Black Card Peaking and Perking

Magnises is beginning to make waves in the U.S. This phenomenon provides the convenience of having one card tied to many different bank cards or credit cards. This allows fewer cards to carry or even relieving millennials of a wallet. Billy McFarland, the mind behind Magnises, knows what being a millennial is all about. He knows the social aspect and the desire to be social medium and community.

This card has a unique ability to bring 21 to 35-year-olds into the same realm. The drive for professionals to find a work-life balance and to work hard and play hard. If the desire is to connect with culture, sports, live events and clubs, this card has the perks to bring it together.

The perks or the main driver of the Magnises is the discounts at restaurants and clubs. Also included with the card are reserved experiences such as private concerts are exclusive getaways.

According to Fortune, Billy McFarland has been thinking out of the box since the beginning. With other startups, he has been very successful at a young age and keeps pumping ideas out. Starting Magnises in August of 2013, it currently has approximately 10,000 members. As millennial himself, he knows what the masses of you professional are looking for and can provide it to them.

As you travel to major cities on the East Coast, look into acquiring a Magnises card prior to going. It may get you into a few clubs or even some VIP sporting events. Maybe you would even have the chance to meet Billy McFarland and gain some insight into his thinking how he is beginning to build his empire.

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