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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Wins 2015 Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of Brazil’s most powerful and celebrated businessmen. For over 45 years, he has worked at one company, the Brazilian banking giant Bradesco. Today, he sits as CEO of the firm, having rose through the ranks all the way from the lowest position in the company to, ultimately, its highest.

Although Trabuco’s reign at the top has been uneven, marked by periods of stagnation and serious decline in the stock price, in 2015, he was able to pull off a bona fide coup in the Brazilian banking sector. His firm, Grupo Bradesco, had slid into a distant second-place in the country’s banking sector, after rival banks Itau and Unibanco merged in 2009. This left Bradesco highly vulnerable in an uber-competitive environment. The constant consolidation of the Brazilian banking market meant that there were really only two major players left, and Bradesco suddenly found itself at a serious disadvantage. Trabuco and many industry insiders rightfully thought that Itau Unibanco would use its size to crush Bradesco into oblivion, a Rockefelleresque move that would have left Itau Unibanco with a hard monopoly over all of Brazilian retail banking and a large part of its financial sector as a whole.

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Trabuco Turns The Tables

Then, in 2015, after years of slow decline and the stock price at a decade-long low, Trabuco as president and CEO pulled off what many considered to be impossible. In the early part of that year, HSBC Brazil, a subsidiary of the global banking giant, started putting out feelers on a possible sale of all of its assets. The company had struggled to turn a profit in the ultra-competitive Brazilian banking market and, after almost a decade of failure, was ready to throw in the towel.

This was music to Trabuco’s ears. He quickly put together a deal that would see Bradesco acquire all of HSBC Brazil’s assets outright for an all-cash deal valued at $5.2 billion. By mid-summer, it was apparent to everyone that the deal was in motion. By the fall, the transaction had closed, marking the largest single purchase in Brazilian history and rocketing Bradesco back to the number-one spot in many different categories.

The deal shocked many, especially those at Itau Unibanco, who didn’t believe that Trabuco would be able to pull it off. Suddenly, the bank that was the huge underdog and virtually guaranteed to continue losing market share and declining was now back in the driver’s seat. Now it was Itau Unibanco who had a great deal to worry about.

The power move immediately sent Bradesco’s stock soaring. With Trabuco being widely hailed in the business press as having finally lived up to his formidable reputation, the celebratory air was topped off with the Isto E Dinheiro Entrepreneur of the year Award, a coveted Brazilian prize that is given to the most influential and daring businessmen in the country.

But the real fun has yet to begin for Bradesco. The firm is now in a position of dominance across many different categories in the Brazilian banking sector. With over 5,000 branches, it is the largest retail bank in the country. The firm also has the most loans outstanding, the most assets under active management and the most employees of any bank. This is a remarkable and sudden transformation from their prior position.

Many industry experts familiar with Trabuco have asserted that he will definitely use this positional advantage to his bank’s favor. Trabuco has a reputation for being a highly astute strategist and even somewhat ruthless. In the near-term future, some analysts believe that he will take major shots at Itau Unibanco, engaging in price wars, stealing market share and using Bradesco’s many economies of scale to seriously damage the bank’s largest competitor.

If Trabuco can smash Itau Unibanco into submission and force it out of Bradesco’s territory, Trabuco stands a good chance to oversee the creation of the first hard monopoly on Brazilian banking, an outcome that could net shareholders no small fortune.

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Richard Mishaan Design Continues Impressive Career

Richard Mishaan Design is almost defined by their inability to be defined. At the celebratory dinner for Mishaan’s newest book, hosted at the Margaux at the Marlton, guests took turns talking about their experience with Mishaan’s work. A former client as well as a new friend, Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn, elaborated on this concept by saying: “You never walk in and say ‘This is a Richard Mishaan room'” Pevaroff-Cohn closed out her statement on Richard Mishaan Design by saying, “Richard can make something beautiful, and make it yours, not his.”


Richard Mishaan has routinely found himself at the center of attention thanks to his elaborate modernist rooms that seek to push the limits while embracing what makes old school artwork impressive. Mishaan is never afraid to blend textures, mix and match eras, or bring up something bold to the forefront of a room. Mishaan’s work is most notably on display in the Cartagena house in Colombia as well as the St Regis suites, which he helped to put together in 2010.


Richard Mishaan Design is a testament to the fact that artwork can be embraced at the highest level of any field. Richard Mishaan continues to impress and he continues to land on top fo Architectural Digest’s Top 100 List.

North Carolina’s Finest : Doctor Imran Haque of Asheboro and Ramseur

Dr. Imran Haque works out of his offices in Ramseur, Asheboro and the surrounding areas to provide top medical care for his patients. He is highly respected as an internist and his experience covers a span of fifteen years. Dr. Imran Haque offers numerous services including weight management, 360 resurfacing, laser hair removal, Venus body contouring and physical exams.


Dr. Imran Haque attended the medical program offered by the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem where he earned his medical license. He is licensed in North Carolina and is enrolled in the Certification Program for Internal Medicine. The maintenance programs keeps him aware and proficient in the latest medical developments.


Dr. Imran Haque is highly rained, experienced and in possession of the specific knowledge required in the performance of routine physical examinations. He additionally performs a wide array of services. Dr. Imran Haque offers treatments for diabetes including services for weight management. He takes care of patients interested in Venus body contouring, laser hair removal and 360 resurfacing.


Dr. Imran Haque has patients coming to his offices for specific treatments as well as his services as a primary care physician. He has the experience and training to be able to diagnose numerous common illnesses and ailments and provide a referral to a specialist when required. Dr. Imran Haque has the ability to provide many of his patients with the treatment they require right in his office and has in office ultrasound and laboratory services available.


Dr. Imran Haque is specifically sought out for his experience in treating diabetes. Diabetes causes an individuals blood sugar levels to spike because their body is no longer properly producing glucose. The bodies insulin is what processes sugar but some people stop producing insulin in the correct amounts or are not utilizing it correctly. Diabetes is a lifetime condition whether it is type one or type two. If the condition is not diagnosed and treated correctly, serious medical problems can result. Dr. Imran Haque helps a lot of people suffering from diabetes. He is licensed, board certified and able to treat the condition with compassion and skill.


Dr. Imran Haque also offers weight management treatments to his patients. This helps them lose weight without gaining it back. He educates his patients regarding proper nutrition and diet medications to help them succeed. Any individual who either needs to lose weight, consistently loses then gains weight or has concerns about their weight should consult with a doctor. Dr. Imran Haque understands the concept of weight management and the difference eating nutritionally and exercising makes in the lives of his patients. He takes the time to consider the lifestyle choices his patients have made and the impact they have on weight. Dr. Imran Haque even takes it a step farther by offering cosmetic procedures to help people enhance their bodies.


Dr. Imran Haque offers procedures to give his patients confidence, peace of mind and improved health and appearance. His office are conveniently located for anyone who needs a qualified physician.

Cassio Audi, the Best of Brazil

We take a look at the Brazil economic environment for the past five years, a place where financial counselors and executives like Cassio Audi have been highly influential.


The Brazilian economy has been experiencing a massive decrease in strength, the primary concern with this drop in resources and working force is one of the main concerns of Latin America because Brazil used to be a great economic power a few years ago. Brazilian economic growth has been suffering from a slow pace of around 7.5% in the last five years. The main struggle has come from the Banco Central do Brasil which has dramatically reduced inflation by dropping their interest rate from 11 to 7.25 percent. That’s why investors that come with a fresh set of ideas and hunger for success struggle to hit the jackpot due to the precarious economic atmosphere that spreads through the country right now.


These new investors always see themselves under the need of getting financial advice from many official financial counselors who tell them everything they need to know about the best investment opportunities. All financial advisors who can officially advise all the newbie investors are the main reason why the Brazilian economic market hasn’t completely died. It’s the work they put in the main reason why investors still regard Brazil as a place for growth opportunity.


