Dr. Chris Villanueva and Amazing Concepts

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the talented dentist who launched the company by the name of MB2 Dental. He’s a tireless practitioner who has big dreams for the dental world. His wish is to encourage maximum ease for corporate dentistry professionals. It’s to encourage optimal convenience for independent practitioners as well. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is an individual who understands what it’s like to handle the two different paths. MB2 Dental is a company that has done extremely well for itself so far. It has aided practitioners who represent 70 affiliated offices. These offices are located in six different states. They staff 533 workers in total. MB2 Dental appears to be a business that’s growing stronger by the day. It can thank its incredible team of leaders for that as well, and learn more about Dr. Villanueva.

MB2 Dental is a concept that’s been stirring inside of Dr. Villanueva for a long time. Leaving dental school after graduation was the start of a big epiphany for the professional. He was frustrated when he realized that dentists simply didn’t have many choices in front of them. They had to get jobs with sizable group practices. If they didn’t choose that route, they had to begin private practices all by themselves. He didn’t like those limitations. That’s exactly why he wanted to come up with a solution that enabled dentists to take advantage of the two distinctive concepts. MB2 Dental is a business that always makes doctors its top focal point. That’s the reason that it’s also a business that makes patients its primary focus.

Dr. Villanueva likes thinking at night. He wakes up early every morning. He’s a busy professional who has to manage so many duties each day. He’s also a doting father who has several amazing kids. Despite his need to wake up early each morning, he still loves doing things at night when the world feels a lot quieter and more serene. The night hours make him feel like anything and everything is possible and within reach. This doctor feels a sense of freedom at night. The quietness of the night enables him to ponder things. It enables him to reap the rewards of his imaginative streak as well, and https://ideamensch.com/chris-steven-villanueva/.

This doctor adores working with the most brilliant minds he can find. He thinks that bouncing concepts off of amazing talents can be extremely motivating. He has a penchant for brainstorming with people who are sharp and quick-witted, and more information click here.

Highland Capital Management, LP is on the Forefront of Alternative Investments

Highland Capital Management, LP, is an investment advisor, registered with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and currently manages more than $15 billion in assets. Highland Capital has become one of the most experienced and largest credit manager alternatives in the world. The company takes a special focus on a variety of credit strategies and includes CLO’s (collateralized loan obligations), distressed and special situations private equity, separate accounts and long-only funds and credit hedge funds. The company also specializes in alternative investments and includes natural resources, long and short equities and emerging markets. The Highland client base varies and includes high net worth individuals, governments, funds of funds, financial institutions, corporations, endowments, foundations and public pension plans. Read this article at Dallas News.

The company maintains its base of operations in Dallas, Texas and has grown over the years to include offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and New York.. What began as a joint venture with a life insurance company, has morphed into one of the most experienced global alternative credit managers. Over the years, the company has expanded their focus to include fixed income markets and senior secure bank loan management. The company name went through several iterations over the years before becoming Highland Capital Management, LP.

Highland Capital further continued to expand its product offerings with mutual funds. The company acquired two floating rate funds. In 1996, the company launched one of the first non-bank CLO’s in the industry and has structured, organized and monitored more than 38 CLO’s/CDO’s for a total of more than $30 billion. That makes Highland the largest CLO manager in the financial industry worldwide. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

In 2000, Highland again expanded its product line and launched a strategy that focused on distressed assets. Highland also established two bank loan accounts to accommodate American and Canadian public pension plans. Highland continues to develop strategies to help investors achieve their investment goals by minimizing risk and maximizing return. The strategies include emerging market credit funds, credit hedge funds, gas and oil funds, ETF’s, long and short equity funds, private equity funds and long only credit funds.

Visit: http://www.highlandcap.com/

Lime Crime Expands to China, Remains Vegan

Lime Crime, an American cosmetics brand, partnered with Revolve, a Los Angeles based fashion platform, to sell their products in China. As a vegan brand, they faced difficulties in selling their products to a Chinese market where all cosmetics must be tested on animals. According to Kim Walls, the Global General Manager of Lime Crime, the company needed to branch out from their usual distribution methods. In order to avoid testing on animals, the brand will ship their products directly to China from the United States, however, this poses several logistical issues. Among these issues are language barriers, duties, and international returns.

