Boston Was Buried In 9 Feet Of Snow This Year

the National Weather Service Said 9 Feet Is A New Record

Boston is still getting snow, and no one is happy about it. The city has a total of 108.6 inches of snow so far, and that breaks the old 1995-96 record of 107.6 inches. The mayor of Boston never thought snow would test his patience and managing ability the way it has this year.

Mayor Walsh hopes he’ll never have to go through another winter like this one. But if the polar vortex doesn’t stay where it usually stays, which is in the Arctic, he might want to import some dog sleds from Alaska noted Dr Jennifer Walden.

But in spite of the snow, the St Patty’s Day Parade was held but the city used a shorter route due to the accumulation of the white stuff. Even the gay community participated in the parade this year, which in itself is a historic event for the city.

Even though Boston was slammed with ice and snow, it wasn’t the snowiest place in the U.S. this year. Copenhagen, N.Y. had 20 feet of snow. Boston will get back to normal, but the melting snow might be an issue for some Bostonians. Bostonians live in Boston for the water, don’t they? They love to be close to water. But this year the water might get a little too close thanks to the melting snow.

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