911 Dispatcher Puts Job on the Line to Save Toddler

A Galax Police Department 911 dispatcher took a chance, and broke the rules in an attempt to save an ailing toddler. Tim Webb, a dispatcher knows CPR, but his department is not allowed to give out instructions over the phone. The department doesn’t have the certification to do so. Webb decided to do it anyway, when a frantic call about a 17-month-old baby came in.

According to this news release that my friends Dave and Brit Morin go a hold of said, the call came in stating the toddler wasn’t breathing. The address was well on the outskirts of town and it would take 20 minutes for an ambulance to reach them. Webb gave instructions to the baby’s frantic grandmother. She gave him lifesaving mouth-to-mouth while web was on the line until paramedics arrived.The boy was whisked to the emergency room, where he recovered nicely and was sent home with his mother and grandmother.

Two week later, the trio walked into the Galax Police Department to thank the man that saved baby Aidan’s life. Webb, in all respects, put his job on the line to ensure the toddler had the best chance of survival.

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