Tolling plans announced for new Louisville bridges

Louisville commuters will face their first experience of tolls in decades starting Dec. 30, the body that oversees the new Ohio River bridges announced on Tuesday.


RiverLink, a joint authority set up by the state governments of Kentucky and Indiana, had been waiting for system testing to wrap up before formally announcing the start of tolling. “While system preparations are continuing, we’ve cleared the necessary hurdles to set a start date for tolling,” Indiana transportation official Clint Murphy told WHAS.


The long-delayed Ohio River Bridges Project, which was finally started in 2011, involved the construction of two new bridges across the river. Two new bridges, the Abraham Lincoln Bridge – located downtown next to the existing John F. Kennedy Bridge – and the East End Crossing in eastern Jefferson County, were constructed during as part of the project.


In order to finance the project, Indiana and Kentucky officials agreed to impose tolls on the Lincoln Bridge, the Kennedy Bridge and the East End Crossing – which is set to open on Dec. 18. The tolls will be collected by a mix of transponders and license plate monitoring.


More than 100,000 residents of Louisville and southern Indiana have already requested transponders, which will be scanned when a commuter crosses the bridge and then billed later. For a commuter with a transponder, tolls start at $2 for cars, trucks, and small vans for a one-way trip across the bridge.


Without a transponder, tolls will be billed via license plate records and can get steep quickly: an unregistered license plate on a large truck will be told at $15 a trip.


Coach Fisher Is Fired By Los Angeles Rams

Rams fans were absolutely stunned this Monday when the news came out that Jeff Fisher had been terminated by the LA Rams Organization. Fisher had been head coach of the team many years. Not long ago, he signed a two-year extension to his contract. His termination occurred just a few months into it. The interim head coach will be Jim Fassel who currently serves as special teams coordinator.


Kevin Demoff, executive vice president of football operations, commented that the firing was due to performance problems. He felt that the best way for the team to move forward is to focus on finishing the season with hope. The Rams organization is in a state of failure that it hopes to get out of by replacing its coach. It recognizes the need to make improvements across the board. The firing was largely prompted by the Rams losing eight of their last nine games. It was the straw that broke the horse’s back against head coach Fisher.


It may be that Les Snead the team’s general manager will be sacked in the near future too. Fisher had been with the Rams since 2012. His overall record with the team was 31 wins vs 45 losses. Under his leadership, the team did not manage to make any playoff appearances. Fisher was also criticized for selecting Jared Goff as his number one draft pick this year. The Rams organization felt that it had no choice but to terminate Fisher. You can read more about the difficult decision it had to make here.


Kanye West Visits Donald Trump In New York

The social media celebrity and rapper Kanye West entered Trump Tower on Tuesday. Reporters from many news outlets were there to observe the event in New York City. Their cameras captured him entering the lobby around 9:15. For this occasion, he went without the majority of his entourage. Notably absent was Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife. It has been said that the two are having marriage difficulty after she was robbed in Paris, and he suffered a nervous breakdown while on stage at one of his concerts.


Kanye headed upstairs to speak with Trump in private. After their time alone together, they emerged downstairs together around 9:55. Trump told reporters that he and Kanye were now buddies, and he felt that Kanye is a good man. He pointed at Kanye while doing so. They had a vibrant discussion about life and each other’s affairs.


The reporters then turned their attention to Kanye West and asked them a few questions. He stood with a big smile on his face though he kept his arms folded in an unopen posture. Kanye commented that he wished he could freeze this moment in time by taking a picture of it. From there, the two men parted ways. Trump told Kanye to take care of himself and to visit again soon.


Kanye failed to vote in the recent election, but he claims to have been a Trump supporter. He was hospitalized for more than a week not long ago due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion. You may read more about Kanye’s meeting with President-Elect Trump here.


Hollywood Streets Close Due To ‘Rogue One’ Premiere

Parts of Hollywood Boulevard were shut down before the release of the movie “Rouge One:A Star Wars Story.” It is expected that as the week goes on even more streets will be closed.


Red carpets are currently being laid out as props are being constructed for the major event. A life-size replica of a Star Wars universe X-Wing Starfighter will be a prop for the occasion. The movie will premiere on Saturday evening. It is expected to be one of the largest box office openings of all time at $130 million. This is the first movie in the Rogue One franchise which is expected to have many follow up movies.


The story fits into the Star Wars timeline before “Star Wars:Episode IV,” in which Luke Skywalker meets Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke discovers he has the potential to become a jedi who can wield the mysterious power known as the force. It follows the journey of a handful of rebels who are fighting against The Empire led by Darth Vader.


