A Few Interesting Facts About Bernado Chua’s Organo Gold Company And Its Entrance In The Turkish Market

In April 2015, Bernado Chua, Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold opened a company branch in Turkey. The branch marked the 39th in which his phenomenal company has been in operation. Opening the branch, he said that it marked a very significant growth in the sense that it acts as the central operating capital for its European, African and Asian operations thus allowing the company to do better in terms of serving its distributors and customers.

The decision to expand services to the region was seen by many as a natural measure in the sense that Turkey has a wide acclaim for its love for coffee. During the 15th century, it was the only country that had managed to open an operational coffee house. The beverage is firmly established in the country’s national culture which explains to a very large extent why the thirst for high quality coffee in the country continues to thrive.

With this already observed, Bernardo said that the Turkish citizens now need a product that will will come accompanied by added health benefits and not just being a drink. He said that the country had exhibited a very big interest in leading active lifestyles and its demand for nutraceutical products has played a very big role in creating awareness for Organo Gold products.

Chua said that as a company, they would be humbled to serve all customers who wanted to make his company’s products part of their daily lives. The health beneits that come accompanied by Organo Gold’s products are enormous. For instance, the coffee is derived from an ancient Chinese mushroom called Ganoderma that is well known for its high nutritional value and healing abilities. Chinese herbalists say that people who take Ganoderma build strong bodies and healthy bodies and they are assured of a long healthy life.

Organo Gold was founded by Bernado Chua in the year 2008 and it has been on a mission to spread the health benefits of Ganoderma to all parts of the world and helping thousands of people along the way who work as partners. The company uses the cost effective network marketing distribution system which therefore means that every dollar the company earns is shared by many in the chain. As of 2011, it was open in thirteen countries and had continued expanding in the coming years to the place it is currently.

In 2010, the revenue was estimated to be worth not less than $35 million with around 60,000 distributors from different corners of the globe. In the following year, the company had managed to make $150 million and had 175,000 distributors. In 2015, the company has an estimated 1 million distributors with not less than $800 million worth of revenue.

In his personal life Bernardo Chua is a music lover, in addition to a writer, and occasional motivational speaker. Make sure to follow his Twitter for more.

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