Mariners Robinson Cano Suspended for 80 Games

The post-season hopes for the Seattle Marines took a big hit on Tuesday with the news that second baseman Robinson Cano is suspended for 80 games after testing positive for the diuretic furosemide. Effective immediately, the suspension was brought down by Major League Baseball (MLB), as it violates the league’s drug prevention and treatment program.

Cano spoke through a statement by the MLB Players Association, stating that furosemide is not a performance-enhancing drug and that he would never do anything to cheat in the game that he loves. The 35-year-old alleges that he was given the drug for medical purposes by a doctor while visiting his native Dominican Republic.

It has a been a rough week for Cano. After being hit by a pitch from Detroit’s Blaine Hardy on Sunday, Cano underwent surgery on Tuesday to repair a fractured fifth metacarpal in his right hand. According to MLB rules, Cano’s time on the disabled list as a result of the injury will count toward his suspension. The key difference is that players placed on the disabled list still receive a salary, while Cano will not be paid any compensation during his suspension, losing a total of $11.85 million of the $24 million he was set to receive in 2018. The former eight-time All-Star is also ineligible for the 2018 All-Star Game and the post-season, regardless of whether the Mariners get that far.

In his fifth year with the Mariners, Cano was batting .287, bringing in 23 RBIs and sending four over the fence. Most importantly, Cano was a stalwart for the team, not missing one game this season until he was injured on Sunday. Prior to joining the Mariners, Cano played for nine years with the New York Yankees.

Matt Badiali’s Incredible Investment Ideas

Matt Badiali’s Incredible Investment Ideas

While beginning his career, Matt Badiali worked as a scientist. His education background might have attributed to his successful works as a scientist. As such, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Earth sciences from the Penn State University. He further enhanced his knowledge in the course he had previously studied by enrolling for a Masters in geology from the Florida Atlantic University. Although he had explored much in geology and earth sciences in his past courses, he was still interested in gaining more knowledge thus he pursued a PhD in the North Carolina University. It is until the year 2004 that one of his allies introduced him to finance.

The friend was much knowledgeable in finance since he had a PhD in this sector. He was interested in working with Matt Badiali for him to assist him in coming up with methods which would help educate the average investors on proper investing techniques. Matt was an ideal person to approach for this deal because he was passionate about every project that the engaged in and his experience in geology and science would add up in giving the best advice in investing. Matt Badiali and the friend had the idea of crafting good investment advice which would be ideal for an average American. Based on this notion, Matt writes with the purpose of assisting his father whom he witnessed struggling a lot while investing. By writing, Matt realised that this was the only way that he could use his education and experience to assist people. Visit the website to learn more.

By utilizing his writing skills, Matt Badiali has been able to help investors find the most excellent investment schemes in natural resources, metals, and energy among other areas. Most of the people who read Matt’s works have gained much information. One of his works that have helped many people is the newsletter named the Real Wealth Strategist by Banyan Hill. The newsletter has gained many loyal readers who anticipate for more ideas and business insights. One of the traits that help Matt be a good investment advisor is the love for travelling. As such, he has travelled all over the world in areas such as Hong Kong, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Iraq, Switzerland and many more. Moreover, he has visited several oil projects and mines where he obtains most of his investment ideas.

In his newsletter, Badiali believes that with the advancement in technology, the energy consumption will transform in a big way. The transformation will entail a shift directed towards used of electricity as opposed to the use of fossil fuels which dominates the energy today. One of the challenges that make this transformation unachievable at the moment is the lack of a battery that can be able to hold enough electricity and sustain a vast population in any setup including a city. Matt informs the readers that they can make huge returns by simply investing in the ideal resources. Being knowledgable, a person can come up with an idea that suits the needs of the people hence reap much profits from the project. In the given instance, coming up with such battery can be a breakthrough that will see the investors gaining much profit.

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Seattle Fights Homeslessness and Amazon Fights Back

Seattle has imposed a new tax that may have it’s largest companies and employers running for the hills. The new tax is set to charge large companies a high amount per employee to address the city’s homelessness issue. The money gained from the tax will go towards services for the homeless and for affordable housing projects. The tax will only affect companies that make more than 20 million US per year.
Companies like Amazon – which was founded in Seattle and is the world’s second largest company – and Starbucks have threatened to halt growth in the city in response. Amazon has even halted the construction of it’s newest high rise in the city in protest.
Starbucks has also intensely critiqued the new tax, which can be read about in detail here.
Because of protest from these companies and a few others, the city has already lowered the tax from a proposed $500 per employee to $275 per employee, per year. With the amount of employees at Amazon, $10 million alone within the expected $45 million to $50 million total revenue would come from the mega-successful company.
While Amazon doesn’t think this should be their responsibility, campaigners of the tax don’t agree. Supporters of the tax say that Amazons rapid growth in Seattle had consequences in the form of rapid incline in cost of living, leaving tons of residents in their dust. They believe that Amazon should be aware of this and do their part in fixing the problem, seeing as their company and founder are some of the wealthiest in the world.
Despite the resistance, the tax was voted in unanimously. The next few years will prove to tell if the tax will truly improve Seattle’s homeless crisis.

