Brian Bonar’s Rise to the Top in Business

As the world is dealing with the issues of financial complexity that have been challenging the economy, the need for experts who understand the financial markets is rising. The demand for financial guidance in today’s globalized economy has never been so high. This why financial advisers such as Brian Bonar have become very famous and popular in the world of business. Bonar is the current big name in finance and his acumen in financial markets has won him great admiration among his peers and admirers across the world. Being the leader of Trucept, he has risen to the top of his career as a reputed Finance Executive. He has some of the most effective leadership strategies and this has been clearly displayed by his success in Trucept.

In addition to leading Trucept to the highest level in the financial trade business, he is also the immediate former leader of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He left a legacy there and his management skills has remained to be fundamental pillars of the company’s operations. Interestingly, Bonar is not a trained business man but an engineer by profession. As such, one is left to wonder how engineering can lead to a successful career in a totally different area of operation. However, the skilled engineer has been using his creative mind and skills in structuring to crate workable managerial structures.

Academically, the renowned financial advisor is also very well educated in his field of interest which is engineering. He has a degree in technical engineering as well as a masters in the same filed. He has worked in many companies including IBM and QMS where he actually practiced the skills he learned from the university. Before moving on to start his own company, he first gathered some marketing experience from working as a sales manager in Adaptec. He later moved on to start his own company called Bezier Systems. Even after starting his own company, Bonar was still consulted and he also worked for several other companies.
Bonar has since specialized in mergers and acquisitions and his skills have elevated him in this career leading to numerous awards that he has won over the years. At Trucept, Bonar helped the company to build up its name as a financial services advisory company based on his skill to create structures for financial management. His greatness has since been acknowledged the world over as he currently gives financial advises to big corporations and governments as well. On the other side, he continues to serve humanity with his philanthropic personality helping out in charity organizations as well funding community help projects. He is a true example of a real entrepreneur through his unhesitant risk taking personality and his compassionate traits.

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