That’s where outstanding financial investors such as Cassio Audi come into play; he has over 23 years of previous experience in the financial area. Cassio is a highly skilled and accomplished professional who is an expert in taking care of all issued linked to financial counseling. His work as a financial advisor has given him credit as the main contributor of many start-up companies, as well as public and private enterprises, multi-billion companies, and equity funds around the country. Cassio Audi s also officially experienced in accounting and financial management; he is a professional at decision support, controllership, growth strategy development, business planning, and even resource management.


Cassio Audi’s Experience


After studying a graduating from the University of Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Cassio also finished an MBA in Finance. He began his career as a trader back in 1992 at JP Morgan; then he joined Dow Chemical as a Senior Financial Analyst. In the past, Cassio has worked for prestigious firms such as Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc., Rossi Residencial, Gillette, Rossi Commercial Properties, and GVMI. Cassio is one of Brazil’s leading financial management executives who has outstanding skills in interpersonal relationships and communication. Audi is also incredibly results-driven which makes him a top professional in his area.


It’s people like Cassio Audi, the ones who have Brazil slowly getting back to the remarkable financial situation they were before the crisis that struck them a few years ago. Professionals like him are the main reason why Brazil as a country can be proud to say they are amongst the few hopes in Latin American countries from a financial standpoint. There is still a lot of work to be done in Brazil as an economic force, but with Cassio leading the resistance against every obstacle they can feel secure.

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Workers at the Broken Oroville Dam Spillway Executing a Complex 7-Day Plan While the Weather Holds

The City of Oroville, California, with its population of about 18,000 is battling the consequences of an infrastructure failure of the Oroville Dam’s emergency spillway. However, with the weather forecast promising seven to ten continuous days of sunny weather, the workers at the Oroville Dam are furiously executing a plan they hope will ease the situation.


The three immediate objectives are to restore conditions around the Hyatt Power Plant in order to resume operations, lift the emergency evacuation warning for the people who live in areas below the dam, and release water into the Feather River from the entire Oroville complex, which involves a series of dams.


The Oroville River Reservoir is now down to a record low of 838 feet and the first step in the plan was accomplished when they reduced the flow from the Oroville Dam onto the emergency spillway to zero.


When the mid section of the emergency spillway gave way, rock and debris washed down and accumulated in the Thermolito Diversion Pool below the dam, causing water to backup in this area. Because the water level in this Pool is now unacceptably high, the Hyatt Power Plant had to be shut down.


By removing the debris in the Pool, engineers calculate that the water level in this area with fall below the power plant’s turbine level, where is should be, and the plant will be able to be safely put back into operation.


Step two of the plan involves floating barges and excavators working furiously on three sides of the rock and debris to clean it out of the Thermolito Diversion Pool. Some of this excess water that will be released will be diverted to the Feather River to keep the fish and ecosystems alive.


Around the clock monitoring of the emergency spillway area is being conducted with government drones, helicopters, engineers and emergency personnel. Remaining on schedule while no precipitation is forecasted is critical to the success of this operation.


If successful, the power lines that were disconnected because they were in the way of the broken emergency spillway will be reconnected in order to get electricity from the Hyatt Power Plant to area residents. In addition, the situation will be considered manageable, even with the broken spillway, and the evacuation warning will be cancelled.



The Interesting Rise of Yanni Hufnagel

At first glance Yanni Hufnagel might seem rather unassuming, a lithe, young Jewish man who was raised in Scarsdale and had a youthful penchant for basketball. However, Yanni Hufnagel along is anything but ordinary. In high school a youthfully optimistic Hufnagel learned to shoot, got pretty good at it but ultimately he was not good enough for Varsity and was eventually kicked off the team. He quickly realized that though he might not be able to make it as a pro player himself he knew that his theoretical grasp on the game was second to none. With these thoughts in mind he quickly gained a position as a recruiter and basketball coach at Harvard for The Crimson’s.


