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A Spotlight on the History and Role Played by Avaaz

Avaaz is a civic organization based in the U.S., which supports global activism on issues such as animal rights, climate change, poverty, corruption, conflict and human rights. It was established in January 2007 and according to The Guardian, it is the most powerful and largest online activism network in the globe. The name “Avaaz” stems from a transliteration of avaz, a Persian word, which means song or voice.



Avaaz was co-created by Res Publica, a community made up of professionals in the public sector who were dedicated to supporting civic virtue, deliberative democracy and good governance. The other co-founder was the, a non-profit American advocacy group that supports progressive public strategy. Individual co-founders included Tom Pravda, Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello (former Congressman for Virginia), Eli Pariser, Jeremy Heimans, Andrea Woodhouse and David Madden. The board is made up of Tom Pravda (secretary), Ricken Patel (president), Ben Brandzel (treasurer) and the chairman is Eli Pariser and resume their.


Funding and Campaigns

From 2009, Avaaz has not received any donations from corporations or foundations. It has also not accepted payments that exceed $5,000 according to a report on The Guardian. The organization relies on its generous individual members who have managed to raise more than $20 Million so far. Before the year 2009, a number of foundations had funded its start-up costs and staff. Avaaz manages its global campaigns via its group of campaigners spread in more than 30 countries, which include India, Brazil, UK and Lebanon. The organization favors communicating with its members via emails and employs various campaign tactics like videos, online open petitions and tools such as email-your-leader. In some instances, Avaaz uses advertisements and seeks legal advice on how best to push a campaign forward. It also uses other means like staging phone-ins, sit-ins, media friendly stunts and rallies. It is the members who usually come up with suggestions on how campaigns should be conducted under the guidance of a number of specialists and what Avaaz knows.

Working with Financial Veterans at Equities First Holdings, LLC

After being in the business for the last 15 years, Equities First Holdings, LL has become known for working with the best of the best for the sake of customer service. In many cases, these teams of industry veterans bring some of the best knowledge about the market to the table for examination. All of these team members fight for the best with an astounding drive.

By being an LLC, the company can operate with only the best associates and directors at the helm. Andrew Stevens fills that role, and he believes working as a limited corporation makes the company focus on the consumers first. At the same time, it also means the company does not have to worry about stakeholders tainting what they see in the company. Only the consumer and those people they work closely with in the company can improve or sway that image for the better and more information click here.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a global leader in the issuance of the alternative financial solutions. As a matter of fact, the company has developed high-end capabilities that have seen it through this impending financial crisis. During a harsh economic climate, here is always inevitable market fluctuation. However, the company has seen more traction among the intake of stock-based loans over the credit-based loans. High intake management also characterizes the harsh economic environment. As a matter of act, the company has come to develop high-end capabilities that assist its business during the harsh economic season. High-interest rates associated with the credit-based loans during this period act as the building block for business to thrive. As a matter of fact, we might have noticed that the company endeavors to sustain its business in a manner that is not matched in this industry.

Equities First Holdings has also seen increased traction on the intake of the fast working capital during these months of higher stability and financial insatiability. For this reason, they have sat down to expand their loan provision capabilities that can be used to access a better way of management during this harsh economic weather. For the borrowers whose main duty is to have the money raised in the fastest way possible, thy must avoid the use of credit-based loans and accept the code of conduct based on this insatiability facility. As a matter of fact, no company is willing to access your private data in any incoming compaction. Therefore accessing your worst fears will confirm to the company that you have more access to any of the company’s immediate instability facility.

While you have other options of alternative sources of finance during a harsh economic condition, you might have to consider that the credit-based solution is always out of your reach. For this matter, you will consider other sources of raising money like accessing the stock-based. For the stock-based loans, they have a non-recourse feature that has the biggest powers in any loan environment. For this feature, you can access any other instability and leave the loan without worrying about repaying it back. For this reason, you will walk away and have access to all the facility management services that create better business through its management services.Al Christy is the Founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings. According to him, most people do not understand that stock based loans are different in nature from the margin loans.

Equities First – Startups Benefiting from Alternative Lending

Equities First is an association that furnishes startups and individuals with lending solutions using stock as collateral. The product is highly effectual to borrowers who are not fit to apply for traditional loans. In light of present circumstances, many people and firms are benefiting most from the items offered by the organization. Borrowers who seek to get capital quickly are the perfect candidates, and notwithstanding high total assets individuals. Also, the people who cannot meet the requirements of credit based advances or other traditional loans can likewise reap maximum benefits by using Equities First services. This is on record that the association offers different loaning services, for example, equities loaning. Typical lending from investment houses & banks come with conditions that not everyone can meet. In fact, there is a lot of custom documents needed to meet the minimum loaning services offered by conventional lenders. Liquidity can be expensive; but that should not be the financial situation.

