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The Future of Old Forms of Communication

Email is quickly becoming an archaic form of communication between two or more parties. There are actually many people nowadays who do not use it for anything besides business-related communication. Text is easily replaced instant messaging applications online, and an email account is simply used nowadays sort of an identification marker, much like would it phone book used to be like for directory purposes. Interesting Leah not there is one company that is still in bracing the idea to email, although in an updated in word transform. Talk Fusion is a corporation that creates what they call video email messaging services. How it works is quite interesting, and fairly Advanced for what it is. The main concept video email is to provide options to communicate through video chat but in an email like interface. Not only can you send a normal business-related email to your CEO or Kali, you could also video call them within the exact same window. This may be very beneficial depending on how you attempt to use it, for business-related meetings or in case you just need to say something really quick in what a face-to-face call to make things more formal.


Talk Fusion was originally created by CEO and founder Bob Reina. Its purpose was to bring flexibility to marketing advertising and allow its customers to use its services for that purpose. Whenever you use the video chat interface you have the option of collecting some sort of monetization. Not only does this make video chat email a wonderful choice for online businesses, but it makes using the services that Talk Fusion makes available to customers a very attractive resource and possible money maker. Customers of Talk Fusion not only are able to use the services provided to communicate openly with friends, family, and colleagues, but it also allows them to add a little bit of extra money into their pocket as well. As technology continues to change over time it is unknown whether or not video email will still be popular. One thing is for sure, Talk Fusion has embraced what is quickly becoming an archaic form of technology and is changing it into something new and fresh. Learn more:


Talk Fusion Enters India With A New Office

Talk Fusion is an international direct selling company. They sell video marketing products to businesses such as Video Email which allows them to send marketing videos to consumers. A recent article on GcReport shows that they are opening an office in one of their most burgeoning markets, India. The office will soon open in New Delhi and will provide a dedicated support system to the independent contractors in that country who sell this company’s products.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina said in an interview that his company has been rapidly expanding in India in recent years. The independent contractors have shown a keen interest to participate in his company’s compensation platform which can be very lucrative for them. He said that the new offices would provide space for training new independent contractors and providing them ongoing support.

Guru Lal Singh has been hired as the manager for this new Talk Fusion location. When talking about Talk Fusion’s products he said that video is a great way to market products. He added that he was looking forward to showing people how they can increase their sales by marketing online in this way. He also said that he expected that India would become one of this company’s top markets before long.

Bob Reina added that he would soon be traveling to India so that he could work with the new team at this office. He said that India was a great marketplace for his company’s digital products. These products are based on WebRTC which is the leading technology when it comes to communication on the internet.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. It started when he wanted to send a video of a house he was thinking of buying to his family through email. He was informed by his email provider that what he wanted to do wasn’t possible. He started working with a friend in tech and together they developed Video Email. After this first product launched Talk Fusion has since added more digital products such as Live Meetings and Video Newsletters. Learn more: