Bruce Levenson Works Hard On All Ventures

Bruce Levenson maintains and runs several different companies, and while he is best known for being the majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks, there are other industries and businesses he runs right now. It is with this experience from the different corporations and philanthropy institutions that has allowed him to grow his business and become the majority shareholder of the hawks, and while he is actually going to be selling his shares of the NBA team at the end of the season, he is still one of the most successful business professionals in the region and he has all of it due to hard work and self determination.

While Bruce Levenson was born in Washington, D.C., he moved and spent the majority of his young life in Chevy Chase, Maryland. After high school, he moved to St. Louis where he attended Washington University with a journalism degree. While working at the Washington Star in St. Louis, he studied Law at nigh school at American University and eventually graduated with a degree in that as well. However, it wasn’t journalism or law that helped him start his own businesses and run larger companies.
He started a small company inside of his apartment in Gaithersburg in Maryland. This company, called United Communications Group, printed a newsletter providing information on the oil industry. The newsletter, called Oil Express, provided investors with the latest information on companies and the sector throughout the world. Before the time of the Internet, it proved difficult for individuals to obtain this kind of information on their own, so having a newsletter that features everything made it easy for investors to obtain the information they required in one spot. As this proved extremely successful, it gave Bruce Levenson the capital to purchase additional newsletters, which in turn helped his company build a large database regarding not only oil prices and the latest trends in the oil industry but also data and analysis regarding the healthcare, mortgage banking, telecommunications and other related industries. From there, he proved capable of growing his company and he even focuses on providing assistance with common individuals thanks to the GasBuddy application which his company owns. this application provides assistance with finding the lowest gas prices in the area.


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