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Dr. Mark Mckenna: Creating A Better Tomorrow

Society is full of well-rounded individuals. Society is also full of intellectually-gifted individuals. What happens when society takes one person and then gives him/her both of these fine qualities? The answer is fairly simple because you would be rewarded with a guy that’s similar to Dr. Mark McKenna. If you’re not from around New Orleans or Atlanta, then you probably won’t have a clue to who this guy is. Dr. Mark McKenna is a successful doctor and businessman. Most people in certain areas know of McKenna as a medical doctor, while people in other areas have known him to be a businessman. That’s about as simple as anyone can state it.

This extraordinary guy is a Tulane University Medical School graduate. He is fully-licensed in medicine and in surgery. This advanced-certification comes from the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners and from the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. He is one of the most accomplished persons of any field. After completing his medical training at Tulane University, McKenna decided to go straight to work in the medical industry. As a bit of time passed, he decided to venture-off into real estate. McKenna founded and launched a successful boutique type of real estate development firm. McKenna Venture Investments was its name, and it offered some of the best real estate closing services.

Life has been extremely good for this guy as he is a devoted father and husband. His wife, Gianine McKenna, gives the good-doctor the right balance between work and for having a social life. Dr. Mark McKenna is very business-oriented thanks to owning many successful companies, which includes ShapeMed, Universal Mortgage Lending, OVME and Uptown Title Inc. The Louisiana-native will continue to pursue his careers as long as the passion keeps burning, but lets not jump the shark. All in all, Dr. Mark McKenna has created a better life, and he’s creating a better tomorrow.

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The Top Three Orthopedic Procedures with Dr. Greg Finch


Orthopedic surgery involves the treatment of issues regarding musculoskeletal body structure. Based on volume, the most common orthopedic procedures carried out in hospitals include;


Total Joint Replacement

This process gets performed on patients requiring a change of joints. Usually, it helps to increase the range of motion. The joints requiring this operation gets damaged as a result of several factors. However, most patients requiring this procedure, previously, have had severe arthritis. During the process, damaged joints get replaced with metal or plastic surfaces. These surfaces increase the range of motion and reduce pain during activities.


Total Shoulder Replacement

The shoulder is the most used joint in the body. The bone/joint structure in the shoulder gets damaged as a result of sporting activities, accidents, and diseases among others. The procedure sounds painful, but its primary purpose is to eliminate pain around the shoulder joints. It also helps increase the range of motion. The damaged bone and cartilage structure get replaced with a metal or plastic implant.

Spine Surgery

The spine holds the entire body structure in place. A defect in the structural credibility leads to poor posture, pain or even paralysis. One of the main issues that require spine surgery is increasing back pain that impairs the day-to-day activities. The most common type of back surgery is Spinal Fusion. The vertebrae get joined hence reducing the stretching of nerves and consequently, reduces pain.


Greg Finch is among the best orthopedic surgeons. Currently, he practices at Sunshine Coast Hospital in the spine department. Greg Finch has training in all aspects of spinal surgery. However, he specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery, adult deformities, and spine surgery involving disc replacement. According to reviews, Greg Finch is a knowledgeable individual, easy to talk with, and experienced in matters relating to the spine.


Greg Finch graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of medicine and surgery. Later, he attended Royal Australian College of Surgeons. After gaining FRACS, Greg Finch spent two years working under the supervision of world leaders in spine surgery all over the world. Today, Finch lists among the top orthopedic surgeons across the globe.