Susan McGalla, ‘The Woman of Steel’

Originating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Susan McGalla is an ambitious business woman who has defied all odds to rise to the top most positions in the business world. The 53-year-old woman was born and bred in Ohio where she schooled in Mount Union College.

The wife to Stephen McGalla kicked off her career in the year 1986 at Joseph Horne Company where she served in marketing and held managerial positions till 1994. Thereafter, Susan moved to American Eagle Outfitters where she started off as a divisional merchandise. Her diligence and unwavering commitment to her work saw her rise through the scales of management to the position of the Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) and the President of the company. During her term as the president of the company she oversaw and spearheaded the launch of American Eagle Outfitters Aerie and 77 kids’ brands.

In January 2009, the renowned businesswoman made her way out of American Eagle Inc. to work for the financial and retail investment industries as a private consultant. In October 2009, she became a board member of the HFF Inc. and was employed by Wet Seal Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer. She currently serves at Pittsburgh Steelers as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. She also founded a consultancy firm known as P3 Executive Consulting, a company she is widely known for.

Susan well acknowledges the challenges of being a woman, a mother, and a leader but she has never at any point let that hinder her from achieving her goals. She juggles in between these responsibilities and encourages other women that it is actually possible to do all these. She strongly believes that gender is a ‘non-issue’ when it comes to professionalism and delivering the expected results in their working place. She helps people, especially women, manage their talents and achieve their dreams in life regardless of the situations around them.

Susan McGalla has generally made a good name for herself and is a respected individual especially when it comes to fashion branding, a skill that she used to take American Eagle to the next level of doing business. She is a woman with great charisma and uses her knowledge and experience to encourage and lift up other women in the society. Many view her as a role model and a mentor, a role that she has taken on with great humility and pleasure. Doesn’t the society need more of such people!

Jeremy Goldstein – Benefits To The “Knockout” Method

Many corporations have decided to stop providing stock options for their employees. Some made this decision to save money and conform to the changes that were happening with the market, however, the reasons may be more complex than most people think.

There are several problems that have been presented to employers which have caused them to make the decision to stop providing these options.

The first issue at hand is that the stocks may have the tendency to drop significantly, which makes it impossible for employees to utilize their options.

Many employees have become very cautious of the stock market and the recent structure in the economic downturn, which makes many companies re-evaluate their need for enabling stocks. Many others may shy away from the overall cost and the burdens that come with the financial instability.

There are always advantages to any situation, and there are actually advantages to following the ups and downs of the stock market. Most employees have a good understanding of the stock market and its options, which makes positive reinforcement for many looking to maintain their market value.

According to Crunchbase, Jeremy Goldstein, a trusted attorney in the area, suggests that one of the best solutions to enhance such a barrier in the market is to offer “knockout” solutions.

What this means is that the stocks have the same time limits and investment requirements that allow employees the option to fully invest with certain time limits in mind.

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, which is a law firm dedicated to providing legal advice to CEOs, management teams and many corporations in executive positions.

Mr. Goldstein was previously a partner at large New York law firm prior to opening his own law firm. He received his J.D. from New York University School of Law and also attended the University of Chicago where he obtained his bachelor’s degree.

Matthew Autterson And His Reputation For Serving Businesses Well

Matthew Autterson has worked in the custodial services industry for some time, and he has allowed many of his customers to make and save money properly. He has a reputation for helping companies grow, and this article shows how he has transitioned well from the business field to biotech. Someone of Matthew’s skill level is needed in growing industries, and that is where he works today.

#1: How Did He Start?

Matthew started in custodial services, and he worked his way to be the CEO of a company that became one of the finest in the industry. He was the CEO of Resources Trust Company for some time, and he built the company into one that could be sold for billions of dollars. The company was respected across the industry, and he moved on to the biotech industry that he was quite-interested in.

#2: CNS Bioscience

Matthew is now the chairman of CNS Bioscience, and he is aiding the people who started the company in their mission to make it grow. There are many people who work in biotech who need someone to help with he business side, and that is what Matthew is doing. He is ensuring that this company will be strong, and he knows that his efforts will make quite a difference in the field.

#3: Helping Others

Matthew serves on the board of directors of many companies, and he does this because he knows that he has a unique perspective on business. There are many companies int he science field that need his help, and he helps nonprofits where they require business services. He is the voice in the room that often has the most experience, and he is willing to speak up for the best business practices of the day.

#4: Matthew Is Respected For His Longevity

Many people who know Matthew from their time in the financial industry respect what he has been able to do over a long career. There are many people who cannot last as long as someone like Matthew, and he has shown that the business sense he has serves more than simply the companies he started with.

There are many people who will be impressed with Matthew Autterson, and they will find their way into he biotech industry with his help. He is developing with the economy, and he knows how to maximize his abilities and knowledge of business.