The streets closing include Ivar Avenue, Vine Street and Argyle Avenue. All streets will remain closed through Tuesday after the event.


Vehicle traffic will not be permitted on Vine Street between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard until midnight on Saturday. Other parts of Vine Street further away from the movie premiere will remain open. Those who commute by walking will be able to traverse all streets closed to cars except on Friday. To get more information on the event and which streets are closed check here.


Chicago Braces for Cold Weather

While residents of Chicago Illinois and other cities in the Midwest are used to cold and snowy winters, a recent news article ( points out that the winter season may be starting earlier than normal.


This past weekend, residents of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs spend much of their Saturday and Sunday digging out from a two day winter storm. The early snow storm ended up dropping over 9 inches of snow in some areas of the city. As would be expected, this led to significant traffic issues for many and lead to the cancellation of hundreds of flights into and out of the Chicago airports.


While the snowstorm was considered early for many people in the area, those who live in the city know to never expect anything less from the weather. The city is now bracing for the second phase of the early winter storm which will arrive later this week. A new polar vortex is expected to sweep across the United States all week. The storm should end up getting Chicago at some point on Thursday. The city is expecting that temperatures could have highs of 5° or less. This low temperature will likely only last for a couple of days, but could lead to cancellation of school and further flight and travel delays.The temperature should then begin to write back towards normal December weather by the end of the following week.


Jeffry Schneider Holds His Own With Investments

Investing is one of the easiest and most popular ways to make money. As a matter of fact, people who take the time to invest as well as work are those who are going to achieve financial independence. However, one of the best ways to succeed is by thinking outside the box. Therefore, it is important for people to look for something that is going to work for them. For one thing, everyone is different. Fortunately, there are companies that focus more on alternative strategies and sources for investments. Ascendant Capital is one of those boutique alternative investment companies. Jeffry Schneider is the Principal Executive of the company.

Among the things that Jeffry Schneider works on with his investment firm is bringing forth some very unique investment strategies that are very effective for the company. As a result, people will actually be able maximize their profits. Their strategies at Ascendant Capital are very effective. They know how to make sure that they are getting a ton of profits. At the same time, they also know when to let go of a losing investment. These are some of the most important strategies in order to win the investment game.

One of the aspects to an investor’s success is his commitment. If the investor is very committed, then he is more likely to succeed. Meanwhile, an investor who is just very casual about his approach is likely to achieve limited success at best. Jeffry Schneider’s company shows a lot of commitment to their approach to investing. As a result, they have found the success that they need in order to move it to other goals. Ascendant Capital is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to money management.

One of the objectives of Ascendant is to influence and even change the way people view alternatives to investments. For one thing, a lot of people are going to find success beyond their dreams if they take the time to keep an eye open for better opportunities. While it is good to commit to one strategy and source of making money, there are other strategies that could turn out to be better for the individual.

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Trump Nominates Exxon Mobil CEO as Secretary of State

President Elect Donald Trump has made plenty of headlines in the weeks following his underdog victory to become the next President of the United States. At 6:43am this morning, Trump announced via Twitter that he will be nominating Rex Tillerson, Exxon Mobil CEO as his Secretary of State.


As one of the world’s largest companies, Tillerson has led Exxon Mobil as chairman and CEO since 2006. Along the way, he has become “friends” with Vladimir Putin, being awarded the “Russian Order of Friendship” by Putin in 2013. He has also nudged elbows with some of the highest ranking leaders in the world throughout the Middle East and North Africa.


Despite beginning his career nearly 40 years ago as a simple engineer within Exxon, Tillerson has rose through the ranks throughout his career. Trump tweeted that Tillerson was “one of the great business leaders of the world”.


The nomination has already come under heavy scrutiny as you can imagine. Democrats have not only clung to his lack of experience, but also his numerous conflicts of interests as Exxon has numerous oil refineries throughout the Middle East and Russia.


Other candidates for Secretary of State, the nation’s fourth highest political office, included former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and General David Petraeus.


Tillerson still has a long way to go, but if he can successfully manage to make it through Congressional scrutiny, he will assume office once Donald Trump is sworn in on January 20, 2017.


USHEALTH’s Troy McQuagge Is Announced As The CEO Of The Year

Troy McQuagge was named as the Gold Winner in the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards for the year 2016. Troy won the CEO of the Year Award. The awards incorporated all industries. Companies from any country around the world are eligible to participate. These firms can be public/private, profit/non-profit, large/small, and start-ups. McQuagge is USHEALTH Company’s chief executive officer.

The executive leader has been at the helm of USHEALTH for the last seven years. Since joining the firm in 2010, he has been involved in various activities aimed at turning the company around. Troy has been rebuilding USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s captive distribution agency.

