Jason Hope Contribution in Fighting Ageing

In this recent world, there has been a slight incline of health complications and diseases facing people around the world. They range from slight conditions to more dangerous diseases that have a severe effect on the community. However, what a number of organizations and individuals have failed to realize is one medical condition which affects each individual in the world. The condition does not choose ones financial status, health level or their geographic area. And that condition which is unlivable is ageing. Ageing is a normal process which occurs to everybody regardless of how of health they could have been in their daily lives. With ageing, we tend to lose the skills to do normal things that we did when young.

Mr. Jason Hope is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who have incorporated a diverse approach to ageing. He aims at helping people to live a bit longer by decelerating down or by retrogressing the aged process. He donated his own money so as to help in groundbreaking establishments in a mission to transform the healthcare organizations in a way that the can fight and ensure treatment of all people in the world.

Mr. Hope has been able to support for some years an organization that deals with the charity called SENS Foundation. It was founded in March 2009. It devotes in research plans which are designed to fighting and learning a bit more on ageing. They also change the public view of ageing so as to turn their opinions towards the ability for a revolutionary modification. His first funding was in December 2010, where he donated $500,000.SENS as a charitable organization aims in helping the community to be able to gain technology access that counteracts ageing and preventing ageing illnesses.Mr.Jason Hope was able to announce his first contribution at a San Francisco’s palace that houses Fine Arts on an event known as a Breakthrough Philanthropy.

Mr. Hope, after giving out his half a million dollars, was able to speak about the foundation and commended them for their great work. He recognized its plan on fighting some diseases like diabetes and the Alzheimer’s. Mr. Jason Hope predicted the ability of SENS foundation to bringing down marvelous changes in the medic industry, which will lead to a complete redefined healthcare, pharmaceutical and the biotech businesses. He also was able to disclose a wish to advance the SENS work to an extent that will befit the complete humanity.Mr.Jason Hope also appreciated the fact that SENS Foundation was not just focused on the treatment of individuals diseases but also identification and repairmen of damage that ageing can bring in diseases and some issues that leads to death.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

When You’ve Got To Go

An eye raising story comes from the town of Kenilworth, New Jersey. The coaches and staff of Homdel High School had been plagued with regular sightings of human feces around the football field. Employees of the school district immediately began investigating after witnesses reported the issue.

Human poop in public is a point of concern for safety and sanitation. Had I been in that position, I would’ve had no idea what to expect. Even reading the news story, my imagination went wild with the possibilities of who could be behind the incident. The culprit turned out to be the last person most of us would ever suspect to be responsible for such vile behavior.

In a surprising turn of events, the superintendent of the Kenilworth school district was arrested early on a Monday morning while going on a run around the Holmdel High track. All parties involved took every course of action to deal with such gross misconduct. The superintendent has been relieved of his duties with pay, pending an indictment. The school official is facing several charges having to do with littering, lewdness, and defecating in public.

I can understand the urgency of a bowel movement right in the middle of a workout. However, witnesses reported regularly finding feces on the school’s property, which means this had become a routine for the public officer. If the superintendent was so consistently regular and – according to news reports – lived just a few miles away, I would expect him to be able to come up with a more sophisticated plan for his morning dumps. If you’ve ever heard the term “don’t crap where you eat”, well, this man should never have gone where he works.

Amazon Threatens Expansion Pause Over Proposed Tax Bill

Not so fast, says Amazon. The online shopping giant announced Wednesday that is pushing the pause button on plans to build a skyscraper in downtown Seattle to house more employees. The pause in construction is being seen as a protest against the city of Seattle and its proposed tax to fund homeless programs. The proposed bill would tax large employers in Seattle in an effort to raise money to combat the growing homeless population problem.

Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener said that the company might decide to sub-lease existing space for its expansion rather than continue the plans for the new skyscraper. The new building had plans to house approximately 7,000 workers in its Rainier Square location.

