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The Guimaraes Factor at Banco BMG

Banco BMG’s history dates back to 1930 when it began as the Land Credit Bank. The bank has evolved and kept its place in Brazil’s financial industry. Even back then, BMG shared a lot in common with the Guimaraes family of Minas Gerais.


The Guimaraes family has always enjoyed a high status and reputation in Brazil. In 1930, Pentagna Guimaraes ventured into the financial industry and founded Banco Minas Gerais. The firm operated successfully in agriculture and manufacturing. When his son took over after him, the company’s direction changed to the financing of bulky and light vehicles.


The wheel of succession spun again in 1998 when an ambitious Ricardo Guimaraes took over the administration of the family fortune. Ricardo Guimaraes became the fourth heir of his lineage to run BMG. Predictably, the bank had to change course again and this time, it became a lender of consigned credit.


Ricardo Guimaraes’ ambition matched skill; therefore, his administration made huge strides forward. He streamlined the structure of the company for a leaner outlook and enlisted the services of banking agents. The firm also packaged low-interest rate loans for active and committed clients. BMG was ready to take over the market and went on to dominate the consigned credit markets.


At this point, it becomes quite apparent that the Guimaraes family has always been a critical input in the success of their firm. This fact brings us to the growing need for corporates and investors to diversify amidst risks involved in financial and stock markets. Ricardo being an experienced investor realized diversifying is the only way to push BMG forward and shield the bank from losses.


Banco BMG has been locked in negotiations with a host of banks concerning the supply and distribution of payroll and personal loans. A winning combination was later declared with BMG partnering Itau Unibanco in a joint venture. Through the new venture, BMG will be able to expand its payroll loans segment and solidify its dominance. There were initial fears that the partnership would weigh heavily on BMG’s performance, but it turns out the investments will grow.


Before the partnership can take effect, BMG will have to streamline the operations by first eliminating unprofitable products and services from its portfolio. Such a move will free up resources to concentrate on the performing elements. This process calls on a Guimaraes to take control and usher in a new era of growth.


Reports also indicate this could be the last duty Ricardo Guimaraes carries out as President and Chief Executive Officer. He is to surrender his position to another expert Antonio Hermann. Guimaraes and his family will now perform oversight roles on the board of the firm.

Marcio Alaor BMG on Australia Economy and IPO performance of Automakers

Marcio Alaor is one of the executive members of Banco BMG of BMG Group, a financial institution based in Brazil. The bank is the major Brazilian football sponsor, also operating in vehicle financing and personal loans. It provides consignment loans to member companies, military personnel, federal and state civil servants, pensioners and retirees at a discount.
Marcio Alaor Explains Why the Economy of Australia is an Exception in Economic Crisis
Marcio Alaor says that Australia is one of the isolated cases as far as global economic stability is concerned. While most developed countries are trying hard to recover after the crisis experienced in 2008, Australia economy continues to grow. In the third quarter of 2015, it grew by 2.5%, which Marcio says is a factor indicating that Australia closed the year with no recessions for the 25th consecutive time. The reason for this, according to Marcio, is because the county happens to be a major commodities exporter, ranging from large scale goods such as whet and soybeans to mineral commodities including aluminum and iron. He says that this served as a stimulus for the country’s economy.
Marcio Alaor continues and says that Australia stood out compared to other developed countries by implementing various measures aimed at stimulating the growth of the country. He goes ahead and cites the fact that Wayne Swan, the Minister of Finance in Australia, has received a lot of international recognition, especially in 2011 when he was featured in Euromoney magazine. The minister implemented various measures, making necessary adjustments in time.
Marcio Alaor Analyzes the Performance of Automakers
With the automakers attracting more investors in today’s stock market, the executive officer of Banco BMG, Marcio Alaor, decides to air his views on this matter. He says that one of the first companies to go public was General Motors, which completed 100 years in IPO and currently has about 53.52 billion dollars of market. In 1956, Ford then followed, offering its first IPO which was one of the biggest at that time. Through this process, the companies became corporations, with their IPOs being used to raise capital investment and funds to enable monetization of their investments. According to Alaor, these days, automakers are seeing increase in stocks such as Ferrari, which reported a 5 percent increase and 10 billion dollars in market. Other companies that also performed include Flat Chrysler Automobilist, Daimler, BMW, Renault, Volvo, and Peugeot.
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Ricardo Guimarãeas’ BMG Legacy

