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Fabletics Makes Athleisure Shopping Easy

Athleisure is the current fashion trend on that everyone is loving. It stems from the idea that gym clothes, meaning leggings, sweats, and even sports bras, are now deemed acceptable and stylish clothing options worn sans workout. That being said, it is nice to imagine the trend also serves as a reminder and opportunity to take that last minute run or indulge in a post-work yoga routine if need be. Whatever it is, comfortable clothes is on the rise and with it have emerged several athletic wear companies. One company that seems to be leaping along with legging craze is Fabletics, actress Kate Hudson’s newest venture.

Launched in 2013, Fabletics is one of the few celebrity owned athletic companies that seems to have predicted the future stability of the athleisure trend. They have also pioneered a successful internet based retail business in a market that is mostly saturated by brick-and-mortar stores. Hudson has said that her goal in creating the company was to provide everyday women with an affordable, stylish line of athletic clothing. As the brand has grown, she’s demonstrated her commitment to that mission by expanding sizes and refiguring clothing options to create a truly all-inclusive clothing brand.

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Just like any trend, popular styles, colors, and fabrics change throughout seasons. Hudson and her team at Fabletics have made it easy to keep up with the revolution by providing customers with must-have looks and fashion advice. They also provide helpful tips on exercise for those looking to really put those breathable fabrics to the test. Visitors to the website will even be offered an individually curated outfit after filling out a brief survey about their personal fashion tastes on Twitter. Since the line currently features hundreds of different options, this is often the best way for someone to venture away from the safety of black leggings and try something new.

Those who’ve found the line early on have discovered the added bonus of the VIP club, which serves as a sort of frequent fliers discount for athletic clothing aficionados. Membership of Fabletics is free but allows customers to purchase an entire outfit for around $40. The only catch is that the outfits are automatically generated each month, so if a customer doesn’t want one, they need to opt out of the purchase in the given window of time. However, for that price, we aren’t sure how customers are willing to miss out!

Christopher Birch’s Take on Tech Fashion Trends

Christopher Birch is the The CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital and it is his philosophies, thought and experience that are behind the core value of the companies. He is never sigh of endorsing new companies and ideas and has an eye for innovation.
Under his guidance Burch Creative Capital has invested in numerous new ventures hand have seen the coming of age of more than 50 companies. It is perhaps best to listen when such a figure talks about technology and innovation. Also, Chris Burch has an added advantage of being with companies operating is different verticals including fashion. It is not surprising that he talks expertly about how fashion and technology can successfully marry to create winning products.
With technology advancing at breakneck pace, the fashion industry cannot be far behind in utilizing it for its benefit. A number of innovations have made things much more useful, intelligent and fashionable. Burch quotes numerous such examples in his article. Anouk Wipprecht, a designer from Holland who has a penchant for using technology in her innovation has invented a dress that can make dresses and another one that can paint itself.
While helmets are essential for bike riders, they are a nuisance at times and are certainly not an item we can call fashionable. However, a new innovative design has made it both fashionable and more useful. Instead of being wrapped around your head throughout your ride, it sits like a scarf around your neck and appears only when you suffers a sudden jerk, indicating an accident.
Similarly, it is extremely difficult for firefighters to communicate in the thick of action. A very useful technological innovation is gloves that can send messages by way of gestures.
We spend significant amount of energy when we walk or run. Also, as we are moving, we generate kinetic energy which can in principle be converted to other types of energy. Soledad Martin is trying to design shoes which can convert this energy into electrical energy, enough to charge mobile phones.
These are all examples of technology can help fashion. It isn’t all one-way traffic though. There have been instances where fashion has come to fashion’s rescue.
When Google Glass was launched, it failed to generate a lot of hype because for all the cutting edge technology, they were trying to sell nothing but a pair of glasses. Glasses, and especially very expensive tech heavy glasses, are not things you would expect to be in a rich person’s choice of party wear! To deal with issue, Google turned to the world of fashion. Diane Von Furstenberg made her models wear them in the ramp walk. The world took notice as she is a top designer and thus the fashion world gave an example of why it’s a fair partnership between tech and fashion.

Fabletics and Athleisure

Fashionistas searching for the latest fashion trend on need to look no further than the athleisure trend. What is it? Athleisure is when someone wears gym clothes outside of the gym and it’s never been more popular than right now.

