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Dr. Saad has worked in the medical field for the last over 40 years as a qualified pediatric. He is well experienced in removing stuck in kids’ trachea (windpipe) or esophagus (food pipe). In his career, Dr. Saad Saad has managed to help over 1,000 kids between the ages of six months to fourteen years. Some of these children that Dr. Saad has helped had food item or objects trapped in the esophagus or trachea. Dr. Saad claims that kids mostly at their youngest age are always curious and will typically want to taste things using their mouths and swallowing them. In several cases, the food item or object will pass the food pipe to the stomach without the kid having severe complications. Nonetheless, in some cases, the food particle or object will be trapped in the food pipe or get its way accidentally to the windpipe.

The kid will experience such symptoms as trouble breathing, wheezing, and difficulty swallowing when they have objects stuck in their windpipe or food pipe. Some of the objects that usually kids eat and are stuck in their trachea and food pipe include hot dogs, coins, peanuts and many more. Significant objects such as hot dogs and coins typically get trapped in the food pipe while small ones like peanuts usually are stuck in the windpipe. When six years and below kids swallow objects and they are stuck in their system, it is possible to get them out through putting the kid upside down and tapping their backs until the object pops out itself.

According to Doctor Saad, if the kid is older, it is essential to perform a Heimlich maneuver immediately. To conduct a Heimlich Maneuver, one has to stand behind the kids and rub their hands around the waist of the kid. It also requires thrusting their hands on the kid’s abdomen. This procedure will make the kid cough out the object. If this process does not help, Dr. Saad Saad advice the kid to be rushed to hospital as soon as possible. Additionally, one is not allowed to use their hands in trying to get out the stuck objects as this will push the object even further and worsen the situation.

At the emergency room, a X-ray will be conducted to locate the position of the object. However, X-rays are not able to identify all stuck objects: they can only determine up to 50% of stuck objects. X-rays help identify big objects while the small ones cannot be identified with X-rays. Once the X-ray shows the location of the stuck object he the doctors will conduct esophagoscopy or bronchoscopy to get the object out. Dr. Saad Saad has been able to perform several endoscopies as well as bronchoscopy in his career. Learn more :

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The role of Dr. Saad Saad as a pediatric surgeon is inspiring to many people who are interested in following a career in this field. He is a man who has beaten all the odds to emerge as a top surgeon in the world. He has created a name through the application of best practices in medical practices. Dr. Saad is approved by the medical board to offer services as a pediatric surgeon in the United States. However, he has also been hired by other countries and organizations to help them deal with complex pediatric surgeries. He has left a mark in the industry by being the first person in the industry to come up with two unique patents that are going to change the way surgical operations, as well as medical examinations, are done.


Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine. He grew up in Kuwait and attended university in Cairo University. He emerged as one of the best performing medical students in his class. His excellence opened doors for him and enabled his move to England where he worked as an intern before finally moving to the United States. His success has been as a result of hard work and commitment. Not many people get a chance to come from such a low position and climb all the way up to becoming such important people in the society. He is an inspiration to many young people who come from humble backgrounds like he did. He assures them that no matter who they are, they have potential to change the industry.


Dr. Saad Saad has performed numerous surgeries helping people who were facing life-threatening conditions live a healthy. After being in the industry for four decades, he has seen it all and therefore knows what is good and bad for the industry. When he makes an invention, it’s because he knows how important it will be to the practitioners. He has been to institutions where he wished something would be done differently but instead of waiting for someone else to bring the change, he decided to do it himself. Today, Dr. Saad Saad is among the people who have created a difference in the medical industry by innovating new instruments as well as new medical instruments.


