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OSI Group Makes Bold Moves in Industry While Maintaining Quality Standards and Adding to the Job Market

OSI Group, the world’s leader in the global food processing industry, continues its interest in acquiring major food processing companies throughout the international market that helps with an exemplary record for manufacturing products. OSI Group remains steadfast in looking for opportunities to expand its portfolio in a way that enhances the exceptional standards for maintaining the highest level of quality products and efficient production.

The acquisition of the former Tyson Foods plant and storage warehouse on the south side of Chicago for $7.4 million in 2016 was seen as a dominant step by the company to continue its continued business practices. The 200,000-square foot facility is a stone step away from another building owned by the company. The investment provides OSI Group a significant opportunity to re-invest in the neighborhood and provide the type of infrastructure that will sustain the much needed business growth in the area. “This facility enhances our capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers,” said Kevin Scott, Senior Executive Vice President – OSI North America. “We are excited to have this facility as part of the broader OSI manufacturing network.”

The company now plans to expand even further with its operations in Toledo, Spain. OSI Group recently announced an expansion for processing 24,000 tons of chicken products at a new 22,600-square foot facility. The expansion also allows for adding a new production line to increase pork and beef products. Once in full operation, the production line will produce a combined total of 45,000 tons of meat products and employ new workers with an increase in the production staff. “This plant extension is in response to the fast-growing demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal,” said José María del Río, managing director of OSI Spain. “Demand for chicken items in this area has seen more than six percent average annual growth over the last decade and eight percent average annual growth for the last three years. We are anticipating continued growth of this demand, and we are ready for it.”

As a privately held company, OSI group is regarded in the food processing industry as a leader for providing value-based products and protein-rich selections to numerous food service outlets worldwide, as well as popular retail store brands, such as Subway, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. For decades, the company has won numerous awards. In 2016, OSI Group won the California Green Business Award and was awarded the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and has more than 20,000 employees worldwide. With the recent expansions, the company now has business operations with 65 facilities in 17 countries.

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The Life and Achievements of Sheldon Lavin: OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, a company that specializes in the manufacture and packaging of top meat and food products. The company is located in Aurora, Illinois. The company services the retail and food service sectors. When Sheldon Lavin first joined the company, he was just an outsider. However, in the 1970s, he became actively involved in the OSI Group’s operations. During this time, the company was known as the Otto & Sons Company, and it was owned by Mr. Otto and his sons.

Sheldon Lavin’s history at the OSI Group

In the 1970s, the Otto & Sons Company was one that was full of potential. In fact, they had an opportunity to become the largest supplier of hamburgers to the McDonald’s Corporation. Unfortunately, the company was going through a rough financial patch, and they could not deliver. This was when Sheldon Lavin stepped in as a financial advisor to the company. He helped steer it to immense growth and even overseen the acquisition of funds from financial institutions.

In 1975, Sheldon Lavin became actively involved in the business beyond offering financial advice. He helped in sourcing for business and investments overseas. During this time, Mr. Otto decided to retire from business, and Sheldon agreed to partner with the sons. As a result, the company’s name was changed from Otto & Sons to the OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin played a significant role in helping the company realize a broader clientele base from just supplying around Illinois to the rest of the world, including Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Asia, and the Philippines.

Sheldon’s role at OSI Group

After working hard to expand the operations of the OSI Group across the continents, Sheldon purchased a controlling interest and took over the company. He has managed to change the view of the meat and food processing industry in the world. He specializes in large-scale operations that enable the company to manage complex supply chains.

Sheldon Lavin does not work alone. He has gained a lot of success in the meat processing industry by working with a close team of like-minded and ambitious individuals. Sheldon believes in teamwork and has enforced a collaborative culture in his company. This has seen the company realize very low employee turnover rates since he acquired it. He is a smart businessman who knows how to track factors such as technological changes, consumer preferences, and resource shortages to ensure that the company remains on top of the game.

Sheldon Lavin is not your usual kind of businessman. From a mere financial consultant, he has managed to own and operate one of the largest meat processing companies in the US. He has earned numerous awards and has also received recognition for his philanthropic efforts which involve providing housing and basic needs to families that struggle with chronic illnesses.

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OSI Group Continues to Provide Quality Goods and Services

OSI Group, is a private, processed food company, headquartered in Aurora, IL. They produce and sell value-added protein items and other food products to the food service industry and retail companies. They provide foods for breakfasts, lunches, entrees, snacks and desserts.

Some of OSI’s products include bacon, sausage, hot dogs, cooked beef products, pork and chicken products, smoked meats, pizza and dough products and fresh, frozen and cooked beef patties. The company has been in business since 1909.

In 2015, OSI Group bought the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for $7.4 million. The 200,000-square-foot plant is in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, in Chicago, close to another facility of the company. The new plant will be used to support future growth. OSI currently has more than 60 facilities in 16 different countries.

In late 2015, OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded both a Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. Its location in Scunthrope, in operation since 1988, produces sausage and beef products for the restaurant industry.

OSI Group is continually working to improve health, safety and Eco-friendly practices at their facilities. They are one of 61 companies, in the world, during 2015, to achieve a Sword of Honour. This is awarded to companies who show excellence in managing health and safety risks to their workers. The Globe Award is for excellence in environmental management.

OSI started as a family run meat market. Over the years, it expanded to provide food to companies around the Globe. They have not only grown organically, but through acquisition. The company is still family owned and operated, giving it a small-business feel. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the best products and services possible.

The company makes sure that their supply is never lower than their demand, which helps decrease operating costs and allows the company and the consumer save money. They help their suppliers maximize their efficiency also. All this translates into lowering overall costs, providing high-quality food, and saving money for all entities along the way. OSI has a reputation for reliability and honest dealings.