Rocketship Education: Sending Communities To New Heights

Education is something that’s value can not be understated. A well-educated adult can create opportunities for themselves that are unavailable to those without it. That is why the achievement gap found when comparing low-income houses to their wealthier counterparts is something that cannot continue to exist. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit that has made its mission to address this devastating occurrence. It is their hope that they can develop a sustainable program that eliminates this achievement gap in our lifetime. Their innovative strategies have led them to be in the top 10% of California schools serving low-income areas. They operate in 3 different states as well as the District of Columbia.

A great program is built from the bottom up brick by brick. For Rocketship Education the foundation of their success is hiring the best staff available. In order to find the most qualified instructors, they search the applicant pool only considering those with a strong background in the STEM fields and humanities. From there they provide quality training, ensuring that each instructor is able to provide the careful and thoughtful educational experience that Rocketship is known for. Once the instructor has students, or rocketeers, of their own they are required to visit each student’s home at least once. This requirement ensures that every parent feels like their child’s teacher is accessible as well as committed. It also allows the teacher a unique ability to discuss a child’s needs. With parent, support Rocketship believes that every rocketeer can take off

Natural disasters impact economically stretched communities the hardest. Families that already struggle to make end’s meat suddenly see all their possession and home destroyed. After such a loss it can become difficult to impossible for parents to continue working much less prioritize their child’s education. The family can easily become homeless when they are unable to supply security deposits on new housing. Seeing something like that threatening the education of their students Rocketship Education was compelled to act. Working with local nonprofit charities the organization was able to raise $62,000 to go towards helping families rebuild their lives.


The Top Paid Celebrities According to Forbes

Celebrities are paid well. In fact, some people even believe that they are paid to much to entertain society however it seems each year the numbers surrounding celebrity wealth only continue to grow. Forbes recently released their list of the 100 top paid celebrities based on calculations from June of 2016 to June of 2017. This year there were many newcomers and some close battles for top spots. Check out some of the highlights below and if you would like to see the full list it can be found here.

This year the #1 spot went to Diddy who banked $130 million prior to taxes during the 12 month period. A large chunk of this came from the sale of the Sean John clothing line which was purchased for roughly $70 million. Last year Drake held the #3 spot, however, this year he was surpassed by J.K. Rowling who made $95 million in the one year period in comparison to Drake who brought in a close $94 million in the same time frame.

Other names that made the list this year include Beyonce at #2 with $105 million, Jackie Chan at #39 with $49 million, Kevin Hart at #98 with $32.5 million and Amy Schumer at #69 with $37.5 million. Steve Harvey, Conor McGregor, and Chance the Rapper also made the list this year for the first time ever. Altogether the 100 highest paid celebrities in the world brought in a combined $5.15 billion prior to taxes between June of 2016 and June 2017. Seeing how that is enough to end world hunger we can only hope that every celebrity on this list donated money to help others this year.

Green Bay Packers Clear Aaron Rodgers to Start in Week 15

The house that Vince Lombardi built at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin has experienced a franchise impasse during its 2017-18 NFL season.

During an exhilarating game by the Green Bay Packers against their division rival Minnesota Vikings on October 15, 2017, starting Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sustained a punishing tackle by a Vikings defender, which injured his right collarbone and caused a fracture.

Rodgers had surgery performed on his fractured right collarbone four days after experiencing the game day injury. After that, the Packers placed their superstar quarterback on the injured reserve list. It was not known at that time whether or not Rodgers would be able to return to the field at some point late in the season.

However, the elite, 33-year-old signal caller posted a message to fans on his Instagram page late Tuesday night (December 12), which indicated that the Super Bowl-winning Rodgers has been cleared to start in the next Packers game against the Panthers on Sunday December 17, 2017.

“It’s been a long road from that day to this, but I’m happy to say I’ve been medically cleared to return,” Rodgers posted. “Thanks for all the love, support, prayers, and well wishes over the past 8 weeks and a big thank you to Dr McKenzie and our incredible training staff. #riseagain,” he continued.

Number 12’s impassioned message to fans was written below a picture of the rugged and tough touchdown passer resting on a hospital bed with a hairnet on under a white sheet giving a smile and a thumbs up. This eliminated any doubt about Rodgers being good to go. He has desperately desired to play during his speedy recovery.

