California: “Gay Conversion” Therapy has been banned

Ever since the year 2012, “gay conversion” therapy has been banned in the state of California. Mental health counselors such as psychologists and social workers are not allowed to perform any forms of therapy on minors in order to change their sexual orientations.

In early 2017, the U.S. Supreme court decided to leave the band intact after a Christian minister attacked it. The Christian minister, Donald Welch, is a licensed family therapist who serves as an overseer for counseling services at Skyline Wesleyan church. Skyline Wesleyan Church is an Evangelical Christian church in San Diego. There was another man who sued alongside Welch. This man is a Catholic psychiatrist who has gone through conversion therapy and wishes to perform it on as many people as he can. The plaintiffs claimed that right of freedom of speech and right of religion were being impeded upon. However, their pursuits have failed.

What exactly is “gay conversion” therapy? Gay conversion therapy consist of a number of methods used in pursuit to change a person’s sexual orientation. “Gay conversion” therapy includes dating skill therapy, hypnosis, counseling and seemingly more harsh methods such as techniques that produce electric shocks and pain at the sight of same sex images. However, in the 20th century, there were practices done that seem harsher by today’s general standards. For example, there were people who received lobotomies for being homosexual, which resulted in serious disabilities and complications. There were people who were institutionalized by their families on the grounds of being homosexual. For much of the 20th century, homosexuality was seen as a disorder, and not as a valid sexual preference. Despite the fact that we now live in a time where acceptance of homosexuality is more widespread and homosexual couples have the right to marry, there are still many opposing groups and individuals who believe that it is wrong and invalid.

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