Billionaire Donor Soros Looks to Aid Democrats After Recent Election

George Soros is a billionaire investor who is well known for making a number of multi million dollar contributions to liberal Democrat political candidates. He has financed the campaigns of numerous Democrat leaders who looked to win top seats of political office. The most recent election for the presidency was one in which George Soros donated well over $20 million. This money was given to help finance the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. As many already know, Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump in one of the most historic political upsets in the nation’s history. With Trump as the new president, he looks to push an agenda that Democrats opposes. As a result, they have recently met to find ways to block many of the propositions suggested by Trump in terms of political policy.

In this year’s presidential election, George Soros contributed $25 million for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. With this amount of capital, it was expected that Clinton would have sufficient resources to easily win the presidential election. The funds were intended to help her post advertisements and also make appearances in order for her to convey her message to voters. By using these campaign funds, Clinton would be able to inform voters that she has the right political direction for the nation. However, things did not work out as planned and therefore Soros has looked to help the Democrat party in other ways now that the election is over.

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Soros has began his effort to aid Democrats by meeting with them in Washington. He has met with a number of prominent Democrat leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren. Along with meeting with political leaders, Soros has also met with union heads as well as Congressional Progressive Caucus leader Keith Ellison. Meeting with these individuals has resulted in George Soros working with Democrats to prepare for the midterm elections of 2018 and presidential election of 2020. Part of the meetings was to reevaluate and implement a new strategy that will hopefully increase credibility and receive more votes in upcoming elections.

The recent meetings between Soros and Democrat leaders allowed everyone to conclude that a change in strategy is going to play a vital role in winning the next elections. Democrats now believe that they will need to be more appealing to working class voters so that they can regain political power soon. Since the working class voter demographic helped get Trump elected, they will need to be swayed over to Democrats within the next four years. By getting a number of working class voters, the Democrats will have a much better chance at becoming the majority party by 2018.

In order to appeal to more working class voters, the Democrats will need to invest more of their funding to the interior states. Most of the working class voters were located in the Midwestern states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. There were also a number of them located in the southern states such as Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, the Carolinas, Texas and Florida. Therefore, the Democrats will benefit by providing more funds to Democrat candidates that represent these states and who run for office. With the financial capital offered by George Soros, Democrats will be able to more easily become more influential in the interior regions of the United States during the next elections.

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