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The Life and Achievements of Sheldon Lavin: OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, a company that specializes in the manufacture and packaging of top meat and food products. The company is located in Aurora, Illinois. The company services the retail and food service sectors. When Sheldon Lavin first joined the company, he was just an outsider. However, in the 1970s, he became actively involved in the OSI Group’s operations. During this time, the company was known as the Otto & Sons Company, and it was owned by Mr. Otto and his sons.

Sheldon Lavin’s history at the OSI Group

In the 1970s, the Otto & Sons Company was one that was full of potential. In fact, they had an opportunity to become the largest supplier of hamburgers to the McDonald’s Corporation. Unfortunately, the company was going through a rough financial patch, and they could not deliver. This was when Sheldon Lavin stepped in as a financial advisor to the company. He helped steer it to immense growth and even overseen the acquisition of funds from financial institutions.

In 1975, Sheldon Lavin became actively involved in the business beyond offering financial advice. He helped in sourcing for business and investments overseas. During this time, Mr. Otto decided to retire from business, and Sheldon agreed to partner with the sons. As a result, the company’s name was changed from Otto & Sons to the OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin played a significant role in helping the company realize a broader clientele base from just supplying around Illinois to the rest of the world, including Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Asia, and the Philippines.

Sheldon’s role at OSI Group

After working hard to expand the operations of the OSI Group across the continents, Sheldon purchased a controlling interest and took over the company. He has managed to change the view of the meat and food processing industry in the world. He specializes in large-scale operations that enable the company to manage complex supply chains.

Sheldon Lavin does not work alone. He has gained a lot of success in the meat processing industry by working with a close team of like-minded and ambitious individuals. Sheldon believes in teamwork and has enforced a collaborative culture in his company. This has seen the company realize very low employee turnover rates since he acquired it. He is a smart businessman who knows how to track factors such as technological changes, consumer preferences, and resource shortages to ensure that the company remains on top of the game.

Sheldon Lavin is not your usual kind of businessman. From a mere financial consultant, he has managed to own and operate one of the largest meat processing companies in the US. He has earned numerous awards and has also received recognition for his philanthropic efforts which involve providing housing and basic needs to families that struggle with chronic illnesses.

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Nick Vertucci And His Life-Changing NV Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is living the American Dream. He is financially secure and is able to give his family the finer things in life. But it wasn’t always that way. Vertucci struggled financially until he learned how to use real estate to generate all the money he needs. And he is teaching men and women nationwide how to do the same thing by using the principles he teaches in his NV Real Estate Academy. The program is very affordable and the principles being taught are easy to master. People that complete the course and apply the principles begin making excellent incomes almost immediately.

Before he became involved in real estate, life was rough for Mick Vertucci. As a teenager, he lived in his van. He started a computer company and made some money, but the crash wiped him out. He then spent a year and a half struggling to make ends meet. He was at his wits end and worried he wouldn’t be able to feed his family. Fortunately, a friend invited him to a real estate seminar. Vertucci was hesitant, but he decided to go. The seminar changed his life forever. He came back confident he had found what he needed. He started buying, repairing and selling real estate and making a fortune.

Over the next decade, Nick Vertucci spent countless hours researching new and better ways to buy, repair and sell real estate and make a profit. Eventually he created the a system that was so simple anyone could make money doing it. The program he developed was called Fortunes in Flipping. And Vertucci made a fortune using it. Before too long he was a multimillionaire. But Vertucci wasn’t satisfied. He remembered what it felt like to not have the income he needed to take care of his family and wanted to offer people facing the same struggle a way out. So he started the NV Real Estate Academy.

Through the NV Real Estate Academy Nick Vertucci has helped many people to become financially secure by teaching them simple ways to buy and sell real estate and make an excellent profit. The NV Real Estate Academy and the Fortunes In Flipping program have helped many people turn their lives around. Helping others do well financially gives Nick Vertucci great joy. He teaches them skills they can use to generate a consistent income for the rest of their lives.

