Betsy DeVos; a powerful woman on the rise

Betsy DeVos has recently graced the different media pages and also television screens. This is because of her nomination as the secretary of education. Following this nomination, she has gone under great scrutiny because of the different donations that she has been involved in.

On January 31, 2017, she advanced to the next stage of her vetting following the support from 12 senators on the committee. Even though she may not have passed, she seems to be headed in the right direction.

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What would make the President nominate her? Well, her work in the education system has contributed a lot to the education system. In 2015, it was reported that together with her husband Dick DeVos they donated around $ 3 million to the education reforms.

She believes that the education should be opened up for profit. This means that opening the education system will give the parents a choice when it comes to their children education.

Betsy has also been a proponent when it comes to the education vouchers. This will allow the children to attend the private school to public funding. She is passionate about the education system and probably the reason why she was nominated to the post. She has been the chairwoman of the board of the Alliance of School choice.

Dick and Betsy’s foundation ( has also established a scholarship which provides scholarships to different students from developing countries. She is a member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education which was founded by Jeb Bush.

Betsy DeVos is a business woman and philanthropist, and it is her philanthropy work that has put her in the limelight. She has been involved in different projects including supporting the arts. She was appointed to the board of directors of the Kennedy Center of Performing arts by the former president George W Bush. Together with her husband, they funded a center that is focused on teaching managers and art directors on how to manage their institutions.

Together with her family, they founded the ArtPrize which is an international art competition in Michigan.

Her foundation has donated a large sum of money to different causes. It was reported that they contributed $11.6 million. In total, the family has contributed $139 million in their lifetime. They have been ranked 24 on the 2015 top America’s top giver’s list.

She is known as a millionaire from her different business projects. She is the chairwoman of the Windquest Group which is an investment firm that focuses on technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. This is a firm that was established in 1989. She has also produced a stage play for Broadway in 2012. This is a play that ran for 3 weeks.

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