Aviation Industry Taking Flight in Miami

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has selected Miami as the host city for its Wings of Change conference, scheduled for early May 2017, and there is an important reason behind this choice: the impressive growth of Miami as an international hub for aviation.


According to a recent article published in the Miami Herald, the aviation industry in South Florida has expanded its regional payroll from $1.2 billion to more than $2 billion over the last five years. One out of every four jobs in Miami is now related in some way to aviation.


IATA represents 261 passenger and cargo airlines operating in 191 countries. The Miami conference is expected to gather 300 industry leaders who will discuss the future of the industry in terms of regulation, labor, technology, and safety.


Prior to the conference, Miami officials and key aviation industry representatives have been engaged in marketing the Magic City as a convenient hub for all types of flights. To this effect, Miami has had an advantage due to the convergence of business entities that have been providing passenger, cargo, military, and leisure flights since the 20th century. The City of Miami had a strong presence at the Paris Air Show last year, and many aviation companies have shown interest in setting up shop in South Florida.


The aerospace sector has also shown strong development in Miami over the last few years. This emergence is due to the fact that Miami has managed to attract a lot of tech talent, and there’s also the geographic factor since the city is located near the Space Coast and Cape Canaveral.


Miami International Airport is currently home to more than 200 companies dedicated to aircraft maintenance and repair. A few startups dedicated to electronic instruments have also chosen Miami as their operational center.


The Wings of Change conference could set up shop permanently in Miami. The previous host city was Santiago in Chile; organizers are interested in Miami’s status as the new business capital of Latin America, and thus they are already thinking about the next conference, which would take place before the end of the decade.


San Francisco – Campbell High School Grads Hosting Reunion For All Alumni

Fifty years after finishing from Campbell High School and following different paths, a number of friends chose it was time for a reunion.


Their strategy was so popular that their little reunion is going to become a much larger celebration for those who strolled the halls of the school, which closed in 1980.


On June 17 anybody who went to the defunct school is welcomed to the Campbell High All School Reunion at John D. Morgan Park, situated at 540 W. Rincon Ave.


Donald Russell, class of 1967 and a committee member arranging the reunion, at first prepared a reunion with 2 high school friends through Facebook. They figured it would be time to remember their high school days and meet with those that they haven’t seen in years. Their graduation day was during a June 16 and the strategy was to relive that day in all its glory.


The three people were going to fulfill 50 years in the future Friday, June 16, at 4:30 p.m. on the CHS yard. Russell states that when other alumni got wind of the occasion, they desired to sign up with the reunion.


The number grew, and individuals from other CHS classes wished to join us,” Russell

composed. Russell states a committee was assembled to arrange the reunion, and in January the group leased parts of the park. Previous instructors are likewise motivated to go to.


Campbell High School opened on Sept. 14, 1900, with 35 trainees. The very first school structure lays at Winchester Boulevard and Rincon Avenue.


In 1937 the building started at the crossway of Winchester Boulevard and Campbell Avenue. In the 1960s extra high schools were developed within the Campbell Union High School District.


Campbell High School was closed in 1980 due to decreasing registrations. The school website is now house to the Campbell Community.

A Location in The Middle of The Desert Generates Millions of Dollars

San Francisco organizers of the acclaimed counterculture event “Burning Man” reported they will offer the final 500 tickets to attend the Burning Man event in the Nevada desert this year for only $1,200 each. Earlier this week, newspaper reports circulated about eager customers scooping up the 30,000 passes to attend this year’s festivities within a stunning 35-minute period. Costing a mere $425 (excluding taxes and associated fees), the tickets offered to early buyers generated an impressive tally of $12,750,000- a rather impressive sum for an artistic protest against contemporary commercialism.


The Burning Man event began in 1986. It originally attracted only a few hundred participants and spectators. Held in the midst of the California desert, the enclave relocated to income tax-free Nevada several years ago. As word of the spectacle spread, Burning Man’s fame increased. Since 2011, the event has sold out. This year, the sponsors also collected $80 (and additional taxes and fees) for the sale of some 10,000 auto passes.


