Teacher Walk Out Causes Schools to Close in West Virginia

All of West Virginia’s public schools are closed today, February 22nd, 2018, and tomorrow, February 23rd, 2018 due to teachers from all over the state’s 55 counties coming together and protesting for pay raises and better benefits. How are they getting the message across? By peacefully protesting. West Virginians have started a two day walk out that involves participants going to the state capitol in Charleston, Virginia and demanding that the state’s government takes action to resolve some of these issues. Some are even choosing to sit in during the state’s legislative sessions while others remain protesting outside of the building.

A recent CNN article (https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/22/us/west-virginia-teacher-work-stoppage/index.htm)claims that thousands of teachers are expected to be participating. That’s quite an impressive number seeing as though there are roughly 20,000 teachers instructing well over 275,000 enrolled students. Many of these protestors belong to teacher organizations including West Virginia Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia.

And what about the students? Fortunately, it seems as though the well being of West Virginia’s students still remains top priority. There have even been organized community events in various places to make sure students-as well as their families- have the support they need. Examples include providing food pantries for those disadvantaged who rely on schools for meals and day care for parents who can’t afford to take off of work to watch their kids during this event.

This walk out has definitely created an impact that has garnered attention all across America and it would appear that many are showing support for this group’s efforts.

Honolulu, Hawaii: Visit the Ala Moana Shopping Center

In Honolulu, Hawaii, the Ala Moana Shopping Center houses 350 stores. This megamall boosts almost 2.5 millions square feet of shopping space. The stores range from low-budget franchises to customized specialty shops. The mall is staged to attract visitors and locals.

The center recently added almost 1,000 more parking spaces and a Target store. The managers are always looking to keep it fresh and ever evolving. On Sundays, the farmer’s market opens up. The market sells fresh island vegetables, homemade snacks, and crafts. It begins at 9 AM and closes at noon. A mall that is standing still is dying.

The shopping center has a Japanese Village where you can walk through more than 50 stores. The décor and stores mimic old Japan and highlight the culture and arts. Four parts that make up the Japanese center. Yataimura is where you will find food and drink. There is plenty of window shopping in the Zeppin Plaza and Guardian Spirits Sanctuary. Browse through Omatsuri Hiroba area to see events.

There is not a shortage of luxury and designer shops in the mall. Prada, Tiffany & Co. and Dolce & Gabbana are a few of the high-end stores. Dior recently opened also.

A gallery of restaurants from sit down to fast food will satisfy anyone’s hunger. There are plenty of local food choices too, like Mahaloha Burger and Ahi & Vegetable.

Shop, eat and see some free entertainment at this mall. Enjoy hula shows daily and live Hawaiian music in the evening. The Centerstage is where these shows take place. See the schedule of events here. Along with the dancing and music, the mall displays millions of dollars of artwork. One of the pieces is a water sculpture made from bronze. Another is a colorful mosaic of the flowers and plants of Hawaii. It covers almost 250 square feet.

Visit the Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu, Hawaii to experience shopping, fine art, and live Hawaiian heritage.

Atlanta Named One of Three US Cities to Receive AT&T 5G

If you live in Atlanta, you may soon have access to faster, more reliable mobile broadband service. As explained by The Verge, Atlanta has been selected as one of three U.S. cities to receive AT&T’s new 5G broadband coverage.

The telecommunications and mobile services company first announced plans to develop a 5G network last year. This wasn’t true 5G, however. Rather, it was an upgraded version of AT&T’s Long-Term Evolution (LTE) service. This wasn’t necessarily AT&T’s fault. At the time, the specifications for 5G hadn’t been released. It wasn’t until December 2017 when the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) released the specifications. Following this news, AT&T announced plans to develop 5G service in the United States.

Along with Atlanta, Dallas and Waco will also receive 5G coverage during the initial rollout. AT&T says a dozen U.S. cities in total will receive 5G by the end of the year.

5G is the fifth generation of telecommunications standards used on mobile networks and wireless systems. Ever since 1G was released in the 1980s, a new generation of standards has been released about once every 10 years. The current generation, 4G, is a significant improvement over its 3G predecessor. It’s up to ten times faster, with average speeds clocking around 20 Mbps to 50Mbps.

However, you can expect even faster speeds with 5G. While there’s no way of telling exactly how fast 5G will be until it’s actually rolled out, a spokesperson for the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) says 10 Gbps to 20 Gbps is likely for the next-generation standards. Additionally, 5G will offer improved coverage, support for a more devices, improved reliability and more.

