The Success of Charles Koch’s Campaign

As Charles Koch, like Donald Trump, is a powerful businessman with many connections, it has been a question on many people’s mind as to whether or not Mr. Koch can stop Donald Trump. Though the Koch brothers are wealthy and strong supporters for the Republican candidacy, Charles Koch and his brother, David, are none to happy with the 2016 presidential choices on the side of the Republican party. The Koch brothers are strong supporters of the Republican party which was seen in 2012 when the Koch brothers raised over $400 million for the purpose of helping Mitt Romney win the election.

With this loss in mind, the Koch brothers, after the 2012 election, began to raise a total of $900 million that would be used against the democratic candidates at the early 2016 election season. Despite this large number of financial aid, the Koch brothers failed to take into consideration, Donald Trump who is able to finance his own campaign.

The Koch brothers are openly against Donald Trump as his policies on taxes, trade, as well as foreign policy completely clashed with their ideals. The Koch brothers even add that with Donald Trump as president, this will “destroy our free society”.

With the Koch brothers looking for a candidate to support, Donald Trump continues to win votes. The new goal of the Koch brothers as well as their many allies is to bring Mr. Trump’s victory to a halt. To do this, the Koch brothers have carefully analyzed Mr. Trump’s weaknesses. They are currently using the strategy of highlighting his bankruptcy as well as his predatory business deals.

Charles Koch is taking on this mission for the purpose of achieving two goals of his. The first goal is to expand his family-owned business and the other goal is to spread the idea as well as the importance of the free market. This is why Charles Koch continuously makes large donations to institutions such as George Mason which teaches a classic form of economics that supports the free market.

In order to accomplish both goals, the Koch brothers have begun working tirelessly with the Republican party for the purpose of supporting the candidate that values the free market. The Koch network has been recruiting potential candidates that will shift the power of the political party. Charles Koch believes that the power should lie with the powerful and wealthy rather than the politically connected.

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