Doe Deere Shares Her Favorite Fashion Rules To Ignore

There is a mountain of fashion rules that women have been told to follow in the past, and every rule has kept women in a small box of fashion. Doe Deere breaks down barriers in the fashion world every day with her Lime Crime line of cosmetics, and she wants women to break as many of the rules as possible. Doe broke the rules when she created a makeup line based on bright colors, and she knows her makeup works well with the broken rules described in this article.

#1: Feel Free To Wear Many Bright Colors Together

Women have been told for centuries that they cannot wear two bright colors together. Every bright color must be balanced with a neutral color, but Doe believes that women have been avoiding their favorite colors just to follow this one rule. Breaking this rule is easy for every woman. A woman may wear a bright yellow with her favorite bright pink, and she may choose to wear a bright lip and eye color at the same time. Moderation is not necessary in Doe’s fashion world.

#2: Feel Free To Mix Patterns

Patterns have long been the subject of fashion rules that prevent women from wearing more than one pattern at the same time. Every fashion rule has a breaking point, and Doe wants women to begin wearing their favorite patterns together. The traditional plaid skirt will look beautiful with a polka dot shirt, and women who have a favored paisley blouse may match that blouse with a striped skirt. There is no limit to what a woman can do to look her best, and Doe hopes that women will be bold enough to wear more than one pattern at once.

#3: Show Off Open Toes With Socks Or Stockings

Socks and stockings were once meant to be hidden behind closed-toe shoes, and closed-toe shoes were required for all women in the fall and winter. Women who love their open-toed shoes may wear them with socks or stockings in the modern world, and these shoes are an excellent way for women to show off the patterns and colors in their hosiery. There are some amazing hosiery patterns on the market today, and showing them off in open-toed shoes is encouraged.

#4: Use Hair Dye In Interesting Colors

Women were once told that they could not wear their favorite clothing with hair that was not a normal color. Women who chose to dye their hair blue, purple, pink, green or any other odd color were not seen as professional, but neutral clothes that are used for many professions are now acceptable with dyed hair. A woman may express her personality with a strong hair dye, and she may wear anything she likes with it.

Doe Deere has many different fashion rules that she no longer follows, and she hopes that women will follow her lead. There are amazing patterns, colors and styles that women may wear for the first time because they are breaking down fashion barriers.

The Guimaraes Factor at Banco BMG

Banco BMG’s history dates back to 1930 when it began as the Land Credit Bank. The bank has evolved and kept its place in Brazil’s financial industry. Even back then, BMG shared a lot in common with the Guimaraes family of Minas Gerais.


The Guimaraes family has always enjoyed a high status and reputation in Brazil. In 1930, Pentagna Guimaraes ventured into the financial industry and founded Banco Minas Gerais. The firm operated successfully in agriculture and manufacturing. When his son took over after him, the company’s direction changed to the financing of bulky and light vehicles.


The wheel of succession spun again in 1998 when an ambitious Ricardo Guimaraes took over the administration of the family fortune. Ricardo Guimaraes became the fourth heir of his lineage to run BMG. Predictably, the bank had to change course again and this time, it became a lender of consigned credit.


Ricardo Guimaraes’ ambition matched skill; therefore, his administration made huge strides forward. He streamlined the structure of the company for a leaner outlook and enlisted the services of banking agents. The firm also packaged low-interest rate loans for active and committed clients. BMG was ready to take over the market and went on to dominate the consigned credit markets.


At this point, it becomes quite apparent that the Guimaraes family has always been a critical input in the success of their firm. This fact brings us to the growing need for corporates and investors to diversify amidst risks involved in financial and stock markets. Ricardo being an experienced investor realized diversifying is the only way to push BMG forward and shield the bank from losses.


Banco BMG has been locked in negotiations with a host of banks concerning the supply and distribution of payroll and personal loans. A winning combination was later declared with BMG partnering Itau Unibanco in a joint venture. Through the new venture, BMG will be able to expand its payroll loans segment and solidify its dominance. There were initial fears that the partnership would weigh heavily on BMG’s performance, but it turns out the investments will grow.


Before the partnership can take effect, BMG will have to streamline the operations by first eliminating unprofitable products and services from its portfolio. Such a move will free up resources to concentrate on the performing elements. This process calls on a Guimaraes to take control and usher in a new era of growth.


Reports also indicate this could be the last duty Ricardo Guimaraes carries out as President and Chief Executive Officer. He is to surrender his position to another expert Antonio Hermann. Guimaraes and his family will now perform oversight roles on the board of the firm.

Crystal Hunt Showcases More Than Her Acting Skills In The “Queens Of Drama”

One of the most eagerly anticipated scripted reality shows of recent years, “Queens Of Drama” brings together some of the best known faces from the world of daytime soap operas in a bid to relaunch this form of entertainment. “Queens Of Drama” includes a cast made up of actresses known for creating many of the best loved and most hated characters ever to appear in the U.S. soap opera genre. One of the major stars of this reality show is Donna Mills, who creates a fictional persona for herself as the leader of the newly created production company.

Crystal Hunt provides a good example of the high standard of the stars appearing in the show, particularly as she played one of the most iconic roles in the recent years of the soap opera genre. Hunt had already found fame as a star of “Guiding Light” when she switched to “One Life To Live” with the character of Stacy Morasco, an exotic dancer who took one of the most entertaining character arcs of recent memory. On “Queens Of Drama” Metacritic reviewers say that Crystal Hunt plays a version of herself that is partially based upon the characters she played in soap operas and her own public image.

There is more to the life and work of Crystal Hunt than simply her persona as a soap opera actress. Instead, Hunt has looked to embark on a career that has switched focus to the big screen with roles in movies including “Magic Mike XXL”, and a producer credit on the movie “Talbot County”. Her smart business sense has also led Crystal Hunt away from her acting career to a new role as a business executive for her own pet boutique in Florida.

Crystal Hunt will come face to face with some of the most iconic stars of the soap opera genre in her new role on “Queens Of Drama”. As the actors look to develop their own soap opera they will draw assistance and inspiration from iconic figures like former “Dynasty” star Joan Collins.

The Career of a Distinguished Attorney and Capital Strategist

Sam Tabar is a distinguished attorney and capital strategist based out of New York City. In 2000, he graduated from Oxford University with honors before serving the Columbia Business Law Review as Associate Editor. Shortly later, he became an associate with the prestigious law firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. During his time at the firm, Tabar performed a variety of tasks including counseling clients on hedge fund structure and formation, as well as handling compliance and regulatory issues. He worked at the firm until 2004 before joining PMA Investment Advisors financial group as counsel.

After some time at PMA Investment Advisors, Tabar was promoted to a position as Managing Director, where he handled all aspects of investor relations and global marketing. During his time at the firm, he helped raise over $1 billion in assets and worked closely with the CEO on all business matters. In 2011, Tabar moved to a position as Director and Head of Strategy for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Asia-Pacific region. In this role, he managed the cycle of capital allocations between investors and fund managers. Although he left Merrill Lynch in 2012, he managed to create a supplemental rolodex of more than 1,250 investors in his short time with the company. After leaving Merrill Lynch, Tabar moved on to Adanac LLC to serve as Director where he invested in American start-up companies and properties.

In 2012, Tabar returned to the legal field by becoming a Senior Associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. During his time at the firm, he addressed compliance and regulatory issues, handled investment management agreements and supplied counsel on fund structure and formation. Tabar left Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in 2014. In addition to his legal knowledge and experience, Tabar is fluent in both written and spoken French and English, and he can speak Japanese. His hobbies outside of the business world including traveling and hosting events.  Currently he’s the CEo of Full Cycle Fund, and Sam Tabar’s been taking the company to new heights.

In addition, he’s also interested in giving back to the community.  With his own charitable efforts on Sam’s Go Fund Me page.  He’s also an amateur photographer on his own time.  Posting many creations for everybody to see via his Instagram.

Marcio Alaor BMG on Australia Economy and IPO performance of Automakers

Marcio Alaor is one of the executive members of Banco BMG of BMG Group, a financial institution based in Brazil. The bank is the major Brazilian football sponsor, also operating in vehicle financing and personal loans. It provides consignment loans to member companies, military personnel, federal and state civil servants, pensioners and retirees at a discount.
Marcio Alaor Explains Why the Economy of Australia is an Exception in Economic Crisis
Marcio Alaor says that Australia is one of the isolated cases as far as global economic stability is concerned. While most developed countries are trying hard to recover after the crisis experienced in 2008, Australia economy continues to grow. In the third quarter of 2015, it grew by 2.5%, which Marcio says is a factor indicating that Australia closed the year with no recessions for the 25th consecutive time. The reason for this, according to Marcio, is because the county happens to be a major commodities exporter, ranging from large scale goods such as whet and soybeans to mineral commodities including aluminum and iron. He says that this served as a stimulus for the country’s economy.
Marcio Alaor continues and says that Australia stood out compared to other developed countries by implementing various measures aimed at stimulating the growth of the country. He goes ahead and cites the fact that Wayne Swan, the Minister of Finance in Australia, has received a lot of international recognition, especially in 2011 when he was featured in Euromoney magazine. The minister implemented various measures, making necessary adjustments in time.
Marcio Alaor Analyzes the Performance of Automakers
With the automakers attracting more investors in today’s stock market, the executive officer of Banco BMG, Marcio Alaor, decides to air his views on this matter. He says that one of the first companies to go public was General Motors, which completed 100 years in IPO and currently has about 53.52 billion dollars of market. In 1956, Ford then followed, offering its first IPO which was one of the biggest at that time. Through this process, the companies became corporations, with their IPOs being used to raise capital investment and funds to enable monetization of their investments. According to Alaor, these days, automakers are seeing increase in stocks such as Ferrari, which reported a 5 percent increase and 10 billion dollars in market. Other companies that also performed include Flat Chrysler Automobilist, Daimler, BMW, Renault, Volvo, and Peugeot.
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Do Investors Like James Dondero Think The Market Will Recover In 2016?

Investors across America have been looking forward to 2016. 2015 was a trying year for many investors, and people like James Dondero at Highland Capital Management are prepared for a better year in 2016. Jim is the CEO and co-founder of Highland. The markets tend to rebound when they have a bad year, but investors must make decisions that will facilitate a rebound. This article explains how investors plan to help the markets along, global economic factors and what even the smallest investor can do in 2016. Check out his twitter to stay up to date on the world of finance below.

#1: How Do Investors Like Jim Rebound?

Investors like Jim plan to rebound by opening their portfolios to new possibilities. Every investor with experience will begin to invest in new projects to help increase volume market. The markets will begin to increase slowly over the first few months of the year, and there will be more than enough money flowing through the system to help the markets recover. Jim believes in keeping his portfolio as broadly-invested as possible, and his broad approach will instantly help the markets.

#2: Will Oil Prices Rise?

Oil prices cannot fall forever, and investors who are convinced that oil prices will rise once again. Gold and oil tend to rise and fall together, and both commodities cannot remain low forever. Investors like Jim believe that rising oil prices will help the markets pick up, but patience is required as oil prices rise once again. The prices may not be as high as they once were, but anyone who understands the market knows that any increase a good thing.

#3: The Markets Will Balance Themselves

The stock markets balance themselves with regard to every stock. A stock that had a wonderful year in 2015 may dip slightly in the new year, an any stock that struggled in 2015 will have a better in 2016. Investors are hoping to balance their own portfolios to ensure they are making money, and a wise investor like Jim is moving around stocks to prepare for the market to balance itself.

The 2015 stock market year was not kind to many people, but anyone who wants to have a better year in 2016 must ensure that they wait for the market to rebound. A rebound in 2016 will help investors make some of their money back, and a rebound will be tied to increased volume, higher oil prices and a balancing of the market. Waiting for a new year often helps improve earnings.

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American Mogul Charles Koch Opens Up About His Political Views

As one of the key players of Koch Industries, Charles Koch is a wealthy American businessman with plenty of influence on national politics. In addition to controlling one of the largest multinational enterprises in the United States, Mr. Koch is also known for his philanthropic efforts worldwide. In a rare and exclusive interview with the Financial Times, the self-proclaimed liberal discussed his views on the 2016 race for the White House.

Koch plans on contributing as much as $900 million for the Republican cause. However, the American mogul is deeply disappointed in the GOP for many reasons. In particular, Koch is outraged by Donald Trump’s harsh stance on American Muslims and other minority groups. Koch is also very critical of U.S. foreign policy especially in the Middle East. He also doesn’t believe that the Republicans have a clear strategy for dealing with the ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and other Muslim nations in which the U.S. military has a presence. After years of wars, Koch sees the U.S.A. as being more vulnerable than ever before.

According to Charles Koch, the current Republican candidates just don’t have the right plans to deal with global problems that can’t be solved exclusively by military action. For example, some GOP leaders call for relentless bombing campaigns against America’s foes in the Arab world. However, Koch doesn’t believe that such actions will solve the complex conflict between the United States and Muslim terrorists. He thinks that America has to be more sensitive in a world that has more than 1.6 billion Muslims.

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Keith Mann Shows His Backing For The Police In The Face Of Protests

Businessperson and philanthropist Keith Mann has taken the time to show his support for the New York Police Department as protests grew over a suspected police shooting. The NYPD had been under pressure at the start of 2015 over its role in a police shooting, which had resulted in protests and reports of attacks on police officers across the city. Keith and Kelly Mann explained the reasons for their support of the police in a press release published through PR Newswire that explained they had provided lunch for officers at the 54th Precinct on two separate occasions.

Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners to extend his skills as a head hunter of executives for the hedge fund industry. Mann embarked on this career after spending more than a decade working in recruitment for the financial industry before embarking on a new venture for himself.

Despite the success Keith Mann has enjoyed as a recriutment specialist for Wall Street he has often shown the largest amount of pride in his work as a philanthropist. Mann has not only looked to provide support for the police department, but also works to allow young people in need to complete an education preparing them for college through the Uncommon Schools system. Students preparing to apply for college can gain expert advice in creating resumes and preparing for interviews through the schools Mann raises funds for on a regular basis.

Keith Mann decided he and wife Kelly should show their support for the NYPD by providing a free lunch for the 54th Precinct as close family members work in law enforcement. The knowledge that the vast majority of police officers are hard working and looking to aid society drove the Mann’s to make a statement at a time when the NYPD is under growing pressure. Keith Mann also explained how he hoped his actions would show the general public how even a small action can change the relationship between law enforcement and the public.

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Has House Cleaning Gave You the Winter Blues?

The holidays are over. Spring is still weeks away. The cold weather is the time to curl up with a good book and relax. However- your house is dirty and needs a good cleaning. What a dilemma to be in, wanting to relax but needing to clean. So, why do it at all? With a simple online visit or phone call, you can keep reading your book and someone else will come and clean your home.

Places like HomeJoy and Handy Home Technologies were front-runners in the house-cleaning services…that is until HomeJoy filed for bankruptcy. It could be that the company was not managed correctly. It could have been bad customer service. It could have been any number of things that caused the company to fail. Luckily, Handy Home Technologies is still a thriving business.

Great customer service, excellent well-trained employees and ease of use all make Handy Home a wonderful way to get your house cleaned. Simply call them up. They will ask you a few questions and put your credit card on file. When you need your home cleaned, list a start time, an area, and how many rooms you need cleaned. That’s it. Handy Home will take care of everything else.

When you finally look up from your book, the kitchen will be sparkling clean. Floors will be mopped and the bathrooms will be spotless. Furniture assembled. You don’t even have to pay the cleaner. When they finish your home, Handy Home will pay them immediately with the credit card on file. Does it get any easier than that?

This winter while the snow flies and the cold blusters around you can get all of your spring cleaning done early. Imagine how accomplished you will feel when spring finally does arrive. Give the Handy App a look today and see how easy it is to clean your home.

Avi Weisfogel Begins Campaign For Operation Smile

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, who has been a dentist and researcher for over 15 years, has started a GoFundMe campaign, the proceeds of which will go to benefit the non-profit organization “Operation Smile.”

Dr. Weisfogel’s GoFundMe campaign is hoping to raise funds for Operation Smile, a non-profit organization that provides safe surgical care in third-world nations for children and adults that have been born with cleft lip. Cleft lip can not only make sufferers self-conscious, but it can also contribute to malnourishment and difficulties with speech. Operation Smile gives confidence and health back to people whom otherwise could not afford to pay for surgery nor would typically have access to safe, sterile medical care. Operation Smile services poverty-stricken and warn-torn countries such as Rwanda, South Africa, Honduras, and Vietnam.

Dr. Weisfogel himself has been running his own dental practice since 1999, after receiving degrees from both Rutgers University and the New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel has also taken a very proactive role in educating his community on health, including his seminars on how sleep disorders can potentially be linked to a patient’s dental health.

Dr. Weisfogel has been particularly proficient in the treatment of sleep apnea, also educating other dentists on how to identify potential patients, providing them the proper treatment, as well as securing the necessary treatment for patients. The latter work, which Dr. Weisfogel has been involved with since 2010, is a passion of his that is reflected in his new GoFundMe campaign in order to benefit Operation Smile.