American Mogul Charles Koch Opens Up About His Political Views

As one of the key players of Koch Industries, Charles Koch is a wealthy American businessman with plenty of influence on national politics. In addition to controlling one of the largest multinational enterprises in the United States, Mr. Koch is also known for his philanthropic efforts worldwide. In a rare and exclusive interview with the Financial Times, the self-proclaimed liberal discussed his views on the 2016 race for the White House.

Koch plans on contributing as much as $900 million for the Republican cause. However, the American mogul is deeply disappointed in the GOP for many reasons. In particular, Koch is outraged by Donald Trump’s harsh stance on American Muslims and other minority groups. Koch is also very critical of U.S. foreign policy especially in the Middle East. He also doesn’t believe that the Republicans have a clear strategy for dealing with the ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and other Muslim nations in which the U.S. military has a presence. After years of wars, Koch sees the U.S.A. as being more vulnerable than ever before.

According to Charles Koch, the current Republican candidates just don’t have the right plans to deal with global problems that can’t be solved exclusively by military action. For example, some GOP leaders call for relentless bombing campaigns against America’s foes in the Arab world. However, Koch doesn’t believe that such actions will solve the complex conflict between the United States and Muslim terrorists. He thinks that America has to be more sensitive in a world that has more than 1.6 billion Muslims.

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