Kelly Dougher, over on Bustle, wrote an article on the newest fashion craze. In her article titled “How To Wear Athleisure Style Even If You Normally Prefer Dresses &Heels” she lays out all the ways gym clothes on can be worn in cute ways.

But before diving into her article, it’s worth checking out sites like Facebook on some of their super cute and popular styles. Fabletics is making a name for itself by offering cute workout outfits for affordable prices. As their website states, this attractive active wear has new styles every month and ranges from yoga, running, gym, and other workouts. Simply by looking at their samples customers of Fabletics can see how stylish the brand is and how easy it would be taking them out of the gym.

And for Dougher, she did just that and explains how those daring to experiment with fashion can do the same. After growing up a tomboy and wearing nothing by jeans and othersized hoodies in in high school, Dougher found a new way to express herself in college. From tomboy to a more feminine attire on Instagram, she learned how to rock dresses and heels.

It was when Dougher started to work from home that she found her style changing again. Embracing the athleisure trend, Dougher described in her article how to make this work for any occasion.

Dougher explained how fashionable on it is to wear gym outfits to run errands. Wearing leggings and a hoodie and then going to the gym later is easier than ever before. Not only that, but if the need to dress up a little more is needed, it’s easy to switch the leggings and hoodie for skinny jeans and cute coat.

Dougher further shows how save the pains of heels by wearing sneakers with an adorable dress as well. Learning these tricks can help any fashionista and is worth trying for those looking to experiment as Dougher herself showed.

How to Restyle What You Already Own


You have a full closet of items that have so much potential, but how do you bring them to life? The best looks are all about pairing and taking the classics you already have to a new level. Take a look into your closet and assess what you have. Dig deep into the back of your closet and drawers and find the items you haven’t thought about in many seasons. It is time to bring them back. Who What Wear gives their best restyle tips below.

Jeans go with everything, especially over the knee boots. Contrast the look with Levi 501’s and luxurious black leather boots. A loose white blouse will bring the two together.

Layer your jackets to fight off the cold, avoid that awful puffy jacket, and mix-up looks. You can pair your hoodie with a blazer. Or pair a tailored coat with your favorite moto jacket.

Use your accessories to change up the personality of your outfit. Tie a scarf to your or use it as a belt. Add texture to a standard outfit with lace tights or a pin on your jacket. Glitter socks with sandal heels is something no one will expect and is fun for a night out with the girls or an art gallery show.

To properly style your wardrobe, you need the best pieces to start with. Sign-up for your VIP Membership at JustFab and have handbags, shoes, denim, and jewelry sent to your home every month. The subscription makes maintaining a full closet of options a breeze.

New Trends in Men’s Fashion for The 2015 Summer Season

There are many new trends that come around in the world of men’s fashion each year. These trends come and go, but in order to stay relevant in the world of fashion, individuals must pay attention to these trends. There are many new hot trends that are coming for the summer 2015 season as well. These trends are the newest hot sensations that will make a big impact in the world of fashion this year. When we look at the new trends, we will see that there are returning styles, and new ones that are being formed. 

matt landis bookcase

The first thing that we can really see in the summer of 2015 is the presence of very short shorts. This hasn’t often been a big trend in men’s fashion, but it is really making a big statement this summer. This is something that men may feel uncomfortable with in their wardrobe at first, but they will soon learn that this is a style that is very in right now. This style is something that male model Matt Landis is able to pull off very well. We can see that he is even able to pull it off with a more sophisticated collared shirt look. 

matt landis white sweater

We can also see that long sleeves are really in style right now. This is something that we have been seeing for while, but what is new is the style combination. Men wearing long sleeved shirts with short shorts is something that we haven’t often seen. This is something that is very new to men’s fashion, yet it is something that is really making a big wave in the world of men’s fashion. This is something that looks like it has really come to stay. We see that opened up button down long sleeved shirts are a great combination with short shorts as well. This is something that could easily be worn to a night gathering at a pool party. 

matt landis yellow tee
The classic T-shirt look is something that has been hovering around the fashion world for quite some time. It looks like the fashion world is really embracing the retro T-shirt look this summer. This is a laid back and casual look that is really getting a lot of attention. This is an easy way for individuals to be very stylish without having to put in a huge effort. Retro T-shirts are poised to make a big splash in the world of men’s fashion this summer.