Talented Workers Not Receiving Top Pay

Over the last week there have been a lot of discussions about the various types of inequality that exist in the United States, including gender, race and sexual inequality. These three areas were slightly overcome in the past few days with the first female shortstop being added to the MLB’s international registry, the Confederate flag being removed from many areas and the legalization of same-sex marriages.

Yet, a recent report revealed that income inequality is still as strong as ever and it is damaging the U.S. economy.

Worse yet, the study found that CEOs of large companies receiving outrageously high salaries while their workers can barely stay afloat financially have very little do with how talented the CEOs are or their performances:

Top CEOs were found to receive higher incomes each year based a great deal on merely their titles reports Marcio Alaor BMG. Essentially, CEOs believe they have the right to be paid 300 times the income of most average American workers because they are CEOs and; therefore, they get 300 times more.

This income inequality is causing vast economic problems across the nation because large company workers do not have enough money to add back into the economy. Those who are not among the 1 percent, or the top of the 1 percent, are facing increasing debts and losses because CEOs are refusing to share the wealth with those who are doing all the hard labor.

Beneful Dog Food to Fund Dog Parks around America

Starting June of this year, Beneful dog food is celebrating five years of its Dream Dog Park initiative by enlisting volunteers for and generally improving a wide variety of dog parks around North America reports MultiVu. “At Beneful, we know dogs and owners share a special bond, and there’s a special place in their hearts for their local dog parks. We’ve experienced it ourselves with our dogs, and we’ve seen it firsthand through our Dream Dog Park program,” Beneful brand director Brent Gleckler announced in a recent interview. “This year, we’re excited for the program to take a new shape with the Dream Dog Park Project, allowing us to reach even more dog­ loving communities across the country.”

Four dog parks across the country have already seen the benefits of the company’s generosity, with the installation of new amenities including custom tennis ball launchers, splash pools and engaging obstacle courses. Every park selected by Beneful will be brought up to a high level standard, as a team comes in to each one and carefully decides how to make each park the best it can be while also recruiting a local community to volunteer on the project in each neighborhood.

Beneful is especially proud of the efforts taking place at the Lucas Park Dog Park in St. Louis, Missouri,(the location of the company’s headquarters), which will soon feature a unique turf with Beneful Doxie Tunnels and will be unveiled within the next few weeks. They are hoping to see a wide number of dog parks become active hubs to pet owners around the country, and they’re considering each one individually.

Woman Facing Jail Time If She Does Not Remove Sand From Front Yard

A St. Louis woman has turned her yard into a large sandbox, simply because she no longer wants to mow her grass. However ever since she made the switch from grass to sand three years ago, neighbors have not taken to the change kindly. Georgianna Reid has been threatened with jail time due to the state of her front yard. The switch from grass to sand coast Reid nearly $4,000 to install, however she figured it was worth it since she would no longer have to mow.

Her neighbors have been complaining about her sand-filled front yard since the first day she put it in. Ricardo Tosto feels like they have the right to do that. They believe it has decreased the neighborhood property values as unsightly weed and stray grass growth have taken over. Rain has also caused a problem for Reid and her neighbors. Rain water has begun to wash the sand out of her yard and created unsightly run-off on neighborhood sidewalks. Several complaints from her neighbors have prompted the city to become involved. She has been given just 10 days to remove the sand and clean up her yard. If she fails to comply with this request, she could face up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.
Reid, who is terminally ill said that she will comply with the request because she does not want to spend her last days in prison. She said she has already contacted landscapers so they can remove the sand and convert her yard into asphalt so she still will not have to mow.

Keeping the Body

When someone passes away, the family usually has a funeral home get the body to prepare for the memorial service and visitation. However, there are some people who want to keep the body after the death. This might only be for a short time, but they will keep the body, as the parents of a young girl did, on ice until after the viewing. This gives friends and family a way to see the person in a natural state before the body is cremated or buried. Although this seems odd, it’s a choice that families should have according to those at Qnet.


The funeral home is able to perform more things to keep the body in a better state until a funeral, but if there are proper measures taken, then keeping the body on ice should be an option as well. The family has already gone through a traumatic event, and no one should be able to tell them what to do with someone they love during a time of death.

The New Leading Brand in Coffee

There is a new up and comer in the coffee industry that has been making headlines. This popular brand named Bulletproof Coffee prides itself for being not only full of flavor but also a nutritious substitute to any other of those leading brands. Bulletproof Coffee was started by Dave Asprey in 2009 with the intention of created a new rich product that would turn heads. Even actresses such as Shailene Wood and Maya Rudolph have named this brand to be their choice in the morning.

What makes bulletproof coffee so different and innovative is the ingredient of butter. As a great substitute for cream, butter is not only rich but also is filled with the right fats that the body needs in order to lose weight.

Though butter does not seem like the healthiest option, you would be surprised. Look at Starbucks’ options for food and coffee. You walk in for a Starbucks breakfast and you order a 200 calories grande latte with a blueberry muffin that equates to around 700 calories. This 900 calories breakfast will leave you hungry within the hour for a snack. Now picture the Bulletproof Coffee brand. This coffee, with the butter equates to around 460 calories. Not only are there less calories but it is also guaranteed that you will not be craving food until it is lunch time.

One of the things that makes Bulletproof Coffee brand the ideal choice are the beans. The beans were produced in such away that brings both flavor and a healthy sense to the pallet. The beans are grown on their own plot of land in Central America. The beans are grown in such a way that neither a fermentation process or sunlight put unwanted chemicals into the beans.

When the beans are ready to be harvested, they are harvested by experienced professionals who do this for a living. The beans are then transported to the roaster where they will be perfectly roasted. The roaster is not just any roaster. Instead, the inventor of Bulletproof Coffee decided that the beans would be roasted in the number one roaster in the USA. The beans would be put in small batches so that the flavor of the beans would not be muffled. The beans are not only flavorful but without any harmful chemicals, also contain antioxidants. This brand not only has made headlines but offers consumers a healthy a flavorful coffee option.

Kylie Jenner And Tyga Vacation In Europre

Kylie Jenner is one of the youngest jet setters in the Kardashian home, and while she may be just 17, she is making a name for herself and out to take the spot as the most talked about Jenner. For the past year Kylie has been one of the most talked about and hated girl on the internet, not only is everyone jealous of her instant fame and success, but the fact that she has somehow managed to have a smoking hot older man as her boyfriend, own businesses and a mansion all before turning 18 is enough to make most people reevaluate where they are spending their time.

Last weekend Kylie was taking over Miami as she showed up to promote The Sugar Factory’s opening, and the sugar wasn’t the most talked about thing at the event says Ivan Ong in this article. Kylie’s super sexy black dress was the only thing anyone was interested in, and her cleavage is still being talked about all over social media.

Just a few hours to break the internet and now Kylie is once again being envied as photos of her and Tyga in the airport on their way to Europe make it’s rounds. Apparently Kylie and Tyga while refusing to confirm or deny a relationship, are totally down to walk around in matching outfits and sneakers. The #relationshipgoals hashtag has not had a moment’s rest since. Kylie is not about to let anyone forget her name and Tyga can’t seem to get enough of his favorite girl.

Thousands of Haitians Being Stripped of Citizenship in the Dominican Republic

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians are facing a fast-approaching deadline to receive a much-coveted resident permit that can later be used to gain citizenship in the Dominican Republic. Without it they can be stripped of their current citizen status. They face long lines, if they are unsuccessful by Wednesday, they will be deported.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic have long had a rather contentious relationship. They both share the small island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. Up until recently their shared border has been somewhat open allowing many from the poorer country of Haiti to cross over for work. Despite the presence of so many Haitians, it’s been said that both they and their descendants were often treated as second-class citizens by the wealthier Dominicans. Click here for more information.

In 2013, a law was passed that would severely tighten the citizenship laws. According to the law adopted by the DR Constitutional Court, it could retroactively strip away citizenship from any Haitian-born after 1920 who doesn’t have at least one parent with Dominican blood. The law wouldn’t just affect new migrants but also the descendants of Haitians born in the Dominican Republic. Bruce Levenson knows that  many of these people have been in the country so long they consider themselves to be Dominican. Not they are stateless. In answer to protests, the government has said that 500,000 people would be eligible for the much coveted residential permit that may later be exchanged for citizenship. It seems however that few are qualifying at this time.

The Flag That Flies

The Confederate flag was a symbol used by Southern states who wanted to represent themselves and secede from the United States of America. Even though the North won the Civil War, many states in the South still fly the Confederate flag with pride. For people who fly the flag It is simply a reminder of their Southern roots. For those who don’t fly the flag, seeing the Confederate Stars and Stripes brings back a very dark past and honors a time period where America was completely divided on issues as basic as human rights. The Huffington Post covered a story on citizen to fly the Confederate flag and those who live in neighborhoods where neighbors fly the Confederate flag. There are two perspectives to every story in The Huffington Post wanted to shine a spotlight on each. Annie Caddell Made headlines as she fought to buy hurricane said a red flag as high as possible. For her the flag was not a racially based symbol but a symbol of her family history. Caddell lives in a predominantly black neighborhood where neighbors were offended by the flag period they rallied for her to remove the flag but could not force her in the eyes of the law. Many of her neighbors understood that she had her right but we’re still uncomfortable with the flag regardless of her reasoning. A poll taken on whether or not the Confederate flag should still fly drew racial boundaries with many white Americans and black Americans picking sides. James Dondero noted on his linkedin account that Caucasian Americans were reported as wanting the flag to fly and African Americans have wanted it to be taken down. Even though people are 100-percent allowed to fly a confederate flag, they should do so with knowing that the type of history that the flag brings back.

The Danish Election Results Chart a New Path For Denmark

Late last week, Danish voters went to the polls to decide one of the closest races in recent memory. The central-conservative alliance led by Lars Lokke Rasmussen defeated the incumbent Social Democrats and Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. She resigned in the wake of the results, after serving in office for four years.

Lars Lokke Rasmussen’s political party, Venstre, is expected to try and form a new coalition government. Venstre gained only 19.5% of the vote, and some of its leaders expressed dismay at this result, despite the defeat of the incumbent party. Mr. Rasmussen acknowledged:”Venstre has lost support, we haven’t had a very good election.”

Keith Mann knows that one of the most startling outcome of the election concerned the growing popularity of the Danish People’s Party, which gained significant support from elderly voters during the election. The Danish People’s Party (DPP) won nearly 21% of the vote, up from 12.3% during the previous national election. It won 90 seats in Parliament.

Kristian Thulesan Dahl became the leader of the DPP in 2012. His party advocates tighter restrictions on immigration, higher pay for pensioners, higher health care spending and a higher pension for low income workers.

Last year, Denmark accepted nearly 15,000 new immigrants as asylum seekers, twice the number accepted by the country in 2013. Many of the new arrivals came from the Middle East and Africa. Immigrations figured prominently as a campaign issue.

Beneful Offers Choices for Every Dog

Your dog is your best friend. You do everything together–and that means that you want a dog food that will keep your pet healthy and active for a long time to come. Beneful brand dog food is dedicated to providing everything your dog needs to stay healthy. PurinaBeneful’s parent company–is dedicated to adhering to and exceeding the quality standards set by the FDA, USDA, and AAFCO; but that’s true of nearly every dog food brand on the market. Purina, however, is very clear that they deliberately go above and beyond. They don’t just want to provide a food that’s marketable. They want to provide a food that is good for your pet and that holds up to the quality standards your pet will love.

You wouldn’t want to eat the same thing at every meal. As much as you love your dog, you don’t want to feed him the same thing every time, either. Beneful makes it easy to provide your pet with a variety of food choices that will thrill his palate and, with any luck, keep him away from your plate while you’re trying to eat. Beneful wet dog food comes in twenty different varieties. Whatever your dog’s preferred meat choice, Beneful has a flavor for them. Chicken, beef, pork, or lamb make up the center flavor of a dish that is enhanced by barley, rice, carrots, green beans, and plenty of other healthy choices. The texture even varies so you can select the size that your dog enjoys the most.

Looking to add a treat into your dog’s diet? Beneful offers a line of treats designed to appeal to every pup. Beneful treats are designed to offer your dog’s favorite flavors, with treats based around cheese, peanut butter, bacon, and beef. They even come in multiple different textures. Just like you pick your snacks by what you’re in the mood for, you can give your dog a “shortbread cookie” or a light, airy crisp. It’s all up to you and your best friend!

For Beneful fans, it’s not just about the flavor of the food. It’s also about the health and nutrition offered for each pet. Beneful dry food comes in Healthy Weight variety for dogs who have gotten a little lazy and a little too fond of their treats; Healthy Growth for Puppies so even the youngest dogs have the health and nutrition they need; and even Healthy Smile. No matter what the health need of your dog, there’s a Beneful product available.