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Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble BBF Is Transforming Online Dating

Living in a city without friends can be stressing. Individuals without friends may have no one to hang out with during the weekends, someone to visit them, and even a shopping buddy. This lonely environment is about to change with Bumble’s introduction of a new social application, the Bumble BFF.

The social platform, which will be launched by Whitney Wolfe, will serve as a place where one can meet a best friend, wing woman or a workout partner. This platform diverges far from the traditional dating applications that are centered towards ensuring that the users find romantic partners.

Bumble BFF is available for download on App Store for the users of Apple devices and Google Play Store for android lovers. One can easily find the application by searching the phrase ‘Bumble’ on the platforms. After downloading the application, a new user can sign in using his or her Facebook account. From the settings button, one can choose the Bumble BFF. This site enables the application to change from the traditional dating platform to a friend-making platform. What is outstanding about Bumble BFF is that it understands that its users are only interested in making friends and not dating. Whitney Wolfe designed that app in such a way that if one is interested in meeting new friends, the app will remove his or her profile from the dating side of the platform.

The creation of the Bumble BFF was Bumble’s response to the overwhelming demand from its clients to continue using the application even after finding their matches. These individuals wanted the ability to switch from searching for a romantic partner to locating a friend seamlessly. Before the introduction of Bumble BFF, Bumble users had to use ‘same gender’ to help them narrow down to potential friends. However, this process had its own challenges, as many people thought they were either lesbians or gays. With the new platform, the awkwardness will be eliminated, thus easing the process of searching for friends.

The BFF feature is useful to individuals who are new in a city or in a given vocation. Such people are usually in an environment where everyone is new and creating friends using the traditional way is difficult. Bumble BFF helps these individuals to enhance their success in friend searching by providing them with the profiles of other individuals in the locality that are also looking for friends.

Whitney Wolfe is a 27-year-old entrepreneur and executive. She is Bumble’s founder and chief executive officer. Formerly, the Austin-based leader worked for Tinder, a dating platform that she helped to incorporate. Whitney Wolfe is working towards making Bumble and its brands house hold names in the US and beyond.

SKOUT Redefines What A Superhero Can Be


SKOUT is the smart social connections app that runs on most modern Internet-connected devices to help people find events and acquaint them with strangers with like interests, that soon become friends. Superheros are what you make of them, they say, and SKOUT has branched out in a big way to make potentially anyone a superhero. On National Superhero Day, which this year was on April 28th, all the profits SKOUT made went to the Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area chapter.

The goal was to completely pay for the fulfillment of at least one terminally ill, or otherwise medically challenged, child’s dearest wish. All that was required is that people download the SKOUT app to their smartphone, or many other kinds of internet accessible devices, and send SKOUT superhero virtual gifts to whomever they wished. Each gift sent from inside the app added more money to the total SKOUT donation to help a kid in real crisis have a happier, more joyful existence during a very hard time in his or her life.

SKOUT’s founder and CEO, Christian Wiklund, came to the idea after he got the results of a detailed survey completed by many SKOUT member users. It turns out, 80% of those surveyed said they really wished they could be a real in-the-flesh superhero, if someone could wave a magic wand and say, “let it be so.” So, Wiklund made it so. He found a fun and socially engaging way to help out a little dude with cancer or other life-threatening illness, and make everybody who stepped up feel like an authentic superhero. Needless to say, Wiklund was ecstatic about the whole thing. He knew that people like to send little gifts to each other. And, he knew how great all those SKOUT members would feel about contributing in that way.

The mobile smart device app is called SKOUT, and so is the company, still run expertly by Christian Wiklund. He has made the app available on numerous devices with several different platforms supported. With SKOUT there is no worry about meeting strangers. You can do it virtually for the very first meeting of someone new. Plus, SKOUT coordinates finding interesting events and then introducing you to other people who are also interested. Birds of a feather flock together. It is available in most countries of the world and in 16 languages as well.

The Greater Bay Area’s chapter of the Make-A-Wish® foundation has been working hard to grant ill children’s wishes for over 32 years now. Their mission is to help terminally ill kids forget about their sad situations, if only for a little bit. This chapter of the organization received a lump-sum donation from SKOUT that will help a kid in real need at least achieve one wish.

Check out Skout on LinkedIn and get the app at

Dating Apps Run The Dating Scene

With the explosion of social media in the last decade, it’s no surprise to find that dating apps and websites are booming with business these days. The simple fact is that it is easier, and often safer to try to meet someone online. The days of people meeting at church gatherings and Sunday socials are long gone, today you log onto your choice of dating app or website and the company matches you with people who they think would be your ideal choice.
The concept is fairly straightforward. The process begins with the creation of a profile, which is what everyone will see and read to help make the decision of who is and isn’t a compatible mate. A few diverse selfies are necessary, they give a glimpse into who the profile is really about and make other app users feel more comfortable about who they are contacting. A short bio is included, it’s the space where users really get to sell themselves. The more creative, fun, and attractive they are the more likely they will be to find multiple dates.

