WWII-era Bomb Discovery Closes London City Airport

The Second World War might be an event resigned to history books and television for most people, but for those in the United Kingdom’s biggest city it is still taking its toll today.

Construction personnel working near the King George V Dock on the Thames River reportedly discovered a 1940’s era explosive lodged in the mud and quickly contacted the Metropolitan Police and Royal Navy to dispose of it. Authorities then imposed a 214-meter exclusion zone on the area, which forced the closure of the London City Airport and several surrounding businesses.

While smaller and less well known that it’s larger brother, Heathrow, the London City Airport still handles several hundred flights a day, and the latest closure is believed to have disrupted the plans of at least 261 different aircraft bound for the location.

“All flights today are canceled but some airlines have moved their flights to other airports – CityJet to Southend and Alitalia to Stansted”, the airport said in a statement.

When asked for a timeline of when passengers can expect to regain access to the London City Airport, Royal Navy technicians were unclear.

“The timing of removal is dependent on the tides, however, at this stage we estimate that the removal of the device from location will be completed by tomorrow morning” a spokesperson said.

The Navy clarified on the details, explaining “The first stage of the operation is to free the shell from the silt so it can be floated for removal…We will then attach high-grade military explosives before carrying out a controlled explosion…The aim is to cause as little disruption to the city of London as possible.”

Operations remain ongoing to remove the explosive, but authorities seem confident that the airport will be able to continue business as usual tomorrow morning.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-43027472

Portland Sends Ukraine Love

As Valentine’s Day approaches, one group in Portland shows what real love means. Emmanuel Mercy Mission recently collected donations for medical supplies to help relieve the mass shortage in Ukraine. This Portland area mission gathered $900,000 of basic medical necessities from local individuals, manufacturers, and hospitals. The shipment full of diapers, crutches, wheelchairs, and other medical supplies is set to arrive in early April. There it will be divided and distributed to Ukrainian hospitals.

Since gaining its independence in 1991, the Ukraine has seen its share of fighting and war. The Eastern European country’s limited budget has left a gap in basic resources. The last four years have produced massive shortages, including water, power, and food. With the UN’s World Food Program set to withdraw aid due to lack of funds, humanitarian efforts like Emmanuel Mercy Mission’s are vital to keeping the country alive.

For Emmanuel Mercy Mission, this is more than just a love project. This Portland non-profit was started in 1992 by refugees. They knew from personal experience what blessings and hardships were. Seeing the need in the communities they left behind, the mission came together to provide humanitarian aid at home and abroad to people in need.
Collaborating the last four years with Medical Teams International, the mission has put together three shipments of medical supplies to help Ukraine’s hospitals. Efforts like these from Portland bolster more than just the physical health of Ukrainians, it reminds these forgotten people that they are loved.

Equities First Holdings News: What to Know

While you have have been searching for good news online, have you ever wondered as to why you can only find the bad news? This is because almost everything that reporters are making their big stories on is bad. However, with the article on news about Equities First Holdings, you can finally get that good news you have been needing. EFH has made all of their clients learn how to trust them, and that is hard to accomplish with so many companies ripping everyone off these days and making everyone not willing to trust companies. With this trust that they have earned, it is easy to know why everyone of their clients is happy to see that they are going forward with their partnership to  EFC company and funding them.

About EFH

The Equities First Holdings company has never let a client down, and the alternative shareholder financing services that they do provide also come with their great expertise, care, and resources.

Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad, is a pediatric surgeon raised in Kuwait and born in Palestine. Studying at Cairo University in Egypt he where he received his medical degree. Soon after graduating second in his class with honors, he came to the United States to do what he learned from Cairo University, completing his residency in pediatric surgery while developing new pediatric surgical procedures. In a 40 year span, Saad Saad has successfully performed thousands of surgeries on infants, young children, and even teenagers, whether they can afford the surgery or not. For example, Dr. Saad Saad has traveled to Jerusalem eight times on a medical mission to complete surgery on children that was too complex to be done locally, so he was willing to take out his time to save lives at no cost to the people. He took into account a statement from Abraham Lincoln that “We are all created equal in the eyes of God.” What that means to him being a surgeon is, all of the children were created with the same body parts that he works on, so there is no discrimination when it comes to the quality of life.


