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How Bernardo Chua Found Success With Organo Gold

There are only a few business people who continue to find success in multiple companies. One of those executives is experiencing a decade long winning streak with one of the world’s fasting growing direct sales companies. That executive, Bernardo Chua, is leading over a million sellers to profit with his coffee and tea company Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua is one of the most successful business people in the Pacific Rim region. Mr. Chua grow up in the Philippines with the ambition to start his own company. And it wasn’t long before he found success with his first business, Gano Excel. While running Gano Excel, Mr. Chua realized that direct sales worked better than just about any business model. Find out more about Bernardo Chua at

Mr. Chua would take the direct sales model and expand it to Organo Gold. This second company from Bernardo Chua has experienced explosive growth thanks to the determined sellers working under the company’s direct sales model. Today, Organo Gold is one of the leading sellers of health oriented coffee and tea products.

During his multi decade career, Mr. Chua has received a number of awards. One of his most notable recognitions was the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry during the Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards. In addition to personal recognition, Mr. Chua’s company has also received an award for top direct selling company in the food supplements section from The National Shoppers Choice Awards. In all, Mr. Chua and Organo Gold has received five “Direct Sales Company of the Year” awards.

Currently, Organo Gold is the 55th largest direct selling company in the world in only its tenth year of operation. One of the secrets to Mr. Chau’s success was his insight to take ganoderma products and expand them beyond the Asian market. Today, Organo Gold is sold to tens of millions of people around the world.Visit:


Matt Badiali’s Incredible Investment Ideas

Matt Badiali’s Incredible Investment Ideas

While beginning his career, Matt Badiali worked as a scientist. His education background might have attributed to his successful works as a scientist. As such, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Earth sciences from the Penn State University. He further enhanced his knowledge in the course he had previously studied by enrolling for a Masters in geology from the Florida Atlantic University. Although he had explored much in geology and earth sciences in his past courses, he was still interested in gaining more knowledge thus he pursued a PhD in the North Carolina University. It is until the year 2004 that one of his allies introduced him to finance.

The friend was much knowledgeable in finance since he had a PhD in this sector. He was interested in working with Matt Badiali for him to assist him in coming up with methods which would help educate the average investors on proper investing techniques. Matt was an ideal person to approach for this deal because he was passionate about every project that the engaged in and his experience in geology and science would add up in giving the best advice in investing. Matt Badiali and the friend had the idea of crafting good investment advice which would be ideal for an average American. Based on this notion, Matt writes with the purpose of assisting his father whom he witnessed struggling a lot while investing. By writing, Matt realised that this was the only way that he could use his education and experience to assist people. Visit the website to learn more.

By utilizing his writing skills, Matt Badiali has been able to help investors find the most excellent investment schemes in natural resources, metals, and energy among other areas. Most of the people who read Matt’s works have gained much information. One of his works that have helped many people is the newsletter named the Real Wealth Strategist by Banyan Hill. The newsletter has gained many loyal readers who anticipate for more ideas and business insights. One of the traits that help Matt be a good investment advisor is the love for travelling. As such, he has travelled all over the world in areas such as Hong Kong, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Iraq, Switzerland and many more. Moreover, he has visited several oil projects and mines where he obtains most of his investment ideas.

In his newsletter, Badiali believes that with the advancement in technology, the energy consumption will transform in a big way. The transformation will entail a shift directed towards used of electricity as opposed to the use of fossil fuels which dominates the energy today. One of the challenges that make this transformation unachievable at the moment is the lack of a battery that can be able to hold enough electricity and sustain a vast population in any setup including a city. Matt informs the readers that they can make huge returns by simply investing in the ideal resources. Being knowledgable, a person can come up with an idea that suits the needs of the people hence reap much profits from the project. In the given instance, coming up with such battery can be a breakthrough that will see the investors gaining much profit.

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Paul Mampilly, the American stock guru

In the latest profits unlimited newsletter, Paul Mampilly the stock expert advises traders to invest in precision medicine stocks by myriad genetics as they are quite promising. For those who are just hearing about this, precision medicine focuses on creating personalized medication based on your DNA. In other words, the scientist or physician creates prescriptions based on your genetic structure hence helps eradicate chronic conditions or develop effective drugs for whatever illness a person is suffering from. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Why Medicine precision stocks are a wise investment

According to Paul Mampilly, the precision medicine company has been doing quite well since last year September, and it currently has $2.2 billion worth of stock which is quite high considering that it only had $1.5 billion in stock over summer. Besides Myriad genetics, other companies in that stock arena such as Foundation medicine are doing quite well. However, Myriad genetic remains the leader in precision medicine stocks with a market cap of $1.3 billion which continues to grow with each day. That is why Paul Mampilly urges people to invest in it as it seems more promising.