“One of the big factors that played into this was Aaron Rodgers very, very badly wanted to play,” said television sports reporter Ian Rapoport during a Tuesday night show on the NFL Network.

“And that’s one thing that’s been clear the entire time with Rodgers is ever since he broke his collarbone, he was aggressive in his recovery to try to get ready for Week 15,” Rapoport went on to say.

The 7-6 Green Bay Packers are more than eager to have their warrior under center back after experiencing a subpar season in his absence. The focus for the team is to get back to its winning ways.

David Giertz Reveals The Most Critical Secrets on How To Get More Pension

With the current increase in dependence on retirement benefits, every individual should find ways of maximizing their pension in time. David Giertz, a specialist in pension and an international entrepreneur proposes to the youth how they can comfortably increase the value of their retirement benefits without getting into problems. As the president of Nationwide Financier’s sales and distribution organization, David Giertz has conducted much research on retirement and why retirees complain of not enjoying any good benefits from the pension.

From the research, the Nationwide Retirement Institute, 80% of retirees regret failing to identify the factors that determine their social security benefits. As a result, the CEO has gone a notch higher in helping the young entrepreneurs identify these factors. Giertz affirms that there is no advantage of early retirement on a pension especially should an individual retort to using the money immediately.

However, delayed access to the social security funds makes you enjoy the maximum amounts in pension. He continues to site taxation and reduction in value as the significant ejections from your saved retirement funds. David Giertz cites the utterances of Seiler of ASC Financial group that social security is set in such a way that it should only assist in retirement and not fully finance it. Therefore, every individual should try at all cost to optimize its benefits.

David Giertz is an experience retirements benefits expert with more than three decades in the financial field. He has extraordinary skills in economic strategies, processes, and innovation for the highest level profitable growth. David Giertz has a history of success in whatever he sets his hand. For instance, in less than a decade as the CEO of Nationwide Financier’s Sales and Distributions Organization, David Giertz has delivered a revenue growth of more than $6.8 billion.

Similarly, he encourages coaching and sharing to the extent that he has certified more than 100 leaders as coaches. In 2009 while leading the Financial Institute Bank as the wholesales and distribution channel in charge, David Giertz’s determination lead to the increase in revenue from $1.5 billion to $ billion within half a decade. David Giertz has also been an arbitrator with FINRA in addition to being an active member of different community organizations. The renowned CEO is well schooled with an MBA from the University of Miami and a BSC from Milliken University.

Matthew Autterson’s New Goals Help CNS Bioscience

The point of Matthew Autterson’s job as the CEO of CNS Bioscience company is to help people through the difficult things they have worked on. He has tried to always be a leader and has made sure he is helping other people with the issues they might have in the business. For Matthew Autterson, this means he has to come up with solutions that will allow him to try new things and will allow him to make the most out of what he is able to do with the company. Matthew Autterson also knows there will be different things he can do to help people through the business side of the company.


There have been things that Matthew Autterson has done, but he knows these things are not the same as how he can help other people. He also knows he will need to make sure he can help his clients with the issues they are having in the business. For years, Matthew Autterson has tried to make sure he is helping people and is giving back to the community he is a part of. Matthew Autterson is a philanthropist and his career at CNS Bioscience is a direct reflection of what he can do as a philanthropist.


Perhaps one of the best things that Matthew Autterson has done is offer different opportunities to people who he works with. The one thing Matthew Autterson has done is offer philanthropic opportunities for his clients and for the businesses he cares about. Matthew Autterson likes to show people what they can do and how they can make the right choices in the businesses they are in. Whether he is helping at CNS Bioscience or he is helping at the Denver Zoo, he knows there will be different opportunities he can use to give back.


While Matthew Autterson is successful in his career, he knows it wouldn’t be that way without the things he has done for other people. For that reason, he continues to push forward and give people what they are looking for. He wants to show them they have a chance at a positive future. He also knows there will be ways that his clients and patients are going to give him the help he needs to be successful. He wants people to see how he is doing things not, so they will be impressed, but so they will know they can do the same thing. Go To This Page to learn more.