Some of his training that led to being able to perform these complex surgeries came from his mentor American Dr. H Biemann Othersen, the most accomplished pediatric surgeon in the United States. The most important lesson Dr. Saad Saad learned from his mentor was that, before you even perform surgery you must love to treat all children the same no matter where they are from, and no matter the background. His standard is always to be honest and kind, especially being aware that the child and the family dealing with such a difficult time are going to be more receptive and optimistic that the surgery will turn out well when you choose to carry yourself this way.


To this day, Saad Saad is consistently researching innovative ways to keep expanding his knowledge regarding pediatric surgery, making him even more valuable in the medical field. What he recommends for others after what he experienced in life is, to become successful in any venture just make sure you persevere with hard work and everything else will take care of itself! Learn more:  http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087

Dr. Mark McKenna – Lifting His Spirits and Progressing

The eager and devoted Dr. Mark McKenna has made a huge impact on the lives of the community. As it is well known, Dr. McKenna exercised a great deal of persistence after the blusterous hurricane destroyed his business in his hometown.


Dr. Mark Mark Mckenna and his dad started a real estate business in his hometown after graduated college, titled, McKenna Venture Investments. Real estate was the doctor’s passion and so he pursued it. The business would perform very well throughout the community and with great success of a business comes expansion. Dr. McKenna decided to start two other related businesses, ‘Universal Mortgage Lending’ and ‘Uptown Title, Inc.’. The real estate business would reach an amazing $5 million dollars a year in worth and boy did Dr. Mark McKenna and his dad have huge smiles on their faces. Well, it would only be a matter of time when flooding waters would take the city of New Orleans by storm.


In 2005, Hurricane Katrina would strike New Orleans, destroying most of Dr. McKEnna’s business, decreasing his cash flow to $0.


Dr. McKenna was shattered, disappointment took root, sadness set in, something had to be done. He would join relief teams to help rebuild the city, drowning in his loss, he decided to overcome this set-back and excel.


Dr. McKenna would move to Atlanta, Ga and here he would rebuild. The disappointment of the hurricane would cause despair, but Dr. McKenna decided to move forward, lift his spirits and progress. He would start a new business titled, ‘ShapeMed’. ShapeMed provided cosmetic treatments in the form of botox injections, laser hair removals and nutritional counseling. The community would approve of the business by great measures and Dr. McKenna would build the business to $4 million in annual revenue. Read This Article to learn more.


Dr. Mark McKenna didn’t quit when Hurricane Katrina took his real estate business he persevered. He was disappointed and sad, but he wasn’t defeated. Dr Mark McKenna’s perseverance allowed the success of a wellness medical practice to thrive and win the approval of the Atlanta community. If he had given up, ShapeMed would have never happened. Now, communities are influenced by Dr. McKenna, spreading the word about his perseverance and providing a stronger platform for which the doctor can stand on as a leader.


Dr. Mark McKenna is currently the founder and CEO of OVME and the best has yet to come.


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Matthew Autterson And His Journey To Becoming An Acclaimed Financial Services Manager

Not many people have experience doing something professionally and after twenty-five years, are still good at it. For many, the first prime years are the most productive and as time goes, they end up killing the psyche they have. However, for Matthew Autterson, it is totally different. For him, he gets better with age just like wine.

For the last twenty-five years Mattthew Autterson has been in the financial markets in different professional roles, he has only done one thing constantly; emerging better with time. His has been an illustrious career that has seen him manage one the biggest and most successful state-chartered institution in the United States of America.

In the year 1980, he graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance. Around the same time, he was graduating, he attended the Graduate Tax Program that was exclusively being offered by the University of Denver. Soon after graduating from both institutions, he started working at First Trust Corporation. Owing to his ambition and dare to dream big, he left the company and became part of small group of professionals who chartered a new state-chartered company in Colorado state.