The Burning Man website bills the event as a “radical ritual” and a gathering of a culture dedicated to “possibility”. The desert celebration every year attracts many prominent artists. This year, some have received payments to participate in erecting a dazzling array of temporary structures, including temples, alters and totems.


Recently, academics have begun incorporating Burning Man into formal studies programs. Since 2010, a group of Burning Nerds has formed to document various aspects of the event for scholarly purposes. Burning Man now offers a formal book list and maintains an archive. Sociologists in particular have gravitated towards covering this unusual desert conclave.


Reportedly, last year the Burning Man festivities attracted some 70,000 advance registrations from people interested in attending. With only 30,0000 regular tickets available this year, many people hoping to see the event will likely need to await next year’s gathering. The sponsors do plan on offering some Low Income Tickets.

Pasadena City College Offering Tuition-Free First Year For Local High School Students

Pasadena City College revealed a brand-new program that will permit regional trainees to go to the college tuition-free for one year. The program covers all high schools within the college district’s borders, consisting of all Pasadena Unified’s high schools and personal high schools.


The only requirement for trainees is that they graduate from among those high schools and register in PCC for the fall term right away following graduation. If they register at PCC the very first term after finishing service, regional trainees who go into military service instantly following high school will be qualified.


To keep their eligibility while registered at PCC, trainees need to preserve a 2.0 score average and register in 9 systems per term. While the program currently funds tuition for just 2 terms, board President Ross Selvidge stated the board is taking a look at expenses like transport and books to be covered in the future.


The program, called “PCC Promise,” started with an event at the college’s swimming pool. President Rajen Vurdien stated that the point they wished to make is that it is their intent to make this education available to every trainee who attends Pasadena City College. They don’t want trainees to miss out on school because they lack the cash to spend on tuition.


Previous PCC President and California Community Colleges Chancellor Jack Scott, who leads the Pasadena City College Foundation’s effort to engage with the neighborhoods, stated that the program is specifically essential for the kinds of trainees that PCC serves.


They are saying that it doesn’t matter whatever the high school record may have been, they welcome people.


Southern California has some terrific four-year organizations, Scott stated. However one needs to remain in the leading 10 or 15 percent in order to get into those organizations. The people at Pasadena City College do not agree with the idea that the other 85% should fall behind.

Exemplary Career Life of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is a famous American entrepreneur. Eric was born in Detroit, Michigan in September 1969. He is the founder as well as the CEO of Tempus, a technologically based company which launched an operating system that assists in battling cancer. Tempus is an organization that aids healthcare experts in their delivery of care to cancer patients. The operating system enables the doctors to analyze molecular and clinical data hence making the right decisions based on the patient’s ailment stage.


Eric is also the co-founder and the Chairman of Groupon, a world leading e-commerce marketplace. Eric also assists his wife Liz in running the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a foundation that comes up with initiatives aimed at influencing a high-impact in the community around the world. The Foundation supports Educational as well as scientific organizations. The Foundation mostly focuses on assisting the children, and today it has recorded having helped more than 50 organizations achieve their goals.


Eric is also the co-founder of Uptake Technologies, a leading company and a platform that has earned high recognition by large industries due to its strong predictive analytics. Eric is the co-founder of Mediaocean too, a prominent provider of integrated media procurement technology. Besides, Lefkofsky is the founder and Managing Director of Lightbank, a Chicago-based venture funding in the technology business.


Lefkofsky grew up in Southfield, Michigan together with his two siblings, Jodi and Steven. He attended Southfield-Lathrup High School where he graduated in 1987. He got admitted to the University of Michigan where he acquired his first degree in 1991. He preceded to the University of Michigan Law School where he was awarded his Juris Doctor in 1993. Eric had an entrepreneurial mind since university and immediately he graduated, together with a friend, they borrowed money and bought Brandon Apparel. Also, the two partners created Starbelly, an internet company that specialized in the promotion of products. However, they later sold Starbelly to Halo Industries where Eric got appointed as the Chief Operating Officer.


According to Forbes, Eric Lefkofsky serves on the board of directors at Children’s Memorial Hospital based in Chicago. Eric has also been serving on the board of trustees of The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry. Additionally, the successful entrepreneur serves as a trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company, a performing arts institution based in Chicago. Lefkofsky serves as a board member of World Business Chicago and as a co-chairman of its Technology Council. Lefkosky experienced his ultimate success at InnerWorkings and, since then he started his teaching career at business schools around Chicago and mostly handled technology-related areas. Today, Eric works as a professor at the prestigious University of Chicago School of Business.

Twitter: @lefkofsky

Seattle Remains Nation’s Hottest Home Market, With Biggest Price Growth In 3 Years

For the 5th straight month, Greater Seattle has actually signed up the sharpest home-price boosts of any significant market in the nation, as house expenses skyrocketed at their fastest rate in 3 years.


The common cost of a house throughout King, Snohomish and Pierce counties increased 11.3 percent in January compared with a year prior, in accordance with the regular monthly Case-Shiller house cost index.


The Seattle area has actually taken the leading position in the nationwide rankings in each month since September, and cost development has been steadily accelerating after it dipped a little towards completion of 2016.


Portland lagged, once again, with house costs increasing 9.7 percent, followed by Denver, Dallas and Tampa. Seattle’s lead over Portland doubled simply in the last month.


Nationally, costs grew 5.9 percent, a 31-month high. But Seattle’s boost was almost double that. Low stock of houses for sale continues to be an issue both in your area and nationally, increasing competitors for limited houses.


Compared with simply a month prior, house worth in Seattle ticked up 0.6 percent, the 2nd finest in the nation and triple the nationwide average.


The 0.6 percent increase in rates from December to January might not seem like much, however it’s extremely uncommon for this time of year.


Going 3 years back in January throughout the Seattle area, costs really dropped more frequently than they grew on a monthly basis. The month-to-month increase was really the third-highest for any January on record, going back to 1990.


There’s another emerging pattern: For months, the least expensive houses had actually been seeing the greatest cost boosts in the area, while high-end house costs were increasing at the slowest rate. Now, gains in houses at all cost points are increasing at a comparable margin.


The common top-tier house costs 11 percent more than a year earlier, the most significant increase since September 2013.



Lime Crime’s New Hair Line

Lime Crime is a popular brand known for coming up with new ways to provide their fans with quality makeup and unique looking colors. They can give you a top quality set of makeup that can provide you with everything that you’ve ever needed in terms of makeup. The brand is highly qualified to provide their fans with everything that they want and need, and they are always looking for new ways to give their fans something fun to work with. Lime Crime came up with a brand new hair dye that is definitely going to be swooping the nation.


Lime Crime has created the Unicorn Hair Dye, and it is changing the way people are using hair dye products. They are known for sticking on the hair for a long period and even fading away as beautifully as possible. The product line is very successful and slowly being a popular name in this specific industry. There are 13 different colors and shades that you can go through. With every single type of hair dye that you use, it’s all about knowing how to work them and properly maintain your hair to see it last for a long time. It’s going to be a semi-permanent type of hair, and it’s exciting to use because it’s healthy and good on the hair. It can easily last up to more than 6 weeks if you know how to care for the hair and properly give it what it needs.


Many people love the way the brand is coming up with dark and beautiful colors and striving to give people the extra deep texture in the product. There are two type of formulas to go for when using these products: tiny and full coverage. The tint is to be used when creating a pastel glaze mainly for platinum blonds. Full coverage is mainly best to add rich pigment and deep strands.


This company definitely went above and beyond to create these products. Spending more than three years trying to formulate these products, Doe Deere, the creator of this brand, surely knows what she is talking about.

A Look At What The Nine9 Agency Can Do For Aspiring Actors And Models

1st Success Story, Maxine H.

Maxine H. is an African American actress who has obtained an audition for a Samsung commercial and a background extra position for the Wheels and Homeland series by using Nine9.

2nd Success Story, Bobby L.

Bobby is an aspiring male actor and model. He said he would rate Nine9 with ten stars out a maximum of five. The reason he holds Nine9 in such high regards is that the staff are professional and dedicated to actually helping people with their acting and modeling careers. Since using Nine9 Bobby L. has gotten a significant amount of casting calls. He also says that he is well on his way to fulfilling his lifelong goal of working full time as an actor and model.

