Aloha Construction Is A Company You Can Trust For Your Home Repairs and Upgrades

Aloha Construction Inc is family owned and operated construction company based out of Lake Zurich, Illinois. The company offers home repair services of the highest at some of the most competitive and reasonable prices available today. The company proudly offers their services to southern Wisconsin and all of Illinois and learn more about Aloha Construction.

David “Dave” Farakby is Aloha’s current president and CEO. Dave is a 46 year-old accomplished business leader and a devoted family man. A true philanthropist, Dave believes in giving back to the community and helping those in need. Mr Farakby is the founder of the Dave Farakby Foundation, which is dedicated to assisting those in need of a helping hand. The foundation has taken part in several charitable ventures, including participating in a shopping spree for local children.

Under Mr Farakby’s leadership, the company has successfully completed over 18,000 local ventures. Aloha’s professional and skilled employees are dedicated to the repair and upgrade of your home and offer a wide range of services to ensure they have all of your needs covered and follow their Twitter.

The company also offers an extensive nine step roof inspection process to make sure all potential issues affecting the integrity of your roof are identified. The company also offers a craftsmanship warranty of up to ten years and

Other services offered by Aloha include gutter and downspout installations and repair, window repair, replacements and installation, window screen services, and can also repair, install or replace the siding on your home.

All employees must undergo rigorous training to qualify for employment and meet the high standards expected by the company. This is to ensure that their employees are knowledgeable and skilled enough to provide nothing less than top quality work and customer satisfaction and read full article.

If your home has been damaged or you are looking to remodel your home, give Aloha Construction a call today. The friendly and professional staff will gladly provide you with more information and can schedule you for a consultation! Don’t entrust your home to just anyone. Trust the company that supports their community, hires only highly trained employees and is focused on the needs of their customers.

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