Earn High Commissions by Selling Logan Stout’s IDLife Products

Working for more than forty hours a week at a company is usually not the quickest way to get financial independence. These days there are very many opportunities that offer unconventional means of earning. This can make it difficult for people to choose the best selling opportunity that will drive them to financial freedom.

IDLife is the easiest to understand, and effective way that helps people gain financial stability. IDLife provides customized nutrition plan for each client to help them achieve the maximum level of nutrition and health. The company makes it easier for clients to supplement their eating choices with the correct mix of nutrients and vitamins for their daily needs.

IDLife has been receiving positive comments from investors and clients since it was established in 2014. Customers have been talking about how the company has made it convenient for them to have all their supplements professionally sorted into two packets daily. This is time-saving since the client does not waste time counting the number of pills they should take per day. The clients have been stocking their shelves with vitamins, performance enhancers, meal replacements and protein bars that IDLife provides. IDLife products are sold in high volumes since satisfied customers have vouched for them.

You may be able to establish a successful career as an IDLife associate if you are interested in health and nutrition. To begin with, you can purchase several starter kits to find out how effective the IDLife products are for yourself. In addition to getting a discounted sample of several products, you will gain materials needed to sell IDLife products directly to friends and family.

IDLife currently offers a commission of thirty percent which is much higher than what most direct selling companies would offer. You can also earn smaller commissions when customers renew IDLife subscriptions. The good thing about selling IDLife products is that they are effective and clients will be calling you to order more after using them for just one month. You can also increase your earnings by recruiting other people under you to spread the news about the benefits of IDLife supplements. You will receive a commission from recruits’ sales.

You can still maintain your job and make money on the side with IDLife. This is because you can sell IDLife at any point anywhere.

Logan Stout

Logan Stout is the founder and chief executive officer of IDLife. He established IDLife with the goal of helping people achieve their best when it comes to their health. He is a successful philanthropist, business owner, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and leadership trainer. In addition to that, he is also a best-selling author.

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Nick Vertucci’s Journey From Being a Cop, To Real Estate Investing

Misfortunes come to all people, but Nick Vertucci may have gotten a more significant share than his back could bear. His background had many sad occurrences that almost left him hopeless. Trouble began when Nick lost his father at a young age, a pain that was too much to bear. As fate would have it, financial problems visited heavily since his mother could not manage to keep up with the increased burden.

With time Nick found a love for business which led him to the selling of computer parts.

Life got stable when Nick started a working business, but this did not go on for long. The crash that happened in the year 2000 blew away the computer business that Nick had relied on, pulling him down to zero. What followed was a long period of financial difficulties that left Nick struggling to look for a way out of the pit.

However, sometimes life-threatening challenges may come with a hidden silver lining that may not be obvious at first. Nick did not know that this trouble may turn out to be a trigger to his financial freedom. It happened when Nick honored an invitation to attend training on real estate. The training session presented an excellent opportunity for that would later usher Nick Vertucci out of financial challenges. He pursued the idea and never turned back. The result was promising, causing Nick to think of helping others who have the zeal lack the know-how. It marked the birth of an academy for real estate investments.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is a partner to financial freedom. Having been established by a person who knows the cruelty of poverty, the academy is a source of solutions to many challenges that investors face when venturing into real estate investing. Nick has a success story on real estate, having made millions from nothing. As an act of generosity, Nick has not kept his business systems secret but has decided to empower many other people to take advantage of real estate investing.

The academy has professionals who teach everything that is necessary for real estate investing. It includes finding a deal and tackling the various challenges that come along the way. What is even more interesting is that Nick Vertucci has a network of investors who are ready to fund students at the academy to find wings to fly into financial freedom. The academy turns dreams into realities and offers unique opportunities for those with a passion for real estate.

