Beneful Dog Food to Fund Dog Parks around America

Starting June of this year, Beneful dog food is celebrating five years of its Dream Dog Park initiative by enlisting volunteers for and generally improving a wide variety of dog parks around North America reports MultiVu. “At Beneful, we know dogs and owners share a special bond, and there’s a special place in their hearts for their local dog parks. We’ve experienced it ourselves with our dogs, and we’ve seen it firsthand through our Dream Dog Park program,” Beneful brand director Brent Gleckler announced in a recent interview. “This year, we’re excited for the program to take a new shape with the Dream Dog Park Project, allowing us to reach even more dog­ loving communities across the country.”

Four dog parks across the country have already seen the benefits of the company’s generosity, with the installation of new amenities including custom tennis ball launchers, splash pools and engaging obstacle courses. Every park selected by Beneful will be brought up to a high level standard, as a team comes in to each one and carefully decides how to make each park the best it can be while also recruiting a local community to volunteer on the project in each neighborhood.

Beneful is especially proud of the efforts taking place at the Lucas Park Dog Park in St. Louis, Missouri,(the location of the company’s headquarters), which will soon feature a unique turf with Beneful Doxie Tunnels and will be unveiled within the next few weeks. They are hoping to see a wide number of dog parks become active hubs to pet owners around the country, and they’re considering each one individually.

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