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Agora Financial

Agora Financial is a private based publishing company based out of Baltimore Maryland. Agora Financial has expert analysts as well as business publications that assist in helping customers ensure their financial future. Agora Financial can help clients live the secure and worry free life in which they deserve.

Agora Financial offers investment options as well as up to date business publications that will help a client reach their ultimate investment and financial goals. For example, the company offers income strategies that will actually help you earn more for your dollar by following a few simple steps. In addition, Agora can show you how to earn extra income by becoming involved with precious metals as well as stocks and bonds and learn more about Agora Financial.

A variety of Agora Financial’s most recent business publications can be viewed directly on their website. Which is quite an advantage for interested clients.

Agora’s on staff financial analysts include Ray Blanco, Bob Williams and Jim Rickards. Ray Blanco is a Professional stock analyst with a great deal of knowledge about computer technology. Bob Williams is Publisher of Wall Street Daily. Williams has helped countless individuals discover new investor wealth. Jim Rickards is an Economist as well as Investment Banker. Rickards can show you which investments will benefit you and your financial situation for both long and short term. Jim Rickards is also a best selling author and more information click here.

The “When” Where” and “How” video can be viewed on the Agora Financial web site. This video is informational and provides simple strategies to get out of debt and make simple changes that will ultimately make a financial difference in your future and Agora Financial on Facebook.

Finally, Agora Financial can help you make the most of your investments as well as financial future. Agora can show just about anyone how to make a small pile of cash grow substantially with little effort. Additional information and tips are available at

The Median Income in Seattle Is Now $80,000

Seattle has been considered one of the best cities to live in for many years. This has been primarily due to the low unemployment rate, low crime rate and the beautiful surroundings of the city. Seattle’s reputation for being a great place to live is not going to be changing any time soon. This is due to the fact that Seattle’s median income made the biggest increase by far of any major city in the United States. The average household in that city earned slightly more than $80,000 in 2015. This is according to information that was compiled by the Census Bureau.


This $80,000 median income figure is stunning for several reasons. First of all, this figure is a $10,000 increase from the previous year. Also, it is $8,000 more than the next highest median increase for a major city in 2015. San Francisco’s median income went up by $2,000 during that same year. There has been much speculation about the reason for such a large rise in the city’s average income in only 12 months. Many people have pointed to the fact that companies that are based in Seattle like Amazon are now paying computer programmers as much as $120,000 for an annual salary. Needless to say, an abundance of new jobs with salaries in this range would definitely give a significant boost to Seattle’s median income.


One out of every five families in the Seattle area have an average income that exceeds $150,000. Seattle currently ranks third as far as overall median income is concerned. San Francisco and San Jose retained the top two positions on the list that they held in 2014. This is largely due to all of the people in both cities who are earning high salaries in the tech industry.


There seems to be no end in sight for Seattle median income increases. Starbucks is another company headquartered in Seattle that is constantly hiring people for positions that pay very high salaries. It is important to note that the cost of living in Seattle has also increased dramatically over the past several years as it has become a more desirable place to live.

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Offer Education Leading to Financial Investing Success


Jim Hunt has devised a financial trading system with the help of publishing house, VTA Publications, that profits when stocks decline. Many people are warning of an upcoming global economic collapse and during this collapse, stocks will lose a considerable portion of their value.  Jim has covered all of this on YouTube.

The idea is not new. Jesse Livermore, the “Boy Plunger”, was a stock market trader who made several fortunes in the early days of the stock market on Wall Street. He would observe the rise of various stocks as investors; usually, rookies, put their hard earned dollars into stocks just because everybody else was doing the same. While investors would let their investment fortunes continue to increase over the long term, the traders knew it was time to cash in their positions for short term profit. Jim Hunt and VTA Publications have developed a system that makes money whenever the stock market goes down.

Historically investors put money in the stock markets because the standard model of a stock is to go from a low when the stock is first offered for sale to the public (IPO). From this point forward the stock should gain in value and over time offer great success to the initial investors and everybody else who has come on board since the IPO. Over the long term, this model is successful, but Livermore and other sophisticated investors like George Soros can tell when a stock, commodity, option, or Forex pair is about to collapse. Soros made $1 billion in 1992 on a single investment in the Forex market betting a particular currency, in this case, the British Sterling Pound would lose value.

But before a novice investor plays the market for real, they should open a demo account to see if their theories play out. Picking a top or a bottom of any single stock or an entire market in the case of indices is impossible. But investors can profit by a system of management for their investments. The age-old adage, “Let your profits run and cut your losses short.” may be the best investment advice of all time.


Sanjay Shah Appoints New Professionals to Autism Rocks

The Competent CEO of Solo Capital
Sanjay Shah is considered to be a highly competent CEO who is also the founder of Solo Capital. He is an English businessman with a background that includes much success. He has the skills in finance and in business. He displays sound and solid judgment within the business and charity sectors. He is considered to be credible and trustworthy
by those who conduct their financial and business dealings with him. His sound judgment has ensured that he is a skilled CEO with a dedicated team.

New Members on Board of Trustees
The PR Newswire reported the story about the two new members of the Board of Trustees of Autism Rocks. Sanjay Shah has appointed Pete and Will Best. Shah had met the brothers during their university days. Sanjay believes that these two both have exceptional experience and superior skills that will greatly add to the organization. Autism Rocks has continued to spread and flourish all around the globe. The Best brothers be highly valuable additions to this entire charity organization. Pete has much experience within the financial market. Will offers his own music background and some of his advertising experience to this position. The two new members on the Board of Trustees will be valuable in furthering the goals and the mission of Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks
Sanjay Shah had his own personal reasons for founding the charity Autism Rocks. He saw the need to raise awareness. Mr. Shah also saw the large need for research of autism. He own son had been diagnosed in the year 2011 with the neurodevelopmental disorder. He is well informed of the many families who are in need of much support. Research and donations are needed. The donations for Autism Rocks are raised through concerts. It was Snoop Dogg and Sanjay Shaw together who formed the idea of staging gigs in order to raise money for autism. Sanjay Shaw is not only a competent founder of the successful Solo Capital, he is also creating much success with Autism Rocks.