Beltyukov Brings Education Stateside

Alexei Beltyukov has long been a proponent, some would even say an evangelist, of education as a need for children of all ages, well into adulthood. The Russian entrepreneur often finds the time and avenues to marry this ideal with his business efforts, making for ventures that are driven by passion.

Last April, during Educator Day, a tech conference hosted by EdSurge in Los Angeles, Beltyukov unveiled SOLVY and the feedback his educational software had received by experts in education. It was in like company, as the conference is focused on introducing new methods of providing education and educational materials to teachers and instructors through evolving technologies.

It quickly gained the attention of many in attendance. cited it as a startup worth watching in the coming year, BetaList also put focus on SOLVY‘s promising future.

Alexei says on Twitter this is geared at helping high school students with homework and study, SOLVY exists online to generate assignments that mirror the kinds of work issued by teachers to students. How it works is teachers customize exercises that remain within a set of parameters they can determine. With no multiple choice answers at their disposal, students are encouraged and guided to work out problems from concept to answer, allowing them to make mistakes and learn from them. indicates that Beltyukov saw SOLVY as a primary tool for students to better understand math, a subject that has something of a reputation when it comes to difficult school subjects. Through SOLVY, Beltyukov made life easier for teachers by helping them to better understand where their students are having the most trouble in order to help them progress in their respective courses and receive feedback from outside the classroom.

There are multiple paths set up for students to follow to help them find answers to problems. This makes them superior to traditional textbooks that lack the dynamism that comes from this interactive platform, hints and insight into problem solving. And with the monitoring of each student’s performance, lesson plans can be coordinated in kind.

Beltyukov comes from a medical background that he left behind in favor of business ventures. A graduate of INSEAD Business School, where he received his MBA, Beltyukov worked to start several businesses, get them off the ground and promote them to varying degrees of success. Though he created successful businesses like Mechanicus, New Gas Technologies and A-Ventures, he also co-founded Endemic Capital in 2013, a firm concerned with angel investing. Aside from SOLVY, Belyukov currently is an observer for FORO Energy’s Board of Directors.

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