Paul’s career background

Paul Mampilly is a household name in the American finance sector. He is an influential personality in this sector as he was once a manager of a successful hedge fund and is also a well-known investor. Paul graduated from Fordham University in 1996 with an MBA. However, before this and while studying Mampilly had already worked with various prominent banks in wall street and had served prominent positions such as being the assistant portfolio manager at Bankers trust and also a senior analyst with Deutsche bank during which he used to manage accounts worth millions of dollars.

Career growth and achievements

During this time is when he acquired his expertise in stocks and finance related matters. He used his knowledge as a stepping stone to becoming great in future, and this would prove to be quite fruitful in future. For instance, when he joined Kinetics asset management in 2006 as a hedge fund manager, Paul put the skills he earned while in his previous job into action and managed to steer the company to greener pastures. He helped Kinetics increase to $25 billion worth of assets a factor which saw the company earn the World’s best title for the high returns. Paul Mampilly then went on to surprise the world with more success when he joined the Templeton Foundation investment competition with only $50 million and through his top of the shelf skills, he managed to grow the amount to $88 million. All these growth took place in two years, which is between 2008 and 2009. Since he won the competition, Paul has never looked back and continues to soar to great heights with each dawn. Read more at PRNewswire about Paul Mampilly.

Profits unlimited

He is the founder of Profits unlimited, a popular newsletter in which he suggests to his readers about the best stocks to invest in to get high returns. Since he began, it, the newsletter has seen tremendous growth and currently has more than 90,000 subscribers. He is quite active on social media where he goes live every once in a while to interact with his subscribers and traders. Thanks to his impressive resume and being a financial powerhouse, Paul Mampilly is a common figure in television programs such as CNBC and fox business news where he talks and advises viewers on matters finance.

Mampilly on bitcoin and crypto

Besides offering advice on stocks, Paul Mampilly also has something to say about the recent bitcoin and cryptocurrency craze. Even though the world around him is going crazy about crypto, Paul is negative about it and advises investors to go slow on it to avoid losses when the bubble bursts unexpectedly. Visit:


Flavio MalufAnnounces Partnership With Duratex

Flavio Maluf, who currently serves as the president of Eucatex, announced that the company has entered into a new partnership with Duratex. The official word was released, just after Mr. Maluf shared the news with his employees and managers at the Botucatu plant.

In accordance with the terms of the deal, Eucatex will donate a plot of farmland in Capão Bonito for Duratex to use. In exchange, Eucatex will be able to use one of the Duratex production lines in Botucatu to produce thin panels of wood.

The arrangement lets Duratex remain close to their Itapetinga facility, so shipments from the farm won’t be too costly. The 280 people employed at the Duratex plant generate an average of 200 thousand m³ of product per year. That product output is equivalent to $60 million R. The plant only recently resumed operations, so the deal with Flavio Maluf comes at an ideal time.

Eucatex produces fiberboard and Flavio revealed that this partnership with Duratex will help them boost production of that product. He said the increase will be as high as 70% for the fiberboard line. Additionally, the extra manufacturing capacity will let Eucatex increase their paint production by 30% and will give their paper printing process a 40% boost. Follow Flavio Maluf at

About Flavio Maluf

Mr. Maluf serves as the chief financial officer for Eucatex SA Industria e Comercio and EucatexQuímica e Mineral Ltda. Additionally, he is the vice chief executive officer for Eucatex Trading E Engenharia Ltda.

Mr. Maluf holds a chair on the Eucatex SA Industria e Comercio board of directors.

Flavio earned his education from Fundação Armando AlvaresPenteado.

Mr. Flavio Maluf recently spoke about his management style and the methods he feels have brought him the most success. Primarily, he says it’s important not to dwell on conversations that bear little fruit. Unnecessary discussions can only serve as distractions and can inhibit efficiency among employees. Flavio adds that this is why he frowns upon mobike device use on the production floor. This is the first cause of poor production numbers and Flavio believes it’s something that can be avoided. He adds that by eliminating these distractions, employees maintain better focus on their duties, which leads to safer job performance, as well as improved efficiency.