The company they started was called Resources Trust Company and it was a subsidiary of Integrated Resources Inc. that was originally based in New York. After just three years since it made a debut, Resources Trust Company was bought by Broad Inc. together with all other assets owned by Integrated Resources Inc. In years to come, Broad Inc. would change names to become SunAmerica.

As of May 2001, AIG sold Resources Trust Company to Fiserv. Before the sale was complete, Resources Trust was among the biggest and most successful FDIC insured depository companies at the time. It had credible depository and custodial services it was offering to thousands of clients around the country. It had also employed more than 700 people and held not less than $20 billion in custodial assets as well as more than $1 billion in deposits. Get Additional Information Here.

Matthew Autterson is an achiever. He does not believe in taking shortcuts and is a truly professional individual. He belongs to the work smart and hard school of thought that has over they years, proven to be very reliable when it comes to producing managers in different fields. Currently, he sits in different company boards in different capacities and is also actively involved in philanthropy.

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Talk Fusion Sets On New Path For Development

Talk Fusion is a company that has taken the age-old concept of sending emails and turned it into something that is worthy of the future. The company is one of the most sought-after video email platforms, that allows people to communicate in a more engaging and interactive way. In the past few month, Talk Fusion has been altering the way that they work, putting themselves on a path for development. This started with a makeover to the dashboard and overall look of the platform, and the integration of new tools that could make the platform easier to use and more efficient.



The Founder and CEO of the company, Bob Reina recently came forward to talk about the developments that the platform will be seeing in the future, and the reasoning which prompted the company to move in this direction. He also took to announcing the new improvements that are being made to the overall functioning of the associated companies that Talk Fusion has under its name. He also stated that the movements being made were necessary if the company wanted to get ahead in the sector and stay on top of their competition. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOihUBWQy5-3QlEKA7s-4-A



Talk Fusion was founded with the aim of bringing together innovations that changed the way people communicate. The company functions less like one cohesive unit and more like a group of several different companies that are divulging into different forms of communication and different aspects of the industry. One of the main reasons why the products that Talk Fusion provides are so popular is because of the price range that they are in. The company always offers their products at reasonable prices as compared to their competitors. The CEO of the company, in an interview, stated that the biggest competitor to their products and services is themselves.



One of the reasons why the CEO of the company, Bob Reina decided to push so much for the development of the company is because they weren’t satisfied with staying in the same position. Talk Fusion had to be the number one provide alternative communication platforms and is now working towards that goal to truly distinguish themselves.



The company has also seen development as their prerogative because of the changing ways in which people are now beginning to communicate. The traditional means of text emails and SMS are rather outdated, and internet based platforms are now becoming more popular than they ever were before.


For the love of racing, the story of Michel Terpins.

The Sertoes rally is the most awaited rally circuit in Brazil, in fact, some consider it among the biggest sporting events in Brazil. It has one of the most challenging routes which vary and change yearly and with every edition being taken to a different state. The 25th edition takes the teams competing into three states which are; Goiás, Mato Grosso, and Mato Grosso do Sul. This edition will see more competitors than the 24th edition and will see a crowd favorite, the #322 T-Rex piloted by Michel Terpins and his navigator Maykel Justo. The two will be representing not only themselves but their team the Bull Sertões Rally Team. The track covers a distance of 3,300 kilometers. The track is further divided into two with 2200 kilometers covering special terrain. Due to the various challenges that are expected on the route, it is only fair to have the Support Park at the Autodromo Internacional de Goiânia. The Bull Sertões Rally Team hopes to do well this time and validate the combination of Terpins and Justo who came together in the 24th edition and despite the various challenges that they faced were still able to perform. Having worked on their communication and other minor challenges that they may have faced during there first encounter they are now more comfortable as teammates. The team expects to be sufficiently challenged by there teammate and Michel’s brother Rodrigo.Lately he has been in tiptoe form, and after completing his practice session, it was evident to Michel that he meant business in the 25th edition. This, however, is not a problem for Michel as he is used to challenges, in fact, he thrives on them.Having been a former cross country competitor and competition was similarly tight, he was able to rise to the top and does not see a reason as to why he cannot replicate that level of success in Rallying. Having received the Carbon free sticker, it goes without saying that Michel Terpins continues to remain conscious on the effects rallying may have on the environment and as such he is ready to mend any damage done. The project by the Green Initiative foundation ensures that more trees are planted to match the amount of carbon produced during any rally circuit.