Dr. Saad Saad has two medical inventions that he has patented. The inventions are in the process of being manufactured in large scale. Once this is done, they will be available in all the hospitals around the world. Dr. Saad has tested them and has verified that they are indeed the best innovations out there. One invention is a device that tracks the position of the catheter in the body, and the other one is a suction system that improves the visibility of the endoscope. Learn more:

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When most accomplished doctors tell their stories on their motivation to become doctors, it has something to do with their need to save lives and passion for helping the sick. It is different for Dr, Saad Saad, growing up in Kuwait he always wanted to work in construction like his elder siblings. However, thanks to the very high temperatures that could hit a high of 100 degrees F he realized he needed to be in a profession where he could work indoors in a room with air conditioner. That is not to mean though that the doctor does not care for the lives of his patients.
Dr. Saas Saad was born in Kuwait 1940, raised in a family of eight children. He got his Bachelors of Medicine from the University of Cairo in Egypt where he emerged second in his class. He did his internship in England then moved to the United States where he did his residency in pediatric surgery and surgery in general at the United States Board Certified in pediatric medicine.
By the mid-1980’s he was the only certified pediatric surgeon in the United States which gave him prestigious opportunities to be the pediatric surgeon for the Royal family and perform complicated procedures for any child in need in Saudi Arabia a position he held until 1989.
Dr. Saad attributes his success to his father who told him not to accept anything but success which he sought another notable person is his mentor Dr. Biemann Othersen who taught him hard work and service to every child not considering their background or race.
Dr. Saad interest in making an impact in genetics through the ability to prevent, understand and treatment of chronic diseases led him to develop new procedures to improve the care given to these patients. It is through this pursuit to make lives well that he came up with two life-saving inventions which have transformed how to carry out surgery.
1. The Catheter Locator.
Catheters are tubes that are used for different purposes whenever surgery is being carried out. Some can be used to drain fluids or gases within the body these tubes can be left in the body for a while to help with the healing process. Traditionally, the catheters are located using X-rays which when done regularly can cause a risk of illness due to the radiation according to DR. Saad. That is the reason he created an integral electromagnetic location identification device that helps in locating the catheter.
2. The Suction/ Irrigation Endoscope.
Dr. Saad has come up with another witty invention that is attached to endoscopes; the device that is used to give a visual picture inside the patient’s body. The device can act as a suction to clear any fluids from obstructing the lenses view or spray to provide a clear path. Learn more:

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Dr. Saad has contributed to major changes in the health sector and through his forty year experience, he has successfully carried out uncountable pediatric surgeries to children in the country. Besides, he has taken part in a vast number of charitable works to help save the lives of many children in the United States. His ability to identify diseases in children have impressed many people and this has gained him a great reputation, with a vast number of people seeking his services.

Dr. Saad is a great inventor and over the recent years, he has successfully come up with a vast number of surgical procedures through which children can be operated. He began his passion for medicine while in college and he has since then put a lot of effort towards achieving his career dreams. The renowned medical practitioner has also showcased great engineering skills, which he has combined with his vast knowledge of medicine to handle adverse cases in children. He has successfully identified serious diseases in children, through which he has managed to offer them treatment besides conducting successful surgeries on them.

Dr. Saad has experienced success in his career and has received a lot of recognition due to the knowledge he showcased while at the University by acquiring first class honors in medicine. He started his career at the Hovnanian Children’s Hospital where he served as the surgeon in chief and co-medical director, before moving on to Saudi Arabia. Dr. Saad has always had a great dedication towards improving the lives and state of his patients, and regardless of his busy schedule, he has thrived to help every child that visits his hospital regain a better health. His expertise also gained him a great chance to treat prestigious people from the Royal Family through which he got a chance to improve his skills. Additionally, Dr. Saad has always considered technology to be part of the major development that has taken place in the medical sector, and as a result, he has purchased the best and most modern equipment to help him perform excellent surgical procedures to his patients.

Due to his noticeable achievements and contributions to the field of medicine, Dr. Saad has received a lot of accreditation from many people besides being honored with a vast number of awards to appreciate his good work. He received the Patient`s Choice Award in 2014, which was based on patients votes, besides receiving the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award, which proved his determination and dedication towards his career. The renowned medical practitioner has not turned back on his career and seeks ways to improve his services to his patients so as to receive the best results. Learn more: