Graham Edwards, Leads Business Market in UK

Graham Edwards has been the CEO of Telereal Trillium for over 16 years. In 2009, he was the leader in the acquisition of the Trillium Co. The merger solidified the company as the leader in real estate outsourcing and investments with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion. Mr. Edwards has held key management roles with Talisman Global Asset Management and Merrill Lynch prior to Telereal. He has many other business interests to include: mining, software, water and engineering. Mr. Edwards received his degree in Economics at Cambridge University in England. Mr. Edwards is also a philanthropist and is passionate about helping other people and improving the community.

Telereal Trillium is the largest privately owned real estate company in the United Kingdom. The company manages over 8,000 properties and has a portfolio of over $6 billion. Telereal has long term agreements with some of the United Kingdoms largest private and public companies to include BT and the Department for Works and Pensions. The company primarily focuses on property partnerships, investments and land development. Telereal develops land for single family homes to sites for buildings with thousands of units. The company currently has plans to build over 2,000 residential units with its partners in the coming years (Fasttrack).

Graham Edwards’ Telereal has received numerous awards over the years to include: Payroll Giving Quality Mark, ISO 9001 Quality Management System accreditation, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems’ accreditation and Investors in People Award. The company manages properties or provides services to the following companies: Affinity Water, Barclays, Aviva, BT, Birmingham City Council, Virgin Media and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Over 1% of the workforce in the United Kingdom are occupants in Telereal buildings. The company has a diverse geographic portfolio with a minimum of one asset in every town in the United Kingdom. This gives Telereal a strategic advantage over other companies.


Super Bowl Week is Hard for Eagles’ Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz Admitting Super Bowl Week is Hard for Him

Super Bowl 52 is less than a week away and millions upon millions of people are eager to watch the matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.

However, not everyone is terribly eager for Sunday. One of those with a less-than-happy mood is none other than Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. Normally, players from both teams speak in front of the media for Super Bowl Opening Night, but Wentz was simply not part of the main show at all.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Wentz admitted that he was rather hurt and put off having to watch his team punch their ticket to the Super Bowl from the audience rather than on the field. He added that there will be tons of mixed feelings for him the second his team hits the field on Sunday, but then said that once those are out of the way then everything will feel back to normal for him.

In the meantime, all Wentz can do right now is keep his head up and help backup QB Nick Foles as much as possible in order to prepare for the game. It’s necessary for him but admittedly extremely tough considering that he had a great chance to make NFL history earlier on. In fact, Wentz’s performances earlier this season had him in line to possibly win the MVP Award from the league.

Despite this, Wentz has made assurances that he’ll be fine with anything that happens and knows he is still a part of the Eagles team. Even fellow teammates like tight end Brent Celek make it a point to tell Wentz that he’s still with the team in spirit.

Why Troy McQuagge Won the Gold One Planet Award with US Health: A Story of Success

This is the story of how Troy McQuagge UShealth Won the very impressive golden position in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards, which are global nominations that illustrate the deeds of entrepreneurs and businesspeople of success.

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of the USHealth Group; a company focused on the healthcare service. Since he took the position as the chief executive officer of the firm, in 2014, he made USHealth Group skyrocket in sales and good reputation. In the year he acquired the spot as the Chief Executive Officer of the company, he also became the President of the group, being the person that is the most responsible for the success of its future. As the President and CEO, he is also the most influential men in the firm.

The prestigious One Planet℠ Awards is an annual nomination that chooses many businessmen and women around the world and gives them a position in a ranking system according to their impressive deeds during that year.

His professional excellence was noticed in 2016, two years after he became the President of the corporation and six years later after joining the team for the first time. In fact, during his first few years in the company, beginning in 2010, Troy McQuagge already showed immense progress and became one of the most valuable assets of the USHealth Group. This is the primary reason why he was named the CEO and President of a national healthcare services provider.

Usually, the personalities that are targeted by the One Planet Awards are entrepreneurs whose organizations became global firms and influential in their businesses, but these are not the only criteria to judge the success and how much the business person deserves a spot on the list. The past of the character plays a significant role in their success, judging the problems that the individual had to face and the velocity to which they climbed the ranks of their corporation or how they managed to raise a business to another level. This is the case of Troy McQuagge. As the CEO of USHealth Group, he changed the healthcare services and treatments that were being offered in the company and also changed the business model to englobe more people while providing the same quality of service. Soon, the UShealth Group was, in fact, a large group of individuals working together to provide health care to all kinds of ages and social conditions. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

The UShealth Group is a collection of companies that provide expert treatment to a wide array of specialties, which means that every company inside the USHealth family has their own contribution to making all the treatments that they provide have a high-quality service and result. They are innovators and scientists who have developed and improved therapies for all kinds of diseases and health conditions. Troy McQuagge made everything possible. For more information on Troy McQuagge US Health, Click here:



Atlanta Is a Likely Candidate for Amazon’s New Headquarters

Amazon may choose Atlanta for the location of its second corporate headquarters, according to a recent report by GBH Insights. As explained by Business Insider, Amazon plans to invest $5 billion in its new 500,000-square-foot headquarters over the next 10 years, which will create an estimated 50,000 jobs.

Amazon has narrowed its selection down to 20 potential cities, including Atlanta, from an original pool of 238. While the online retailing giant hasn’t announced a selection yet, there’s strong evidence suggesting that it could be Atlanta.

After analyzing what they believe Amazon is looking for in the hometown of its new headquarters, GBH Insights researchers concluded that Atlanta is the most likely candidate, followed by Raleigh, Washington D.C., Boston and Austin. You may notice that all of these cities, with the exception of Austin, are located on the East Coast. Assuming Amazon chooses one of these cities, this will keep its new headquarters next to the country’s capital.

This isn’t the only report predicting that Amazon will choose Atlanta in which to build its new headquarters. Sperling’s Best Places also ranked the southern city as the leading contender.

Of course, countless other big-name companies already call Atlanta their home, including Coca-Cola, Delta, Newell Rubbermaid and Home Depot. One of the reasons Atlanta is such a popular choice for corporate headquarters is because of tax incentives. Furthermore, it has a relatively low cost of living when compared to other cities. With so many benefits, there’s a good chance that Amazon will construct its new headquarters in Atlanta.

Joakim Noah To Be Traded After Practice Incident

Former Chicago Bull and University of Florida Gator Joakim Noah had an altercation with Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek last week that has led to the team and Noah deciding it would be best if her was traded our of New York Yahoo News reports

The 6’11” center has not seen many minutes with the Knicks this year, with centers Kyle O’Quinn and Willy Hernangomez being utilized most by Coach Hornacek due to Noah’s recent knee surgery and drug related suspension.

The two time NBA All-Star has spend most of his 10 NBA seasons in Chicago where he averaged 9.3 points, 1.4 blocks, and 9.4 rebounds. He had become a staple in the city but was traded when the team went through a rebuilding phase after the Derrick Rose era.

It is unclear which team will pick up Noah at this time but given his performance statistics it is safe to say that this past years misfortunes will be overlooked with the hope of a speedy recovery for the two time NCAA champion. Though analyst Tim Cato has his doubts

The New York Knicks are currently 10th in the Eastern Conference just ahead of the Charlotte Hornets and two games behind the Detroit Pistons with a record of 22 – 8. NBA sophomore Kristaps Porzingis has been a standout averaging 23 points per game. The Knicks play the 18 – 32 Brooklyn Nets tomorrow at 5:30 pm. It’s probably a safe bet to assume Joakim Noah will be sitting this one out.

OneLogin Provides Protection From Increasing Data Issues

People all over the world have become victims of theft as a result of data breaches. Technology is quickly advancing, and many companies are failing to keep up with the new technology. Technology can be useful for business and bad for business depending on who has access to the company’s information. Derek Brink has recently collected data from over 17,000 manufactures in the United States and Canada. He obtained this data to evaluate the characteristics of all of the companies.

Technology is taking over, and many companies have included technology in their company one way or another. Using technology has begun to challenge companies. The two largest concerns that they now have is managing user profiles and providing users with strong security. It is important that IT pay careful attention to detail when they are creating the technology that will ensure the safety of their users and their personal information.

Data breaches have affected many manufactures because they did not have the proper security in place thus risking the confidentiality and safety of their user’s information. Third party users play a big part in security needs. Outsiders that have access to the same platform as the regular users can misuse the technology and cause significant problems. If the proper security is not in place, people can become victims of theft by third-party users.

A significant amount of information to date has been stolen from companies. The information that is taken puts users in a dangerous place as well as the company. Contracts that are signed and essential documents that are stolen break the agreement made between the two companies. Data breaches can cost companies thousands of dollars. It can all so cost them the trust that they have built with their users.

According to OneLogin, Stable and robust security can be the reason that a company succeeds or fails. Users are very interested in knowing that they are safe. Their safety is what allows them to put their trust in manufacturers. When a data breach takes place and information are put into the hands of the wrong person people lose confidence.

NYC’s The Town Hall Scene Of Monday Evening’s Anti-Trump “People’s State Of The Union”

Actor Mark Ruffalo will be among the Hollywood elite Monday evening at New York City’s The Town Hall. The anti-Trump event is being listed as the “People’s State of the Union,” according to a report at the BusinessInsider.

The Manhattan gathering will occur one day prior to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address. Star activists like Whoopi Goldberg, Lee Daniels, Rosie Perez, Alyssa Milano, Michael Moore and Wanda Sykes are just a few who have said they will attend. The town hall event will feature speeches and music, and the public can attend by purchasing a ticket for $47. Rapper Common will be performing the song “Stand Up for Something.”

Ruffalo told the media that the “People’s State of the Union” is being held to celebrate the “resistance.” The actor blasted Trump for his alleged trouble with the truth and divisive agenda, saying that people need to come together to show that this isn’t what America was built on and not how the people who live here feel.

Both Ruffalo and Michael Moore have been vocal since Donald Trump took office. The two were among a large group in New York City last August as they stood protesting at Trump Tower.

Manhattan’s The Town Hall, built in 1921, serves as a symbolic building for Monday evening’s Hollywood-studded event. It was 90 years ago that suffragists met to plan for the future and make their voices known. Women gathered to fight for the 19th Amendment (women’s right to vote). The venue seats approximately 1,500.

We Stand United and are presenting the “People’s State of the Union.” Other organizations involved in the event include Planned Parenthood, Women’s March and several unions.

The Town Hall is located at 43rd Street between Broadway and Avenue of the Americas.

Nick Vertucci Has One Of The Most Inspiring Stories Of Going Into Real Estate

Nick Vertucci, the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy doesn’t just direct its course toward real estate professionals or entry level employees; he encourages anyone of any business background to attend. The NV Real Estate Academy teaches people how they can finance property purchases, how to work with contractors or do it themselves on renovations, and other ways they can turn real estate investments into big gains in the market. So far, current attendees and alumni of the NV Real Estate Academy have expressed high reviews of the program, and the Better Business Bureau has given it outstanding ratings.

If you’re still having doubts about whether getting into real estate is right for you, you should get to know how Nick Vertucci himself got into it. He had had no experience in real estate either as part of his formal training or in his family background. He came from a tough financial situation growing up where even parts of his early adult life were spent living out of a vehicle. His way of getting out of that situation was through a love of computers, and his first business that he founded involved selling hardware parts which he did quite well at. The income generated by this business was enough to buy a house and provide for his family for a while, but the dot-com crash which hit the stock market in 2000 also caused his business to crash, so once again hard times came upon Nick Vertucci.

His entry into the real estate world was one that he was highly skeptical of because the promises seemed too good to be true, and he didn’t think going into it without any prior background could lead to success. But Nick Vertucci would find out otherwise after attending a three-day workshop during which he came out learning things about buying homes and flipping them that he had never heard before. He figured out how to acquire properties, and within a short time he was already reselling and leasing them out and turning his debt into financial freedom. He started sharing his story with others, buying time to get it out on local media and soon assembling the team that currenly runs the NV Real Estate Academy. While the academy is based in California, Vertucci often travels the nation to do training sessions.

Alex Smith May Have Played His Last Game as a Chief.

In Sunday’s NFL Pro Bowl Game, Kansas City Chief’s quarterback Alex Smith had a decent performance. Smith completed seven of his ten passes for 131 yards. He had one touchdown and one interception as his AFC team defeated their NFC rivals by the score of 24 to 23.

Speculation is rife that this may have been Alex Smith’s last game wearing a Kansas City Chief’s helmet. Smith has had several good seasons with the Chiefs since he came over to the team from the San Francisco 49er’s. In San Francisco, Alex Smith started for several seasons only to be replaced in the starting position by Colin Kaepernick.

Smith immediately became the starter when he joined the Chiefs. In the last two seasons, the Chiefs won the AFC West Division, but they lost early in the playoffs.

While Smith’s performance was good, good enough to earn a trip to the Pro Bowl, many fans feel as if he isn’t the quarterback to take the Chiefs to the ultimate prize of playing in a Super Bowl.

In last year’s NFL Draft, the Chiefs chose Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech. He saw limited duty this season, but he is seen to be the Chief’s quarterback of the future. Since the Chiefs expended a high draft pick to obtain Mahomes, sports insiders doubt that he will remain a backup quarterback. With Alex Smith heading toward the end of his career, the Chiefs may be ready to trade Smith at an opportune time and hand the reins of the offense to Patrick Mahomes.

Alex Smith has not commented extensively on his future with Kansas City. If the Pro Bowl was his last game in a Chief’s helmet, he played a good game, and he had a good career with the Chief’s organization.

Dr. Mark Mckenna: Creating A Better Tomorrow

Society is full of well-rounded individuals. Society is also full of intellectually-gifted individuals. What happens when society takes one person and then gives him/her both of these fine qualities? The answer is fairly simple because you would be rewarded with a guy that’s similar to Dr. Mark McKenna. If you’re not from around New Orleans or Atlanta, then you probably won’t have a clue to who this guy is. Dr. Mark McKenna is a successful doctor and businessman. Most people in certain areas know of McKenna as a medical doctor, while people in other areas have known him to be a businessman. That’s about as simple as anyone can state it.

This extraordinary guy is a Tulane University Medical School graduate. He is fully-licensed in medicine and in surgery. This advanced-certification comes from the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners and from the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. He is one of the most accomplished persons of any field. After completing his medical training at Tulane University, McKenna decided to go straight to work in the medical industry. As a bit of time passed, he decided to venture-off into real estate. McKenna founded and launched a successful boutique type of real estate development firm. McKenna Venture Investments was its name, and it offered some of the best real estate closing services.

Life has been extremely good for this guy as he is a devoted father and husband. His wife, Gianine McKenna, gives the good-doctor the right balance between work and for having a social life. Dr. Mark McKenna is very business-oriented thanks to owning many successful companies, which includes ShapeMed, Universal Mortgage Lending, OVME and Uptown Title Inc. The Louisiana-native will continue to pursue his careers as long as the passion keeps burning, but lets not jump the shark. All in all, Dr. Mark McKenna has created a better life, and he’s creating a better tomorrow.

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