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IDLife’s targeted approach to nutritional supplementation

Although the nutritional supplement industry has grown over the years, the results are not as favorable as patients or the consumers had expected. According to Centers for Disease Control, about 70% men and 65% of women in the USA are either overweight or obese. Such a problem has very many health risks. It can impact your relationships, bring self-esteem issues and affect your performance at the workplace. I regard to health, carrying too much weight brings about cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, cancer and diabetes among other ailments.

According to Logan Stout who is the founder of IDLife, personalized approach to weight management problem is the only way to go. Many people have received treatment under the assumption that one product can solve the issues faced by everyone. Such patients have often complained, and they get devastated when they get no results. Some may even feel that they have wasted their money. Because human beings differ regarding genetic components, the food they eat, history of health problems and the learned or acquired behavior that can derail fitness program in unique ways, they should receive different supplements suitable for their bodies.

Logan Stout is also a mentor and a former athlete who has had a strong desire to help people achieve their dreams by breaking the barriers that block them. Through his company IDLife, Logan is living his dream. Through the four approaches listed below, IDLife has managed to revolutionize nutritional supplement industry;

IDLife has changed the face of supplement industry

Through its unique approach of providing a targeted dietary supplement, IDLife is changing the supplement field which is a billion dollar industry in the USA. With this approach, the company will address the needs of every person in a specific way to efficiently solve their problem.

Through use of motivated and passionate leadership

Starting with Logan Stout to the investors and the employees, the company is operated by a world-class renowned corporate team of professionals who are motivated to bring a change by helping others.

Use of high-quality ingredients

Id life is raising the standards in the field of nutritional supplements. They use high-quality supplements to produce reliable supplements that are of excellent quality. The ingredients are sourced responsibly after thorough research.

Science backs their approach

The company was created after extensive research and study of peer-reviewed medical journals followed by clinical trials to ensure that the products are of high quality and that they worked as they were intended to. For more info about us: click here.

IDLife is a health and Wellness company that is changing the way supplements are administered to people. The company aims at providing individually designed supplements to all patients. It operates under the principle that no two people are alike. Its headquarters are located in Frisco, Texas. IDLife was founded in 2014.

Understanding Podcast Advertising with Norman Pattiz

Just recently, the chairman of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster the president at Edison research announced the brand lift studies outcome. The studies sought to look at the tests of advertising and targeted five top national consumer brands with five different categories of products and services. The study was first of its kind to narrow in on the prior and after campaign brand lift for different podcast advertisers. The survey was done in 2016 by the Edison Research. Norman Pattiz stated that the study results indicated a positive outcome when it came to podcast advertising with the intent to purchase, brand recall and recall of specific messaging.

The Edison Research conducted three studies in the second half of 2018 on behalf of the PodcastOne. The three studies were focused on the top national brands which are popular amongst the public while others are lesser-known. The study was aimed at looking for the increases awareness and trial of the brands. The studies which were all online were executed before the beginning of the podcast advertising campaigns. Another study was done between 4 and 6weeks of conducting the campaign. The results of the pre and post-campaign showed that the respondents had appreciation for the brand messages and if they possessed the willingness to buy those specific brands. According to Norman Pattiz, the main focus of the studies was to verify if the format o their podcast improves brand impact when compared to the traditional advertising formats. Leran more:

The studies indicated that over 60% of the podcast listeners cited a particular grocery brand prior to the post-campaign. This was an increase of 7% from the before campaign studies. The studies also showed that there was an increase of 60% in awareness of campaign message, particularly for an automobile –aftermarket product. For the casual dining restaurant service, over 76% of listeners became aware of the brand. About 22% of the respondents indicated that they had a higher chance of using a garden product or lawn.

Norman Pattiz is a well-known figure in the industry of radio broadcasting. He is the founder of both PodcastOne and Westwood one. Norman Pattiz is also behind the formation of many radio and TV networks in the United States. He serves as the Chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and is also the recipient of the coveted Giants of Broadcasting Award. Due to the major milestones and accomplishments in the radio broadcasting industry, Norman was entered into the Radio Hall of Fame.


