March 6, 2017 · Plumber Company · (No comments)

The Sunny Plumber is a plumbing company dealing with a wide range of services related to water, drainage and garbage disposal. It provides professional and quality services, which include tailor-made heating and water treatment systems to suit individual customers.

The company installs and maintain drain and sewer lines to give the customers clean environment. To ensure that the customers get hot water, it helps them choose the best systems suitable for their homes and business premises. It has highly qualified technicians who install the systems and offer routine maintenance.

The firm specializes in water treatment. The technicians first visit the customer’s premises, test, and evaluate the quality of water. Then they choose the best method to use for each customer. The treatment methods used include filtration to remove sediments, and adding water softeners to remove minerals giving the customer optimum clean drinking water.

Kenneth D. Goodrich is the president of the Sunny Plumber Company. In 2013, he purchased Rescue Rooter, a company that was based in Phoenix, California. His main aim was to create a company that would change the way customers viewed contractors.

He had in mind, a company that people would be happy to do business together. He sought the services of a marketing group to come up with a name and slogan that would help him realize his goal. Sunny Plumber was the name and company slogan “Bright and Sunny Repairmen” would drive the message home.

Over the years, Sunny Plumber has continued to offer quality plumbing services. It offers 100% satisfaction guarantees and 24/7 emergency service. Their plumbers, who are experienced in detecting and solving a wide range of plumbing problems, have served their customers diligently. The company’s internal “Positive Impact” campaign enhances service delivery by the employees to their treasured customers hence kudos to the “Bright and Sunny Repairmen.”