Son of Flavio Pentagma Guimarães, a large mining entrepreneur who invested in different areas such as agriculture, coffee plantation and to a cannery, Ricardo Guimarães had the privilege of being born in one of the richest families and powerful of Minas Gerais. However, Ricardo Guimarães, famous for presiding BMG, always had great talent for hard work and innovation. And that’s what he showed when he took BMG bank in 1998 to turn it into the National Loans leader set out shortly afterwards. The connections of the family of Ricardo Guimarães with the financial sector date back to early last century, more precisely to 1930 when his grandfather founded the Land Credit Bank.The grandson of Mr. Antônio Mourão Guimarães was the fourth member to pay the family’s financial affairs.

It was under the management of Ricardo Guimarães that BMG has adopted an innovative strategy to become a leader in consigned credit monitoring in Brazil. Operating through a lean and efficient team with consultants spread across the country, BMG focus on offering credit at low interest rates for an audience that has a low level of default. A great goal from Ricardo Guimarães in the credit market, which made his bank the leader in this industry!

Another big play on the businessman was offering sponsorship for various football teams and athletes in the country. Today BMG is the largest sponsor of football in Brazil. Despite being fanatical supporter Clube Atlético Mineiro, Ricardo Guimarães stresses that BMG does not root for any team and sponsors that even rivals. And the bank receives an excellent return for this, one of the Brazilian sponsors with greater financial return for investment in football. And it’s not only in the field of business that sponsorship to football is functional for BMG, but also in the area of ​​advertising. The visibility that the bank achieves the stamping his three oranges letters in various clubs around the country is enormous. And Ricardo Guimarães links with the football world go beyond the sponsorship offered by your bank and its passion of fans by Clube Atlético Mineiro. He has chaired the alvinegro of Mines, succeeding Nelio Brant and being in charge of the club for five long years when he was succeeded by Ziza Valadares. The commitment of the presidency of Ricardo Gallen was such that he several times put out of pocket money to help the team in times of difficulty. And today, almost ten years after leaving the presidency’s athletic, he’s still one of the most respected figures in the club, both by the board and by the fans.

About the future of business, Guimarães continues betting firm and strong in payroll loans? the main product of your bank. However, it intends to reduce the share of this type of credit for up to 70% of total bank revenues in order to expand the range of services offered by the institution to increase its competitiveness in the Brazilian financial market.

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Source:  Agencia Estado

Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG is Supported By His city

Marcio Alaor was inaugurated on August 24, 2014 in the 33rd edition of Expose Samonte. Alaor has always been a great supporter of the city, especially the rural sector, and this inauguration is representative of the very close relationship he has with his homeland and an attention to his countrymen that transcends the barrier of distance.

Local officials were present to witness the honor and made it a point to convey the importance of the city relying on the support of one of the biggest executives in Brazil. Alaor shows his love for his country through his service as contributor to the executive vice president of a large bank like BMG, opens numerous doors and displays the strength of Santo Antonio do Monte. Even without land favoring agriculture, the municipality managed to become the largest milk producer in the Central West of Minas Gerais. The town achieved a great deal due to the commitment and courage of the field workers and collaboration of people. Even with all the difficulties, citizens like Marcio Alaor never cease to believe in the potential of the city.

According to,  as recognition of his services to local company, the executive received a plaque extolling his friendship with everyone in town, recognizing the difficulties faced (especially in the countryside), and highlighting his love for their land. After thanking Alaor for everything he has done and continues to do for the city, the president of the Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian stated that support of the executive is of fundamental importance for the union to continue helping predominantly rural farmers of Santo Antonio do Monte. The mayor, Wilmar Son, stressed the fact that the transformation of what was previously a warehouse used to store grain into a large and essential food court also represented the creation of a place that would certainly be an incentive for many more in the city to continue in the pursuit of their dreams.