The award is proof that his efforts at the firm have been critical in transforming its operations and service offing. Over the years, USHEALTH has been able to grow and improve its profitability margins. This growth has seen the company growing its share of the individual health insurance market, a very competitive industry. In 2014, the efforts of McQuagge also saw the USHEALTH Group appointing him the president and CEO of the company.

Speaking after receiving the award, the USHEALTH Advisors CEO said he was honored to receive the prize, and that it was a sign of recognition by both peers and the industry. For McQaugge, the award belongs to every staff and leaders at the insurance company who has been involved in transforming the company. He further noted that the firm would not be slowing down in its commitment to improving itself and providing its clients with affordable healthcare solutions. He is pleased with the company’s ability to satisfy its customers’ needs with its innovative packages.

USHEALTH Group is a Texas-based insurance holding company. This corporation provides its health coverage services to small business owners and self-employed individuals. In addition to its innovative packages, the company provides high-quality customer services. Over the last decades, focus has shifted on addressing consumer demands. The company markets its services through its employees and a network of agents.

One Planet Awards was founded to reward business and professional excellence. The award transcends all geographical divisions and is based strictly on the performance of a company or an individual in its field. The awards are available in sections such as new products and services, teams, executives, marketing, public relations, and corporate communications.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is an experienced Insurance and Sales professional. He has been in the industry for over 30 years. The executive has worked in some of the most competitive environments. His love for coming up with viable solutions to different challenges have seen him manage start-ups, turnarounds, and high-growth companies.

Between 1996 and 2008, Troy worked for HealthMarket as the president of Agency Marketing Group (AMG). In addition, he was the recipient of the 2016 Gold Award-Most Innovative CEO of the Year. McQuagge is also associated with various charity organizations such as Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids Dallas, and Crisis Nursery Phoenix.

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The Halpern Family Business

Jason Halpern is head of JMH Development. Halpern has been at the top of the ladder since taking over in 2010. Halpern, along with all of the employees of his company oversee the renovation of sale of properties in major markets all over the United States. Halpern is from a long line of real estate developers, third generation to be exact.


The family business began in New York City, where the Halperns built dozens of residential buildings in the area, eventually branching off for commercial locations. Jason has taken the knowledge passed on from his father and other relatives and has taken their dream and turned it into a reality. He has taken his name and made it one of the heavy hitters in the United States real estate development market. A family business that once only operated in New York City, which in itself is a great accomplishment, has now widened its reaches to places like Miami Beach, Florida.

jason halpern
jason halpern

The most recent of these out-of-state developments is a project in conjunction with Madden Real Estate Ventures and includes the remodeling of a historic motel and a brand new eight story tower. The new hotel will be known as Aloft South Beach. The building will include an outdoor pool and a 24-hour fitness center. I’m sure Miami Beach will welcome the new addition considering the success of one of JMH’s previous renovations in Brooklyn, which added 340 luxury homes on Kent Avenue.


When he is not insuring that citizens of his own country have appropriate places to live he is donating water to those less fortunate. In 2015, during the construction of a Miami residential area, he donated 20,000 dollars from every contract to a water provision charity. The water was provided to nearly 700 Nepalese and Ethiopian. Halpern is also involved in a local New York hospital.


JMH prides itself from insuring that the community comes first when they develop new buildings. It is no doubt this is due to the leadership and the expertise of Jason Halpern, and it would be rude to not mention the knowledge of housing development that was passed on to him by his families members before him.


Your next Uber ride could be in a self-driving car

Take a ride through the streets of San Francisco today, and you may encounter something surprising – Uber’s new self-driving cars navigating through traffic. Uber, the popular low-cost car service app, has debuted a small fleet of self-driving cars that are causing controversy with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Officials are concerned about the safety of self-driving car technology, which has been developed over the past decade by major tech companies including Google and Tesla. According to a statement released by the DMV, Uber failed to obtain the permits needed to test self-driving cars on city streets. The company obliquely criticized the state DMV by claiming the regulations regarding permits were slowing innovation. The company’s point of contention is that a driver and an engineer are present in the front seat of the car at all times and are monitoring the vehicle, and can manually operate it if the car encounters a situation that requires human intervention. Uber contends that since their cars are not “driverless,” the company should be exempted from the California restrictions on testing self-driving cars. The San Francisco Uber blog states, “…the rules apply to cars that can drive without someone controlling or monitoring them. For us, it’s still early days and our cars are not yet ready to drive without a person monitoring them.” After a successful test of self-driving Uber vehicles in Pittsburgh, Uber hopes to advance this new technology in San Francisco and beyond.


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