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Seattle Remains Nation’s Hottest Home Market, With Biggest Price Growth In 3 Years

For the 5th straight month, Greater Seattle has actually signed up the sharpest home-price boosts of any significant market in the nation, as house expenses skyrocketed at their fastest rate in 3 years.


The common cost of a house throughout King, Snohomish and Pierce counties increased 11.3 percent in January compared with a year prior, in accordance with the regular monthly Case-Shiller house cost index.


The Seattle area has actually taken the leading position in the nationwide rankings in each month since September, and cost development has been steadily accelerating after it dipped a little towards completion of 2016.


Portland lagged, once again, with house costs increasing 9.7 percent, followed by Denver, Dallas and Tampa. Seattle’s lead over Portland doubled simply in the last month.


Nationally, costs grew 5.9 percent, a 31-month high. But Seattle’s boost was almost double that. Low stock of houses for sale continues to be an issue both in your area and nationally, increasing competitors for limited houses.


Compared with simply a month prior, house worth in Seattle ticked up 0.6 percent, the 2nd finest in the nation and triple the nationwide average.


The 0.6 percent increase in rates from December to January might not seem like much, however it’s extremely uncommon for this time of year.


Going 3 years back in January throughout the Seattle area, costs really dropped more frequently than they grew on a monthly basis. The month-to-month increase was really the third-highest for any January on record, going back to 1990.


There’s another emerging pattern: For months, the least expensive houses had actually been seeing the greatest cost boosts in the area, while high-end house costs were increasing at the slowest rate. Now, gains in houses at all cost points are increasing at a comparable margin.


The common top-tier house costs 11 percent more than a year earlier, the most significant increase since September 2013.



Seattle Helps Local Nonprofit with Crowdfunding

When InterConnection’s founder, Charles Brennick, parked the company’s donation van at its Fremont headquarters during the holidays, he did not expect it to be stolen. After all, as a non-profit organization, InterConnection is not a prime target for significant theft. They refurbish older surplus computer equipment from individuals or companies to sell at discounted rates to low-income consumers or other nonprofit organizations. Unfortunately, the van was stolen over the holidays by a group of people who planned a different use for it. After stealing the donation van, the car thieves apparently then used it in an attempted robbery, damaging the van beyond repair.


This left InterConnection without any means of collecting the equipment donated to them. Donations primarily include electronic equipment such as computers and accessories, which is inconvenient for donors to drop off themselves. The pick-up service is a key part of how InterConnection obtains donations from individuals and businesses. Many of their donors simply don’t have the time or resources to bring the items to the headquarters, which will simply leave the company – and their clients – without donations. The high-demand of these generic vans also makes them a challenge to obtain.


Fortunately, the holiday spirit has not left the city of Seattle. InterConnection quickly started a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe, where they’ve raised over $2,000 already. Crowdfunding has become a fast way to notify a wide audience of a funding need, and allow them to securely donate to the cause of their choice. InterConnection is listed as a certified charity, and donations can be made via PayPal.


Seattle Marchers Donate $10,000 to Food Bank

After Seattle closed the streets near St. Mary’s for the Women’s March Saturday, residents donated $10,000 to the food bank.


The food bank at St. Mary’s, located on 20th Avenue South, had to close its doors to its usual customers early due to Saturday’s march. Instead of serving homeless and hungry residents, the food bank opened its doors to allow marchers to use the restrooms. The food bank also donated bottled water to marchers who stopped into the charity. Marchers left cash donations to thank St. Mary’s for allowing marchers access to the food bank’s restrooms and to make up for a cash shortfall the charity is experiencing.


The food bank’s executive director, Alison Alfonzo Pence, told reporters that the donations from marchers would be a big help toward the lack of funds the charity would be dealing with in 2017.


St. Mary’s food bank typically serves upward of 500 Seattle customers each Saturday. Due to the march, the food bank was only able to serve 250 people that morning before having to close. Although the cash donations did not keep some people from going hungry Saturday, the donations will help those same people in the long run.


The Seattle Women’s March drew more than 100,000 Seattle residents to a 3-mile section of the city. Former Seattle mayor Mike McGinn commented that he had never seen such a big march in his city. The march was one of hundreds across the nation that drew millions of people in the United States and internationally to march for women’s rights as Donald Trump was inaugurated at the 45th President.


Although the majority of protests were peaceful, many businesses and charitable organizations had to close their doors to customers Saturday. St. Mary’s food bank was only one of the organizations affected, but the charity was fortunate to gain such a sizable donation from the event.