All You Need to Know About Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is an author and businessman, currently based in the US. He also specializes in firearms and armors, something he has been doing for the last thirty years. He is extremely knowledgeable in firearms, and he once appeared in a popular TV series sharing his experience.

Michael Zomber went for his education at the University of Illinois where he graduated with a degree in English and Literature. After several years, he decided to further his education, going for his masters at UCLA. After completing his education, Zomber’s wife encouraged him to start writing.

After trying several times, Michael Zomber wrote his first screen play. Afterwards, he managed to write several novels, and all of them have done well in the market. He also managed to write and at the same time produce a full documentary film known as The Soul of the Samurai. The film did well too, earning him several awards.

Due to his knowledge and expertise in weapons, Michael Zomber has had the opportunity to own some weapons that belong to prominent individuals in the world such as Simone Bolivar and George Washington. He is also experienced in war ramifications. During his free time, the firearm collector supports organizations that seek to promote peace in the world. He uses some of his past painful experienced to show people the importance of peace in the world. he supports organizations such as Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International, UNICEF and Global Exchange.

Zomber has also had his fair share of challenges in his career as a businessman and firearm collector. Several years ago, he was convicted wrongly. The prosecution proved to the court that he was guilty, and he was sentenced to stay in jail for two years. He left his wife and young children to serve his sentence in a prison in the United States.

The conviction was however reversed later, and he was released.

Strategies Employed by White Shark Media in Minimizing Clients’ Complaints

In every institution or company, complaints are inevitable. Building a business that will satisfy every customer’s needs is not easy. However, with the right people and ideas, you can come up with a business that will produce the lowest of complaints.

Many clients have reached out to White Shark Media with compliments. It, however, does not mean that the company has had a complaints-free operation because they have had their share of complaints as well.

Before the company reached where it is today, it made some mistakes and paid dearly for them. In the end, its service delivery has improved. Outlined below are some of the complaints that the company has received over the years and the strategies that it has employed to ensure that they do not happen again.

Poor/Improper Communication

According to, for every consultancy firm, communication is the most important element. It is equally as important as satisfying the clients’ needs. In the early days of White Shark Media Company, clients were not satisfied with the channel of communication provided.

It was mainly due to the long chain of command that existed before a customer reached their contact person. It became overwhelmingly frustrating to the clients as they needed to go through a receptionist.  Read more: Georgia Web Marketer | White Shark Media Inc. on Atlanta Shopify and White Shark Media Reviews: Testimonials & Case Studies from Clients

To solve this complaint, the company enabled phone systems with direct extensions. It has allowed the customers to call their contact personnel directly especially when they are out of the office.

Clients’ Dilemma in Tracking their AdWords Performance

To be able to achieve success with AdWords, white shark media initiated an in-house process which was meant to track the performance of clients’ AdWords account.

Conversion tracking, Google analytics, and call tracking were installed free of charge. This in return has bettered the monitoring of the clients’ results enabling the company to optimize their AdWords campaigns for good performances.

Request to Include SEO Services

The white shark media is yet to offer SEO services to its clients. However, they are in a position to distinguish an ideal SEO company from a mediocre one.

The company is always ready to review proposals and the work provided by the client’s SEO firm. All a client needs to do is forward the materials to his or her SEM strategist, and the review will be done immediately by the company’s senior staff.

About White Shark Media

Having been founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs, White Shark Media has become a leading digital marketing agency. The company has specialized in delivering online marketing solutions designed for medium-sized and small businesses.

The company has assisted thousands of firms all over America to grow their businesses. This has been so through utilizing their online marketing strategies and tools. White Shark ensures that they are accountable to all their clients each and every month.

