Boston Schools Phase in New Map Projection

In the Boston public school system, the standard world map has long been the Mercator projection. This week, though, Hayden Frederick-Clarke, Boston Public Schools’ Hayden Frederick-Clarke has announced that over the next three years, the school system will switch over to exclusively Peters projection maps.


Frederick-Clarke, along with other local educators, has pushed for the change because while neither the Mercator nor the Peters projections are perfect, the Peters projection can help give students a more balanced view of the world. Both maps have the surprisingly complex, sometimes fraught task of displaying a three-dimensional world on a flat plane, but their different emphases in the final product most strongly affected Boston Public Schools’ choice of projection.


The now-abandoned Mercator projection has its advantages; it is a conformal projection, which means that it reproduces the angles of countries and continents with enormous accuracy. If the most important thing about the map is that the shapes of countries are accurate, the Mercator projection is one of the best. Further, the Mercator projection is easy to find; most educational maps available at superstores and bookstores are Mercator projections. However, the accuracy of shape and availability are not Boston educators’ only concerns in choosing a map.


The Peters projection is a type of map projection called equal-area, which means that while it distorts some continent shapes, it preserves their areas accurately. Frederick-Clarke and his supporters believe that the Peters is the best projection for Boston students to learn from because it does not preference one geographical area over another, which, as proponents argue, leads students to consider areas of the world, such as Africa, that the Mercator projection and other conformal projections reproduce as proportionally smaller than they actually are. It also encourages students to view Europe and Antarctica accurately, instead of giving them the exaggerated consideration the Mercator projection encourages.


Boston educators hope that switching projections will help foster more balanced perspectives in their students and their teachers. By emphasizing all areas of the globe equally, students might be more likely to think globally in every subject, from history to art.


The Significant Role of Avi Weisfogel in Sleep Apnea Research and Treatment

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Matters and a renowned cosmetic dentist. For years he has made his name in the field of dentistry owing to his wealth of skills and experience.  Avi Weisfogel is known to bring smiles to patients in Brunswick, NJ. Weisfogel holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology from Rutgers University and a DDS from the New York College of Dentistry. With over 16 years of experience in dentistry, Weisfogel has revitalized the dental industry. He specializes in dental fears, dental sufferers, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. Over the years in dentistry, Weisfogel has earned several awards including the Best Dentist Award for several years.

Weisfogel in Sleep Apnea Research and Treatment

Weisfogel began to research in the sleep world and developing ways in, which dentists and physicians could help patients with sleep disorders. In 2010, he established Healthy Heart Sleep. The company partnered with physicians across the world and advised them on the importance of developing and managing sleep labs. In 2012, Weisfogel founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, where he began educating dentists on how to serve sleep patients better. In 2014, he founded Dental Sleep Masters, which helps dentists get a breakthrough into the sleep world through the use of specialized equipment to treat sleep disorders and contact him.

Sleep apnea has been a devastating condition for quite some time. Other serious conditions such as heart diseases, stroke and diabetes are now being associated with sleep apnea. Given the destructive effect of sleep apnea, Dr. Weisfogel has been committed to research leading to treatment of sleep apnea patients. He has created a team of physicians and sleep experts who partner with dentists to offer clinical support to sleep apnea patients. Integration of dentists and medical professions has created a model, which has benefited sleep apnea patients and the community thanks to Dr. Weisfogel.

Go Fund Me Campaign

Go Fund Me Campaign is a fundraising platform created by Dr. Weisfogel. This platform is aimed at raising money for research about sleep Apnea and its treatment. Given that over 90% of those who suffer sleep apnea remain undiagnosed, Weisfogel has been tirelessly working to explore hidden tricks on how to treat sleep apnea patients.