Austin, Texas was Voted America’s Best Place to Live

The Texas city of Austin was voted America’s number one place to live by U.S. News & World Report. The city of Austin had a great quality of life and it was also a great place that offered lots of employment opportunities and an affordable lifestyle.

The city provides great educational opportunities for children and the communities and neighborhoods are considered among the best in the nation. Austin’s job market is very strong. If it was not a solid market then this city would not have made it to this spot. This city is loaded with sales agents, custodians, food service managers, medical professionals, accountants, teachers and insurance workers. The point is that Austin’s job market is flexible enough to accommodate many types of job seekers.

Close to a million people live in this city so it is a fairly large city with lots to offer. It has a relatively low crime rate and the city has a laid back western atmosphere. Even though the city is laid back, it does have enough events, fairs, festivals and music concerts to keep people hyped up with fun and having a good time.

The median household income is $55,216 which is slightly lower than the U.S. average of $56,516. So, a family can support themselves within the city. The average cost of a home is about $215,000. Once again, homes are affordable and people can purchase them for a decent price. Other factors on this report included available medical care within the city, city services and entertainment. All of these factors helped to figure out Austin’s position as America’s most decent place to live in 2017.

Lead Worries Skyrocket In City of New Orleans

New Orleans has been a city beset by catastrophe for some time now and that seeming string of downright bad luck looks like its going to continue, only this time by design. A recent report from the city’s inspector general, General Ed Quatrevaux, numerous resident of New Orleans may have ingested a enormous amount of lead via their drinking water. The water seems to have been polluted via a failure of proper infrastructure maintenance which lead to disintegrating lead pipes that chipped and broke off into the general water supply.

The blame for the incident is currently being placed at the feet of the Sewerage and Water Board who, though fully aware of the failing and crumbling internal piping that ran the length of the entire city, utterly failed to bring the matter of importance to the attention of the general citizenry.

This information came to light due to a total $2 billion dollar infrastructure plan set to wholly transform New Orleans. The inspector general first uncovered the occurrence as part of his general oversight after being reminded of the 2015 Flint, Michigan water crisis. The people of New Orleans, other than just the Inspector General, have well taken note and spoken up in quite adamant terms against the potential crisis. For instance, Marc Edwards, civil engineering who lives and works within the city has publicly stated in a recent interview that, “We should not allow city governments to cut lead service pipes in front of people’s houses exposing them to a horrific levels of [lead] exposure. If it’s not criminal it should be.”

Chicago Public Schools Has New Unique Requirement

Getting a high school degree is a very important first step towards having professional success. While it is a big accomplishment for any student, the City of Chicago is taking a strange approach to ensuring that their graduates are still focused on taking another step forward after the graduate from high school (

Starting with the graduating class of 2020, students who are in the Chicago Public School system and meet all of the academic requirements needed to graduate will also need to now meet another requirement. This requirement will require all students to show that they have a plan set forth after graduation. This new plan is called the Learn, Plan, Succeed initiative that the city is hoping will help to ensure that a high school graduate is taking the next step to succeed in some field or fashion after graduating.

In order to end up getting their degree and diploma, a student will have to prove to a counselor that they have a plan established. Some of the most common options will include going to college, joining the military, or getting a job. Some other options will include showing that a student has a plan to travel or work for a charity. Regardless of what the plan is, it must be concrete and can be proven to a counselor.

One of the biggest concerns that people have over the plan is that they district does not have the staff necessary to vet all of these plans. To help with this, the district says they plan on hiring up to 8 new counselors that will work for schools across the city. While that may help a little bit, the district as a whole is considered grossly understaffed and could potentially use these human resources in other areas of education.

California: “Gay Conversion” Therapy has been banned

Ever since the year 2012, “gay conversion” therapy has been banned in the state of California. Mental health counselors such as psychologists and social workers are not allowed to perform any forms of therapy on minors in order to change their sexual orientations.

In early 2017, the U.S. Supreme court decided to leave the band intact after a Christian minister attacked it. The Christian minister, Donald Welch, is a licensed family therapist who serves as an overseer for counseling services at Skyline Wesleyan church. Skyline Wesleyan Church is an Evangelical Christian church in San Diego. There was another man who sued alongside Welch. This man is a Catholic psychiatrist who has gone through conversion therapy and wishes to perform it on as many people as he can. The plaintiffs claimed that right of freedom of speech and right of religion were being impeded upon. However, their pursuits have failed.