Equities First Holdings eases lending in Australia

Equities First Holdings is a business that operates in various parts of the world. The firm is financial lending institutions which provide a alternative methods of financing business activities as well as personal needs. The organization is offering shareholding loan which are far much better than other types of loans in terms of benefits they bring to the borrower. Equities-based loans have low interest rates meaning that borrowers will not incur huge costs when repaying the loans. Another thing about stock-based loans is that they come at a fixed interest rate. So, when a borrower is repaying, the repayment amount won’t keep on fluctuating as it happens with other loans.

Equities First Holding was formed to offer borrowers a chance to use their shares in publicly traded companies as collateral for borrowing. This is one method which has gained a huge follower-ship as borrowers are tired of the tough regulations and guidelines they encounter when approaching banks to look for financing. Equities First Holdings has simply eased the way business is done by ensuring that only the best services reach their clients. Equities First Holdings services are available in various locations including Melbourne, Australia where the firm has one of the most vibrant offices.

Actress rented New York City apartment for less than $30 a month for over 60 years

New York City apartments are notoriously pricey. In fact, small units regularly rent for several thousand dollars a month. However, an actress managed to rent a two-bedroom apartment in trendy Greenwich Village for less than $30 a month for over 60 years, according to CNN.

In 1955, Patricia O’Grady moved into the apartment with three friends. The landlord told them that they could rent the place for the bargain price of $16 a month if they also swept the hallways and did some light cleaning.

While her friends eventually moved out, O’Grady stayed in the apartment, pursuing her dream of becoming an actress. Over a five-decade career, she appeared in several Off-Broadway plays and had a few small parts on TV soap operas. She also had an uncredited role in “Taxi Driver.”

O’Grady never made it big, but she made enough to keep her little rent-controlled apartment. In March, she was tragically struck and killed by a car at the age of 84. At the time of her death, her rent was $28.43, not even double what she originally started paying 63 years ago.

O’Grady apparently lucked into the low rent through a likable personality and New York City’s rent-stabilization laws. The previous owner of the building that houses her apartment became such good friends with her that he barely raised her rent over the years. When the current owner of the building, Adam Pomerantz, bought it in 2002, he learned that she was only paying $26.45 a month. Because of New York City’s rent-stabilization laws, he could only raise it to $1.98 per month. However, he also became good friends with her, so he didn’t mind.

Now that O’Grady has passed away, Pomerantz intends to refurbish the apartment, which friends called a “dump with character” in her obituary. The rent will also be raised to around $5,000 a month.

J.J. Watt And His Donation of $10,000 In Sports Equipment To A Baytown Middle School

J.J. Watt has always been an individual who charted his own path in life. From the moment he entered the NFL, he has always shown an immense interest in giving back to the local community. As a star for the Houston Texans, he has become every bit as well known for his generosity as he has for his exploits on the playing field. He founded the J.J. Watt foundation in 2010, which has always been noted for going the extra mile to provide equipment for deserving middle schools and their after-school programs.

His most recent recipient was Horace Mann Junior High, located in Goose Creek CISD. He headed there on May 2nd to donate just under $10,000 worth of equipment to the basketball, soccer, and tennis and track teams. Being the fun-loving individual that he is, he also took some time to “shoot some hoops” with some of the young athletes there.

The school district took some time to share about the event to their facebook page. A smiling J.J. Watt is seen with some of the notable athletes associated with Horace Mann Junior High. Who knows? Perhaps one of them will grow up and become a professional athlete and give back to their community as well.

About the J.J. Watt Foundation

Since 2010, the J.J. Watt foundation has raised over $4 million and has not just distributed the funds to Houston area schools, but also schools all over the United States. Even though J.J. Watt has 394 career tackles and 76 career sacks, he realizes, in the end, those are just temporal things. Leaving behind a legacy of giving back to his community has always been something more important to him. The great thing is that J.J. Watt still has a number of years left to play in the NFL, so he is not done yet doing good for people. We can look forward to many more good years of him making a difference.

Billionaires in Georgia

When it comes down to people that have a millionaire statuses there are lots of millionaires scattered throughout the United States. When it comes to people that are in the billionaire range, however, this is not quite as common.

Everyone knows that Seattle has a billionaire in place by the name of Bill Gates. When it comes to billionaires in the South, however, many people tend to overlook people in southern states because they may not be as engaged in the spotlight as someone else.

In fact, there are 10 billionaires that are connected to Atlanta, but many people may not even know that these Georgia billionaires exist. There are people like Bubba Cathy that have a net worth of 4.8 billion dollars and he is in Atlanta as the CEO of Chick-fil-A, but many people may not know that Georgia is home.

Sara Blakely, who is famous for Spanx, also moved away from her Clearwater home in Florida to make Atlanta home.

There are others that are more well-known like Ted Turner who is the Pioneer for TBS and CNN, and he is another resident that has made Atlanta home.