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How Orthopedic Surgeon Greg Finch is Changing Lives, One Surgery at a Time

Orthopedic surgeons treat conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Spine diseases, sports injuries, trauma, degenerative diseases, infections, congenital disorders, and tumors can all be treated by orthopedic surgeons. Thanks to advances in modern medicine, and well-trained surgeons like Australia’s Dr. Greg Finch, orthopedic procedures can be performed with precision accuracy, and require less recovery time than ever before.

While orthopedic surgeons are capable of performing dozens of different surgeries, a few stand out as being the most commonly executed orthopedic medical procedures.

Total Joint Replacements

For patients suffering from joint damage, or severe arthritis, a total joint replacement is often their best treatment option. Surgeons remove damaged or diseased bone and cartilage. Artificial joints, made of metal alloy or high-grade plastics and polymers, designed to mimic the original movement of the joint are then inserted. The procedure minimizes pain, restores function, and provides a better quality of life for the patient.

Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusions are performed to eliminate back pain, increase mobility, and allow patients to enjoy a higher level of productivity. A surgeon will fuse vertebrae together, limiting motion between the bones of the spine and preventing the stretching of nerves.

ACL Reconstruction

ACL reconstruction surgery is the process of repairing or reconstructing the anterior cruciate ligament. A torn ACL, a common sports injury, is replaced with a tendon from the patient’s knee or hamstring. Sometimes a donor tendon is utilized.

Dr. Greg Finch

Australian surgeon, Dr. Greg Finch, attended Auckland Medical school. After several years of extensive surgical training, Dr. Greg Finch was awarded membership into the prestigious Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He has worked aside leading surgeons in the US, Germany, and the UK.

Dr. Greg Finch specializes in spinal surgery, Pediatric orthopedics and trauma, and Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery.

Three Common Orthopedic Surgical Procedures

The statistics for orthopedic issues are staggering. It’s no wonder that more than 7 million U.S. citizens have to spend time in the hospital each year for such problems. The following are three of the most common procedures for which people visit orthopedic experts:

Carpal tunnel release

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that adversely affects people who constantly move their wrists. Servers, typists and sports players are likely to come down with the condition over time because it takes a toll on the median nerve. Carpal tunnel release is a procedure that releases pressure by cutting a part of one of the ligaments.

Hip replacement

The specialist usually numbs the patient so that he can hollow out the head of the femur. The specialist then uses a metal shaft to fill the hollow.

Femoral neck fracture repair

Femoral neck fracture repairs are difficult because the the specialist could use many different solutions for the problem. One specialist may suggest non-operative procedures, for example. Another specialist may want to conduct intrusive surgery.

Greg Finch is a specialist who can provide the orthopedic surgery that one needs. He can provide care for orthopedic issue from a surgical aspect or a non-surgical aspect. He has performed procedures for clients with conditions such as scoliosis, cervical disc issues, lumber problems and the like. Patients can trust in his services because of his long, positive track record.

Dr. Greg Finch is a member of the Australian Orthopedic Association, the North American Spine Society and the Spine Society of Australia. Additionally, Greg Finch has received recognition as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. That recognition only goes to specialists who have studied in their field for many years.

Greg Finch has accumulated many five-star reviews over the years.The most common comments of praise that he gets are for his friendliness, precision and the patient manner in which he explains his processes.


What is the Ubuntu Fund?

After investing massive sums of money and soaking in the information from numerous world economic summit talks, such as those held in Davos, Switzerland, philanthropist, Jacob Lief thought he would have made huge impact upon the lives of impoverished South Africans whom he desperately wanted to help, but nothing of the sort was happening. He realized that he had the money and connections but the actual groundwork, the actual change, just was not happening. It was at this point that Mr. Lief knew he had to make a change.

Jacob Lief is the principal founder, alongside Malizole Banks Gwaxula, of the Ubuntu Fund, which he developed after coming to the realization that the traditional models of charitable giving were too restrictive and as a result, too ineffective. One of the primary reasons for this was the fact that private donors who contribute to large scale, philanthropic ventures, such as Lief’s venture in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, often demand that they have a large degree of control over the way that money is spent. How, where, why and when are all dimensions in which such donors want to have a say, sometimes in totality. Naturally, this hampers the effectiveness of the financial application, especially if a given private donors’ vision for the project differs markedly or completely from Ubuntu Funds.