Once the profile is fully finished it officially becomes part of the dating pool for anyone and everyone on the site to see. Users surf the sites which are fairly similar to Facebook, and look for people who they think will serve as good matches so they can begin messaging back and forth to feel each other out. Numerous matches are made through this industry each year. Although not all last a lifetime, it’s the new and effective way to be a part of the dating scene.

Skout is one of the newer dating apps to hit the market. In 2013 alone the company reported that over 500 million matches were made on their app. Skout works like other dating apps but with an added bonus, the program uses GPS on users cell phones to help connect with those in their immediate area. Skout also offers fun little features like Shake to Chat, this allows users who shake their phones to connect to other users who are shaking their phones at the same time. Due to the apps immense success, Skout was able to purchase Nixter, a nightlife app, in 2014. This allowed the company to add a new feature to their services that allows users to locate nightlife events like ticket sales and guest lists in major metropolitan cities. Recently, Skout launched Fuse, another app that allows users to create their own social network that functions from the address book located in their smartphone or tablet. As of 2015 Skout reported that it had officially reached over 10 million members.

Try Online Dating to Meet Friendly Singles Across the Globe

Just when you feel like you will never find a suitable woman to date, you find This wonderful international dating site is dedicated to helping all kinds of men and women find each other while on the vast internet. They help to merge the concepts of international love and modern romance. They receive a lot of international attention from singles worldwide. With offices in Russia and the United States, this dating service covers a lot of ground as far as dating goes.

Many people enjoy dating for the fun of meeting new people on a regular basis. If two people really connect and find love amidst the romance, who knows where it may lead? Some singles enjoy meeting people internationally and are willing to travel to date them. Though some of the singles might be hoping to get married, the majority of them are fun loving and friendly individuals looking to have a good time with other friendly people. When you first sign up for a dating service, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of available singles across the globe. There is no need to worry though as all of the members are confirmed by the staff to be actual real people.

It is true that specializes in helping Russian and Ukrainian singles find appropriate dates, but for that matter they are also widely used in central and south America as well as in Africa and Asia. When it comes to dating, really knows how to help people find matching singles across the globe. That’s why they offer regularly organized social activities during the year on three separate continents. If you choose to attend an event, you will be introduced to singles from all across the world.

With over 4 million users in over 110 countries, there is no limit to the number of available singles that a motivated individual can meet. While some smaller dating sites might focus on local and domestic dating exclusively, specializes in international relationships. As with any other type of dating service, they look for ways to help get their members together. These ways can be through messaging and emails, sharing photos and making presents or via their online chat protocol. Recently, they launched their mobile app that helps to connect their singles from their mobile devices as well.

So, if you would like to connect to thousands of interesting singles throughout the world, signing up to would be a wise choice. If you have security concerns, there is no need to worry as they use the leading safety and security systems in the industry. You owe it to yourself to try this stellar dating service.

Skout Is My Favorite Way To Communicate With Others

I love the Skout network, but maybe I love it too much. I joined the Skout network some time ago, and it’s like I can’t stop using the network on a daily basis. I use it every single day, no matter what I’m doing. If I go to work, I’ll be using Skout during my lunch break. I’ve even been known to go out to the car, just so I could use my phone and go on Skout while I’m at work. My love for Skout has gotten me in trouble at times, but I just can’t help myself.

The reason I use Skout is to communicate with others, even though I’m not looking to find a boyfriend. I’m only 19 years old, and I love to socialize. Although I have other social media accounts, Skout is my absolute favorite. I’ve been able to find some friends in my area on the Skout network, and I get a lot of boys flirting with me. I work, and I plan on going to school at the end of the summer, so I don’t have much time for friends. I go out when I can, but I still find myself on Skout a lot.

I’ve used Skout to find new friends, and I go out with some of them once in a while. I started on the Skout network a while back, and I decided that it would be the only network that I would ever entertain finding a boyfriend on. What I love about Skout is the fact that I can talk to others, I can send greetings, and the network is a lot of fun. Whenever I’m looking for a certain type of person, Skout allows me to do a specific search, which is very helpful. The Skout network is great for anyone looking for love or friendship.

Another feature that I love about Skout is Skout Travel. I’ve only used the feature a few times, but there’s nothing more fun than virtually traveling. I was interested in going to the Caribbean, so I used Skout Travel to do just that. I was so fascinated with some of the sites that I have seen in the Caribbean while using Skout Travel. I can’t stay away from Skout at all, and it’s easy to see why. I’ll also update my pictures once in a while, and I like to go and find friends on Skout when I have the free time.