This opportunity provided quick momentous, not just for Yanni Hufnagel’s career but also for the Crimson’s win record. In the four seasons which Mr. Hufnagel has coached for the Crimsons they won the Ivy League for the first time in their tenure. Additionally, Hufnagel’s recruiting skills have also netted Harvard the 6’3 basketball phenom known as Jeremy Lin which has brought both men into the spotlight of the broader basketball world.


As of 2011, Yanni Hufnagel was voted one of the most likely to make it as a top recruiter in the basketball industry by CBS. The basketball coach Josh Pastner of the University of Memphis has also publicly stated that, “Yanni is a better recruiter than I am.” High praise indeed! As one might have assumed from Mr. Hufnagel proclivity for recruiting, he did indeed rise high in his profession and now works for the Nevada Wolf Pack Men’s Basketball Team and still keeps in touch with his old friend, Jeremy Lin who himself is now one of the most famous basketball players in the world.

Leadership At Capital Group Leaves For Admiration

For a company to be successful and maintain their competitive advantage, they need a visionary leader who has the best interests of the company, employees and clients at heart. The leader will be able to maintain healthy relationships with all the stakeholders and be able to listen and understand all their needs. Also, he or she is required to lead the company into strategic partnerships and ventures that help the company maintain its name. A leader that has all these qualities are hard to come by. But when they do, they become a great asset to a company. Timothy Armour is one of these leaders in the investment industry today.

After the devastating news of the death of the former Capital Group CEO, the board of directors unanimously agreed to elect Mr Armour as the new chief executive officer and president of the company. However, even before the tragic demise of Jim Rothernberg, the board was in the process of electing Tim as the new candidate to the role. The board believed that he was the right candidate as he had modern insights that pushed the company forward. His leadership and the way he solved problems was one of the reasons the company needed him as the head of all that took place in the company.

Ever since his election, the company has revealed an increase in the revenue of the company. In relation to that, he has led the company into various ventures that have been deemed profitable. Recently, he participated in the negotiations and the partnership between Capital Group and Samsung Management Asset. Samsung is a tech company based in Korea it formed a partnership with Capital Group in order to get insight on management and investment. On the other hand, Capital Group wishes to acquire knowledge and information on how to use the current technology in marketing themselves.

Ambitious, diligent and visionary are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe Mr Armour. Since his graduation from Middleburry, he has worked with the Capital Group till today. With little experience, Armour started from the bottom and worked hard proving everyone else that he has always been the right fit for the top most position in the company. The experiences and the information Timothy Armour has gathered all this time enable him to advise his clients on the best deals and how to steer their firms into greatness.

Things White Shark Media Can Do For Your Business If You Hire Them

White Shark Media is a company that specializes in SEM and Google AdWords campaign management. Google AdWords are a step above SEO, which takes into account website design and keyword usage to place your website in the top rankings based on organic searches. But SEM is a little trickier because you have to bid on keywords and carefully pick how you bid and how you will use them in your ad campaigns. Going at it on your own with AdWords can be hard, and if you’re losing money due to bad bidding strategies or ineffective AdWords campaigns, you should hire White Shark Media, a company that can remedy those problems.


White Shark Media has a track record of helping small and mid-sized businesses build good AdWords campaigns and is certified by Google’s SMB partner network. They have followed Google’s strict policy guidelines to achieve that listing. White Shark Media has experts and consultants who know how to build effective AdWords campaigns and ensure that your return on your investment is exceeding your expenses. Plus they’ve used effective methods for keeping customers in the loop with their campaigns.


First, they have improved communication through, a platform where they host monthly review meetings and discuss performance issues and other strategies. They make sure that you stay completely in touch with your campaigns and have a contact person on call 24/7. Also, they’ve taken steps to make sure they don’t just reinvent the wheel on AdWords campaigns that are already working to some degree. They carefully review which elements of campaigns are performing effectively and which are lacking.