For years people have been calling Atlanta the Big Apple of the South. It should really come as no surprise that this is where a lot of billionaires are taking up homes. It really is easy for them to make expensive homes in Atlanta because there are so many areas that are still under development. The city continues to grow as an entertainment mecca as wooded areas have become areas for homes. It tends to bring a lot of celebrities to this city because people are even shooting movies in Atlanta.

There is even a bidding war to make Atlanta one of the Amazon headquarters because of all the growth.

New Bike Share Service Comes To Chicago

For residents of the South and West sides of Chicago who have been patiently waiting for a bike sharing service — the wait is over. Lime Bike (out of California, popular in Seattle) has launched a trial run of 50 bicycles in areas of the city that are sadly under serviced by the City-owned Divy Bikes.

The beauty of Lime Bike is its simplicity. Users must only download the app, load money onto their account (through a credit or debit card) and then scan a code on the back of the bicycle, thus unlocking it. Then you are free to ride around as you please! Another benefit of Lime Bike, especially compared to other similar services, is that you don’t have to return the bike to a specified docking zone — which can be a pain, especially if you’re in an area that is devoid of the docking zones. All you have to do is leave the bike somewhere out of the public’s way and you’re good to go. Of course, if you have apprehension about the whole concept of riding a bike in the city — worry not! Lime Bike has released a helpful guide on how to use their service safely and responsibly.

Whether or not Lime Bike will take off in Chicago like it has in cities like Seattle remains to be seen, but it is certainly an exciting prospect. These bikes are not only handy, they are also eco-friendly and will help to minimize the amount of cars on the road. Indeed, it seems very likely that a company like Lime Bike may be the future in cities like Chicago that are trying to prepare themselves for the coming changes in the transportation industry. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time until you see these iconic green bikes popping up everywhere in Chicago!

Forbes Recognizes Local Kansas City Companies in Annual Rankings

Kansas City is coming in strong on the annual Forbes list of the top 500 companies to work for in the country with six local companies making the cut. The top ranking company in the metro area is Olathe-based Garmin, boasting a spot at number 37. With over $10 billion in sales last year, the navigation leader employs 11,600 people in the area. The other five metro companies making the cut are engineering firm Black & Veatch of Overland Park sliding in at 92nd, Hallmark Cards ranking at 151st, engineering giant Burns & McDonnell of Kansas City taking the 184th spot, Cerner of North Kansas City ranking 283rd, and Dairy Farmers of America of Kansas City, Kan., barely making the list at 484th.

In partnership with market research company Statista, Forbes asked employees to anonymously rate how they like working at their company and how likely they would be to recommend employment at their place of business to others. The rankings were formulated on the answers of over 30,000 American employees working for companies larger than 1,000 people.

The only other Kansas company to make the list is Wichita-based Spirit Aero Systems of Wichita, which came in ranked at 472. Seven employers on the other side of Missouri state border also have bragging rights for their top 500 ranking. In a separate ranking, Forbes recognized the best companies for diversity, with Kansas City-based Hallmark Cards earning a spot at number 22 on the list. Also receiving honors for that category is Leawood’s AMC Entertainment notching a spot at 124th, Kansas City’s H&R Block locking up the 200th place, and Lockton Companies claiming the 222nd spot.

Jason Hope Contribution in Fighting Ageing

In this recent world, there has been a slight incline of health complications and diseases facing people around the world. They range from slight conditions to more dangerous diseases that have a severe effect on the community. However, what a number of organizations and individuals have failed to realize is one medical condition which affects each individual in the world. The condition does not choose ones financial status, health level or their geographic area. And that condition which is unlivable is ageing. Ageing is a normal process which occurs to everybody regardless of how of health they could have been in their daily lives. With ageing, we tend to lose the skills to do normal things that we did when young.

Mr. Jason Hope is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who have incorporated a diverse approach to ageing. He aims at helping people to live a bit longer by decelerating down or by retrogressing the aged process. He donated his own money so as to help in groundbreaking establishments in a mission to transform the healthcare organizations in a way that the can fight and ensure treatment of all people in the world.

Mr. Hope has been able to support for some years an organization that deals with the charity called SENS Foundation. It was founded in March 2009. It devotes in research plans which are designed to fighting and learning a bit more on ageing. They also change the public view of ageing so as to turn their opinions towards the ability for a revolutionary modification. His first funding was in December 2010, where he donated $500,000.SENS as a charitable organization aims in helping the community to be able to gain technology access that counteracts ageing and preventing ageing illnesses.Mr.Jason Hope was able to announce his first contribution at a San Francisco’s palace that houses Fine Arts on an event known as a Breakthrough Philanthropy.

Mr. Hope, after giving out his half a million dollars, was able to speak about the foundation and commended them for their great work. He recognized its plan on fighting some diseases like diabetes and the Alzheimer’s. Mr. Jason Hope predicted the ability of SENS foundation to bringing down marvelous changes in the medic industry, which will lead to a complete redefined healthcare, pharmaceutical and the biotech businesses. He also was able to disclose a wish to advance the SENS work to an extent that will befit the complete humanity.Mr.Jason Hope also appreciated the fact that SENS Foundation was not just focused on the treatment of individuals diseases but also identification and repairmen of damage that ageing can bring in diseases and some issues that leads to death.

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