A Brief Look at Andrew Rolfe and his Contribution to the Ubuntu Education Fund

Andrew Rolfe, who is a well-known financial executive is taking charge of an efficient management initiative in Ubuntu Education Fund to make sure the communities are provided with great service. Ubuntu desires everything for the orphaned and vulnerable kids to make sure they get a quality life because they are a significant philanthropic initiative which renders support for kids in Port Elizabeth who are deprived.

Andrew Rolfe, who plays the role of the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, believed that his contribution in the recent years is bringing along some constraints and are not bringing about changes to the lives as planned. This fact led him to come up with a strategy where effective utilization of cash can be certain.

Alongside Jacob Lief who plays the role of the CEO of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe brought up a plan to attain contributions without any form of constraint. They came up with a method of adding massive donors to the philanthropic organization’s board of directors. It is significant in two ways as it makes certain the specialized services of those individuals which are qualified and simultaneously provide them with experience of the practical constraints faced by the philanthropic initiatives. Also, it would have an elevated acknowledgment of charitable activities to the contributors in a manner which is efficient, and the donors will believe they are more involved in philanthropic activities. The fact that the contributions linked with contributions are enhancing the cost of operating philanthropic organizations should be noted. Additionally, the non-profits would battle to innovate with the absence of flexibility due to the constraints.

The company has created ”Ubuntu Model” As regards philanthropic works that function closely with families and communities to make sure there is a plan tailored for each kid which provides health, education, and stability they need to free themselves from poverty. To create a model like Ubuntu which is flexible, donations should be provided without expectations as stated by Andrew Rolfe. Rolfe also admitted that there had been problems which include donors having diverse priorities and clashes of interest.

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