Michal Terpins Having his 10th Drive in the Sertoes Rally

Mr. Michal Terpins made a strong appearance in 2016 at the Sertoes Rally edition 22, finishing at place number 7 and winning a medal for his performance. Mr. Michal Terpins did not take part in the rally alone as his brother Mr. Rodrigo Terpins also participated in the race.

A year later, Mr. Michal Terpins wins two out of three rounds in the latest race of Sertoes Rally. This was his 10th participation in the competition in his career. Many believed that Mr. Michal Terpins would have had an even better streak and in the third stage if his car did not experience a mechanical difficulty. That forced him to drive for about 306km at a slower pace which resulted in 2 out three instead of a perfect streak. Nonetheless, Mr. Michal Terpins was one of the five fastest drivers in the race many thanks to his navigator through the affair, Mr. Maykel Justo. The team performed rather well, and so both of them received recognition in the race.

The Sertoes Rally takes place every single year. The drive is almost a mile long and has at least a dozen participants every year. For Mr. Michal Terpins, this might be his most favorite competition as he always expresses his excitement for the race and has high spirits no matter how it goes for him personally. This year was his 10th time getting behind the wheel for the race. He was happy to see his brother taking a drive in the race as well. Mr. Rodrigo Terpins had his 6th time driving in the rally. He did so last year as well and had excellent results finishing among the top seven drivers.

Mr. Michal Terpins took part in the Sertoes Rally for the first time back in 2002. Back then instead of driving a car, Mr. Michal Terpins participated on a motorcycle for that category. Mr. Rodrigo Terpins was competing in the car category at the time, and so Mr. Michal Terpins later joined in on the action. Mr. Michal Terpins uses a T-Rex car and his navigator of ten years has been Mr. Maykel Justo.


Lime Crime’s Red Velvet Steals The Show

What do you get when you mix Lime Crime’s Red Velvet Liquid Matte Lipstick with a Riverdale television character? You get Cheryl Blossom. It’s no secret that this character really loves red. Therefore, Lime Crime’s Red Velvet lipstick is a perfect fit for her personality and style. Madelaine Petsch is the name of the actress that plays the character on the television show and she simply loves this bold red lipstick too. In a recent interview, the actress shared that the bold lipstick has staying power and will lasts through just about any kissing scene on the show.

The Original Matte Lipstick

It is interesting to note that the Red Velvet color worn by the character on Riverdale is part of the original Lime Crime Matte Lipstick Collection. This is the lipstick that was inspired by the look of rose petals. This is also the lipstick that was created by Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere. The Red Velvet hue is a very intense and bold color that quickly captured the attention of Lime Crime fans across the Internet. It is now stirring up a storm on Riverdale. Fans like the fact that the lipstick does not require frequent touch ups like some other brands. In fact, one application should last all day long. In addition, you are able to smile with complete confidence because the colors will not bleed or transfer on teeth or other objects like food or clothing.

Lime Crime Cosmetics

If you like bold colors, you will like Lime Crime Cosmetics. The Red Velvet Velvetines Lipstick is one of their most popular lipsticks. It is also a good introduction to the Lime Crime brand. This beautiful color is the creation of Doe Deere. Deere is the flamboyant unicorn queen and the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere is on a personal mission to change the way that the world views makeup. Doe Deere believes that makeup is a way to discover your true self and not just a tool to cover up any perceived imperfections. Furthermore, all the cosmetics produced by the company are animal cruelty free and completely vegan.

Matthew Autterson and Financial Services Knowledge

Matthew Autterson is a trusted figure in the large American business community. The sought-after businessman has employment with a noteworthy firm that’s called CNS Biosciences, Inc. CNS Biosciences, Inc. is a widely known bioscience firm that concentrates on the unveiling of neuropathic pain medications of all kinds. It concentrates on both clinical and early stage matters as well. Matthew Autterson n has numerous big roles with CNS Biosciences, Inc. He’s its Chief Executive Officer and President. He’s even a board member for it.