Chase Field May be Sold to Out-of-State Investors

Chase Field, originally known as BOB(Bank One Ballpark from 1998-2005)may lose its Phoenix, Arizona ownership. It opened just in time for the Diamond Backs baseball team’s first expansion game. The Diamond Backs have complained recently to the stadium’s Maricopa County owners that the stadium is in bad need of repairs. Back in March, the team said that if their demands are not met, they might leave Chase Field and sue the country, except that they are not allowed to leave until their contract is up in 2024. In a poll that was recently conducted, most of the people side with Maricopa County. Maricopa County has rejected the Diamond Backs team request for $65 million dollars worth of repairs over a five year period. Some of the improvements that the Diamond Backs want include the locker rooms, concession stands, dug out, and heating and cooling systems.

The Board of Supervisors of Maricopa County are meeting today to discuss the negotiations. Part of the $60 million dollar price tag includes the desire to keep the Diamond Backs at the Phoenix, Arizona stadium through 2028 or even longer than that.

Diamond Backs’ team president, Derrick Hall, prefers that Phoenix takes over the ownership of the stadium instead of selling it to out-of-state investors. He thinks that if Phoenix becomes the stadium owners that they will create City Scape and a high-rise, mixed-use development.

Clint Hickman, Board Chairman believes that if a private investor takes over the financial responsibilities, it’ll benefit the taxpayers who will be relieved of public funding. Fans chipped in and raised $250 million dollars in order to restore the stadium, and the team chipped in over $200 million dollars for reconstruction 18 years ago. The potential East Coast investors, Stadium Real Estate Partners II LLC, want to create an entertainment and sports district to surround Chase Field. The investors are represented by Martin J Greenberg of Milwaukee, Wisconsin who said that the new owners want to have new entertainment and sports district as a way of making the downtown area more attractive and hopefully bringing in more revenue to Phoenix.

How Does Sanjay Shah Help Raise Autism Awareness?

Autism awareness is one of the most important things that can be done for kids around the world, and all these kids are struggling in school because of something that they cannot control. No one has unlocked what autism is, but there are people who are trying to figure out what it is. Sanjay Shah Denmark is trying to raise money with Autism Rocks to help with autism awareness, and he wants to show that even kids like his son will be able to succeed just like all others. Autism Rocks is this very intricate concert promoter that brings donors to concerts, and that is how Sanjay Shah is raising money today.

He started out with a small dream, but he also knew that he would be able to help kids like his son because he could raise a lot of money at just one concert. He knows that it is very easy to make these things happen when he has the best acts in the world coming to his shows, and he also wants to be sure that he can get all the donors that have a good time when they are at the shows.

People who are having a good time are going to give more money to the cause, and that is where Sanjay Shah shows his genius. He runs Solo Capital in the same way because he is able to help people who are in need of investing services with customer service that is perfect for them. The boutique nature of the business is perfect for his customers, and he has applied that to the charity to make sure that he can help kids with autism.

Everyone should believe in giving back in one way or another, and that is why Sanjay Shah is so interested in helping people. He knows that he is going to help his son, but he also knows that he is going to be able to help people like his son’s friends who are suffering. Everyone benefits when people with influence like Sanjay Shah are going to raise money and awareness at the same time.

New York City Real Estate Continues to Expand

In many markets when uncertainty arises in other parts of the world, America often benefits as it is seen as a safer bet to investors. Recent events in Europe seems to be having this effect on the New York City Real Estate Markets. The United Kingdoms recent decision to leave the European Unions has left many unanswered questions about financial stability in the region. As a result, investors are turning back the US to put their capital in the safer market and specifically looking at NYC properties.

One of the reasons NYC properties are so attractive to investors is the high employment growth. The New York area is the largest job market in the nation and has added more jobs in the last twelve months compared to other US cities. This growth is expected to continue to increase into 2024 and beyond. In addition to the robust employment market, New York City, investors are also attracted to the availability of debt and the fact that the cost of the debt is very low. If rates continue to remain low, investors can expect to continue to receive positive returns on their capital investments.

One firm in the New York City market who knows NYC properties better than most is Town real estate. Town has been a premier brokerage in the New York City Market place since 2010 when it was founded. Andrew Heiberger who runs Town has been in the New York City real estate industry for decades. Town is also seeing the growth in the New York City market. Town recently represented the buyer in the sale of 734 Broadway as massive 12,000 sq. ft. space. This is just one example of the $1.5 billion of commercial deals Town has done in the past 18 months.