Within the last 15 years, Equities First has been a leader in offering stock loans whereby startups and potential individuals have become the most beneficiaries. The organization uses equities as certification for a specific duration which is generally three years. If a man has stock in an association and in the event that they have confidence of using stock to get working capital for their business, Equities First services is the way to go. Those shares will be used as protection and thereafter given back to borrowers when the loan is paid fully. The borrowers can also decide to keep their money without any obligation when their situation cannot allow them to pay back the cash. Any individual who needs money to extend their business or cater for their debt, need to think of Equities First alternative lending product. A similar case applies with individuals who basically require cash for individual reasons.

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Equities First Holdings – Matching Small Businesses with Financing Tailor-Made for Their Success

At Equities First Holdings, we take incredible pride in utilizing our profound industry experience and systematic aptitude to get financing for an assortment of small businesses over the range of credit circumstances. Made out of a team of certified, licensed and exceptionally experienced and prepared financial experts, Equities First Holdings will usually get a solution for your entire monetary needs. Not at all like a bank, or local loaning establishments, which just loan to the most reliable organizations, we have connections with a wide range of national moneylenders regularly empower us to discover the financing suiting your business. Equities First Holdings LinkedIn.

Equities First Holdings comprehends the significance of financing for an assortment of necessities: equipment acquisition, expansion, seasonal inventory, payroll requirements or unanticipated tax bills. We additionally work with an assortment of business kinds so we experience in financing early-stage companies, startups, established organizations seeking to expand or firms with less-than-stellar credits. Equities First Holdings offers affordable stock-based loans whereby it uses stock as security. Visit

Regardless of whether you have to get new equipment, raise working capital, fund your accounts receivable or you need to acquire an organization, Equities First Holdings can achieve it all. Furthermore, our consultative technique helps you to transverse through the procedure with least exertion and optimum outcomes. We realize that toward the day’s end, income is the basic challenge for small companies. We have established our business procedures to boost our clients’ capacity and to positively impact your cash flow. Equities First Holdings puts priority on speed to decision-making and efficiency of application so you get the working capital you require rapidly.

There is more to plan and think about when running your business. To assist your young business develop, consider getting customized guidance from Equities First Holdings financial consultants. No one enjoys passing up a major opportunity or paying excessive expenses. Securing stock-based loans will give you a three-year freedom in paying loan with small interests.

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Equities First Provides Unique Financing Options to US Citizens

During the recent credit crisis and national recession, getting a personal loan in the United States became harder than ever before. Even people that were able to meet the income and credit requirements, getting a loan with an affordable interest rate was practically impossible. This was even the case for high-net worth individuals.

For those that are looking for a personal loan, another option would be to take out a loan from Equities First. Equities First is a specialty finance company that specializes in providing a unique financing option to consumers. The company typically provides consumers with stock-secured loans, which can then be used for any purpose that the borrower wants.

With a stock-secured loan, a borrower will pledge a stock portfolio to Equities First as collateral. If the borrower ends up falling behind on their loan payments, the company will then have the ability to liquidate the stock portfolio to either make a loan payment or pay off the loan entirely. In many cases, the company is able to offer these loans with very low fees and interest.

While it may seem counterintuitive to pay interest on a loan that could be paid off by selling stock, taking out a stock secured loan can come with a number of different benefits. One of the main benefits is that it allows a borrower to liquidate their stock without actually selling it. Over a longer period of time, stocks tends to increase in value at rates higher than the interest rate of loan. Furthermore, many stocks pay out additional dividends, which can act as a good source of income. Because of this, it can make far more sense to wait to sell the stock and take out a loan instead and pay off the balance over time.

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Equities First Holdings, Providing Excellent Liquidity Solutions

Equities First Holding is a stock-based lending organization that is focused on developing loan options that are fast and efficient. They provide their excellent services to businesses and individuals with high net-worth looking for non-purpose capital. Equities First Holdings aims to be a global securities-based lender. The company also acts as an investment and advisory firm. Its lending solutions also include margin loans and financial shareholding.

Equities first Holdings have seven offices across the globe serving clients from Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. They offer liquidity at attractive rates against publicly traded shares to businesses, individual investors as well as public companies’ executives. Equities First Holding was established in 2002 by Al Christy, Jr., who is the serving president. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Equities First provides clients with fast access to liquidity, boasting to have completed over a thousand transactions for global clients successfully.

Equities First Holdings have an excellent focus which enables them to deal with customers on a deal-by-deal basis. Their straight for wardness in offering solutions that are specially customized to meet the unique needs of the clients has propelled the company to a global level. They have a remarkable approach to securities based lending that empowers their customers to achieve their objectives with an enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

Equities First Holding seeks to ease the procedures involved with finding liquidities. They have significantly reduced the stress that is involved in finding liquidity from traditional means such as banks. They are guided by high principles of providing world-class services for each and every client. This remarkable liquidity firm has a list of strategic partners which includes world biggest custodian banks, top law firms as well as leading investment banks in both the local and international jurisdictions.