Autterson earned a solid education in the Midwestern region of the United States. Matthew is an alumnus of East Lansing, Michigan’s Michigan State University. This is a well-known public research school. Autterson finished his education at the university in the beginning of the eighties. That’s the year he left armed with a sparkling new B.A. (bachelor of arts) degree in finance. Autterson developed a strong interest in the world of tax. He, because of that, began participation with a Graduate Tax Program that was run by the University of Denver in Colorado. Work became a big priority for Autterson after that time. He started work with a business that was known simply as First Trust Corporation. It was a Fiserv division. Autterson remained with First Trust Corporation until 1982. Get Related Information Here.


No one can argue all of the things Autterson has to do on a daily basis. This is an executive who isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty and doing the hard work that’s necessary to thrive and get ahead in his vocation. He’s part of FAB, which is short for Falci Adaptive Biosystems. He’s one of the business’ illustrious Board of Directors members.


Scott Falci, M.D. is the man who is behind CNS Biosciences, Inc. That’s because he’s precisely who established it in 2013. Autterson, as a result, is highly familiar with this medical doctor and with his in-depth line of work. He works alongside Falci on a regular basis as well.


Autterson is a respected financial services powerhouse. He likes to share his thoughts and opinions with other individuals who are part of his field. He’s proud of the fact that he’s been in the field for a quarter of a century at this point. He has a Twitter account and uses it to frequently communicate with other people. Autterson posts his thoughts regarding all sorts of topics that catch his interest. He residents in Denver, Colorado right now.


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Efforts put by cancer centers of America, Allscripts and Nanthealth to fight cancer

The cancer menace affects a lot of people across the world. The disease has caused pain and affliction to lot families across the globe. In America alone, at least 40 percent of adults are diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. National Cancer Institute revealed that close to 15 million people in the U.S. were diagnosed with cancer in 2014. The figures are expected to shoot to close to 20 million in the coming ten years. These figures can, however, come down if there is adequate information on specific treatment options for cancer in our hospitals. Lack of adequate information is one of the hindrances to the treatment of cancer.

Cancer Centers of America are one of the organizations that have put a spirited fight against cancer. The organization, through their affiliate hospitals, has teamed up with Nanthealth and Allscripts to roll out a new program that will enable quick access to critical information needed during the cancer treatment process.The new platform created by the three organizations will allow clinicians and researchers to access a pool of cancer care data. The database will continuously be updated by oncologists and physicians who have experience and expertise in dealing with different types of cancer. The critical information in the database can be accessed within a few clicks.

The three organizations launched the partnership in 2016 as they tried to brainstorm on how they can deliver better services to the cancer patients. The new platform is known as clinical pathways, and it will allow the eviti system by Nanthealth to access the Allscripts Sunrise EHR.The Allscripts Sunrise EHR contains more than 2700 evidence-based treatments which allow clinicians and oncologists to weigh on different treatment possibilities that they can recommend to their patients. The integrity of the clinical pathways program is assured since it is maintained by highly experienced oncologists and researchers in America.Through the clinical pathways platform, oncologists can create customized treatment plans with the input from the patients. The platform also helps them to compare treatment options and costs, and also examine other complimentary services that a cancer patient would consider.

Talkspace: It Is The Right Thing To Do

Therapy is always the right thing to do if someone out there is struggling with their mental health. There are no two ways about it. They owe it to themselves to take care of their mental health and give it to the proper treatment. It is just like going to the doctor. When it comes to this type of doctor, however, they can talk to them over the telephone and they don’t have to go to the office. This means no long car rides, no waiting forever in the waiting room, and no high costs. That is a pretty good picture, huh? It is the picture and the reality that is happening over at Talkspace. It is making people very, very happy.

It is an app that allows anyone to connect with a therapist online. They can talk to them on the phone if they desire, they can send text messages to them daily for only 32 dollars a month, or they can have video chats with them. It is a new and improved way of therapy. Over at Talkspace, they have seen all of the things that are going wrong in the therapy industry and they are taking it upon themselves to improve them and make them better. They pride themselves on this, as a matter of fact.

They have experience in the field and they have seen how complicated it has become for so many people. The bottom line is that if someone needs and wants help, they should be able to get it without having to jump through so many hoops and face so many obstacles. They should be able to pick up the phone and get the help they need. Thanks to Talkspace, it is now a reality for them. They are seeing tremendous results in the way they feel.