Taking the word, Marcio Alaor said that for him, life is not limited to purchasing power and that valuing great friendships is paramount in the effort not to lose a bit of the city’s own essence. Alaor also expressed his gratitude for all the accolades he received in the city during his lifetime, since it is common for people to be honored only after death. He expressed his excitement and honor to have the opportunity to welcome them in life and to have the ability to closely monitor the growth of his homeland. Marcio Alaor ended his speech by entreating citizens to maintain their great love for their homeland and to never lose touch with the love they have toward one another.
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The recent partnership of BMG and ITAU bank to form a new bank came as a surprise to many considering the BMG negotiations with another bank. The announcement of the partnership was announced by the vice president of the bank Mr. Marcio Alaor. Marcio acknowledged whereas the initial engagement with other banks, the ITAU bank CEO called in the last minute of the talks and offered the best deal.


The current credit industry in the country is not taped in the private sector. The creation of the new bank is widely anticipated that it will tap in the sector with payroll loans. The partnership is advantageous to BMG has it has an extensive network in the market. The BMG bank is the pioneer in the credit industry, especially in the consignment sector.


The largest problem is money scarcity resulting to banks turning to outsourcing fund for the new bank. The BMG will contribute 30% and ITAU adding 70% of the funds. The bank is set to start operations in the next 90 days. In cash, the BMG will contribute the 300 million and ITAU the 700 million of the total 1 billion required by the bank. The bank will have a chance to diversify and grow other assets. The partnership is well defined to avoid internal competition. The BMG has several networks distributed in major municipalities in Brazil. it will be the company’s opportunity to grow from the current R $ 600 million to R $1 billion


With the current economy in Brazil, the government is doing all possible to bring the growth to 4% on average. The new bank ITAU BMG payroll bank is expected to boost the current market and portfolio of both banks. BMG has already considered directing most of its payroll customers to the new bank once it becomes operational. The significance of the new partnership will not change the BMG database.


Marcio is among the top director of who have propelled BMG to success. The entrepreneur has several other interests around the globe including in the airlines sector. The outspoken Brazilian citizen is very popular in the banking industry. He is a specialist in finance and accounting industry since his days from college. He is also a philanthropic leader in ensuring the rights and welfare of community to food and education are well supported. BMG has undertaken several partnership programs including supporting the local soccer under his leadership. The article is recapped from Minas journa.

Top Factors That Have Contributed To The Success Of BMG

In each sector of business, there are challenges that one is tasked with handling. Most businesses fail not because they lack tools for the execution of duties, but because of poor planning and execution. The modern market is dynamic and has been experiencing many changes each day. Investing in such a market calls for some expertise and proper execution. Getting the right information is one of the ways a business person can easily manage to handle different challenges that come up while running a business. However, it happens that some entrepreneurs come up with great ideas, which are watered down by lack of skills and knowledge. This is one of the things BMG has worked to resolve as they have been able to bring a change in the banking sector in Brazil.

BMG has hired some of the most experienced professionals, who have been tasked with the implementation of different tasks within the bank. The delegation of duties in this company has allowed for easy execution of processes and they are able to make more as there are no delays. Research is also an area that has been identified among key factors that can help a business to emerge successful. BMG has mastered the art of reading about the changes that happen in the market and this has helped them to strategize on different issues. BMG has also invested in regular training for its employees, something that has allowed the company to maintain a reliable workforce. This has enhanced the creation of a stable relationship with customers and has worked in many ways to offer stability for the bank.

Leadership inspires the development of many things within a business. Great leadership is necessary for a business to emerge triumphant. This is what has led to the enhancement of stability within BMG. Marcio Alaor, who works as the director of the bank, has also been key in the attainment of different goals within BMG. Marcio Alaor is well educated on matters business and has a long experience record, serving in different sections.

Managing the welfare kitty of a company is something that calls for honesty and clarity. Marcio Alaor as always supported the welfare of the society and has allowed BMG to perform its corporate responsibility without interference. He has been able to support the use of fund to sponsor sports and this has opened up opportunities for young people to nurture their talents.