Bank Creates Housing for Those in Need

Nexbank has spent a significant amount of time in the national spotlight this year. Recently, Nexbank announced that they were partnering with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to help those who need assistance most. This was announced on the heels of strong 4th quarter and calendar year results for Nexbank, creating a large amount of momentum for the coming months. In the next year, Nexbank is going to provide over 100 loans to families specifically in lower income zip codes to increase the standard of living in these areas. This pattern of loan giving will continue for the next 5 years. This will total over $10 million per year in low-income home loans. While many view this practice as unsafe, Nexbank stands firmly committed to improving housing opportunities for families in low-income areas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes will decide which low-income families will qualify for these Nexbank home loans. Nexbank will also partner with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to provide valuable counseling to people who are taking out a large loan for the first time. Nexbank will also pay the title fees and closing costs associated with the home loan.

Nexbank is one of the leaders in the financial industry. The bank is headquartered in Dallas and has accrued over $3 billion in assets since its inception in 1992. Nexbank offers a variety of services including commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking. This wide array of expertise ensures that its clients are taken care of. Its clients include financial institutions, large corporations, and individual clients. Nexbank is also engaged heavily in philanthropy. In addition to partnering with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, Nexbank is also heavily involved with Habitat for Humanity. Nexbank is committed to the well-being of the citizens in the Dallas area. This institution serves as a shining example for financial organizations worldwide.

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