Equities first Holdings is dedicated to providing quality services that empower clients to reach their full potential. With a proven track record, Equities First Holdings is one of the best financial solutions providers in the world.

Invest Wisely with Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is one of the most prosperous investment bankers of all time. Martin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a firm called Lustgarten Martin. This is a renowned investment banking firm that operates in the United States. Not only is this the best investment bank in Florida but also one of the best in the American banking history.

The company has received praises mainly due to the leadership skills offered by their mercurial founder. Martin has decades of experience in the investment industry. This has enabled him to have a profound knowledge and skills in this challenging industry. The company has reached its peak by safeguarding a good reputation with their existing clients and attracting more customers than any other investment bank.

One of the main reasons why Martin Lustgarten is the most sought after investment banker is his ability to communicate effectively and sway people. He has helped many clients raise funds for various business ventures and goes the extra mile of offering innovative financial advice.

Investment banks are different from the conventional commercial and retail banks. An investment bank is a financial entity that helps individuals and firms in raising capital through engaging in stock exchange. They help entrepreneurs and companies to find the most profitable investment plan as well as maintaining them in the long run.

You can say that investment banks act as a bridge between large entities and investors. Investment banks perform numerous functions such as underwriting, brokerage service for institutions and facilitating mergers and acquisition. Many firms and individual acquire the services of these investment banks to underwrite and issue these securities.

Investors acquire the services of investment banks as they specialize in the field of investing which enables them to provide valuable knowledge about fixed income commodities, equity security, market marking and trading of derivatives. One of the main services that investment banks provide is trading and promoting securities. These securities are then promoted by investment banks and the process is done through underwriting and research.

Investment banks provide a platform for potential investors to maintain and build their investments since they have a team of veteran and knowledgeable professionals who offer them valuable suggestions into the stock exchange.

Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the best providers of stock-based loans in the country. The company has also worked with other major stakeholders and financial institutions to complete these transactions. As a matter of fact, the company has completed more than 2,000 transactions with companies and other high-net-worth individuals seeking alternative financial solutions from the company. For this reason, Equities First Holdings sees these transactions as a normal daily business. The company has also worked with its clients to issue more than $2 billion as loan collaterals. This makes their growth at over $40 million. The company’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer is Al Christy who is in charge of more than 50 employees of the company.

The company has specialization in the issuance of the stock-based loans to corporations and high-net-worth individuals. Equities First Holdings has set its roots as the best source of stock-based loans in the midst of this financial crisis where banks and other alternative financial institutions have tightened their lending criteria. As a matter of fact, they have also increased their interest rates to amounts that scare away most credit-based loans borrowers. This forces them to seek the best alternative to find fast working capital.

For a fact, the credit-based loans have become the next best option for those who do not qualify for the stock-based loans. There are many characteristics associated with these types of loans. As a matter of fact, they are characterized by a non-recourse feature that lets the borrower walk away from the loan without having any further obligation to the lender. For this reason, you can proceed to enjoy the proceeds of the loan. For this reason, you can walk into a loan and expect to participate in issuance of the loans. One of the best things about these loans is that they allow the user to enjoy a higher loan-to-value ratio. For the company, they engage in minimal interest rates to attract the borrowers.

There is one main difference between the stock-based loans and margin loans, for many people, they consider the two loans to be seamless. However, there are many differences between the two. As a matter of fact, the stock-based loans are better than margin loans by far. For the margin loans, you are required to state the use of the loan as a way of qualification. On the other hand, you are not required to state the loan use as a way of qualification for the stock-based loans.

Bank Creates Housing for Those in Need

Nexbank has spent a significant amount of time in the national spotlight this year. Recently, Nexbank announced that they were partnering with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to help those who need assistance most. This was announced on the heels of strong 4th quarter and calendar year results for Nexbank, creating a large amount of momentum for the coming months. In the next year, Nexbank is going to provide over 100 loans to families specifically in lower income zip codes to increase the standard of living in these areas. This pattern of loan giving will continue for the next 5 years. This will total over $10 million per year in low-income home loans. While many view this practice as unsafe, Nexbank stands firmly committed to improving housing opportunities for families in low-income areas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes will decide which low-income families will qualify for these Nexbank home loans. Nexbank will also partner with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to provide valuable counseling to people who are taking out a large loan for the first time. Nexbank will also pay the title fees and closing costs associated with the home loan.

Nexbank is one of the leaders in the financial industry. The bank is headquartered in Dallas and has accrued over $3 billion in assets since its inception in 1992. Nexbank offers a variety of services including commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking. This wide array of expertise ensures that its clients are taken care of. Its clients include financial institutions, large corporations, and individual clients. Nexbank is also engaged heavily in philanthropy. In addition to partnering with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, Nexbank is also heavily involved with Habitat for Humanity. Nexbank is committed to the well-being of the citizens in the Dallas area. This institution serves as a shining example for financial organizations worldwide.