Inspiration from a Marc Spark; a Successful Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist

Not every person that has a fortune in the business world inherited from their parents or grandparents. There are a few people who have toiled day and night to create a successful business portfolio for themselves. For such people, it takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and dedication. Marc Sparks is one such entrepreneur who has managed to create wealth for himself, for other business owners who are starting up and for the less privileged in the society.

Marc Spark believes in focus. He emphasizes on Speed and dedication in everything that one ventures in. He is also a man of faith. Marc’s belief in God is one of the driving factors that have made him push through. As an average C student, Marc had to work very hard in a world that has attached too much value to a college degree. The closest that Mark came to a college degree is his high school diploma. Marc’s education background did not prevent him from becoming a successful person in the society.

Over the years, Sparks has invested heavily in the telecommunication industry, real estate and capital investment among other fields. Today he is the founder and CEO of Timbre Creek Capital, LP. This is a firm that provides mentorship to startup businesses, gives them a place to operate from for a few months, gives them access to capital and reliable networks. The company prepares new entrepreneurs, ensure that they are ready to soar high on their own.

Marc advises every new business person or those aspiring to come up with a reliable model, a unique business idea that will stand the storms of the competitive industry. Your goods or services must satisfy the needs of the consumers as well. Marc believes that your operating location will also affect a lot of aspects of our business and more so the profits. If you choose to locate your offices somewhere downtown, your clientele will be different from the person whose premises is in the suburbs. For this reason, careful analysis should be done before settling for a give location. Sometimes people associate the quality of your goods and services in the block that you are situated. Give your customers an excellent posh lounge, and you will make more. Learn more:

The Dallas based serial entrepreneur schooled in Texas and has also operated in the same place. Ever since he set foot in entrepreneurial ventures, he has worked or is still working with Timbre Creek Capital, Splash Media, GlobalTech Solutions and Cardinal Telecom LLC among other companies. Marc is very generous when it comes to giving to the less privileged. He has offered assistance to The Samaritan Inn which is a homeless sheer and has founded his organization the Sparky’s Kids for the needy youths.


The Amazing Achievements of Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is an entrepreneur and an influential person in the United States of America. He is the founder and the president of a radio network known as Westwood One which is the largest broadcasting company in America. Westwood One provides entertainment, sports and talks about traffic news. Through the great leadership of Norman Pattiz, the radio network, Westwood One, later on, grew to a big company that started distributing music and talk shows, summer Olympic Games, basketball and football news, CNN radio news and many other forms of entertainment.


Norman Pattiz ensured that there is a quality production, programming, and distribution of news to the intended listeners. This is to engage audiences wherever they may be. Under the leadership of Norman, Westwood One is the most trusted connection in the United States of America. It is because of its quality production of clear audio connection, advertising, digital channels and the vast audience.


After the success of Westwood One, Norman Pattiz also launched another company known as Podcast One. The company specialized in audio programming, which saw it become the leading and largest audio programming company in the United States. The company increased numbers of advertisers and the listeners.


Through his philanthropic nature, Norman Pattiz creates and implements ideas which have helped broadly in changing the broadcasting industry. He has had numerous and significant achievements which have made him serve top positions in the industry. He once served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors in America. The board manages all United States nonmilitary broadcasting including radio free Europe, the voice of America and radio liberty. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz has also won several awards in the broadcasting industry, including Giants of Broadcasting award. This is because he served at the National Radio Hall of Fame. Through his creativity and entrepreneur skills, Norman Pattiz invented Arabic language radio stations and television services to the countries in the Middle East. Learn more:


His excellent governance skills, talent, influence and self-driven character has had him exercise his great leadership in different posts, not only in broadcasting but also in other fields. For instance, Norman Pattiz served as a chairman in National Security Laboratories, and he is a member of Council of Foreign and Pacific Council on International relations.


Norman Pattiz is a developer who involves himself in technology and a believer in implementation. Technology has positively influenced his success and achievements in not only the broadcasting industry but also in other fields.