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant sees this as a political move by Amazon, accusing the company of “blackmail” to get out of paying the tax. Meanwhile, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is continuing to work to mediate the situation and find a common ground solution that would appease all involved. Proponents of the tax measure state that it is necessary in order to help control one of the country’s worst homeless problems.

Boasting a $1.6 billion profit last quarter, Amazon is believed to be in a unique position to help the community. As the target of social justice ire for its lack of assistance, Amazon’s jab is seen by many as being hostile and not conducive to the goals of the city. City economic officials are worried that the possible pullback by Amazon is a sign of the time to come, as it is no secret that the company is actively expanding its offices elsewhere around the nation including a well-publicized search for a second headquarters location.

New Chicago mayor probably won’t get the cemetery vote

Chicago politics are not known for being clear and straightforward. Many people even joke that it is the only city in the United States of America that expects the voting rights of the dead. No one expects the dead to vote in the city’s upcoming mayoral election. Current Mayor Rahm Emanuel may need the help that former President Kennedy supposedly received. Seven candidates challenge him in the upcoming election. The final election is over six months away, and the primaries have not yet been held, but the city faces contentious issues.

Many people expect that the city will maintain a Democratic mayor regardless of who wins. Unlike the rest of the state, whose politics are more in line with other areas of the Midwest, the city remains a staunch Democratic Party stronghold. The city remains plagued with drugs, crime, and gun violence. It faces another shadow with a president who seems hostile to the city. President Trump has threatened sending National Guard troops in the city to end the city’s notorious gun violence on at least one occasion.

While crime is a major concern for all of Chicago’s mayoral candidates regardless of party, it is not the only issue. Any mayor who wins the race faces the task of improving the city’s public education system and finding some way to balance the budget. Many city governments of any size around the country face or have faced similar budget woes, but the Windy city faces a multi-hundred million dollar budget deficit. The city’s debt may lead to a lapse or reduction in public services available to the citizens.

Rahm, a former member of President Obama’s administration remains the front runner. The city’s politics are quick to change. One disaster may cause the people to shift against Emanuel and elect a relative newcomer.

Los Angeles To Spend $20 Million On Temporary Housing For Homeless

Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles has initiated a $20 million campaign to extend the city’s provision of shelter to the homeless with an announcement that plans are in action to utilize a parking lot owned by the city in Korea-town to help remedy the problem.

The plan is in its initial stages and details regarding cost and capacity are not yet available but Mayor Garcetti says that he is hoping to see the project provide shelter for at least 65 individuals.

The announcement of the proposed plan took on a pep rally-like atmosphere and included Herb Wesson, the president of the City Council along with dozens of members representing the Korean-American, African-American, and Bangladeshi communities. There were also members of the local clergy and city business leaders present to applaud the efforts on the part of the mayor.

Mayor Garcetti, as well as city council president Wesson, have made it clear that the $20 million pledge is in no way intended to replace or take away from a larger initiative in which more than $1 billion has been pledged for the permanent construction of housing for the homeless. Instead, the shelters to be built are seen as a temporary solution until permanent housing can be constructed.

Garcetti, while speaking at a press conference, says that the homeless residents of Los Angeles do not have years to wait for more long-term housing solutions to be constructed and that the temporary shelters are needed immediately.

Larry Gross, who works with a group calling itself the Coalition For Economic Survival, applauds the use of land owned by the city to provide shelter for the homeless to instead of making use of rent vouchers because he says this approach preserves rent-controlled apartments for the benefit of the working poor.

The mayor also announced that other possible locations for homeless shelters may be a vacant lot located next to the YMCA in Hollywood and an empty space alongside a diner just outside of Chinatown. The first shelter that is part of the city’s initiative will house 45 people and is set to open in downtown Los Angeles in mid-summer.

Indianapolis prepares to receive visiting dignitaries

The Circle City in the center of the Hoosier state, also known as Indianapolis gears up for the Indy 500 every May. While preparations for the race continue, the city geared up to receive visitors of a different kind early in May. 30 ambassadors from across four continents are expected to visit this city, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The ambassadors came to the city under the Experience America initiative. The second president Bush started the program in the hopes that it would boost investment and trade. The relatively new program has many ambassadors and diplomats come to cities across the United States as their guest.

The foreign dignitaries will not stay in town long enough to experience the Indy 500, although they may get to experience the thrills of the Indianopolis Gran Prix, which is also held at Motor City Speedway. Two days before the Gran Prix race occurs, each dignitary will be honored in front of a panel of business leaders on May 8. The Indy Chamber of Commerce plans to host the event and hopes that the business men will use the opportunity to increase diversity in their own businesses as well as learn from the cultural exchange opportunity. Dignitaries and business officials will get a chance to tour two major industrial facilities in Indianapolis. The plans include tours of the Cummins and Eli Lily manufacturing facilities.

The rest of Indianapolis will go about its business, likely not noting anything is happening. Many people in town are getting ready for the excitement offered by the Indy 500. Despite the name, the Indy 500 does not actually take place within the city borders. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is actually located in the nearby town of Speedway. However, the wise person who does not plan on seeing either race will leave the city on May 9.

Jorge Moll’s Innovative Research Shows Great Promise


Dr. Jorge Moll earned his medical degree in Neuroscience at the Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University, the same school where he likewise finished his medical residency. Dr. Moll completed his Experimental Pathophysiology Ph. D.


A true man of medicine, Jorge Moll has always been inclined to help ailing individuals whose lives are affected by their sickness. Presently, he is D’Or Institute of Research and Education’s (IDOR) member of the board and president. He is likewise the Director of Unit for Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, and the Workgroup for Neuroinformatics – a well-known imaging and diagnostics laboratory.


In relation to the research and studies made by Dr. Moll and his associates at IDOR, the utilization of newly combined brain scans and conventional biofeedback methods discloses that they assist individuals in improving their viewpoints on empathy and love.


The scientist expects to refine their methods to assist in the treatment of individuals who have psychological issues like postpartum depression and hopes that it would be able to relieve the wide effects of the aforementioned ailment on people. And they claim that their study is the very first to chart the intricate emotions related to empathy within the brain.


According to Dr. Jorge Moll, they were quite fascinated in the emotions that propel individuals to perform altruistic deeds like try to be better individuals or correct the errors made. He added that other groups who are doing a similar research are only looking at a single part of the brain only to study relevant emotions. However, for complicated emotions like empathy, it is essential to chart numerous parts of the brain simultaneously.


Dr. Moll revealed that it took them some time to program the computer to identify brain patterns linked with the overall emotional state of tenderness. The process they administered was to get volunteers into a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner for the brain that would quantify the brain’s real-time activity, and request them to have thoughts about tender occasions.


Jorge Moll said that they tried the procedure in varying states of emotions that they asked their subjects to feel, since the team at IDOR wanted to gauge particular brain patterns to be able to plot specific emotions from being tender to being emphatic.

US Money Reserve Keeps Offering the Best

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was coronated back in 1953. This came after a long period of economic struggle following the war. 6 decades later, the historic day was honored by a partnership between Perth Mint of Australia and The U.S. Money Reserve. The latter has been the exclusive distributor of Perth Mint’s precious metals products in the U.S.

Perth Mint created three coins as part of the Proof Coin Set of 2018. A ¼ oz. gold coin, a 2 oz. gold coin and a 1 oz. silver coin form the set. The partnership gave US money Reserve absolute rights to distribute the 2 oz. gold coin.

Of the 250 coins that were minted, US money Reserve received 203 coins illustrating the importance of the rights. They earned these rights due to the high standards they have set in the precious metals industry in America. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve and https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-releases-us-exclusive-perth-mint-65th-anniversary-coronation-set-300638482.html

This wasn’t the first time that US Money Reserve was honoring the British monarch. They have previously sold out the 2 oz. Platinum Coin and the 2016 Proof Coin Set in 2017 and 2016 respectively.

US Reserve’s chief executive pointed out exclusivity, low-mintage status and historical significance as the elements which characterize a successful coin release. All of these components were part of the unveiled coin set.

Official flowers of the Australian states form part of the coin’s design that also has Australia’s floral emblem. A top of the symbolic shield on the coronation coins is the St. Edward’s crown. Perth Mint’s ‘P” mark is inscribed on the coin alongside the year-dates 2018 and 1953.

Each set comes along with a certificate of authenticity. The Professional Coin Grading Service designated a “First Strike” label on all of them. The near flawless proof 69 and the museum-quality proof 70 grades were used to certify the coins. These are the best grades available.

US Reserve has gained popularity among its clients over the years with the high level service that they consistently offer. Their dedicated team of professionals has helped close to 400,000 individuals decide on the best silver, platinum and gold products.

The objectives and goals of individual clients are put in mind when a suitable option is sought. Most of these clients have gotten good results from their investments.

Their social media presence is remarkable as they use these platforms to inform their customers about new investment opportunities in the precious metals industry.

They also take time to engage and respond to any inquiries that they may have regarding precious metals. It is no wonder that they pride themselves as America’s Gold Authority. Their services are exceptional.

Raleigh Cat Gets Second Chance At Life

A cat in Raleigh, North Carolina managed to find a loving home and got a second chance at life in a remarkable story. Toby was a stray cat that was adopted by a family that lived in the Raleigh area. The family already had other cats, but still decided to take in the stray.

Unfortunately, Toby, the cat did get along with the other cats that the family already had. The conflicts between Toby and the other cats led to his original adopters giving him away to another family in Raleigh that lived about 12 miles away. Toby returned to his original adopter’s home, however.

With the cat continually returning home, the original people who brought Toby in decided to give him to an animal shelter instead. While they brought him to an animal shelter, they asked the shelter staff to euthanize him. If you are not familiar with what euthanize means it is to put down or kill.

The shelter staff at the Wake County SPCA took the cat in, but they decided not to euthanize him. They kept him and instead offered him up for adoption. His story was also shared, and it got local and then national news. Eventually, Toby got adopted, rather quickly by another family also living in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Toby did get neutered, and that did mellow him out. He became less aggressive after undergoing the neutering. The new family he is with does have other cats, but Toby does not have any problems with his fellow cats at the new family’s house.

This story is inspiring and is a credit to the wonderful staff at the Wake County SPCA animal shelter in Raleigh. Toby, the cat, has now become famous and is symbolic of animals and even people giving and getting a second chance at life. You can find photos of Toby and updates on his very own Instagram account.

San Francisco Planting Trees to Fight Carbon Emissions

The city of San Francisco is a city that is at the forefront of the efforts to combat carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change. Since 1990, the city has been able to cut its carbon emissions by 29 percent. It has been able to do this even though the population of the city has risen by over 20 percent.

The city was able to cut carbon emissions in several ways. The city instituted strict energy efficiency requirements for all new construction projects. Renewable energy sources were also put into operation for the city’s energy usage.

While the efforts of San Francisco have been successful, the city’s mayor, Mike Farrell, has announced that he wants San Francisco to become carbon neutral by 2050. In order to do that, new actions must be taken.

The first action that the city will undertake is to plant 2,000 new trees in the city during the next two year period. This effort will cost around $4 million. These trees will help to absorb carbon along with the 125,000 trees that the city already maintains. The trees will be planted in areas that do not currently have an abundant tree cover.

In addition to the tree planting initiative, the city will work to bring down carbon emissions by promoting the use of electric vehicles. Electric-powered vehicles will be phased into the city’s public transportation system.

The city will also work with those entities that supply power to the city. More renewable forms of energy will be used such as wind and solar power.

With all of these efforts combined, San Francisco believes that it will meet its goal of becoming carbon neutral. Over 40 other cities around the world have pledged to become carbon neutral over the coming years.

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