A Man Of All Trades

Haidar Barbouti is a world renowned real estate developer, investor, property manager, restaurateur, and philanthropist. Barbouti received his degree from the University of Columbia and began his career in real estate shortly after. He has more than twenty years of experience in commercial real estate while his territories stretch from Houston, Texas to New York. That’s nearly 2,000 miles!
One of Barbouti’s greatest developments is Highland Village, a high-end shopping center located in Houston, Texas. Highland Village is considered a landmark destination. The boulevard is lined with tall palm trees that light up at night creating a different vibe. This shopping center is home to about 150 million dollars worth of retail. Stores include Apple, Pottery barn, and Williams-Sonoma.
Barbouti does not limit himself to only retail and commercial real estate; he has been successful in opening restaurants as well. In fact, he opened his first restaurant right on his property in Highland Village. His restaurant, named Up, sits three stories high with a view looking towards the famous Houston Galleria skyline. A trip to Europe inspired Barbouti to open a restaurant where the customers could dine on great food, enjoy the view and take a breath of fresh air!
Haidar Barbouti has an eye for business and investments. He knows just what the consumer wants and is able to provide. Aside from his business sense, he is known in the Houston community to be very charitable man giving back to the most innocent; children and animals. Most recently, Barbouti and his team have raised a significant amount of money to support three children who lost their parents in a tragic event. He has also developed programs in order to assist animals find a safe and better home.
This is only the peak of Barbouti’s career, he continues to serve and make the city of Houston proud.

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