Brad Reifler Is A Man of Initiative


Many think of Brad Reifler as a great entrepreneur, and Wikipedia would say you’re right. He has been involved in creating business since the 1990s. Furthermore, he may have entrepreneurship in his blood as his grandfather, Ray E. Friedman, is known for founding the company Refco. Brad Reifler is trying to help American people to make more money. He has worked with the elite 1% in America who keep the secrets of how to get rich for themselves. They do not want to share this information with others. But Brad is sharing his knowledge because he wants to bring money into the hands of as many people as possible. There is a large economic gap across the country and it can be addressed by bringing the power of investment into the hands of more people.

Brad Reifler has created a fund called Forefront Income Trust. It is different from other funds in the market because it was specially created to serve the needs of non-accredited investors. These are typically smaller investors with fewer financial resources to spend. In a statement, Brad said that he worked for many years in a way that only helped bigger investors. Only people who were willing to invest more than $200k a year or who had assets totaling in the millions of dollars were eligible for his help. He has had a change of heart where he wants to help everyone get a piece of the investment pie.

44% of people in America’s middle class have less than $6000 in savings. The middle class desperately needs to bulk up on its safety net and the purpose of Forefront Capital is to help them do that. For Brad Reifler, this is a personal issue too. When his father in law reached the age of 80 he did not have access to the best investment options because he was not an accredited investor. He wanted to create a fund that good meet his father in laws needs and help him to earn money that he desperately needed to retire in comfort. The world of investing doesn’t think that the 99% in America are smart enough to access the best investment opportunities. Brad Reifler disagrees. Read more about Brad’s historic career on his Xing profile.

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