The Experienced Michael Burwell

When it comes to factors that make a good leader, a lot must be said for experience. Leaders can be innovative and can have a knack for making business decisions, but without any experience, they do not have a frame of reference for how those innovations or decisions will affect the company in the long run. That is why most leadership committees at companies are filled with seasoned veterans that have been around the block and know exactly what the outcomes of their decisions will be, not through intuition but by actually seeing these decisions play out in the past. That is why when Willis Towers Watson was searching for a new CFO late in 2017, they landed on the experienced veteran Michael Burwell.


Michael Burwell has been in the business and finance industry for almost 32 years, spending the vast majority of his time working for the public accounting and advisory firm PwC. In his time there, Burwell spent nearly 11 years doing audit work for clients. In audit, he was able to learn about the workings of several different types of businesses and watched how certain strategies played out over time. He was also able to get a firsthand look at how certain business decision made in prior years rippled through the financial statements in later years. This gave Burwell insight on how certain decisions can affect investors, clients, and other stakeholders of the financial statements.


At PricewaterhouseCoopers, Burwell also spent several years in transaction and advisory roles, something similar to what he will be doing at Willis Towers Watson. There he helped with due diligence work and other pre-merger activities, learning about why companies were chosen as targets and what these decisions will mean for the company in the future. He also worked with clients to determine the best course of action for them when they were having cash flow problems. During his time in transaction and advisory services, he learned about acquisitions strategies and was able to help clients get back on their feet. Go To This Page for related information.


Now Michael Burwell is starting a new chapter in his life as the CFO of Willis Towers Watson. Since WTW specializes in transaction and advisory services, as well as benefits and other services, Burwell has a vast knowledge of what WTW’s clients are looking for already. Because of his past experience, he will be able to determine the strategies that have worked in the past and the ones that will work in the future. He will help Willis Towers Watson and their clients succeed into the future due to his knowledge of the past.


Visit: https://www.whitepages.com/name/Michael-Burwell/MI

Graham Edwards, Leads Business Market in UK

Graham Edwards has been the CEO of Telereal Trillium for over 16 years. In 2009, he was the leader in the acquisition of the Trillium Co. The merger solidified the company as the leader in real estate outsourcing and investments with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion. Mr. Edwards has held key management roles with Talisman Global Asset Management and Merrill Lynch prior to Telereal. He has many other business interests to include: mining, software, water and engineering. Mr. Edwards received his degree in Economics at Cambridge University in England. Mr. Edwards is also a philanthropist and is passionate about helping other people and improving the community.

Telereal Trillium is the largest privately owned real estate company in the United Kingdom. The company manages over 8,000 properties and has a portfolio of over $6 billion. Telereal has long term agreements with some of the United Kingdoms largest private and public companies to include BT and the Department for Works and Pensions. The company primarily focuses on property partnerships, investments and land development. Telereal develops land for single family homes to sites for buildings with thousands of units. The company currently has plans to build over 2,000 residential units with its partners in the coming years (Fasttrack).

Graham Edwards’ Telereal has received numerous awards over the years to include: Payroll Giving Quality Mark, ISO 9001 Quality Management System accreditation, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems’ accreditation and Investors in People Award. The company manages properties or provides services to the following companies: Affinity Water, Barclays, Aviva, BT, Birmingham City Council, Virgin Media and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Over 1% of the workforce in the United Kingdom are occupants in Telereal buildings. The company has a diverse geographic portfolio with a minimum of one asset in every town in the United Kingdom. This gives Telereal a strategic advantage over other companies.