Tony Petrello’s Exceptional Work In The Energy Industry

Nabors industry is involved with drilling natural gas and oil, it is one of the most successful companies in this sector and has maintained high standards over the years. Nabors good leadership has profoundly contributed to its success and growth.

Nabors industry was initially known as Anglo Energy Ltd and was established around the year 1968; the services office is located at Greenspoint, Huston in Texas. The company is also operational in over 20 countries, Tony Petrello serves as the CEO and president of the company, and his exceptional leadership skills have helped propel the company to new heights.

The most recent venture under his leadership was in 2017, Nabors limited allied with Saudi Armaco, in the same year the company managed to acquire Tesco Corporation in a stock exchange.

Serving in several executive positions at Nabors has given Anthony Petrello experience since 1991 Petrello has seen the growth of the company and has learned the drills on what works or not. Tony has been very influential in facilitating the expansion of the company. It would therefore not come as a surprise that Tony Petrello has never failed in any of his business ventures, he has maintained a high standard of business.

Tony Petrello’s success journey.
Prior to joining Nabors limited, Tony practiced law at Baker and McKenzie law firm; Tony became a great success in his practice due to his vast knowledge and how he handled taxation issues. During his time at the firm, he served as a managing partner.

Tony’s skills gained the trust of many people and clients sort for his serves a lot, his ability to solve complex financial issues and his passion to always help clients arise from severe financial problems remains a legacy in the firm.

Petrello’s background in law and more so knowledge in financial matters have helped him profoundly in steering Nabors limited to a new level and increased their returns. Tony believes in teamwork and working with a team that is highly talented and aims at achieving a similar goal; this attribute has also helped him to become the successful businessman he is.

Apart from being a renowned leader, Tony is also a cheerful giver. He has been involved in several donations, in a recent post, Tony and his wife were commended for giving a $5 Million donation to a Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital, this donation will help children suffering from neurological disorders receive quality treatment.

Tony also understands the importance of treating employees with dignity and helping out where he can, when the hurricane hit Huston and some surrounding areas, Tony allowed his employees to take off days, and the good thing is they were still paid, this would ensure they catered for their families and friends. He also donated money that facilitated meals for the affected families.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s Innovations in the Medical Field

Dr. Mark Mofid is a renowned plastic surgeon who hails from San Diego in California. He received his Bachelors Degree from Harvard University and also went to The John Hopkins University School of Medicine from where he graduated with his medical degree. The doctor has his own practice and is also affiliated with many other hospitals in San Diego. His areas of specializations are in the general surgery and the plastic surgery. He is recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons for his innovations in the sector.

About Dr. Mofid’s Perception of Gluteal Augmentation

While the term gluteal augmentation is associated with negativity, Dr. Mofid has changed this perception through his medical safety practices. Dr. Mofid has done extensive research in the cosmetic surgery to help in conducting the procedures in the best and safest ways that are guided by science. Again, the gluteal augmentation sector is marked by a phenomenon where patients tend to ask for big implants as most don’t mind the costs. However, the doctor is always quick to embrace safety before everything else as he believes those are the best practices.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s practice on the gluteal augmentation has seen him also do some research on the body’s fat, skin and muscle to get a better understanding of how to conduct the surgeries. Moreover, this has seen the doctor work on the development of some different kinds of surgery for the past eight years. The gluteal augmentation industry in the past had been marked by the generic implants which were subjected to droop after sometime due to their incompatibility with the human’s muscle. Nonetheless, Dr. Mofid’s research bore fruits when he innovated the superior gluteal implant.

About Dr. Mark Mofid’s Profession

Dr. Mark Mofid has his office is based in La Jolla/UTC in San Diego. He works together with his wife who serves as a full-time dermatologist and a nurse. The doctor is board- certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery among others. His facility provides laser services and is attached to AAAASF/ Medical surgery center. Also, due to their excellence in what they do, the clinic receives thousands of patients who seek their services each year. Additionally, the facility offers many other services where some include the vein treatment and hair removal done using the Cutera Laser.

Felipe Montoro suggests the implementation of PPP in the city of Rio De Janiero

The government of Brazil, as well as Brazilian corporations, can always count on the infrastructure and energy specialist Felipe Montoro to help come up with strategies for financial profitability by eliminating economic waste.

Felipe Montoro is the former Chief Executive Officer and president of the Odebrecht Participadoes Investment Company as well as the previous Senior Financial Officer and Senior Investment Officer of the Odebrecht S.A. He is also a former ConcessionariaTrasvaseAlmos director and three-year director of the Braskem S.A too.

The finance guru is the current Chairperson of the S.A Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal and the Chief Executive Officer of both EnergiparCaptacao S.A and Odebercht Properties S.A. With all these experiences, it is safe to term him an expert individual and corporation financial strategist.

The government of Brazil’s looking to make improvements in the city of Rio De Janiero education system by adopting the PPP project suggested by Felipe Montoro. The Public-Private Partnership project is though out in such a way that new education units will be developed in the city with the private sector taking charge of the construction, operation, and maintenance while the public initiatives take control of the administration and the academic content. Under this project, the Brazilian government intends to develop twenty thousand new day-care education units and forty thousand new pre-school centers by the end of the year 2020. Visit to learn more.

There have been several studies and research carried out to ensure that this project could be implemented. The government has sought out the help of the International Finance Corporation by the World Bank Group in the planning process.

As it is, PPP has already been successfully embraced by several other countries all which sought out the World Bank Group. Felipe Montoro suggests that this method will enable education institutions to be more effective in their purpose through the segregation of the roles by the two entities. Felipe also points out that PPP would be an important tool for providing necessary facilities to the general population without the risk of losing the quality of what is already in existence.

Felipe Montoro Jens also reports, the federal government of Brazil plans to make as R $ 44 billion investment into the economy, in an effort for an opportunity of expansion and job creation. It was announced the R $ 44 billion will be an investment covering 57 projects, and across 22 sectors. The projects are scheduled to be an open bid, in order to give private entities an opportunities for expansion and growth. The federal government’s Program of Partnerships and Investment (PPI) will be orchestrating this investment.
Felipe also noted that over half of the project bidding will not take place until the end of 2018. So far Felipe Montoro Jens says the R $ 44 billion investment will include infrastructure projects, airport enhancements and upgrades, and the privatization of public enterprises. Infraero, Brazil’s government owned enterprise, that is responsible for running all the major airports in the country, is planning to sale The Brasilia, Confis (Belo Horizonte), Galeao (Rio de Janeiro) and Guarulhos (Sao Paulo). Infraero currently owns 49% of each of the airports shares.

Felipe Monotoro Jens also reported, according to Ministry of Transportation stated bidding on highway projects will take place during the last three months of President Michel Temer’s presidential term in office. The highway BR-153 connecting Anapolis (GO), and Alianca (TO) will be part of the upgrades, despite it being denied when applied by the Galvao Group. BR-364 which connects Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO), is almost 800 kilometers of road. The Ministry of Transportation also says the Port terminal concessions of Belem (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranagua (PR) and Victoria (ES) are all expected to be up for biding along with the others later this year.
Felipe Montoro Jens also listed the Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docks of Espirito Santo to be privatized as part the plans for stimulation.

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2 Critical Things Ian King Want Traders to Know About the latest Bitcoin Panic?

Ian King, a Cryto expert that works for Banyan publishing is now sharing what he learned about investment and trading over the last 2 decades. With the experience that he has acquired, Ian King is offering what he knows in a series of publications about this digital currency online. Despite investment products going up and down in this difficult and volatile market, he is focusing his attention now on the digital currency market, in particular, cryptocurrencies. As the founder of intellicoins, Ian king is covering a wide range of critical topics like Bitcoin: The end of the Beginning, 4 top-Performing Alternatives to Bitcoin, Bitcoin: Your New Safe Haven and much much more.

To make sure traders are equipped with the knowledge that they need to know now, he is also addressing topics like What novice and veteran traders can learn about the latest bitcoin panic. So, for those of you who are interested in learning what happened and why, here is what he wants you to know.

  1. Plunges are an inherent Part of the Investment Market

Unfortunately, many crypto investors were given a quick harsh lesson in the nature of the financial market. One in which that exposes its tendency to go down much faster than it will ever go up. Since any negative activity can adversely affect the markets, it is not uncommon for investors and traders to react quickly to make a financial decision to dump what they have to keep from losing their shirt.

In the latest scenario with bitcoin, the drop in prices was due to the Chinese regulators and their position on crypto exchange trading, Since they took a stance to begin cracking down on this activity, the bitcoin market took a big hit with a 36% plunge in prices. Based on the history of bitcoin trading and the associated tracking, this event was recorded as the largest loss since the year 2015 in the month of January. In fact, in many cases, the present Bitcoin enthusiasts were said to have felt a very strong sense of déjà vu when it happened again.

  1. Opportunities to Buy — Prepare for the Rebound

When the bottom falls out of any investment, this is usually the best time to buy, according to the advice of many expert investors in the stock market. Since Bitcoin is not considered to be dead and gone, it appears to look like it going to rebound.

In short, those who buy now will have a chance to get in at low prices while it grows again. Related:


Recap of Daniel Taub

Born in 1962 in the beautiful country of Great Britain, Daniel Taub had made it his top priority to become the Ambassador for the United Kingdom. He is a truly experienced man, a graduate of Oxford and Harvard Universities.

In a recent article, published back in November of 2013, Daniel Taub expresses deep concern to the United Kingdom and the world of the repercussions of the Geneva deal that is aimed towards the Isreali states. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

This deal mainly concerns the threat of acquiring a nuclear weapon on Iran’s part. For Daniel, this is pressuring him and his allies, concerned that everything will be thrown off-kilter because of this one threat of this bomb ever coming to fruition.

Daniel Taub is passionate about his stance on these issues. He aims to keep the land he supports and protects safe from anyone trying to impose or intrude. Taub has dealt with so man political issues ever since he had been elected into office. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

When it comes to war and other diplomatic problems when they arise, he has a full experience. In 2011, he was appointed to be Isreal’s ambassador with his main focus being on trade matters. Dealing with other countries at the time was harsh and uncertain.

Ever since the beginning, Daniel Taub had a deep interest in foreign ministry and thought that he should go and try it, yet he did not know that he would wind up in that field of work. Each day for him is something adventurously different as he manages them.

There are so many aspects to juggle through only one week, from religious issues to the diplomacy that rises up on a daily basis.

What makes Daniel even more amazing is the fact is that he enjoys doing his job, even when it seems to get hectic or frightening when issues start to hit him.

Taub is a truly trusted individual. On top of his game and he is going to work it all the way through for as long as he can. He is one of the people who know which matters come first, for the good of the country he is in.

Jeff Yastine Reveals Why Investors should bet their money on mergers and acquisitions

If you follow up on business particularly the investment sector, you probably have come across the name Jeff Yastine. Jeff is a respected individual when it comes to investing. Over and over again, Jeff has continued to give tips here and there and many interested clients have gained great fortune at the end.

Well, for 2018, Jeff came up with the idea that mergers and acquisitions are the new investment platforms with a promising opportunity. For those who know Yastine and his experience in the field, placing the money is just a tap of a button. However, a few are willing to invest their money for 2018 but are yet to understand Yastine’s formulae.

First of all, investors have to understand that tax reform is playing a major role in understanding the strategy. The reform promises to bring down corporate tax rate to 21 percent as well loosen funds tied oversees. Secondly, Yastine takes into consideration the mood of American consumers. Currently, consumer spending is a one-month high. This trend has never been witnessed since the economy began shifting from recession about ten years ago.

The most crucial point to take home is understanding how corporations spend their dollars and that is usually defined by CEOs and their boards. Hence, judging from an M&A survey published by Deloitte Yastine strongly feel that mergers and acquisitions are the place to invest money in 2018.

According to the survey of interest, out of 1,000 executives in play, two-thirds stated they had an increase in revenue. To sweeten the deal, the two-thirds of the respondents hinted that they would use the cash to buy mergers and acquisitions which is a good message for those planning to listen to Jeff’s tactic.

Previous surveys have shown a large number of corporations seeking to place their money on organic investments or returning the money into business. Therefore, Yastine insists that investors should not hesitate after the fact that most of the corporations have hinted that their transactions will grow in number over the year. According to a report by Dealogic, the number of mergers and acquisitions had skyrocketed in 2017. Hence Jeff insists that investors should invest on individual stocks or exchange-traded funds then thank him later.

About Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a celebrated entrepreneur and his contributions to the investment sector has earned many of his clients’ great fortunes. Jeff schooled at the University of Florida where he earned a bachelor of arts in telecommunication (electronic journalism). Upon completing education, Jeff went ahead to seek employment and had a privilege of acquiring senior positions in various distinguished companies.

Until 2010, Jeff had an opportunity to work at PBS Nightly Business Report. The opportunity was a great milestone as he was in a position to interview great masterminds such as Richard Branson, Warren Buffet among many other successful individuals. His role at PBS saw him win a nomination for an Emmy for his excellence in availing reliable investment opportunities for clients. Today, Jeff works at Banyan Hill Publishing as an editorial director, a position that has seen him grab the attention of many clients as well as numerous awards.