This was something Mr. Lief simply could not abide as he knew exactly what had to be done to help the poor region. So instead of focusing on a donor tailored strategy he focused on the autonomy of his organization for bringing the region increased support for badly needed infrastructure such as education, healthcare and social programs to help foster community progression. With the help of other well known philanthropists and business managers, such as the lauded Andrew Rolfe, the current Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund group, Mr. Lief appears to be taking all the necessary steps needed to make his dream of a revitalized South Africa a reality.


Doe Deere’s Journey To Success

Doe Deere aka “Queen of Unicorns” is the owner of the highly successful makeup line Lime Crime. This colorful beauty has had quite the journey on her way to the top. This article will describe how her humble beginnings and previous ventures lead her to where she is today. Her story is relatable and can give youngsters of this generation hope and confidence to pursue their own passions and dreams.


Doe Deere is a Russian native that moved to New York City when she was just 17. She lived there from 2008 to 2012 before relocating to Los Angeles, California. Being a driven and creative soul, her first aspiration was to become a musician in a rockband during her time in NYC. This dream was short lived and although being a famous rockstar would not be her fate, She even obtained a major in fashion design during her time in The Big Apple. Doe Deere credits this time in her life as a learning period for marketing and appreciation for an audience. Doe recalls her earliest business venture when she was just 13 years old. She sold fake tattoos to her friends and classmates.


Doe Deere clicked so well with one of her bandmates that he would eventually become her husband and business partner. He currently assists Doe with the operations of Lime Crime.


Over the years, Doe’s business has flourished in ways she could have never imagined. As advice Doe has stated that the best thing you can do to reach your dreams is to always follow your heart. She stated that the way to reach your true potential is to identify your uniqueness. In the early stages when Lime Crime was just an idea, Doe felt as though she was alone in her love for colorful makeup. She would soon discover a mass following that would rave over her colorful Instagram pictures and makeup products.


Lime Crime was founded back in 2008. Doe noticed a lack of colorful lipsticks and eyeshadows available on the market that suited her preference. She operated an Ebay store that sold clothing and wanted colorful makeup looks to go with her display. She took action. She began creating her own imaginative makeup colors and became amazed at how many young girls loved them.


According to Deere, makeup is a form of self-expression. Lime Crime allows individuals to express their creativity and uniqueness about themselves.

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Cardiologist Dr. Edward Honig Recommends Educating Yourself About Cardiology Before You Visit a Cardiologist


The Heart is the racehorse of the human body. It pumps over 5 quarts of blood a minute and does this with over 42,048,000 beats per year. While the heart is one of the human body’s most important organs, it is also one of the most vulnerable, as heart disease has been the leading cause of death in New York for the past 10 years. To maintain a healthy heart, you should visit a qualified cardiologist, a specialist with advanced training in treating and preventing medical conditions related to the heart, however, before you search for a cardiologist, New York Cardiologist Dr. Edward Honig recommends patients educate themselves on what a cardiologist does.


What does a cardiologist do?

A cardiologist is responsible for diagnosing any potential problems with your heart, recommending treatment, and preventing new issues from occurring. After an initial consultation, which will include a physical examination, your cardiologist will schedule you for heart-related tests to ascertain the condition of your heart. Some of these tests include:



  • Echocardiogram, which is an ultrasound examination of your chest.
  • Electrocardiogram, which records your heart’s electrical activity to determine and predict heart attacks.
  • Stress test, which examines how well your heart performs under stress and exercise.
  • Cardiac catheterization, which inserts a small tube in your heart that injects a dye into your veins to help determine if plaque is clogging your arteries.