In addition to those issues, a substantial counterfeit market already existed for the company’s products in China. Prior to their partnership, Revolve already serviced a similar audience to the one Walls wanted to reach in China as an online fashion platform. Revolve was looking to expand into the beauty segment, which made the companies a natural fit. The brands utilized a multi-part strategy to introduce the product, creating a ‘seed audience’ in China before the official launch. Lime Crime encouraged their social media viewers to visit Revolve’s website, promoting the retailer as the only legitimate source of their products in China. Walls emphasized the ‘unified effort’ by the two companies in order to undermine the existing counterfeit market.

The brands rewarded existing fans by allowing them to access the online market two hours prior to the official launch of the products, which prompted discussion of the brand online. Additionally, they used influencers to promote via word of mouth and their own social media channels. Walls stressed that the companies wanted content that reflected the cosmetics’ brand and, therefore, avoided using well-known ‘first tier’ influencers who had already developed their own brand, favoring more obscure influencers who were avid users of the company’s cosmetics in their promotion instead.

Neurocore Therapy Works

Dr. Tim Royer, a former neuropsychologist founded Neurocore therapy. The therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses biofeedback and neurofeedback. However, 74% of Neurocore therapy patients have decreased or eliminated their medication. The company doesn’t have any complaints filed against in the better business bureau. The only possible side effect is skin irritation from ten20 paste. Incidentally, the company offers an alternative cream for patients with sensitive skin. The sessions are held in a quiet room. The patient sits inside a cubicle and is connected to electrodes. The electrodes are attached to the ears and head. The patient simply watches a video and the device does the rest. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Neurocore therapy uses biofeedback mixed with neurofeedback. The patient’s heartbeat and breathing are monitored by the electrodes. Their brain activity is charted by the device. However, when the brain becomes unbalanced the device sends a message to breathe. A deep breath sends oxygenated blood to the brain. This causes the neurons to increase in the brain. The neurons release endorphins to the brain. The brain becomes relaxed and distressed. The screen enlarges as a reward for positive brain activity. If the brain gets back into an unbalanced state the device tells the patient to deep breathe. The screen shrinks as a way of alerting the brain that something is wrong.

View: https://www.groupon.com/deals/neurocore

Tiffany Pojeski tells Fox17 that her son’s life took a 180-degree turn. Her son Jackson lost his ability to focus and complete the simplest tasks. For instance, Ms. Pojeski asked Jackson to put his socks in the hamper and he couldn’t do it. Ms. Pojeski said Jackson acted as if his brain wouldn’t shut off long enough for him to sleep. Jackson miraculously recovered after taking 40 Neurocore sessions. He was able to do what his mother asked without having a meltdown. Jackson was also able to sleep without medication. Read more about Neurocore at muscletech.com.

Pastor Tom Williams, Making Mighty Fortress Church Mighty !

Bishop Thomas Williams is the pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. Mighty Fortress Church is located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The First lady of Mighty Fortress Church is Sabrina Williams. Sabrina and Pastor Tom have been married for many years and they have a beautiful family together. Pastor Tom Williams and Sabrina has been doing an amazing job helping Mighty Fortress Church be one of the best churches throughout the entire city. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Bishop Thomas Williams has been ministering for more than 30 years now. He enjoys ministering, he believes that it is something that God himself has called him to do. Bishop Thomas Williams believes in being active in the community as well as with family and friends. Pastor Tom has received many educational degrees throughout his life with some of his degrees reaching the doctoral level. He is very qualified as a pastor and as a communicator as well. Some of his degrees are in the field of Mass Communications and Organizational Leadership.

At Pastor Tom’s church, one of the biggest sermon topics he preaches about is about faith. Pastor Tom believes that coming to church and receiving the word from him is only one piece of receiving blessings. The only way to actually receive extraordinary blessings if for you to receive the blessing and to mix it with faith in order to reach your destiny. Visit theperfectreporter.com to know more.

Church is held each week on Sundays and each week members come to church and receive powerful messages from Pastor Tom. Pastor Tom gives his church members burst of encouragement, empowerment, and inspirational each week.

If you are interested in attending Mighty Fortress Church, attending is as simple as showing up. Mighty Fortress Church is a casual place to worship God. You are encouraged to wear what you feel comfortable in. Appearance is not important to the officials of Mighty Fortress Church. What is important is that you come to church and receive the word of God.

When attending Mighty Fortress Church expect to feel the spirit of being free. Members are invited to sing and clap along with the choir during times of worship!

Read: http://www.didyouknow.it/uncategorized/mighty-fortress-church-celebrates-legacy-reformation/

Securus Technologies and the Significance of its Wireless Containment Systems

Incarceration services are one of the most challenging jobs in the world due to handling different types of inmates, controlling them, and more. I must say that it is one of the riskiest jobs as well due to mental and physical abuses faced by the officials. Lack of proper technology in place is making the job very difficult to manage and many times reactionary in nature. Just go through the story of Robert Johnson, the former correctional officer at Lee Correctional Institution – a South Carolina prison – with primary responsibilities of confiscating contraband phones.


In March 2010, he was attacked by an intruder inside his home by gunshots and narrowly escaped from death. Two weeks before the attack, Johnson had seized a package belongs to a prison gang, for which they retaliated by setting their gang members outside. Strangely, they contacted the members outside using contraband cell phones, which prison officials could not track. Contraband phones are considered to be the biggest threat to prison safety and security. I can say that this is not an isolated incident but has repeated to many prison officials and their relatives for implementing proper incarceration process per law. All of such attacks are carried out over contraband cell phones.


In March 2017, Johnson appeared before the regulator, Federal Communication Commission and explained the risks associated with the contraband phones inside the prison. Interestingly, Johnson is now part of Securus Technologies as a paid consultant. I should say that the firm has developed a smart Wireless Containment Systems to restrict contraband phone calls in the recent years. A spokesperson of Securus confirmed that the company is literally putting a new network, and the operator can decide to block or allow the phone calls in the network. The antenna of the system tracks all calls both incoming and outgoing from the prison.


I want to fairly admit the capability of WCS as it is the only interdiction technology for contraband phones which is effective in the prison environment. Even FCC is aware of the serious threats the incarceration departments face, and it voted in early-2017 for streamlining the process of interdiction technology, like WCS from Securus, at the correctional facilities. I can say that it would significantly reduce the paperwork and time for approval for connecting with various wireless carriers. There are reports that the changed process even prompted the public to ask the elected representatives to install the system in correctional facilities.


Securus released the data of WCS, what it captured, recently. It showed that nearly 1.7 million contraband call attempts had been blocked by the system in just eight correctional centers over a period of one year from July 2016. Securus confirms that it has invested more than $40 million for creating the proven, errorless interdiction system – the Wireless Containment Solutions.



How the HOPE Program from Troy McQuagge Helps People

The point of the HOPE Program is to give people what they are looking for. Troy McQuagge knew this and knew there would be things he could do to make sure there were options for those who were less fortunate. He also knew there would be different ways he could give the community the things they needed without having to worry about where those things were going to come from. It all went back to how Troy McQuagge US Health could help people and how he could make a difference in their lives. He had a lot of hope for the people and that is what he used the HOPE program for. While he was Helping Other People Everyday, Troy McQuagge felt it was his duty to keep things going for all those who were in need. He wanted to make sure there were other ways for people to experience the best of everything and he knew that was why he created the program.

While he was working as the President and the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge found he was doing everything right for the business. He wanted to keep making it a good business and wanted others to know what he was doing. It was up to him to make sure there were other things that would help him feel confident about what was going on and there were other things that gave him the inspiration he needed to keep giving the community what they were looking for.

Despite there being issues with other insurance companies in the industry, Troy McQuagge never saw those issues with USHEALTH Group. He wanted to make sure he was giving people the options they needed and he felt confident that would go back to how he could provide a more positive influence to everyone he worked with. It was his way of making things better and his way of giving people what they could do to bring attention to the issues that were going on in the industry.  Follow Troy McQuagge USHealth on Twitter.

As long as Troy McQuagge was confident in the skills he had and as long as he was making sure things would change for other people, he felt he would be able to keep helping people. He also felt good about what he was doing because there had been so many different things that would change the company. It was his way of allowing people the chance to continue working toward a more positive future. Depending on the issues that people had with health insurance and with the needs they had to have met, Troy McQuagge felt he would make sure things would get better. Troy McQuagge always did his best to bring attention to these issues.

More info here:https://www.slideshare.net/USHealthGroupNews/us-health-news

In Radio Interview, Dr. Chris Villanueva Sheds Light on MB2 Dental and How It Changed the Dental Industry

Dr. Chris Villanueva, who founded MB2 Dental, recently discussed why he did it and what he hoped to achieve with it during a recent interview on the radio. During the interview, he discussed what motivated him to start MB2 Dental and how it is different than all the other players in the dental industry. He also discussed how MB2 Dental places a focus on autonomy and why it is so important for dentists to have the freedom and autonomy that they need. He also discussed how MB2 Dental places a focus on company culture, and how they cultivate a progressive culture in their business. He also offered some insights into the future of the dental industry and some advice for future entrepreneurs and young dentists.