With the New York City market predicted to continue to grow, Town is well positioned to continue to grow with it. Heiberger has created a winning recipe with his firm, by hiring the best professionals available and providing them with all the necessary tools to get the job done for their clients.

Community Focus Follows Injury For Andy Wirth

In 2013 the Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth seemed to have it all with an impressive place of employment and an active lifestyle that made him the envy of almost every person in the world.

However, the life of Andy Wirth quickly changed when his regular pastime of skydiving took an unwanted turn with Wirth crashing into a vineyard and being left with life threatening injuries;

Wirth called on all his skills as a park ranger and former volunteer firefighter to keep himself calm and free from shock as he waited for assistance to arrive.

According to Crowdrise, Andy Wirth has made almost a full recovery from his injuries and was named the 2014 Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA. The return to full fitness has seen Wirth challenge himself to return to many of the activities he loved before his injury took hold, such as ironman competitions he now competes in to raise funds for various charitable organizations.

The growth of interest in ironman competitions has led to Wirth hosting competitions at Squaw Valley and looking to inspire others with his own return to fitness. Read more: Andy Wirth –

along with his return to the activities he loved prior to his injury, Andy Wirth has also see a return to work that looks set to provide major rewards for the community he lives in around the Olympic Valley region Andy Wirth calls home.

Helping the community has seen Wirth look to change the way Squaw Valley develops in the coming years, the CEO has involved local people in decisions regarding how this historic ski resort changes in the future. In a bid to assist the local community Andy Wirth has included in his development plan a higher level of salary to be paid to those working at the resort as he looks to the future of Olympic Valley as a whole. Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter

Alongside the work he completes as the head of Squaw Valley Andy Wirth is also looking to develop the Reno-Tahoe Airport with increased numbers of flights and visitors arriving at the airport through his role as the Chair of the Authority Board.

Little Free Pantry Brings Nourishment in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Jogging around Fayetteville, Jessica McClard was inspired by Little Free Libraries all over town. The small structures invite the public to drop off a book or take one to read. The 41-year-old McClard saw the Little Free Library as a model to meet needs. Hoping to meet other public needs, McClard used the Little Free Library example and designed the Little Free Pantry.

McClard sought funding, and received a $250 grant that was to be used for a community service project of her choosing. She invested in a small cupboard or, fittingly, a little pantry. Earlier this year, that first Little Free Pantry was mounted outside the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

The goal of the pantry is to offer food, paper products, and other goodies that help locals in need. Popular items include peanut butter, diapers, and feminine hygiene products. Generally, the pantry is stocked with shelf-stable foods, but McClard also includes bread and produce. Those fresher items fly off the shelves of the Little Free Pantry.

The good work of the Arkansas native has caught on. Others from the community have pitched in to help restock the pantry. The idea of the Little Free Pantry is also spreading. In another part of Fayetteville, Christ’s Church has erected a Little Free Pantry.

Outside of Arkansas, similar structures have been spotted around the country. Some sites include Ardmore, Oklahoma; Clinton, Indiana; Greensboro, North Carolina; New Castle, Pennsylvania; and Norfolk, Virginia. While not all structures use the Little Free Pantry name, they have the same mission and inspiration.

McClard offers guidance for those that are looking to create their own Little Free Pantries. The Facebook page offers links, resources, and a supportive community. McClard encourages others to start their own pantry, noting that the rewards are much greater than the investment.

White Shark Media Knows How To Beat The Odds

Many companies are praising White Shark Media because they truly know how to beat the odds. Businesses were last in their industry.

After getting instruction from White Shark Media, these businesses are now reporting that they are quickly becoming first in their specific industry.

White Shark Media has a system that has worked for many years. This is a step-by-step process that shows a business how to put themselves out there while showing off the best parts of their business.

According to Glassdoor, The first step in this process would be marketing. White Shark Media has a marketing department that is exceptional. The individuals that run this department have done marketing for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Individuals that are interested will be shown how to properly market. Even better, these individuals are shown how to market while spending the least amount of money possible.