After these edifying tests, your cardiologist will have a better idea of your heart’s condition, and he will make recommendations to address your needs. For example, if your cardiac catheterization examination discovered a buildup of plaque in your arteries, then your cardiologist might prescribe a medication to reduce plaque, help you modify your diet and exercise, and refer you to a cardiothoracic surgeon for surgery.


How do I know if I need to visit a cardiologist?

Visiting a cardiologist is an important first step in keeping your heart healthy. If you’ve ever experienced heart pains, have high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, then these could be signs of potential heart issues that a trained cardiologist can diagnose. Also, you should consider visiting a cardiologist if you’ve ever regularly smoked cigarets, or your family has a history of heart-related issues as both of these factors increase your chances of developing heart disease. If you’re still undecided about visiting a cardiologist, then you should ask your primary care doctor if he would recommend visiting one.


Patients with diabetes are a particularly overlooked group of heart disease candidates. Dr. Edward Honig says that patients with diabetes are at risk for heart disease because diabetes can increase the chances of developing heart disease dramatically. Dr. Honig has treated several patients with diabetes, and Dr. Honig says that heart disease is often times one of the things patients with diabetes think about the least. He says the reason patients with diabetes tend to be at a high risk is because they tend to have unnatural cholesterol and high triglycerides.


How do I pick the right cardiologist?

When asked to give advice to patients on choosing a cardiologist, Dr. Edward Honig, a top-rated cardiologist in the New York area, said patients should seek doctors who have years of experience in cardiology, have received formal training from an accredited university, and are in good standing with the state licensing board. Currently attending patients at Glen Cove Hospital, Dr. Honig added that patients should familiarize themselves with what a cardiologist does before their visit, so the patients will be able to ask their doctor more informed questions. Furthermore, he suggests that patients be certain their insurance will cover their visit to the cardiologist. Finally, he says he always recommends that his patients seek a second opinion if they have any doubts.

A Brief Understanding of the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a recognized source of Kabbalistic insight, with 50 locations around the world and more than 5,000 students weekly. The Kabbalah Centre gives physical and web-based learning by providing lectures, prayers, and books, downloads, CDs, and DVDs.

The Kabbalah Centre is a community that supports and provides students with a conducive environment to grow spiritually, develop relationships, and exchange ideas with like-minded people. Kabbalah guides in detail how to traverse the vast terrain to remove every form of pain, chaos, and suffering. The Kabbalah Centre teachings are founded on the Zohar, which is the foundational sacred text of Kabbalistic wisdom. It decodes the mysteries and the universal spiritual system described in the Torah.

Kabbalah is a millennial wisdom that reveals how the Universe and life work. When we mention plenitude, we are not talking about experiencing temporary happiness, which we have all experienced, because connecting with the energy of wholeness means maintaining that satisfaction in a lasting and uninterrupted way. Although millennial, Kabbalah presents a new paradigm of existence, which all areas of our lives emanate from the same root. This philosophy offers a new way of seeing the world, which can bring you the fullness you seek.

The most enjoyable thing about studying Kabbalah is that it does not require you to relinquish your faith or religion. It deepens your understanding of the Universe and gives you more information and tools to understand why some things happen to you. The great Kabbalistic sages have taught that all human beings possess the potential of being great. Kabbalah helps one activate that potential, rejuvenate hope, and have faith that all is well. Kabbalah’s purpose is to bring understanding, clarity, and freedom to our lives.

Kabbalah Centre invites everybody, irrespective of their position in the community or their belief. The Kabbalah Center also offers scholarships to those who strongly desire to study and share Kabbalah, but may not afford the fee. At Kabbalah Centre, they impact the knowledge about understanding the natural forces and spiritual world as well as the inner being that assists participants to live a peaceful life.