The motivation behind starting MB2 Dental was to provide all the benefits of the business provider part of the dental industry to sole practitioners while letting them experience all the benefits that sole practitioners do. Dr. Chris Villanueva spent time on both sides of the dental industry, so he knew exactly what dentists needed. MB2 Dental is the first such business to provide dentists with the resources that they require without the usual strings that are attached. They have hundreds of employees and support dentists in no less than seventy locations around the country.

MB2 Dental offers a fresh approach to dentistry. They provide dentists with a new outlook on the industry. They are based on the premise that dentists that work together will have access to more resources and will be able to get more things done. They are changing the face of the entire dental industry. This is impacting the lives and practices of countless patients and dentists. What makes MB2 Dental unique is that they focus on a fresh approach that takes into consideration improvements that would actually help the dentists and their patients, as opposed to the usual drab and boring approach that focuses mainly on profit margins. They have a solid youthful culture that is based on years of experience and success. They are progressive and are always up to date on the latest trends. They are dedicated to making sure that dentists have the freedom and control they need while also making sure that dentists can work together to provide each other with support. They also have a team to help out with things like taxes and payrolls.

Nick Vertucci And His Life-Changing NV Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is living the American Dream. He is financially secure and is able to give his family the finer things in life. But it wasn’t always that way. Vertucci struggled financially until he learned how to use real estate to generate all the money he needs. And he is teaching men and women nationwide how to do the same thing by using the principles he teaches in his NV Real Estate Academy. The program is very affordable and the principles being taught are easy to master. People that complete the course and apply the principles begin making excellent incomes almost immediately.

Before he became involved in real estate, life was rough for Mick Vertucci. As a teenager, he lived in his van. He started a computer company and made some money, but the dot.com crash wiped him out. He then spent a year and a half struggling to make ends meet. He was at his wits end and worried he wouldn’t be able to feed his family. Fortunately, a friend invited him to a real estate seminar. Vertucci was hesitant, but he decided to go. The seminar changed his life forever. He came back confident he had found what he needed. He started buying, repairing and selling real estate and making a fortune.

Over the next decade, Nick Vertucci spent countless hours researching new and better ways to buy, repair and sell real estate and make a profit. Eventually he created the a system that was so simple anyone could make money doing it. The program he developed was called Fortunes in Flipping. And Vertucci made a fortune using it. Before too long he was a multimillionaire. But Vertucci wasn’t satisfied. He remembered what it felt like to not have the income he needed to take care of his family and wanted to offer people facing the same struggle a way out. So he started the NV Real Estate Academy.

Through the NV Real Estate Academy Nick Vertucci has helped many people to become financially secure by teaching them simple ways to buy and sell real estate and make an excellent profit. The NV Real Estate Academy and the Fortunes In Flipping program have helped many people turn their lives around. Helping others do well financially gives Nick Vertucci great joy. He teaches them skills they can use to generate a consistent income for the rest of their lives.

It Has Been An Eventful Year For One Login

One Login offers identity verification and access management services. There have been a lot of changes to the company this year:

  1. A New Executive Is Onboard:

Brad Brooks became the CEO of One Login in August. He’s highly experienced in the tech sector.

  1. One Login Is Considered An Excellent Company To Work For:

Fortune Magazine included One Login in a list of the 10 best companies to work for in the San Francisco area. This is the fourth award that the company has won in the last two years.

  1. Airbus Is Now One Of Their Customers:

Airbus is a well-known aeronautics and spaceflight company. They currently use the services of One Login to verify the identities of their employees.

  1. The Company Has Received A Lot Of Positive Reviews:

The company has received fourteen exceptionally positive reviews this year. This is likely to bring in more clients. Here are some examples of the types of businesses that have reviewed One Login positively:

  • Places of education
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Companies that manfacture goods
  1. The One Login App Is More Secure:

The company implemented adaptive authentication. This can keep suspicious people from logging into the app. This technology keeps track of the network, browser, and device that was used during log-in attempts. If the login attempt appears suspicious, the person who manages the software will be warned immediately.

  1. One Login Has Improved Access To Their App:

Machine learning has been utilized to ensure that the app runs properly. Logging into the app happens faster than it did before as well. In addition, it’s especially easy to access apps that you frequently use. Furthermore, apps can be accessed even if you don’t know the name of the software.