Norman Pattiz Brings on Board Norman Lear into PodcastOne and Announces His New Program

Norman Pattiz was pleased to bring on board veteran entertainment guru Norman Lear into the PodcastOne fold. Lear will premiere his program called ‘All of the Above,’ an intimate weekly podcast that will air every Monday. Debuting on May 1, its episodes will be released weekly on, iTunes, and PodcastOne app.


Norman Lear has been in the entertainment business for nearly half a century. He fought in the First World War before starting his long stint in the world of entertainment. He has written, produced, directed, and created many legendary sitcoms including The Jeffersons, Maude, All in the Family, and Good Times.


This is the first time Lear will be hosting a podcast. His program will tackle all topics including current events, music, conversation, comedy, politics, and social issues. It will also feature celebrities, everyday folk, and politicians. Lear will co-host with friend and sidekick, Paul Hipp. Some of the confirmed celebrity guests include America Ferrera, Amy Poehler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Jerrod Carmichael.


Norman Pattiz said that he has admired Norman for long and having him join PodcastOne was cool and gigantic. He welcomed his fellow Norman aboard.


On his part, Norman Lear said that 95 was the perfect time to start a podcast hinting that he waited for over half of his life to do it. He was confident that despite his advanced age, he still considered himself everybody’s peer. He launched People for the American Way, a liberal advocacy group, and is a recipient of the National Medal of the Arts.


Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne towards the end of 2012. He is experienced in radio syndication boasting of over 40 years in the field. He started Westwood One, a company that flourished under his management becoming the largest provider of news, talk, entertainment, traffic, and sports programming in the US. It owned and managed the biggest radio networks like CBS News, The Super Bowl, and NFL Football.


Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. It produces and distributes quality programming. Two years later he launched PodcastOne, which is presently the leading producer and distributor of entertaining audio on-demand programming. Some of its brands include Larry King, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Shaquille O’Neal, and more than two hundred popular podcasts. Pattiz has served on the US Broadcasting Board of Governors and is a recipient of the esteemed Giants of Broadcasting Award given by Library of American Broadcasting.

Norman Pattiz and His Successful Broadcasting Career

For all those lovers of great content on the television, there is an opportunity of being treated to the best with a legendary voice that has been instrumental to revolutionizing the American Tv. Norman Lear, who is a renowned World War II veteran, producer, writer, director and the brain behind legendary sitcoms. He is the one behind the fascinating All in The Family, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Maude and One day at a Time among many others that were instrumental to the growth of American Television. Norman Lear stars in a weekly podcast that is created to fascinate everyone spanning all age brackets, tastes and preferences. All of the Above with Norman Leas is a podcast that has an intent of engaging listeners on an intellectual conversation that enlightens, current affairs, politics, comedy, family affairs and social issues among many more. This will without a doubt keep America glued to their couches as they will not let a single episode escape them. Learn more:


Even though Norman Lear is aged at almost 95 years, he has had a fascinating life where his effort saw the birth of television, participated in producing, writing and developing a host of shows that were enjoyed by many then up to now. This experience that he has had over the years ensures that he is bright, engaging and interesting to his listeners who should be looking forward to this captivating podcasts. This is further illustrated on the page


This great announcement about the appearance of Norman Lear on podcast was made by none other than Norman Pattiz, who is the founder and the executive Chairman of the great PodcastOne. Norman has a rich background in broadcasting, where he has been able to successfully run a business in this sector whereas earning great reputation and respect. Norman Pattiz is without a doubt a dynamic person and was able to smoothly switch from the analogue world to the digital world. This is because after leaving Westwood one, he was able to interact with Kit Gray who was already working with other peoples podcasts. Norman was able to visualize theses podcasts as the new phase of the earlier Westwood One, which then gave birth to PodcastOne. The beauty about Norman Pattiz is the fact that he was able to monetize his great ideas in broadcasting, where he did so great to earn the recognition of the highest office in America. He was appointed to serve in a position on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA by President Clinton and was later reappointed by the incoming government of President Bush for the same position.