Father Michael Pfleger has invited United States President Donald Trump to visit with him in Chicago in order to discuss the ongoing problem with gun violence that plagues the city. The invitation extended by Pfleger is the third time he has reached out to Trump.

Trump was vocal about the gun violence in the city while campaigning for the presidency and has continued to make constant Tweets about the matter. But Father Pfleger feels that it is time for President Trump to stop talking about the problems in the city and actually do something about them.

Pfleger is the priest at St. Sabina Church located in southside Chicago and says he first sent a mail correspondence to the president 10 days after his inauguration. The priest also says that he sent the president a letter a month later but still received no response.

In a briefing that took place at the White House, Sarah Sander, press secretary, was questioned in regards to the two letters sent by Father Pfleger. Sanders responded by saying she was not aware of the letters and would need to check before giving a further response.

This prompted Pfleger’s third letter which he crafted on Tuesday that reiterated the Father’s desire to have the president come to Chicago to see first hand what is happening in the streets and aide the city with ridding itself of “this epidemic.”

Pfleger wants President Trump to speak directly with members of the community that deal daily with the violence that prevails in many Chicago neighborhoods.

Father Pfleger expressed that he finds it offensive that President Trump frequently speaks of how horrible the city of Chicago is but has yet to give any real attention to the matter. Pfleger also stated that he has written to several United States Presidents over the years and Trump is the only one that has not responded.

The state of Washington became the first state in the country to pass its own net neutrality protection on the heels of the rollbacks to the Obama-era protections. On Monday, Governor Jay Inslee signed the net neutrality law into effect from his office in Olympia. The bold move signaled the state’s commitment to protecting the freedom of the open internet.

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created a set of laws which prohibit communication companies from blocking internet content and applications, or throttling network speeds to the detriment of the consumer. On December 14, 2017, the FCC repealed these rules in a controversial move that caught the ire of many individual states. In January, 20 states vowed to fight the repeal at the state level in an effort to protect internet consumers. With the passing of House Bill 2282, Washington asserted itself as a leader in the fight to protect net neutrality. Following the controversial December reversal, 20 states and the District of Columbia sued the FCC and vowed to fight for net neutrality at the state level. Governor Inslee believes the House Bill will be a catalyst for more states to follow through with their own legislative action.

The new Washington law will take effect on June 6. In addition to the prohibitions laid on internet provider companies, the new law will also mandate transparency regarding information about network management practices, performance, and terms of agreement for consumers. The move was hailed as a victory for both internet consumers and small businesses. By creating a level playing field, net neutrality encourages new business growth by eliminating unfair practices by larger and more established corporations.

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Nick Vertucci is an epitome of resilience and persistence as evidenced in his life journey. He had to fight many odds to get to where he is today. He was first hit by the death of his father when he was just ten, leaving his mother with the heavy burden of providing for the family. At just 18, Nick had started doing menial jobs with his van to make ends meet.

Venturing into Business

After a few years in the van, he started a computer parts venture, and things started looking up. Unfortunately, the business went under leaving him to fight a burden of debt. Additionally, he had never thought of investing for the future, and he had a family to feed. His light came when a friend invited him to a seminar that opened doors for him to join the real estate sector. He learned the skills and collected all the reliable knowledge to venture into the field. After about ten years of struggle in the field, he finally found a success formula that enabled him to create wealth. Since then, Nick Vertucci committed himself to teaching the system to other people. He desires to see others get from where he was and rise to create wealth that can last for generations. That is how the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) was birthed.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

NVREA was incepted four years ago with the aim of providing educational programs to individuals who are looking to excel in the real estate business. The sector comes with a lot of challenges which the program seeks to handle and provide solutions. The experts in the academy are equipped to help anyone move past the hurdles and succeed. The system covers the whole process of real estate deals, from identifying a project to preparing the property and finally making the sale or finding tenants. The system dubbed Fortunes in Flipping gives all the tactics and strategies that one can approach the business with to make a kill. Since the first class, many individuals have registered the program and come out victorious. NVREA has since become the most sought-after destination for real estate skills.

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A 14-year-old girl died after someone started shooting at a Florida school on Valentine’s Day. There were 16 other people who were killed by the shooter. Most families have tried to move on from the event, dealing with their emotions the best way that they can. Alyssa Alhadeff’s family has left her room just as it was before she went to school that day in Parkland County. The young girl leaves behind her parents and her brothers. They haven’t managed to go into her bedroom to make any changes. There are still books on the floor, nail polish on her desk and clothes on her bed. It’s as though Alyssa is still coming home from school, but her parents know that she won’t be back to the home to put up her belongings or talk to any of her family members.

Alyssa’s mother has sat on the floor of her daughter’s bedroom, crying and wearing her daughter’s clothes to try to cope with why someone entered a high school in Parkland and started shooting. Alyssa’s mother tries to spend time in the bedroom because it makes her feel close to her little girl. She uses her daughter’s perfume. She can’t eat like she did before the shooting, and she doesn’t get out of the house. Alyssa was smart and took many honors classes in school. When Alyssa’s mother received a message about the shooting, she knew that her daughter was in trouble. Officers pushed her back to the crowd that formed outside the school, not letting anyone inside the building. A few hours later, she knew that her daughter had been killed. A nonprofit organization has been established to help with the funeral costs that the families have as well as other monetary assistance because some parents have taken time off of work to cope with their losses.