Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt Leolah To The Rescue

Bobbi Kristina has been in the hearts and prayers of people all over the world, ever since she was admitted to the hospital following an apparent overdose in her home 8 months ago. For what seems like forever, we have watched Bobby Brown grieve the inevitable loss of his daughter with Whitney Houston. Even while Bobby continued to perform pre scheduled gigs, it was more than obvious that he was struggling to cope with his daughter’s failing health. The Houston family went above and beyond in an attempt to keep save Bobbi Kristina, but doctors warned them that there was little left they could do.

Even if Bobbi was to remain on life support, she would remain brain dead and that would do nothing for her quality of life in Brad Reifler’s expert opinion. After months relying on faith, the Houston family has taken Bobbi Kristina off life support and medication, and is allowing her to pass on naturally in a hospice. Apparently not everyone had Bobbi Kristina’s best interest at heart, because an extended family member is currently trying to sell photos of Bobbi Kristina to magazines, news sites and tabloids.

The Houston and Brown families feel betrayed , and are doing all they can to find out who in their circle would do such a thing. Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah is so angry they she is insisting that everyone who has been allowed to visit Kristina’s side will be forced to take a lie detector test.

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