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Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna’s Latest Business Is Bringing Aesthetic-Wellness To People’s Doors

There are many doctors out there and many businessmen, but there are few who delve deep into both fields. Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical practitioner who earned his medical degree from Tulane Medical School and has since become a licensed and board-certified doctor. However, during Dr. Mark McKenna’s time in medical school, he realized the medical field was not going to bring him everything he wanted. He wanted to make much more money than what was available as a doctor. He knew this because his father is also in the medical industry and owns his own practice, which Mark interned at for several years.

Instead of focusing on medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna decided he wanted to focus on business and once he completed his education he started up his own company. Mckenna Venture Investments, a real estate firm, was Mark’s first successful business. Mark was making roughly half a million dollars a year and his company was worth around five million dollars in 2005. Unlucky for Mark, he lived in New Orleans, which was struck by Hurricane Katrina that year, which devasted most of Mark’s company. This caused Mark to lose millions in a single day, but he was able to recover a fair amount of money staying in New Orleans and flipping properties that had been destroyed.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s latest venture in business is the medical-aesthetic business, OVME, or “of me. Mark named his company this because it puts the attention on his customers. OVME will function similar to Uber, since users will have an app that allows them to browse OVME and order services and products to be delivered straight to them. There are many freelance doctors registered with OVME that offer products and give out personal advice to customers who ask for support through the app. These day’s, at 43, Mark spends a great deal of time working on his business and practicing a healthy lifestyle when he’s not spending time with his family.

Who is Stream Energy and What is Stream Cares?

Who is Stream Energy and What is Stream Cares?

Stream Energy knows that giving back to the community and helping others is rewarding in many ways. This is why they recently announced that they had developed a new philanthropic foundation called Stream Cares. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the company, this new foundation Stream Cares, and their previous philanthropy efforts.

Who is Stream Energy?

Stream Energy is a direct sales energy company whose employees work for commissions from sales. The company was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Since their inception, the company has generated more than in $8 billion in revenue. The company currently offers not just energy services but also wireless, home, and protective services aimed at customers with on the go lifestyles. The services offered by the company are available not only in Texas but also Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, and Washington D.C.

What is Stream Cares?

Stream Cares is a philanthropic foundation created by the team at Stream Energy. Through Stream Cares the company and their employees hope to bring a change and help families not just in Texas but across the United States in the years to come. Stream Cares is a natural addition to the existing philanthropic nature of the company and its employees.

Previous Philanthropic Efforts

The philanthropic and charitable deeds by those at Stream Energy to date have included but are not limited to the following.

  • Through the organization known as the Hope Supply Co they have helped homeless children and families in northern Texas.
  • After several tornadoes devastated communities in the area they worked with the Salvation Army to raise thousands of dollars to help the recovery efforts.
  • They co-hosted an experience for young girls in veteran households called the American Girl Doll Experience. The company covered the costs of dolls and lunch for ten girls at the American Girl Cafe.

Using GoBuyside for Your Next Recruitment Process

GoBuyside is a multinational recruitment firm that connects their clients to top-notch employees. It is currently partnering with organizations in more than 52 cities worldwide ranging from Germany, UAE, UK, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland and even China. Most of the 400 plus clients are firms that work with startups and established companies to provide investment strategies, acquisitions, mergers, buyouts, venture, and growth capital. You can expect to work as a PE Associate, Associate, and Analyst in lower, middle and large markets. Learn more about GoBuyside at Crunchbase.


Candidates using the platform for their next career need to create an account. In your account, you are supposed to input personal details, career interests, certificates, and work experience. The team at GoBuyside will then will review your account before approving it. If it’s approved, then the next step would be setting your privacy settings on the platform. You will be able to see the available opportunities, payment information, and materials needed to qualify for the job. You can also change the settings to connect and network with school alumni and industry professionals. The team at GoBuyside is available for inquiries and to offer advice about market trends in your industry. Read more blogs at

Protection of clients’ data

Encryption of data is a crucial element of companies under the fund management industry. These companies have personal information of their clients, investments interest and portfolios within their database thus GoBuyside prepares candidates on its platform to help these companies transition data management under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). GDPR is a bill that was passed in the EU in 2016 expecting companies to protect the data of their customers using their platform. Simple details like cookies data will need the same level of encryption as personal information like names and bank details. Failure to comply with the regulation will result in fines. Data controllers who are the companies, in this case, must also inform subjects of breaches within 72 hours. An individual can also request the controllers to provide details how his/her information is being used. One of the most significant change is the user can choose to delete their details on the platform entirely when they choose to.

GoBuyside has the necessary manpower to recruit top talent around the world for enabling companies to comply with GDPR regulations. Companies need to recruit analysts that understand the whole aspect of GDPR. The data handlers within an organization are only required to keep data that is necessary to process personal information of the user and put measures to prevent third-party access to the data. The data handlers can be a service provider or employees with the necessary expertise to handle data encryption. GoBuyside has the essential resources to help companies comply with the regulation by providing talented and experienced individuals. The recruiters at GoBuyside uses advanced technology to screen candidates according to the client needs.