Los Angeles Is Becoming More Strict About Party Homes

Wealthy neighborhoods in the Los Angeles are have had a serious problem for many years. However, that problem is only getting worse. The problem involves the owners of homes in wealthy areas of the city renting their property on a regular basis to people who want to throw very large and noisy parties for hundreds of guests. These parties will often create gridlock on the narrow streets that were not designed to handle that many cars at the same time. This inconveniences people who live in nearby homes who find it hard to drive down the street. The noise level is also a nuisance because the parties will often keep going into the middle of the night.

The Hollywood Hills is one of the worst areas for these types of infractions. However, the city of Los Angeles is taking steps to end these parties in residential houses by punishing the owners who rent their homes to partygoers for a tidy profit. The city council has just approved a new ordinance which will go into effect very soon. It states that the people who organize the party and owner of the home could face a fine that is a maximum of $8,000 for each infraction. This ordinance comes on the heels of charges being filed in 2017 against a property manager and the owner of a house that was hosting many loud parties over a period of several weeks.

The concern of many residents is that the amount of the fine might not be a sufficient deterrent. This is because many of the people who own the homes where these parties are held are very wealthy people. Therefore, $8,000 will not be much money to them. Also, they still might be making a profit from renting their home even after paying the fine.

Chicago Hyperloop Could Revolutionize Travel

There has been a lot of talk in the media about the building of hyperloops around the world. A hyperloop is a low pressure underground tube. People would be transported through the tube in pods. The fact that there would be minimal air resistance in the tube would allow the pods to travel at speeds approaching 700 miles per hour. Billionaire Elon Musk has already sought government approval to build a hyperloop between New York City and Washington, DC. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson has also proposed a hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune, India. The obvious advantage to traveling by hyperloop is that it would take a fraction of the time that a traditional train would take.

There has now been a proposed hyperloop that would go between Chicago and Cleveland. It would make traveling from one city to the other take only 30 minutes. This would obviously be a revolutionary step forward in terms of transportation in the United States. It should be noted that the U.S. still does not have any high speed trains. It is not known where the money will come from to pay for this project. The two companies that are involved are the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency.

The ride for passengers in a hyperloop pod would feel similar to flying in a plane. The technology will need to undergo a lot of testing before it is approved for the general public to ride in. The technology is still in its infancy. However, the possibilities seem to be endless. Being able to travel between major cities in a fraction of the time it takes us now will forever alter the way that business is done. It would even allow a person who lives in Chicago to commute to Cleveland each day for work.

The Vegan Beauty Brand Lime Crime

Vegan makeup are beauty products that do not contain any animal ingredients and are manufactured and created in a completely cruelty free and humane manner. How do you find out if your makeup is Vegan and cruelty free? This is easier than you might expect. Beauty products that are Vegan and cruelty free have symbols on the label to allow people to easily know whether the beauty products they are interested in purchasing meet the customer’s requirements. The Vegan symbol on beauty products is the same as the Vegan symbol on food products. It should be an upper case “V”. A human and animal cruelty free beauty product should have a rabbit on the label. One beauty brand that is both cruelty free and Vegan is the LimeCrime beauty brand.

After perusing the bright colors sold by the LimeCrime company, it may be surprising that the company uses only Vegan ingredients in all of the cosmetics. Many Vegan ingredient beauty products have underwhelming color results. The makeup chemists who work for the brand managed to craft highly pigmented makeup products in the lab.

The Vegan makeup products that are available from the business includes lip colors, eyeshadows, hair color, and face highlighter. The makeup company is primarily known for their Vegan Unicorn Lipstick and Velvetines liquid to matte lip colors. They sell nearly every color under the sun from their lip color selections. Every season the company manages to create some new and unique colors to sell. The eye makeup colors that the brand sells are made up of bright pastel hues, smoky effects, and neutral tones for more subdued makeup.

Vegan and cruelty free focused consumers can find LimeCrime products online and at select retailers. This might be the right brand for you if you like Vegan and high colored makeup. Check out the website and the cosmetics brand’s social media pages for more information.

$850M Earmarked for Safer Water in Twin Cities

On Tuesday, February 20, 2018, Minnesota State Attorney General Lori Swanson announced that the east metropolitan area of Twin Cities is to receive $850 million that will be used for research into improving the quality of drinking water. The announcement came the as jury selection was underway for a trial in the matter of Minnesota v. 3M for decades of polluting local waterways with fluorochemicals. Judge Kevin S. Burke urged the parties to settle the case because a prolonged court battle would not serve the interests of the state’s citizens or company shareholders.

According to the lawsuit, the company was aware that the chemicals, known as PFCs, caused increased rates of cancers of the kidneys and testicles, as well as liver damage, reduced female fertility, growth and learning impairments in children, and thyroid disease. The suit further alleged that, in 1977, 3M withheld information from the public that it had introduced fluorine contamination in human plasma. The state also accused the plaintiff of failing to inform the U.S. Environmental Agency that its chemicals had been present in human blood for 20 years.

