November 10, 2016 · Magnises

It was inevitable that young Billy McFarland was on his way to a successful business career when he started a successful business at the tender age of 13. The when he was a college freshman at Bucknell, he formed a new online business called Spling, which he still operates as a going concern and he is still its CEO.

Spling is a unique brand that enhances URLs from the normal text links into unique images that work out to be colorful mosaics that can be used on virtual bulletin boards. Clients of Spling include Universal and Discovery, among others.

In 2013 Magnises was created as a nexus for millennials, catering to their leisure time, giving them discounts and perks to their favorite hangouts and places they regularly frequented. The concept has become a real hit and has turned into a must-have commodity.

The secret to the whole operation of Magnises is The Black Card, which is the key to the members getting the perks and discounts. The way that the Black Card works is that it copies all of the information from the member’s regular credit or debit cards, and stores the data on its magnetic tape. Then the member can use the black card for charges, which is applied to his card company or bank and applies the discount at the same time.

Now, among millennials, it is the thing to do to become a Magnises member and to be able to use the Black Card for all things in the way of entertainment. Currently, Magnises is in New York City and Washington DC, but plans are underway for expansion.

Cities currently in the expansion plans include Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and London. A recent infusion of cash from a venture capitalist of $3 million has helped to fuel the expansion into new territory.

According to Crunchbase and Buzzfeed, Billy McFarland is elated because the die is cast, and the model is working very well. Now moving forward the pattern will be to duplicate the successful results that have been experienced thus far.

These cities are just full of millennials who are just itching to have Magnises become a part of their communities. That is just the way Billy McFarland sees it too.

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