To really get an idea of White Shark Media does, you should schedule a free evaluation to let them explain how they can help your AdWords campaigns. This evaluation can be signed up for by going to and scheduling an appointment with a White Shark Media specialist on During the meeting, the specialist will review your current Google AdWords campaigns and show you how they can build them better, but they will not actually change them unless you hire them. If you like what you see, you can hire them, but if not you’re free to use that knowledge yourself.

Dr. Clay Siegall Has Helped To Develop Major Breakthroughs in Cancer Research And Treatment

Dr. Clay Siegall is the President and CEO of the company that he co-founded in 1998 called Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a research and development company that specializes in cancer treatments. Dr. Seigall is focused on treatments that help patients that did not respond well to other conventional treatment options. The drug Adcetris is their biggest revenue stream currently and is now available in dozens of other countries. The company is the largest in the area and is currently developing additional treatments that are in the pipeline and in the final phase of testing.

Dr. Siegall is responsible for giving major pharmaceutical companies licenses to allow them to use technology that was created by Seattle Genetics. So far they company has been able to generate over 300 million from the licenses that they have allowed other companies to hold. He was also able to single handily raise over a billion dollars that are used for research and cancer treatment development. He is not only an incredibly talented scientist but a shrewd businessman that knows how to seize opportunities to generate revenue that covers the cost of scientific developments in the cancer research area.

Before his involvement with Seattle Genetics, he worked for Bristol-Meyers Squibb as the National Cancer Institute in the 90s. His experience with these companies gave him the ability to help create and effective research and development company that has groundbreaking technology and ideas. Dr. Siegall is committed to finding cures and treatment for cancer and his work continues as new breakthroughs are found.

Creating A Menu Of Wines With Proper Guidance From UK Vintners

Any formal menu will have certain elements to it. A standard menu often has a starter, a main course and then a dessert. In addition to creating a menu with food, many people love the idea of being able to create a menu that also includes wines. Wine works very well with all kinds of food. A sharp white is wonderful when served alongside fish. A sweet red will often help show why a slice of roast beef not only has tones of umami but also has tones of other flavors like fruit. Many UK-based vintners are happy to demonstrate to their clients how they can create a menu of wines. Vintners in England often have access to wines that a buyer may not have heard about before. The UK vintners can also help people figure out why a given wine might work better with a specific kind of menu course that they have in mind, allowing them the opportunity to create a really satisfying menu.

Creating A Formal Wine Menu

A formal wine menu will typically begin with a wine that works well with an appetizer. A light wine such as those that are found at Corney & Barrow, can help create a means of waking up the palate and helping it prepare for what is to come during the rest of the menu. The light flavors can merge well and help people feel comfortable as they head into the next course in front of them. As people prepare for the next course, many like to have something it is a bit heavier and keeps body on the tongue. Working closely with UK vintners  can help any buyer pick out a wine that will work with any main course they have in mind. Many vintners know the exact kind of wine that will help show off a fine piece of duck breast or a nicely prepared turkey leg. They know that the right wine can also help show off any side dishes that the person might place on the menu like mashed potatoes or carefully sauteed green beans. Some vintners in England, such as Shawbury Vintners ( offer in home tastings where you can sample up to 10 different wines.

A Final Finish

Ending a dinner, like ending anything else, is often best done of a note of great sweetness. Many people love to serve a fruit tart for their finale as it means merging fruit with sugar and butter to create something even more flavorful. A wine merchant such as A&B Vintners (feel free to contact A&B Vintners: here) can help pinpoint which particular wines might pair very well with a classic English apple tart or a piece of lemon cake. They can also help show off why a specific wine might work with a cheese course as well as a course at the end that perhaps includes a piece of fine chocolate and some almonds.

With their help, it is easy to create a wine menu that helps show off all the flavors in each dish. Diners can leave the table feeling happy with the choice of wines they have consumed there.

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