What exactly is “gay conversion” therapy? Gay conversion therapy consist of a number of methods used in pursuit to change a person’s sexual orientation. “Gay conversion” therapy includes dating skill therapy, hypnosis, counseling and seemingly more harsh methods such as techniques that produce electric shocks and pain at the sight of same sex images. However, in the 20th century, there were practices done that seem harsher by today’s general standards. For example, there were people who received lobotomies for being homosexual, which resulted in serious disabilities and complications. There were people who were institutionalized by their families on the grounds of being homosexual. For much of the 20th century, homosexuality was seen as a disorder, and not as a valid sexual preference. Despite the fact that we now live in a time where acceptance of homosexuality is more widespread and homosexual couples have the right to marry, there are still many opposing groups and individuals who believe that it is wrong and invalid.

Seattle, Washington has the Nation’s Second-Best Tech Market

Seattle, Washington is popular Pacific coast city that is located on the northwestern part of the country. This city is known for its grunge bands, sports teams, rainy weather, the Space Needle and technology market. That’s right. In case you did not know, Seattle now has the nation’s second-best technology market in the country.

Seattle’s move to the second-best technology market is no accident. Many tech companies and tech grads and employees have been relocating to Seattle for years. This city has recently overtaken Washington D.C. which is another major tech area. Many tech organizations and personnel have relocated to Seattle because of the projects that are taking place within this city and because of the talent. The city has a whopping 64% population that possesses a bachelor’s degree.

Many of people who possess this degree have some type of tech related certification. This is a huge amount of tech workers within the city. They are very educated and highly competent individuals that look to give Silicon Valley a run for its money.

While this might be true, Seattle still has a long way to go before it can replace the tech kingdom in San Francisco. Tech related jobs within the city also pay out close $60,000 a year. This is more than enough money for young professionals to live a comfortable life.

Companies such as Microsoft and Amazon are situated in and around Seattle. These two giants are more than responsible for pulling a lot of tech workers into the area. As more and more workers and businesses relocate here they are quickly helping the city to emerge as a powerhouse in the field of technology development. The complete story of Seattle’s rise to the nation’s second best tech city is available in GeekWire.

A Reunion of Charity in Branson Missouri

After 50 years apart nine siblings came together in the town of Branson Missouri for an unexpectedly C. They were previously unable to meet due to military service, and after spending the majority of their lives apart the brothers and sisters wanted to do something together despite the distance between them. Prior to the reunion, they decided to celebrate the life of their mother by participating in a group effort to lose weight and be more healthy. As the challenge progressed more and more of the family became involved, with kids and even grandkids joining in. Together they decided that for every pound they collectively lost, they would donate ten dollars to a charity that provided food for the needy.

When deciding on where to have their reunion they chose the town of Branson, where they found the Christian Action Ministries. In an interview with Representative Ann Marie Temple at she stated that the organization relies “on the generosity of friends locally and regionally” to sustain their efforts in providing food for the less fortunate in Taney County. After they contacted the ministry with their plan the Branson Tourism Center caught wind of their idea and decided to match 1000 dollars of their contribution. Having lost 250 pounds the family was able to raise 2850 for the food pantry, bringing the total donation to 3850 dollars.

Their generosity will help to feed over 500 people in the region. In an uncertain economy, slipping into poverty is easier than many like to believe. An accident or sudden health issues can leave families already strapped with debt unable to provide even the basic necessities. Through the years communities have proved that in times like these people will come together in support of those in need. By celebrating the life of their mother this family has proven the impact that everyday people can have on the lives of others.

New York City Helps Fast Food Workers to Receive Fair Treatment

New York City is the nation’s largest city and it is also a leading metropolitan area in terms of establishing progressive guidelines. One area that New York City has worked hard to change has to do with the minimum wage rate. Each state can set their own minimum wage rate as long as it doesn’t go below the federal requirement of $7.25.

In 2017, New York had become the first U.S. city to require fast food companies to schedule workers at least 2-weeks in advance and to pay them extra for any changes in the schedule in the event that they arise. This law also requires that fast food restaurants give their employees at least 11 hours off between shifts and that they offer part-time employees additional work before they allow other people to take an open position. While these changes will not take place until later in 2017; they certainly have altered the fast food industry and how they manage and pay their employees.

This piece of legislation is a major breakthrough in the struggle for minimum wage equality and rates. This has been an ongoing issue that has plagued the nation for years. People who work in fast food simply want to make more money to improve their quality of life.

The city of New York is sympathetic toward the plight of fast food workers. If not, the legislation would not be going into effect. In short, this legislation will help to keep people out of poverty and it will also help to ease the city’s funding of people on assistance.

The minimum wage rate in New York City is $13.50 an hour. However, this rate is not very high when you consider the cost of living for that city. However, the rate is competitive enough to help people to keep a basic roof over their heads. New York City is hopeful that this new law regarding restaurant fast food workers will help to make the system better for fast food workers within city limits. More information about these changes are available on Reuters.

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