Honeybee losses reach record levels

In July 2014 the first ray of sunshine in the fight to halt the loss of the important honeybee colonies in the US appeared with news that only 23 percent of bee populations had been lost in the previous year. The Washington Post reports the losses have once again reached record levels by July 2015 with news that an estimated 40 percent had been lost over the previous year. The reasons for the losses spiking in recent months have not been uncovered and the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder is thought to be largely to blame.

Experts in agriculture and the environment are warning that the pollination of crops and plants around the world are now at risk of not being completed as professional beekeepers attempt to meet the demand for their services. Gianfrancesco hopes this doesn’t become a huge issue. The problem many farmers and environmentalists have is that the losses recorded are not limited to wild colonies, but affect that managed by professional beekeepers. A small Asian mite is also being blamed for killing a large number of the bees, which combined with the loss of entire populations has led to the record losses reported for 2015.

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