Greg Finch is one of Australia’s Finest Orthopedic Surgeons Endorsed by FRACS

Orthopedics, also called orthopedic surgery, is an annex of general surgery practice. It specifically addresses conditions and illnesses associated with the body’s musculoskeletal system — which includes bones, tendons, joints, nerves, and muscles. Having once dealt primarily with children, orthopedic surgeons now have extended the practice to include all age groups, indiscriminately.

Based on the needs of patients, an orthopedic surgeon may provide either noninvasive treatment or perform surgical procedures to treat degenerative diseases, sports injuries, infections and many other musculoskeletal conditions. Two of the most common surgical procedures are knee and hip replacement.

When a patient’s knee becomes damaged beyond repair within the scope of normal surgical means, an orthopedic surgeon may perform knee replacement surgery. In this procedure, the weight bearing parts of the knee get replaced with cadaver pieces and artificial parts. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis who may have knee fragments disfigured as a result, also benefit from this surgery. Recovery time is long and intense. Physical rehabilitation is most times a mandatory part of recovery following surgery.

Similar to knee deterioration, hips can become damaged with long-term wear and abuse. Also, there is vulnerability to natural loss of bone mass that is a physiological by-product of aging. When the hip becomes severely damaged or unbearably painful to the exhaust of non-surgical methods to bring the patient relief, an orthopedic surgeon may replace the hip with an artificially manufactured one. With recent technological and procedural achievements, this particular surgery has been effective eliminating patients’ pain and restores any prior deprivation of movement in the joints.

Having gone through tumultuous, supplementary surgical training for several years following his completion of the Australian’s educational standard, Gregory (Greg) Finch, is an orthopedic surgeon endorsed by FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College) and is included in an elite group of qualified surgeons within “The Lucky Country.” He currently works at Sunshine Coastal Hospital and Health Service. Greg Finch started his career in Pediatric Orthopedics back in the early 90s at Shriners Hospital for Children.

While Greg Finch has skills in general orthopedics, his subspecialty is spinal orthopedics and trauma surgery. He has advanced skills in the areas of spinal decompression, spinal tumor surgery, cervical surgery and spinal stenosis, among others. Greg Finch has worked with some of the world’s leaders in the specialty of spine surgery beyond the borders of Australia, including the U.S. and Germany. Aside from his extensive and reputable work in his area of expertise, Greg Finch also conducts business in the field of medico-legal.

Making it to the Top at Nine9

In the world of acting and modeling, it is very difficult to make it big and get a reliable career. Most of the aspiring actors and models who cannot get a job are not represented by agencies. Nine9 counters this problem by making it easy for these young dreamers to find auditions and pursue tangible careers.

Nine9 grants us access to resources and opportunities in the performing arts industry. With its large network of connections and kind and charitable staff, there have been multiple people who have risen through the ranks and rose to the top of their industry. They make it look easy because Nine9 makes it easy. Visit Nine9 CEO .

James V. had only spent a month and a half with Nine9 and he had already received unbelievable opportunities. He got all this all with little effort. He auditioned and got the part for a horror and comedy film slated to be released late in 2017. Nine9 Offices .

Shanel F. joined Nine9, and she was soon a part of feature films and tv shows. Her success led to her walking of the red carpet. She was now offered the role of a main character on a tv show, and is going to enjoy being on tv for four years. Click Here to read Nine9 blogs.

Allen D. was immediately put on set. He was with actors from the popular Netflix tv show. “The Originals”. They gave him a lot of useful advice for the industry. He is now going to be featured on the Oxygen channel and the Sundance TV channel. Nine9 at Facebook .

Klayresse R. had some trouble auditioning. She was offered a lot of positions, but never seemed to be able to get past the audition stage. Yet, she was persistent. Nine9 set her up with a hair modeling company, and they selected her to star on the hair modeling show.

All these people have had wonderful experiences with Nine9. They have come from out of nowhere, and now are basking in their success on being popular movies and shows. There are not many organizations that can do this. Nine9 offers these people a chance to shine. for more.