Business man and owner Charles Koch

Based in Wichita, the Koch Industries business is ran by Charles Koch, who founded the company and is allowing others to see inside how he made the business prosper. With the principals used to build the company, he has taken to publishing a book to allow others to know how they can make a good profit in the business world which is why he decided to call the book, “Good Profit”. He decided that in order to promote the book, he needed to go to the media like he has never gone to them before.

The weekly section of the Wichita Business Journal spoke to Charles Koch about how he decided to use his experience to help as many other people as possible? He decided that simply owning and operating a business was not enough to do with his life and opted to do more than just run one of largest companies in the United States. He decided then to write a book that allowed other users to understand what he did with his business and how he made his business successful. He used the same ideas that he has outlined in his book and states that by helping others, he is at peace with his life. He is pleased in the fact that he took a complete risk in order to help others.

There are a variety of critics who will always look to his decisions and question them as to why he has done what he has done. They will turn to him to ask about the motives he has and this is the least of his worries. Charles Koch knows that the impression you make on others will last for a long time and therefore concentrates on this in his book. He knows that in order for others to surround themselves with his knowledge, they have to be able to do better and understand what they are doing.

When they asked him why exactly he decided to write the book, he responded that he loves people and loves to help them. That he is able to help them with his extensive knowledge and therefore can help people be better in business. He feels at ease when he is helping others and has a quote that leaves people in awe when he is done. With Aristotle in mind, he spoke to others by telling them that you have to find something that you are good at and find something that you have a passion for. When you fully understand and develop an idea and use that to bring good to others, then you will end up with a life that is meant to be fulfilled and full of meaning.

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