New England Confectionery Co. is facing hard times, as the company’s CEO Michael McGee has notified the state of Massachusetts and the mayor of Revere that up to 400 people could lose their jobs if a buyer for the factory cannot be found.

That’s sparked a bit of a frenzy to find the company’s signature Necco Wafers, which are nostalgic for anyone over the age of 30. The chalky little wafers have become an in-demand item similar to the Twinkie craze that captivated the nation a few years ago after Hostess announced it would stop making the snack cakes.

According to a report in the Boston Globe, the company is giving itself 60 days past the March 6 notification to find a buyer for its operations. It remains to be seen how this new frenzy surrounding Necco Wafers will impact the company’s bottom line.

Online candy retailers are reporting higher than average demand for the wafers that have often been described as tasting like flavored dry wall. One particular retailer notes that sales of the wafers have gone up by 82% since the March announcement by the company.

Of course, Necco Wafers aren’t the only snacks that are on the chopping block if a buyer can’t be found. The 100-year-old candy company is also the maker of Sweethearts, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Clark Bars, and Mary Janes, all of which could disappear from store shelves if the company can’t find an interested buyer.

Some people have made interesting offers to these candy stores in an attempt to get the entire stock of Necco Wafers available. One 23-year-old Florida resident offered up her 2003 Honda Accord for the entire stock of the wafers.

The site ultimately decided not to accept the offer, but it’s not the strangest offer they’ve gotten from people wanting to buy these candies. One site owner said he now has to limit the number of boxes he sells in one order because people are trying to buy several boxes at once. Another man offered an expensive watch in exchange several boxes of Necco Wafers. It’s almost like there’s been a black market created overnight over the threat of a classic snack disappearing.