3rd Success Story, Steven H.

Steven H. of Newport News, Virginia says he has had significant and quick success after using Nine9. After only a few months, Steven says he managed to obtain positions at local events. His success has only improved as time went on. Since then, Steven was featured in a short film and has hosted a live TV talk show. He says he is excited for his future and what Nine9 can bring.

4th Success Story, Aaliyah S.

Aaliyah S. has lauded the professionalism of the staff at the Nine9 talent agency. She says the staff is highly professional and has helped her kick of her budding career with a job well done with her photo shoot.

What The Nine9 Talent Agency Is Founded Upon

The principles that the Nine9 talent agency was founded upon include the idea that the overwhelming majority or 99% of actors and models do not have their own agents. Nine9 allows aspiring models and actors to find opportunities that fit their needs through a national database of castings all across the country. It is also a commission free agency that really does serve the 99%.You can also visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nine9dallas/

“Fearless Girl” stays on Wall Street

  1. The statue of a girl who looks defiantly at the “Wall Street Bull” in New York may stay on her pedestal until February next year.


The “Fearless Girl” statue has inspired many people and according to Mayor Bill de Blasio, has stimulated conversations about the role of women in leadership positions. As he states, the decision to leave the play is perfect for a girl who refuses to give in.


The statue, which is on Department of Transportation land, will be licensed to stay there through the Department’s art program, The Daily News reported.


The statue of the girl, with her hair tied in a tail and with the dress waving in the wind, was installed in front of the famous cattle a few days ago. It has become a tourist attraction and a phenomenon on the internet.


Originally his stay was scheduled to end on April 2. It was supposed to be a temporary exhibition to encourage corporations to put more women into their directories, but got so much attention and became so popular that an online petition was created to ask New York City officials to leave it there.


The new arrangement of both statues, the challenging girl in front of the horns of the bull, completely  transformed the meaning of one of the best-known public works in New York. The bull – 3.3 feet (11 feet) high and 3,200 pounds (7,100 pounds) – has been hugely popular in its own right. It was placed in a median of Manhattan traffic following the 1987 stock market crash, as a symbol of the financial resilience of Americans and their spirit that anything is possible, but some followers of the Bronze Girl already see the bull in a very different way.


The change in the perception of the bull – from the national hero to the villain of sorts – outraged the Italian sculptor who created him: Arturo De Modica, who had expressed his desire for the statue of the girl to leave.


Avalanche Strikes Juneau, Alaska

The capital of Alaska, Juneau, is under an avalanche advisory after the city suffered its third avalanche in five weeks. On Friday, March 31, a wall of snow and detritus slid down the mountainside into the highlands neighborhood, according to city officials. It tumbled dangerously close to many homes, coming within mere feet of residences. Many residents were able to get video footage on their phones.


An official warning from the city’s website put the danger level at four out of five for another round of damaging snow slides. It labels the potential of further avalanches as “high.” The site is warning against any travel in the areas as natural avalanches are possible, but human activity will more than likely trigger one. Worried that there could be more damage, either through a number of smaller occurrences or one large one, the city cannot stress enough the importance staying vigilant.


The combination of snow and rain that has fallen in the past few weeks threatens to have a profound impact on the threat of snow slides. The same conditions are predicted to continue for the next few days, with the temperatures getting above freezing and then below overnight. This situation has many scientists and monitors wary of the threat this frozen and slippery snow could pose.


Situated at the base of a mountain, the city is under constant threat from damage, thus it’s highly important to keep track of the weather. The best course of action is to remain alert. Look for cracks in the snow and any signs of sliding layers. Most scientists agree that there is little that can be done except for remain inside a strong building and away from windows. It’s important to stock up on food and water as well.


Juneau has been the victim of a number of avalanches over the years, most notably is the Behrends incident of 1962. A massive avalanche came down the mountainside into the streets and damaged a number of houses. Juneau is hoping there is little to worry about this time around, but the general attitude in the city is a “wait and see” mode.