The marketing team does not stop after using their services. Representatives will call business owners every now and then to check up on them and see if any further help is needed. If the business is not flourishing, the marketing department from White Shark Media will change that.

The next step would be to build a website that is attractive to all people. White Shark Media is the best at this. Reviews flood in on a daily basis explaining how businesses now have customers from all over the world.

One of the ways White Shark makes this happen is by using translation specialists. These individuals know how to translate the information on the website to all languages.

The marketing team also has artists on board that are skilled in building artwork on websites. At a very great rate, these individuals will make your website ten times better. Read more: White Shark Media – Google+ and  @WhiteSharkMedia

Many reviews also state that businesses are doing better just because their websites are designed in a much better and upscale fashion. It is also not just about artwork.

The artists from White Shark Media also make websites they work on simple as possible. One of the reasons why online businesses loses customers is because people get lost on their websites. White Shark Media makes sure that all tabs are easily scene on the homepage.

They do this so people can find what they want as quickly as possible. Business owners are bound to get quicker sales when customers can quickly find their desired product(s) on the website.

Zika Now Locally Acquired in Miami

Zika has now made it’s way to Miami Beach, Florida. According to The Huffington Post evidence of local transmission of the virus in Miami confirms the fear that the virus would spread to the US and the mosquito population here.

The virus, which has grabbed headlines over the year as it has spread rapidly in South America, is known to cause an extremely rare birth defect, microcephaly. The defect causes abnormally small heads and development problems in new born infants.

As of now no travel warnings have been issues yet, this due to the fact officials are still trying to decide which area or areas to include in such a warning. However, an announcement is expected to be made Friday morning.

As of now there have been 35 cases of transmission suspected to be local in nature in the state.

The Miami region is one of the worlds premier travel and vacation areas. If people are afraid to travel it could devastate the local economies there. Worse even, perhaps, the people who do indeed travel to infected regions could bring the virus back with them and start the spread of it in new locations. People infected in Miami bitten by mosquitoes back home could start the spread of the virus locally there too. Over 15.5 million people spent at least one night in Miami last year directly spending 24.4 billion dollars according to Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau.

President Barack Obama requested 1.9 billion dollars from Congress back in February. The bill passed in the House of Representatives (although they slashed the amount in half) but ended up dying in a divided Senate. Congress has since adjourned on its summer break meaning no new measures to combat the spread of the virus on a federal level can be implemented until their return.

Adrián José Velasquez Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a business man who has repute all over Panama. He has run his businesses successfully and some of the young entrepreneurs as well as seasoned ones still look up to him. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is the symbol of successful for many youth who would like to venture into business and realize their potential. If you are one of these youth, here are some of the rules which could get you where Velasquez is at the moment.

Firstly, you need to evaluate your unique competencies and the experiences which you have. Not everyone is like you and once you see your uniqueness as a tool for success you can harness it to your advantage on Instagram. If you have a unique skill, that could be your road to instant success. Knowing your uniqueness will help you find your space in the business world and enable you to create your own perfect niche.

Secondly, you need to be able to be mobile. There are so many young people who would want to get successful but they do not do anything to change their situation. Always start by setting out the goals you want to achieve and then move towards those specific goals. A good job is that which enables you make money even when you are doing nothing. Always plan ahead and see what to change in your strategy to make it work.

Finding a good match to your skills and type of business is also important. In order to make your business work, you may have to work with a team like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Always ensure that that team is a perfect match and that it can push you towards success. Most people make the mistake of choosing a team that has diverse interests from their own. That is a recipe of failure.

A young entrepreneur must also know that being the best student in academics does not really translate into success as a business person. Work smart and be consistent is the key to success. Additionally, you should have a plan for when things do not go right. This way, you get to see the stumbling blocks on your way and avoid them.

Last but not lease, every entrepreneur has to learn on the job at one point or another. Choose your mentors like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa well and you will be see your road to success open wide. Always be open to learning new things too.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: