An insight on the benefits of automating a correctional facility with The Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies have risen over the years to become one of the largest service providers in areas of government information management solutions, parolee investigation and tracking, and detainee communications. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States, its headquarters, the company has provided criminal justice to over 2600 correctional facilities in the 45 states. An approximation of over 1,000,000 inmates nationwide.

The company is committed to providing new features to ensure that all their customers are equipped with modern and most effective equipment. So far, the company prides itself in saving time by over 65% as compared to using paper forms for inmate requests such as the grievance forms, medical sheets, sign up and acceptance forms. A lot of precious time wasted in routing, logging, copying, filing and retrieving this data is being saved, and can then be utilized better in the provision of security and safety of the inmates.

With this automation, the service delivery to the inmates is greatly enhanced. That is because the custom forms can be easily made available. These ConnectUs inmate forms are digitalized and can be custom made to suit any need that may arise without much hustle. In addition to that, the inmates are allowed to do self-service, saving them from all the protocols and standard procedures set for performing some actions. They can also get a real-time feedback through the system from various departments. Its significance cannot be underestimated as the inmates are satisfied that there are no dubious or underhand methods applied while handling their documents.

The staff working on the correctional facilities has never been any happier. The platform enables them to identify the inmate’s location by day and time. The system is also used to govern the kinds of information that the inmates fill in the forms. That is necessary to ward off those mischievous ones from filling irrelevant or false details.


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