet reflects his belief in training and accountability. He built Diversant using a plan that focuses on proper work ethic, and he trains his youngest employees to become a part of their future. Executives are given a piece of the company they may invest in, and young employees help train and police each other in an effective work environment.

More on John Goullet:

Dr. Clay Siegall Has Helped To Develop Major Breakthroughs in Cancer Research And Treatment

Dr. Clay Siegall is the President and CEO of the company that he co-founded in 1998 called Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a research and development company that specializes in cancer treatments. Dr. Seigall is focused on treatments that help patients that did not respond well to other conventional treatment options. The drug Adcetris is their biggest revenue stream currently and is now available in dozens of other countries. The company is the largest in the area and is currently developing additional treatments that are in the pipeline and in the final phase of testing.

Dr. Siegall is responsible for giving major pharmaceutical companies licenses to allow them to use technology that was created by Seattle Genetics. So far they company has been able to generate over 300 million from the licenses that they have allowed other companies to hold. He was also able to single handily raise over a billion dollars that are used for research and cancer treatment development. He is not only an incredibly talented scientist but a shrewd businessman that knows how to seize opportunities to generate revenue that covers the cost of scientific developments in the cancer research area.

Before his involvement with Seattle Genetics, he worked for Bristol-Meyers Squibb as the National Cancer Institute in the 90s. His experience with these companies gave him the ability to help create and effective research and development company that has groundbreaking technology and ideas. Dr. Siegall is committed to finding cures and treatment for cancer and his work continues as new breakthroughs are found.

A Behind The Scenes Look At Keith Mann

There is always much more to a man than meets the eye. Every man has his own story. What drives a man is always interesting and usually has a lot to do with the level of professional or personal success achieved by that man. The same can be said for Keith Mann. A businessman who has achieved a great deal in his professional career, Keith Mann has a story. He has many aspects to his life. Recently Keith Mann took the time to share a few moments for an interview that provides a glimpse behind the scenes at Keith Mann.

During the interview, Keith Mann shed light on why his company name is Dynamics Search Partners. He went into detail describing a typical day in his professional life. He discussed how he goes about thinking of new ideas and the newest trends in the investment industry. The answers to these questions provided insight to Keith Mann the person. Other questions during the interview uncovered aspects of Keith Mann that demonstrate where some of his business savvy originates from that he uses on a daily basis.

Some of the additional questions revolved around habits that make Keith Mann more productive, the worst job that he ever had in his life, a strategy that has helped him to grow his business, the one thing that he would do over, and the people that have influence him the most. The answers to these questions were varied and surprising. However, some of the answers will allow people to understand Keith Mann in a new and different way.

Always considered a sharp businessman and top notch professional, Keith Mann has made a name for himself in the investment industry. From working for others to working for himself, Keith Mann has accomplished many notable things in his professional career.

Keith Mann is the CEO and founder of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). His firm is an executive search firm that specializes in assisting companies to locate talented professionals to fill key executive positions within the companies. Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry.


People Take to the Streets to Support New Orleans Heart Walk

People have taken to the streets in New Orleans this Saturday. They are not protesting or contesting. Hundreds of people have began walking for change and awareness. The New Orleans Heart Walk is an event put on by the American Heart Association through which they seek to encourage individuals to go outside and simply walk.


Heart Disease is the cause of the most deaths in the United States as the American Heart Association suggests. The New Orleans Heart Walk is seeking to bring awareness and change to this alarming condition by promoting healthier lifestyles and more physical activity.

According to the American Heart Association, an individual’s risk of heart disease can be diminished with as little as 30 minutes of walking per day.


The Heart Walk is one of the American Heart Association’s primary fundraising events in an effort to help save as many lives as possible from heart disease and stroke as well. The walk route spans 1.8 miles total and stretches around the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Everybody from individuals, families and pets are encouraged to come join in the movement to help put an end to these tragic conditions.


The American Heart Association focuses on funding research and support to help save people from heart disease, stroke as well as other cardiovascular diseases. They have grown to become one of the largest volunteer health organizations dedicated to this particular area. The fundraising goal for the 2016 New Orleans Heart Walk is $830,000. All of which will be donated to efforts that support the curing and caring of individuals afflicted by heart disease.




Billy McFarland Sees Significant Growth Potential in Magnises

Credit card companies have been attempting to lure professionals and high-income individuals for decades through various cash-back and travel awards programs.

While credit card providers have typically tried to attract people who earn more money, and therefore spend more money, one growing credit card club is going after a unique set of individuals.

The new credit card program, which is called Magnises, was introduced just a few years ago, but already has thousands of users. The program, which was developed and introduced by a recent college graduate named Billy McFarland, focuses on providing credit cards to Millennials.

The target group is young professionals between the ages of 21 and 35 who have entered the workforce and are looking to take advantage of the unique opportunities that the card provides.

Unlike traditional credit card programs that focus on providing cash back or airline miles to consumers, the Magnises card promises to provide its users with access to an exclusive social network.

Members of the Magnises program will be able to gain access to a social network that has an online community and hosts plenty of free parties throughout the year.

The program is particularly popular for consumers in the New York City area, which tends to have the most social opportunities. Most users of the card agree that the annual fee of $350 is easily offset by the amount of free activities that they have access to.

According to Business Insider, The founder and CEO of the program, Billy McFarland, sees a significant amount of potential for the program. While Magnises is currently located primarily in New York City, he plans to expand the program into other large cities across the country and believes he could soon have a client base in excess of 10,000 members.

Billy McFarland himself is a recent graduate of Bucknell University and developed the idea for the program while he was still in school.

Through support of a few investors, he was able to quickly market the card on social media and soon had a viral following of members that were excited to join the membership club.

Sapphire Rings Make The Special Day Memorable

The Perfect Symbol

When you want to express just how important an engagement is you need a symbol to represent the special union. Nothing does this better than a precious sapphire. One of the most coveted and gorgeous gems the world possesses a sapphire is perfect for any engagement ring. In fact sapphire rings are experiencing explosive popularity growth as more couples see them as wonderful representations of their unions. The best thing about sapphires is the diversity of colors they can feature. While many think sapphires are necessarily blue there are sapphires with every color.

When Diamonds Won’t Cut It

Diamonds are generally considered the perfect engagement stone, but today women are shifting their eyes towards the colorful beauty of sapphires. Although diamonds are sometimes colorful they are typically clear while sapphires are almost always vibrant. Price points are nothing major reason so many women are interested in sapphires. A sapphire of gem quality is almost certainly cheaper than a diamond. Simply purchasing a white sapphire engagement ring is much more affordable than a diamond ring. That means you can buy a large lustrous sapphire for the price you would normally pay for one small diamond.

The Real Deal Is Important

It is possible to buy a synthetically produced sapphire nothing will compare to a natural sapphire. While synthetic sapphires tend to have fewer impurities this often results in a somewhat artificial look. A sapphire derived from a natural source is almost certain to have certain marks or impurities from the earth it comes from. These special “flaws” are what make gemstones valuable in the first place. When you buy a sapphire ring to mark an engagement you want to express yourself with natural beauty.

Fortunately there are companies offering natural sapphires in abundant supplies. The Natural Sapphire Company, for instance, has been offering natural sapphire rings for more than 77 years. They understand the need to find the highest quality sapphires available and you’ll find exactly what you are looking for when you shop for their gemstones. There are sapphires of every size and color available for purchase with the guarantee that these gemstones are authentic. There are times when gem suppliers are dishonest about the quality of their goods. They may claim a synthetic sapphire or even an imitation is actually real. With the Natural Sapphire Company you can rest assured that the sapphire ring you buy for your engagement is made with an authentic sapphire gemstone.

Ceremony in Rochester, NY Awarding Tuskegee Airmen with Medal of Honor

This Veterans Day in New York City held a more significant meaning than usual as a ceremony was held in Rochester to honor the Tuskegee Airmen. The ceremony was held at the National Warplane Museum in Geneseo where 5 members of the Tuskegee Airmen were awarded Congressional Medals of Honor for their heroic bravery and service to their country.


The Tuskegee Experience was a name given to the program employed by the Army Air Force during WWII to allow African Americans to finally begin operating and maintaining combat aircraft in the wake of the war. The Tuskegee Experience was headquartered in Alabama at the legendary Tuskegee Institute. This was a historic time for United States Civil Rights and one honored on this Veterans day during the ceremony.


In fact, there was already an official ceremony held in 2007 to honor the members of the Tuskegee Airmen with the Congressional Medals of Honor. Unfortunately, the individuals receiving the awards in Rochester, NY weren’t able to make the original ceremony. Wallace Higgins, one of the honored recipients couldn’t hold back tears during the esteemed ceremony. He recalled many experiences during his time serving.


For those members of the Tuskegee Airmen who had passed away before being recognized for their efforts and bravery, family members received the Medal of Honor on their behalf. It was a historic day for all Airmen and family members. Some people simply came to witness history during such a momentous occasion. Over 200 people were in attendance during the ceremony as Christopher Collins rewarded the medals.


Goettl Making- Revolutionizing the HVAC Service Industry

Goettl is a top provider of air conditioning and heating services. Goettl offers top of the range services since its establishment in 1939. It has recorded enormous success over the decades while abiding by the technological shifts and transitions. That legacy is still strong to date and what matters most to the firm is the ability to provide top-notch customer service.

The company has various service units in Phoenix and the Tucson metropolitan area. It boasts of a team of dedicated professionals who have the necessary experience in providing technical expertise and service. Goettl has a good reputation and an impeccable track record in the provision of residential and commercial HVAC services and installations.

Services the Company Provides

The company provides many different services including maintenance, repair, air conditioning, heat pump, residential cooling, and installation service. Additionally, the firm offers emergency design and services for new homes and installations. Its specialty is in installing and recommending high-efficiency cooling services.

Heating Services

You will find many heating and residential services and options. They include electrical installations, furnace installation, heat pump integration, and radiant heating services. Additionally, it provides a broad range of tune-up and home service plans for the smooth and efficient running of processes.

Air Conditioning Services

The company’s role is to ensure the comfort and safety of every family by providing comprehensive air cleaning and humidification services. The air quality services they offer include testing and integration of UV germicide lights, thermostat installation, and air duct cleaning services. Every time a client needs help, the experts will be there to offer the necessary help and ensure you are satisfied.

Ken Goodrich’s Community Service

Ken Goodrich is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Goettl. He has a passion for helping his community to lead better lives. Goodrich has assisted thousands of students from need backgrounds to fulfill their education by giving them scholarships. The company offers more than $1000 worth of materials to help students to kick start their career after college. He has given the Veterans Tool Award to students, and this is the second largest endorsement Goodrich has made so far. The reward acts as a stepping stone to transit from college to the work life.

He sponsors the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Lab at CSN. Also, he sponsors the “Son of a Gun.” meant for current students from multiple generation families. Goodrich bought the company in 2012, and he also has many other Plumbing and HVAC services in Southwest.

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