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American educators generally admit that scores in math and science are not the best. Other nations lead in these subjects and their achievements in education are enviable. Since March 2015 a new online program that tutors, tests and monitors students’ progress and grasp of math has been in operation. Solvy is a personalized instruction system that creates individualized tests in equations, word problems, tables and graphs and provides feedback and guidance from the teacher to class and individual students. Progress in learning can be monitored and modified to develop a firm footing.

The program is also intended to be employed in other subject matter after the math module is fully launched.The internet has become a tremendous asset in online education and has made individualized teaching and interactive instruction an around the globe and around the clock tool. Online edcuation has grown from a packaged one size fits all to an interactive process as software and broadband have gone global. It has broken time and distance barriers and enabled students to learn at times which fit them best.

Solvy has the help of its Chief Operational Officer, Alexei Beltyukov, in reaching a world in need of knowledge.Beltyukov, an admitted serial entrepreneur, has worked in business and technology since leaving the medical field.After graduating from the INSEAD (Institute Europeaen d’Administration des Affaires) MBA program he founded Endemic Capital an angel investor firm in 2013. He then started A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies and Mechanica. He has served as an advisor to SKOLKOVO and Russian philanthropic nonprofit as well.

INSEAD is the “Business School for the World” and Beltyukov has used his network of classmates and alumnus to develop the contacts to make Solvy successful and grow into other subject matter. Russia today has entered a world of individual achievement after nearly a century of Communism. Individuals can achieve through effort and endeavor and achieve a future without limits. Alexei Beltyukov epitomizes this new world of achievement by his success as an entrepreneur, businessman and supporter of new enterprises. Solvy is an example of how the spirit of achievement can be transmitted and embedded in others through the example and motivation by individuals such as Beltyukov.

Through a spirit of collaboration and philanthropy and investment in the talents and skills of entrepreneurs and online students a better economic future can be established. Solvy will be an essential part of the goal of increasing educational opportunities and advancing skil levels.

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