In the courtroom after the agreement, 3M representative John Banovetz countered that the company “never believed there was a PFC problem,” but that the company had agreed the settlement to “move past the litigation.” A state study released the day before the trial concluded that there was no health problem. Swanson reiterated that the chemicals had been “put into the ground for a long period of time.”

3M is also facing lawsuits from individuals, towns and water districts across the United States, where there is evidence that PFCs had infiltrated drinking water from sites such as air force bases, where they were used in fire fighting foams, and a leather-tanning facility. Swanson further claimed that 3M had been dumping chemicals near Minneapolis for more than 40 years.

Nick Vertucci Reveals Secrets In Real Estate Investing At NV Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci was once on the verge of complete bankruptcy and losing all of his property, but he discovered a secret about making money in real estate that turned his life around completely. He later founded the NV Real Estate Academy to share that secret, and it’s helped many people both already in a real estate profession and new to it build a portfolio with high profits. The academy serves as not only a knowledge center but also a platform to dive right into the field. Everyone who’s attended usually comes away surprised at just how simple real estate can actually be to work through, and if you make the right client connections you won’t have to worry about the heavy lifting.

Real estate wasn’t the original dream of Nick Vertucci, but he discovered just what a treasure of wealth it was at a time he needed it most. He was raised in a family that didn’t have much but looked out for each other. Times became really tough when his father died and he later had to live in a minivan. Nick Vertucci did finally start making ends meet when he got into a computer parts sales business, and soon he owned his own home and became a husband and a father. His life was on the right track but once again problems came. The dot-com crash happened in 2000 and it brought his business down with it. Vertucci now faced a mountain of debt and needed a way out before he lost his home.

Nick Vertucci heard about a real estate learning seminar on a radio ad and out of curiosity decided to attend. He was amazed by what he heard and took a risk buying a property that he put in the work to renovate. He soon had its value turned high and sold it for a great profit. He went beyond that and started buying more and renting them out. Vertucci achieved financial freedom and was already living his dream life when he decided to start NV Real Estate Academy, and in just a few years it’s attracted attendees from all over the world.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://www.facebook.com/Nick-Vertucci-Companies-127612227262138/

Midtown NYC to Get New Building

In an effort to keep Manhattan’s Midtown district a center of business, zoning rules have been modified to allow taller skyscrapers to be built. The rezoning policies, which were approved in August of 2017, were put in place to spur private development while also securing more funds for public infrastructure improvements.

One of the first new buildings that will be put up is a new JPMorgan Chase headquarters.

The company headquarters is situated on Park Avenue, between 47th and 48th Streets. It’s already a significant structure at 52 stories high. However, it was built in 1961 and is showing its age. It was originally intended to be sufficient for 3,500 employees. There are currently about 6,000 employees fighting for limited space. The building has undergone several renovations, but Chase executives felt that a complete rebuild would be necessary.

The new tower will have 70 stories, which translates to approximately 500 additional feet of height. It also gives the company one million more square feet of usable office space. That will give them the ability to house 15,000 workers.

In order to create this new center of banking and finance, the existing building will have to be demolished. That project is set to commence in the early part of 2019. Construction will then be underway, and that’s expected to take about five years. Starting from the ground up means that Chase will be able to easily incorporate modern and efficient features.

This may be just the start of a redevelopment of the densely populated neighborhood. City officials hope that everyone in the area will benefit from the economic boost associated with Chase’s expansion.

Lime Crime Strikes A Nostalgic Cord With Polly Pocket Inspired Palettes

As with all things, nostalgia can be a two-edge sword. Looking back on things through the prism of today, the reality that some things just don’t hold up is apparent. Of course, the opposite is true of some things as well. When you realize how well some things hold up, the realization that they were clearly ahead of their time becomes evident. Polly Pockets, with its vibrant pastel cases and stylish doll outfits, was a stand out toy brand in years past.

They made quite an impression on some of the folks over at Lime Crime. The beauty brand has come forward with a line of products that showcase the stylings and influences of Polly Pockets toys. It is the hope of Lime Crime that their Polly Pocket inspired products make as big of a splash as the toy line did in its heyday.

Lime Crime has applied the colorful influence of Polly Pockets toy cases to its own Pocket Candy Palettes line of eyeshadow. There are presently three differently themed Pocket Candy Palettes for sale. These themes include Pink Lemonade, Sugar Plum, and Blue Bubblegum. Each one comes in a case reminiscent of the cases that Polly Pocket toys came in. Also, like the Polly Pocket toy cases, the Pocket Candy Palettes can actually be tucked away in a pocket.

Within each themed palette are five shades of eyeshadow that compliment the color and tone of that particular theme. Pocket Candy Palettes are currently priced at $34 per palette or $90 for the set of three.

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